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Muslim migrants behind 9 of 10 shootings in Sweden

Democrats are working furiously to bring this pox on humanity here. Europe has strict gun control laws. But that has never stopped criminals, jihadis or terrorists from getting their claws on them. IMMIGRANTS BEHIND 9 OF 10 SHOOTINGS IN SWEDEN FriaTider, May 20, 2017 (thanks to The Religion of Peace): Domestic.Young men with immigrant background […]

Muslim Migrant Honor Killing in Cleveland, Ohio

No comment from pro-terror, pro-sharia hatemonger, Linda Sarsour. No feminist marches. No tweets from Susan Sarandon and the rest of the vicious bleating sheep of the left. Fahad Saeed and Rosa Al-Dhannoon came to the U.S. about three years ago as refugees from Iraq, Fahad Saeed was arrested for murdering his ex-wife. Another Muslim was […]

Senior Citizen Prosecuted for ‘Hate’ for saying on Facebook She Saw Migrants Defecating in Streets, Setting Cars Ablaze

These countries are enforcing Islamic law (sharia), punishing their own people under Islam’s brutal speech laws. As I am oft quoted, “truth is the new hate speech.” Swedish Pensioner Prosecuted for ‘Hate’ for Accusing Migrants of Torching Cars on Facebook Breitbart, May 14, 2017: A 70-YEAR-OLD SWEDISH WOMAN IN DALARNA IS BEING PROSECUTED FOR HATE […]