Quebec Premier: ‘You cannot disconnect…terrorism from Islam in general’

“Haroun Bouazzi, co-president of the Association of Muslims and Arabs for a Secular Quebec, said..expecting the community to detect a lone wolf who buys a knife and travels to Michigan is asking a lot…’This person had an understanding of his faith that allowed him to kill people.’…Bouazzi said that instead of dwelling on the responsibility […]

Austria recognizes ISIS genocide against Christians

It is comforting to finally hear the truth being recognized by Austria, along with a determination to assist the victims. According to the American Center for Law and Justice: In Syria, the Islamic State has beheaded and stoned men, women, and children for blasphemy, heresy, and apostasy. One Christian Syrian woman described ‘Christians being killed […]

U.S. Courthouse evacuated as Muslim screams ‘I’m gonna kill you all. Allah. Bomb.’

Ramadan in Wisconsin: “Once inside ‘he began yelling loudly in an Arabic language,’ saying things like ‘Mohammed,’ ‘Allah,” ‘jihad’ and ‘Malakum.’…When he suddenly placed his right hand into his pocket, he ’caused security to fear for their immediate safety,’ the complaint says.” “And prepare against them whatever you are able of power and of steeds […]

Muslim screaming ‘Allahu akbar’ triggers explosion at Brussels Central Station

Do European authorities think there is going to be an end to this? Do they think that at some point the Muslims in Europe will be pacified and become loyal, productive citizens? Do they think that if they shower enough welfare and appeasement upon them, that this era of peace will soon dawn? They’re in […]

Muslim screaming ‘Allahu Akbar breaks into New York City church, vows to ‘kill any Christians’

Don’t be concerned. He was just a homeless guy. Don’t be concerned. He was mentally ill. Don’t be concerned. He was reacting to the bombing of his homeland. Don’t be concerned. He was lashing out after the President marginalized him. What’s that? The Islamic doctrine of jihad warfare against Christians and other non-Muslims? Oh, don’t […]

THOUSANDS of violent jihadis ON THE LOOSE in Sweden

Islamic refugees and migrants represent a historically violent challenge for the Swedish state. Police receive seven concerning extremism or terrorism reports per hour. Swedish intelligence, Säpo, has publicized a report which estimates that thousands of violent jihadis live in the country. Säpo concludes that thousands of violent extremists live in Sweden. A number that has […]

Ramadan in Alabama: Muslim charged with supporting act of terrorism

“Huntsville man charged with supporting act of terrorism, law enforcement say threat is over,” by by Drew Galloway, Kristen Conner and David Kumbroch, WHNT, June 15, 2017 (thanks to The Religion of Peace): HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – The Huntsville Police Department has charged a man with Soliciting or Providing Support for an Act of Terrorism. 22-year-old Aziz […]

Sudanese Christians arrested and fined for selling food during Ramadan

While Christians in the U.S. persist in assuming that Ramadan is an entirely benign religious observance, their coreligionists in Muslim countries do not have that luxury. “Sudan: Fines Issued in Sudan’s El Gedaref for Selling Food During Ramadan,” Radio Dabanga, June 13, 2017 (thanks to International Christian Concern): El Gedaref — The court in El […]

Muslim migrant lectures Swedes about ‘racism’, then stabs man four times

“Other passengers intervened to try and calm him down, but this only increased his anger. He accused them of racism, threatening one of the men in particular and striking him in the face. Alarmed, Hussain’s victim wrestled him to the floor – but the Iraqi managed to break free and produced a long kitchen knife, […]

Jesuit scholar: ‘Islam is an open-ended declaration of war against non-Muslims’

Father Boulad said that “Islam is an open-ended declaration of war against non-Muslims” and those who carry out violent jihad are true Muslims who are applying exactly what their creed demands. This well-known Jesuit, Henri Boulad, who is former Provincial of the Jesuits in Egypt and director of the Jesuit Cultural Center in Alexandria, has […]