Muslim arrested in ‘deliberate’ Paris car ramming of soldiers

Hamou is a name found in Algeria among Berbers. It is derived from the name Muhammad. And so yet again we have a case of vehicular jihad, as I detailed earlier, although French authorities are no doubt still searching for a motive.

“Car rams into soldiers in Paris suburb, suspect arrested after manhunt,” by Richard Lough and Benoit Tessier, Reuters, August 9, 2017:

PARIS (Reuters) – French police shot and arrested a man on Wednesday suspected of deliberately ramming his car into a group of soldiers in a Parisian suburb hours earlier, injuring six of them in what the government called a deliberate attack.

Armed police from elite units tracked the fugitive for five hours after the attack before cornering him on a motorway in northern France and shooting him several times.

The suspect was unarmed when he was trapped by police some 260 km (162 miles) north of Paris where he had attacked the soldiers in the affluent suburb of Levallois-Perret, a judicial source said. There was no immediate word on his condition.

The man appeared to have lain in wait for the soldiers in a pedestrian zone near their base in Levallois-Perret on the northwestern edge of the capital where France’s domestic counter-terrorism agency is based.

He accelerated his BMW car into the troops, who were starting their patrol, when they were a few meters away, Interior Minister Gerard Collomb said, before speeding off and sparking a huge manhunt.

Hamou B

“This was a deliberate act, not an accident,” Collomb told reporters outside the hospital where the three more seriously injured victims were being treated.

He said a terrorism investigation had been launched.

The soldiers were part of Operation Sentinel, launched in the wake of Islamist attacks in Paris in early 2015. The Levallois-Perret attack was the 15th on troops and police in the last two-and-a-half years, many of them Islamic State-inspired.

Prime Minister Edouard Philippe told lawmakers in parliament that the assailant had been detained. One policeman was injured by a stray bullet in the operation.

The daily newspaper Le Parisien named the suspect as 37-year-old Hamou B., originally from Satrouville west of Paris and said that searches had been carried out at his home and those of his associates. The Paris prosecutor’s office declined to comment….


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Muslim group blames women for rape for exposing their ‘Allah-given delicacies’

“An Islamic Group Muslim Rights Concern (MURIC) has blamed the increase in reported rape cases on women dressing indecently.” Ishaq Akintola, president of Muslim Rights Concern in Lagos, stated: “The way you dress is the way you will be addressed. You cannot send out a letter without receiving a reply.” Akintola added:

Why do they pose half-nude in adverts, magazine covers, etc? Why are women so willing to expose their Allah-given ‘delicacies’ to naked eye.

If a woman chooses to expose her “Allah-given delicacies” by way of her dress, it is her human right to do so, but herein lies the problem. According to Islamic jurisprudence, women are not equals to men. They are possessions of men and are commanded to cover themselves from head to toe to protect men from out-of-control desires:

(Quran 24:31) And tell the believing women to reduce of their vision and guard their private parts and not expose their adornment except that which appears thereof and to wrap their headcovers over their chests and not expose their adornment except to their husbands, their fathers, their husbands’ fathers, their sons, their husbands’ sons, their brothers, their brothers’ sons, their sisters’ sons, their women, that which their right hands possess, or those male attendants having no physical desire, or children who are not yet aware of the private aspects of women. And let them not stamp their feet to make known what they conceal of their adornment. And turn to Allah in repentance, all of you, O believers, that you might succeed.

If a woman does not cover, she is fair game to be assaulted….

(Quran 33:59) O Prophet, tell your wives and your daughters and the women of the believers to bring down over themselves of their outer garments. That is more suitable that they will be known and not be abused.

Men should be able to control themselves at the sight of a scantily-clad woman, but when they are instructed under Islamic rules, they blame women for their own victimization. The invocation of Islamic texts as an excuse for attacking women is now a global problem; we see expanding evidence of it across Europe, where women and girls are getting assaulted and raped by Muslim migrants. The same phenomenon manifests itself in the “Muslim grooming gangs” in the UK.

Still, all too many leaders in the West are more concerned about offending Muslims than about protecting innocent women from barbaric doctrines. They adamantly refuse to identify and call out the real problem of the clash of civilizations and what President Trump has called “radical Islamic terrorism.”

“Increase in rape a result of indecent dressing – MURIC”,

BellaNaija, (Thanks to The Religion of Peace), August 6, 2017:

An Islamic Group Muslim Rights Concern (MURIC) has blamed the increase in reported rape cases on women dressing indecently.

According to Punch, it was said in a statement released by the group in response to a protest on rape staged by another group War Against Rape (WAR).

Members of WAR had staged the protest at the office of the Lagos State Governor Akinwumi Ambode, decrying the increase in rape cases in the state.

Ishaq Akintola, president of MURIC said in the statement that the protest was a waste of time.

He called on WAR to launch a campaign against indecent dressing, and asked women to stop exposing their “Allah-given ‘delicacies.’”

Read the statement below:

Rape is on the increase mainly because moral bankruptcy has hit its peak. Women are no longer ashamed of exposing their bodies in public.

