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Girl Scout Lucie Myslikova: I’ll ‘get over it’ if raped by a Muslim immigrant

A girl wearing a Scout uniform willingly acknowledged that she could be raped by an immigrant, something that is happening to women across Europe in record numbers….Then she essentially reasoned, I’ll get over it, and the Western world lifts her up as a hero. The starkness of this Girl Scout’s response summarizes the overall view of […]

Thirteen countries have death penalty for apostasy — all are Muslim

This is a very telling report on what constitutes normative Islam, contradicting the inaccuracies that ill-informed and agenda-driven folk continue to spread. In normative Islam, challenging or criticizing Islamic texts renders you worthy of death. These countries demonstrate a clear awareness of that fact. “The countries where apostasy is punishable by death”, by Louis Dore, […]

Qur’an distribution a ‘front for incitement of radical activities including jihadist involvement’

Swiss authorities, and authorities all over Europe and North America, are eventually going to realize that the problem is not that one group is using Qur’an distribution as a front for jihad recruitment, but that the Qur’an can perform jihad recruitment all by itself. “Zurich recommends ban on ‘radicalized’ Koran distribution campaign,” by Brenna Hughes […]

Smith College professor: ‘The U.S. creates terrorism’

Smith College [located in Northampton, Massachusetts] professor Suleiman A. Mourad writes: With the fall of the USSR and its constellation of Communist governments, US elites no longer had a ready rationale to maintain the country’s war machine….The US brags about its commitment to democracy. But its interventions have yielded death and despotism for the Middle […]