President Trump Achieved More in One Year in the Middle East than the Previous Pitiful Eight

President Donald Trump’s administration, led by son-in-law Jared Kushner, just held a historic meeting among key nation leaders with interests in the Middle East. And the press, of course, was pretty much silent on the matter. Among those gathering for the get-together were leaders from Canada, Israel and Europe — as well as those from […]

44 Dems, Including Wasserman-Schultz, Exempted Muslim Spy Ring From Background Checks

How is that Democrats are never held accountable? Not just for their every day run-of-the-mill corruption and skulduggery, but for high treason? Enemedia front page news is a bogus Trumped-up Russia investigation. But the biggest blockbuster spy story of the 21st century that no one is talking about is nowhere to be found in the […]

Why Is the U.N. Defining Judaism As a War Crime?

The United Nations Human Rights Council just held its 37th session. And among the members’ discussion? A call by several participating nations for blacklisting of companies doing business with the Jewish people — or, at least those Jews living east of Armistice Line drawn in 1949. But that’s not the worst of it. he worst […]

MP’s Son Shot Dead in Sadiq Khan’s Gun Free London – 10 Dead in 12 Days

As this wave of gun violence continues in gun-free London, Sadiq Khan is wasting valuable police resources by having police hunt down “islamophobic hate crimes,” i.e., people saying things that Muslims don’t like on Twitter, or at Speakers’ Corner in Hyde Park. The new priority for London police is making sure that people adhere to […]

Muslim Migrant Parents arrested for torturing teen daughter; father was an Iraqi interpreter for U.S.

There are dozens of reports in publications around the world about the case of a missing San Antonio teen, Maarib al-Hishmawi, now found alive and well in the care of an unnamed organization that protected her. She went into hiding because she didn’t want to go through with an arranged marriage (this is the United States!) […]

In Britain, If You See Something, You Better Say Nothing

The new top dog of Britain’s counter-terror police has asked Britons to become “counter-terrorism citizens” by reporting suspicious activity. Given the way Britain treats foes of jihad terror, however, it’s doubtful that he means it. Metropolitan Police Assistant Commissioner Neil Basu did his best, however, to give the opposite impression. “People are nervous about police overreacting or […]

Brigitte Bardot: ‘I didn’t fight against French Algeria to accept an Algerian France’

Brigitte Bardot is a national treasure. Despite relentless persecution by the French government for sharia-speech violations, Bardot continues to speak truth to Islamic power. France’s iconic blonde bombshell has been on trial five times for Islamo-criticism and “inciting racial hatred” (Islam is not a race). And still she speaks out. “‘I didn’t fight against French […]

U.S. Taylor Force Act becomes law despite Democrat and Palestinian Authority opposition

UPDATE: The Taylor Force Act, named after a US Army veteran murdered by a Palestinian assailant in Jaffa in 2016, was signed into law on Friday, March 23rd, 2018 by U.S. President Donald Trump, as part of an omnibus spending package passed by Congress the day before. Who would have imagined that the simple act of […]

Muslim pedophile grandfather sold children for sex in his ‘rape house’

All the authorities can do is ban anyone who wants to speak about this. The British police are a disgrace. Reportedly close to a million non-Muslim girls have been gang raped and trafficked in the UK.  The authorities did not pursue these crimes for years, for fear of being accused of islamophobia and racism (Islam […]

Muslim father is called ‘infidel,’ gets death threats for naming his son ‘Trump’

By merely naming his baby after a raving success, the American infidel businessman Trump, an Afghan father discovered the hard way how the supremacist ideology that is ingrained in Islam does not allow him the freedom to name his own newborn son what he chooses: Poya’s own parents were furious that he had given their […]