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SEX ATTACKS: U.S. Muslim migrants continue to beat the system, despite arrests

Muslim migrants and the special class status afforded them in the United States is an outrage. It may very well be in keeping with Islamic law (sharia), but it is a vicious violation of American law. Manchester, New Hampshire is looking more like Europe.  New Hampshire Domestic Violence Case Dropped for ‘Cultural Incompetence’ of Immigrant […]

VIDEOS: Ashura in America — Muslims take over streets of Chicago, Houston, Dallas, New York

If these images disturb you, or arouse concern, clearly you haven’t evolved to enough to appreciate the wonders of multiculturalism. Savagery — the new leftist modernism. Ashura: Shi’ite Muslims all around the world had been beating themselves with sharp blades, masking their bodies in mud and lighting bonfires within the streets to mourn the death of […]

Georgia Middle School Homework Assignment: Create Nazi Propaganda

Under the continuing tyranny of leftwing domination in the schools, media, entertainment and culture, monsters are resurrected, evil ideologies are sanctioned (and even promoted), and the righteous demonized. Creating positive propaganda for an evil ideology forces children to see the good in it. What good could come from that? On the contrary. MIDDLE SCHOOL HOMEWORK […]