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Front-runner for French presidency against arresting and deporting ‘radical Islamists’

France was once a great nation. But when basic measures for self-defense become stigmatized and opposed as “right-wing,” the death spiral has begun. The France of Charles Martel is but a historical memory. The France of Emmanuel Macron won’t last long. “Macron Against Arresting and Deporting Radical Islamists,” by Chris Tomlinson, Breitbart, April 22, 2017: […]

VIDEO: Palestinian Leader, Muslim terrorists who murder Americans are ‘victims’

No matter how bloodthirsty jihadis become, and how high the death toll mounts, Islamic supremacist spokesmen will claim victim status. It is a tested tactic that has been proven repeatedly to bamboozle Western authorities and get them to start signing checks, so why not? “Palestinian Authority Official: Terrorists Who Murder Americans Are ‘Victims,’” Washington Free […]

Florida: Diocese of Orlando reprimands schoolteacher for quoting Catholic Saint on evils of Islam

“Flanigan, the associate superintendent of Orlando Diocese schools, said ‘the information provided in the sixth grade class is not consistent with the teachings of the Catholic Church.’” But the author of this material is a saint in the Catholic Church, St. John Bosco. So did a saint spread ideas that were “not consistent with the […]

Nashville: Top 20 places in U.S. where girls are at risk for female genital mutilation

“Federal contractors in Tennessee have been resettling refugees from countries including Somalia, Ethiopia, Eritrea, Liberia, Nigeria and Sudan, listed in the PRB report as among the ‘Top 10 Countries of Origin’ where FGM is practiced.” Did those federal contractors think that after bringing all those refugees into Tennessee that they would not see a rise […]

New York Times publishes op-ed by convicted murderer, calls him a ‘Palestinian leader’

But would the New York Times ever publish an op-ed by a foe of jihad terror who spoke honestly about the terrorists’ motivating ideology? Don’t be silly. That would be “Islamophobic.” “New York Times Publishes Op-Ed by Convicted Terrorist, Describes Him as a ‘Palestinian Leader,’” by Alex Griswold, Washington Free Beacon, April 17, 2017: The […]