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Islamist Pakistan says ‘NO’ to Valentine’s Day

Love — like the silver cross to Dracula, a fitting metaphor in this case. This year, a judge in the capital city, Islamabad, banned Valentine’s Day celebrations, saying they violated Islamic teachings. In Muslim-majority Indonesia, a group of school students in the city of Surabaya denounced the romantic day as a Western celebration that encourages […]

ISIS Biting Women To Death

While the aspirations of the West continue to be advancing science, art, technology and music — the most vocal and visible voices in the Muslim world work to create new and more savage ways to murder and maim. To quote Pope Benedict (before the Vatican conspiracy led to his ouster) quoting the 14th century Byzantine […]

Church of England Dying, UK Cities Could Soon Be Islamic, ‘Islam is a serious threat’

Britain could be an Islamic nation in a few generations and the Church of England is facing extinction, a former chaplain to the Queen has said. Rev Gavin Ashenden, who resigned last month after criticising a Scottish cathedral for hosting a reading of the Quran during a Eucharist service, told Breitbart News’s James Delingpole that Anglicanism seems too […]

IMPORTING JIHAD: Muslim migrant camps are ‘hotbed for terrorism’ says whistle-blower

Is anyone surprised? Of course not, just look at Europe. It’s chaos. What is irksome is the Democrats want to bring this here. They want this for cities and towns…. our children. EXPOSED: MIGRANT CAMPS ARE ‘HOTBED FOR TERRORISM’ SAYS WHISTLEBLOWER IN CHILLING REPORT MIGRANT camps have been described as “hotbeds for terrorism” by a […]

Muslim students demand prayer rooms in every ‘major building,’ shuttle services to local mosque

These demands are “ridiculously easy” to accomplish, says a Muslim Student Association member. They aren’t, actually, and they are clear indication of the supremacist nature of Islam — shuttle services to local synagogues or churches were not demanded. But above all, these demands are just the beginning. If they’re granted, more demands will follow. And […]