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Muslim migrant rapes two elderly disabled men before murdering one of the victims’ 87-year old wife

The horror these invaders impose on their host countries is unspeakable, unfathomable — in a word, monstrous. Let’s give this “poor refugee” the keys to Merkel’s house. SOMALIAN ASYLUM SEEKER ‘RAPES TWO ELDERLY DISABLED MEN IN A CARE HOME BEFORE MURDERING ONE OF THE VICTIMS’ WIVES’ IN GERMANY An 18-year-old broke into the sheltered accommodation […]

‘You are the future of Europe’: Turkish President urges Muslims to have at least 5 kids

Immigration jihad, population jihad, academic jihad, violent jihad, workplace jihad, economic jihad, legal jihad — every which way, they’re coming at us. Mark Steyn tackles the population jihad in his excellent book, America Alone: The End of the World As We Know It. Ten years ago, Steyn foresaw this: “It’s the Demography, Stupid.” Most people reading […]

Terror in Sweden: Train passengers in PANIC, CAN’T BREATHE, after man throws poisonous liquid on them

What a frightening new phase in terror. Train passengers were left with breathing problems in Sweden tonight after a masked man threw liquid on them as the carriage doors slammed shut – trapping them inside. One passenger on board said commuters were left in a state of panic, most suffering from breathing problems and others […]

Allah Akbar! Paris is Burning!

Whatever police officers did or did not do to a detainee with a truncheon, mass “allahu akbar” rioting and destruction is not justified. Opportunistic jihad. European civilization is on a knife edge. PARIS ERUPTS IN VIOLENCE: MANY STREETS ARE NO-GO ZONES AS FIVE SUBURBS IN FLAMES POLICE in Paris are struggling to cope with the […]