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VIDEO: Iranian ‘Morality police’ officer wrestles woman to ground because her hijab was loose

Shining a light on these oppressors will ultimately, we can only hope, bring about enough awareness, and righteous indignation, to topple their inhuman regime.  “Video of Iran ‘morality police’ wrestling with woman sparks outrage,” by Saeed Kamali Dehghan, Guardian, April 19, 2018: Shocking video footage of a young woman being wrestled to the floor by […]

VIDEO: Hamas Pays Muslims to Get Shot by IDF

This new edition of The Jamie Glazov Moment features Jamie discussing Hamas Pays Muslims to Get Shot by IDF, where he offers yet another harrowing glimpse into a cult of death. Don’t miss it!  Subscribe to the Glazov Gang‘s YouTube Channel and follow us on Twitter: @JamieGlazov.  EDITORS NOTE: Please donate through our Pay Pal account to help The Glazov Gang keep going. Thank you!

Stanford labels the forcible suppression of dissenting views ‘free expression’

The academic environment on our nation’s campuses has deteriorated so severely, and our colleges and universities have been so completely transformed into centers of Leftist indoctrination, that many students not only oppose the freedom of speech, but don’t even know what it is. Sam Wolfe enthusiastically writes: “Something is afoot once again on the campus […]

Muslims erupt in ‘extremely violent’ riots after woman is ordered to remove her niqab

Hundreds of police were deployed after residents rioted and torched cars in Toulouse following a police stop of a woman wearing an illegal full-face Islamic veil. Meanwhile, Muslim advocacy groups that are connected to the Muslim Brotherhood serve as battering rams, beating into the minds of non-Muslims that they are “Islamophobic” for expressing valid concerns […]

VIDEO: Police refuse to investigate death threats against Islam critic because she is ‘inciting hatred’

 Yet more disquieting evidence that the first priority of police in Britain is now enforcing Sharia blasphemy laws. Jonaya Fenessa English explains in this video that she never speaks about Muslims, only about Islam, and never calls for violence. But that is not enough: that is also true of Pamela Geller and me, and […]

Jizya, ‘Military Exemption,’ and Murdered Christian Soldiers by Raymond Ibrahim

One of the staples of the Islamic whitewashing industry is the claim that jizya — the extortion money subjugated Jews and Christians were required to pay (a la Koran 9:29) — actually “entitled them to Muslim protection from outside aggression and exempted them from military service,” to quote Georgetown University’s John Esposito. By this widely held logic, Muslim […]

CBS: Obama withdrawal from Afghanistan a ‘Milestone’, Trump withdrawal from Syria a ‘Retreat’

The relentless establishment media Leftist propaganda drumbeat never lets up, even for a moment. Meanwhile, the social media giants are working more energetically than ever now to silence dissenting voices, so that this propaganda is all that you hear, and the America-hating Left will win a comfortable majority in the House and Senate in the 2018 elections. […]

Former Obama State Department official who is a Muslim likens opposition to jihad terror to bigotry against Jews, blacks, Chinese

In its lengthy hit piece on Mike Pompeo and John Bolton, which I discussed at length here, the New York Times says this about Secretary of State-designate Mike Pompeo’s opposition to jihad terror and Sharia oppression: Wa’el N. Alzayat, who was a Middle East expert at the State Department and senior policy adviser to Samantha Power, […]