Even dresses which do not expose their bodies are sewn so tight that no one is left in doubt about the objective. It is the age of dress-to-kill. But women forget that many of them will fall victim of stray bullets.

Indecent dressing is a provocation and this is the issue which decent societies must address. MURIC invites WAR to launch a campaign against indecent dressing. The way you dress is the way you will be addressed. You cannot send out a letter without receiving a reply.

WAR should tell women to elevate their self-dignity. Why do they pose half-nude in adverts, magazine covers, etc? Why are women so willing to expose their Allah-given ‘delicacies’ to naked eye…..

Women should be told in clear and unequivocal terms that indecent dressing constitutes sexual harassment.


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Muslims Attack Counter Jihad Coalition, Law Enforcement Caves by Steve Amundson

At first I thought that the two Muslims shouting at us would leave, as they have done in the past. I was wrong; it played out differently on Saturday. They were there to stay with their loud, obnoxious voices until they could get us shut down. The crowd started growing due to the commotion. Soon it numbered in the hundreds.

The cause of all of this was that the Counter Jihad Coalition (CJC) was out on a public outreach in the Cerritos Mall in Cerritos, California, educating the public on the truth of Islam. The CJC was formed several years ago to get the truth into the hands of people, since most of the mainstream media paints Islam as the religion of peace.

We have developed over 30 brochures on different aspects of Islam. All are factual and true, not our opinions. They are all based on the doctrines of Islam as set out in the Quran and the Sunnah. On a typical day, we pass out 1,500 or more of these brochures to people, who for the most part are thankful for what we are doing.

We saw an increase in Muslim pushback right after the Islamic State (ISIS) made the news, and then a huge increase in their aggressiveness after President Trump was elected. They will go to great lengths to keep the people from knowing the violence, oppression and brutality that are inherent in what they believe. And now more than ever, they are on the warpath to shut down these truths.

This past Saturday, at this venue where we have been going to for a year, Muslim anger came to a head. I called security when things started to get unruly. Soon officers from mall security, along with several Los Angeles County Sheriff Deputies, arrived to try and restore calm and sort things out.

To show you how upside down our society is, the mall manager said to me that he was going to have to shut us down early. What? Everything had been going along smoothly until the two Muslims started yelling, shouting at us and creating the hostile environment. They knew if they disturbed and disrupted, that they would win. They shouted at me that they would be there every day looking for us, and would do whatever they had to do to shut us down.

It was only a few weeks ago that the Sharia police on Facebook banned our Counter Jihad Coalition Facebook site, and took it down. To this day, I have not received an explanation from them for their action. Facebook is simply Sharia-compliant. Not only us, but many other counter-jihad groups have recently been shut down on Facebook. Our freedoms are slowly being taken away from us by the leftists who are in control of the means of communication.

In a similar vein, do you think the Sheriff Deputies escorted the obnoxious, hateful, foul-mouthed Muslims out of the mall? Not a chance! When I asked one of the Deputies if they were going to escort out the unruly Muslims, their response to me was they were waiting to hear from the mall management and what they wanted to do. So much for our law enforcement officials protecting law-abiding citizens. Every time we want to have a public outreach at this mall, we turn in an application and wait until it is approved.

After the Deputies failed to escort out the Muslims who were causing the disruption, the mall manager came over to me and said, “We are going to have to shut you down early today.” When I suggested they usher out the unruly Muslims instead, I was told that they have a right to be there and said they would not leave until we left. Did we not have a right to be there? Our dhimmi law enforcement, mall security and mall management seem to be willing to cater to Muslims anytime they are called upon to do so.

We will see what happens next week, when I turn in a new application to exercise my right of free speech. Americans better wake up fast and start pushing back on this encroachment of Sharia before our freedoms and rights are gone. Then it will be too late.



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The Truth About France’s Muslim No-Go Zones

Dateline, France, 2015-2017: Would you like to see what a Muslim-inhabited No-Go Zone in a European country such as France is like? To find out more, please follow the article below, translated from French, which you shall not find either referenced or translated in almost any news outlet in the English-speaking world’s media (because of a conspiratorial arrangement between the European-American Left and the Muslim Brotherhood to respectfully manage news and cooperate at a distance, because their diumvirate of convenience opposes the same enemy – namely – the patriotic forces of the so-called “Right” in the West). Although there is no reference to the Islamic influence in the content of the article, Islam is present because of its inability to make the Muslims behave like civilized people or feel a meaning in their lives. The urban decay is such in parts of France that even in a nearly all-Muslim city like Roubaix, Islam plays an inferior role because the young residents are such anarchists that they do not care even about their heritage or Islamic propaganda. However, in these conditions, some individuals can be drastically turned to Islamic radicalism, as had happened to the shooter of the Jewish Museum in 2014.

