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New York Times pushes Iran’s propaganda in its coverage of anti-government protests

The New York Times is standing with the Islamic regime in Iran and Iran proxy Hizb’Allah, which has, like the Times, “dismissed” the protests. Here the Times gives a full airing to the mullahs’ preposterous claims that foreign agents engineered the protests. There is no entity that hates America that the Times will not stand with […]

Girl gang raped, VAGINA SET ON FIRE

In mid-December 2017, a 17-year-old girl was sexually abused around 3AM in a playground in the district of Sofielund, according to the Swedish tabloid Aftonbladet. Sofielund is a neighborhood in Malmö with large numbers of non-Western immigrants and high crime rates. The still unknown perpetrators are said to have raped the 17-year-old in extremely brutal manner. […]

Iranian protesters rally again, even after government opens fire on crowds, murdering five, injuring four — #IranProtests

We need to get arms to these people and help them usher in 2018, the year of freedom. The mullahs don’t have their lapdog in the White House anymore. President Trump said, “the world is watching.” Iran demonstrators face ‘iron fist’ IRAN PROTESTERS RALLY AGAIN, DEFYING WARNING OF CRACKDOWN By Bozorgmehr Sharafedin, Reuters, December 31, 2017: […]

Muslim trucker made ‘no attempt to stop’ before crashing into seven vehicles, killing 4

For months, the Islamic State has exhorted Muslims to carry out jihad attacks against Western targets using trucks and cars. And they have listened in New York, Nice, Berlin, London, Melbourne, Edmonton, Paris, Stockholm, Westminster, Jerusalem, Ohio State, Tel Aviv ….. Mohamed Yussuf Jama’s 2016 Freightliner Cascadia slammed into cars on Interstate 55 with “no […]

Harrisburg, Pennsylvania: Muslim killed after targeting cops in shooting rampage

The jihadi savages have promised to strike during the Christmas season. This particular savage was “deliberately targeting police officers.” This is something we have seen before — for example, last February, a Muslim who shot and killed an armed Denver transit security officer had Islamic writings in his possession when he was arrested. It is not surprising […]

Obama’s Protection of Iran’s Terror/Cocaine Rackets Tied to Muslim Spymaster, Imran Awan

Worse than that. The bombshell news story that President Barack Obama torpedoed a DEA-led effort to stop Hezbollah from smuggling cocaine into the country so that his nuclear pact with the terror state would not be undermined is worse than that. President Obama’s Hezbollah operatives worked with the Muslim spy ring led by Imran and Abid […]

Animal Brothels Open in Germany as Migrant Population Hits 22 Percent

Europe descends into unimaginable savagery and barbarity and yet Chancellor Merkel remains unmoved, her destructive immigration policies remain unchanged. ANIMAL BROTHELS OPEN IN GERMANY AS MIGRANT POPULATION HITS 22 PERCENT By Ben Marquis, Conservative Tribune, December 20, 2017: As the flood of refugees fleeing jihadist-filled war zones in the Middle East and North Africa have poured into Europe over […]

Trial Starts in Case of Nazi-Jihadist Former D.C. Metro Transit Police Officer

Breaking News: Nazi/Islamist Guilty in ISIS Material Support Case A near-perfect ideological marriage, as it was during the great war. I have for many years documented the close ties between Nazi leadership and the leaders of the Muslim world. I have an entire category devoted to my research here. I was roundly derided and criticized for an ad campaign I ran highlighting the […]

Trudeau Government Calls Dangerous Jihadists ‘Returning Foreign Terrorist Travellers’

It is amazing that they included the word “terrorist.” It wouldn’t have been surprising if they had labeled them “foreign travellers suffering from islamophobia.” In any case, this is all part of what the Geller Report reported on Wednesday, that “Prime Minister Trudeau plans to ‘reintegrate’ ISIS terrorists into Canada.” To downplay the dangers they pose […]