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80% of Dawoodi Bohra Muslim women in Canada have undergone female genital mutilation

This story works hard to give the impression that female genital mutilation is practiced among Muslims only by Dawoodi Bohras, and by Christians and Jews elsewhere. This is a marginal improvement over establishment media stories about FGM before the arrests of the physicians in Michigan; until those arrests, establishment media stories universally claimed that the […]

Catholic school removes statues of Jesus and Mary to avoid offending Muslims

“The students attending San Domenico come from a variety of religious backgrounds besides Christianity: Judaism, Buddhism, Hinduism and Islam.” Hmm. Which of those four is likely to have been the only one objecting to the presence of these statues? And so here again we see the universal principle: in Muslim countries, one must change one’s behavior to […]

British Government-funded Channel 4 creates ‘recruitment video’ glorifying ISIS

The apotheosis of the Left’s infatuation with Islamic jihad: a propaganda video for the Islamic State, courtesy of the British government. “Pure poison… it’s like a Nazi recruiting film from the 1930s: CHRISTOPHER STEVENS reviews The State,” by Christopher Stevens, Daily Mail, August 20, 2017: A really super-cool club. That’s how a young black British doctor […]

American Muslim boy in ISIS video calls Trump ‘puppet of the Jews,’ vows jihad massacres in U.S.

Cute little lad. Imagine what will happen when young Yusuf meets up with the young Americans who have been trained to be enraged over public bathrooms and sensitive to microaggressions. “American boy in ISIS video warns Trump ‘puppet of the Jews,’” by Lisa Daftari, Foreign Desk, August 23, 2017: The Islamic State has released a new […]

Tucker Carlson Show: The Southern Poverty Law Center and the Left’s war on free speech

On August 22, 2017, I appeared on Tucker Carlson’s show on Fox to discuss Jihad Watch’s banning from PayPal, the Southern Poverty Law Center’s spurious “hate group” listing, and the Left’s war against the freedom of speech. RELATED ARTICLES: Jihad in the Netherlands: Concert of “Allah-Las” rock band called off as cops find bus “packed […]