First of all, consider the view into these ghettos of North African immigrants (the fruits of France’s defeat in the Algerian War) which were formed in the wake of Algerian victory over France and her European colonists in North Africa. In a way, the Algerian immigration to France is a march of victors into the land of the defeated, a once proud European nation that was four times militarily defeated in the same 20th century (WW1, WW2, Vietnam War (Phase 1), Algerian War)! France allowed mass immigration of Muslims after her last military defeat following years of struggle against Arab nationalism and Islamism. During the 1970s, France simultaneously faced an economic crisis and allowed immigrants (mostly from the Muslim World) to permanently settle in France with their families and to acquire French citizenship. It resulted in hundreds of thousands of Algerian and Moroccan Muslims, moving especially to the larger cities, to live in subsidized public housing and to suffer from very high unemployment rates (supported by the government dole). France also imported immigrants from other European nations, but her problem areas remain and are filled with populations of non-European heritage only. What is it that keeps these non-Europeans so resentful of the French culture, feeling so hopeless, so destitute about their future? Answer: twofold: 1) the spiritually dead conditions in France where the natives do not instill respect into the immigrants, and 2) Islam and its exclusiveness. The larger problem is that the ideas of Islam are incompatible with the ideals of France’s history. The key thing is this: European history in general, and France’s historical traditions, in particular, are completely unattractive and unworthy of emulation in the muddy eye of the non-European crowd. They seek an alternative and often don’t find it, resulting either in endemic helter-skelter urban crime or in Islamic terrorism.

France’s Muslims like to say: “When a Christian goes mad and kills someone they call him ”mentally ill” but when a Muslim kills they call him ”a terrorist”. Moreover, these Arab Muslims also like to opine all day long while sitting around and turning their beads, smoking in the shade outside all day and moaning about their perceived victimization at the hands of the West, the French and “Christians” in general. In a true Manichaean fashion, the Oriental dualism of these Muslims comes out when they also blather to each other, while reclining on their outdoor sofas: “What are they talking about? Muslim terrorists? The Crusaders killed everybody. Everybody! It is them!” Apparently, all this is perfectly in line with the chunky welfare check they collect from the “evil” French government every month, probably seeing it as a poor payback for past wrongs done to Muslims.

Take the city of Roubaix, France. This city is not just a Muslim suburb, but an entire French city turning into an Islamic enclave, France’s first all-Muslim city! It would appear that France’s authorities have no power to engineer the French society in a way that would serve France’s long-term interest. But there are attempts to raise the alarm. For instance, there are groups in France seeking to campaign for the restoration of the French rule of law (or at least, to help bring back the habits of France to the Muslim ghettos in France’s cities), such as “La Brigade des Meres” [a mother’s brigade], which is aiming to restore gender equality in France’s troubled “banlieues” because women in many of France’s foreign communities are now too scared to go out where gangs of young men rule the streets. And a shocking undercover report, compiled by the TV channel France 2, shows how women are not welcome in bars and cafes in Muslim majority areas, with many men openly hostile to their presence in public at all. Pascale Boistard, the women’s rights minister in the French government of Hollande, declared: “There are now areas in our country where women can no longer go.” To cement proof of what is going on, two brave women from La Brigade des Meres wore button-hole cameras and headed alone into the Muslim majority Paris suburb of Sevran, which was at the center of the French capital’s 2005 race riots. They were stopped and not allowed to walk around or enter bars. The French government has no clue about what to do. The French government’s decision to bring in Muslim imams to quell the religious tensions which led to the 2005 riots had led to a more hardline version of Islam taking hold in France’s Muslim suburbs. In Lyon, France’s second biggest city, there is evidence that women are now actively altering their dress to avoid being threatened or abused by Muslim men. And an official in the patriotic party of France, the National Front, Ms Marechal-Le Pen, said downplayed evidence exists that some parts of the country are “no longer the land of France because Islamic law has taken hold”. She said: “It is no longer the law of France that applies, it is not the law of the Republic, we are witnessing the establishment of mini Caliphates where it’s Islamic law, Sharia, that applies every day.”

The reports by this and other concerned citizen groups of France revealed a definite existence of No-Go Zones For Women in France. And there are areas where the French police stay away from making normal patrols the way they do it in areas of France where as far as outward style and manner of etiquette there is a definite European presence.


At the beginning of August, a father of a family was killed in the neighborhood of the Alma, in Roubaix, for a history of noise-making. In the working-class districts of the poorest town in France, inhabitants tell of their distress. Two weeks ago, 27-year-old Ahmed Boudaoud was killed in his staircase while asking two youngsters to stop making noise. It was 3:45 in the morning, he was splashed with shit and alcohol and one of them stabbed him in the throat.

When we speak of this tragedy to the Roubaisians, they say almost all the same thing. It is sad, but in many ways predictable if we put this fact into the local context: misery, despair, abandonment, when young people adrift in the neighborhood of the Alma, the place of the above drama, the inhabitants can not even rely on the police: there is little chance for it to move around. “As a result, there are parts of the city where you could ride with an assault tank without anyone telling you anything,” smiled Nadir (the first name was changed), a strong man of about forty he repeats the same thing often said.

“We are so used to being left to ourselves that we do not know what is normal or not here. It’s not Chicago, but you do have to cover your face, it’s very complicated. ”

Roubaix, 94,000 inhabitants, is the poorest city in France . More than 30% of the unemployed, 75% of the territory in the Sensitive Urban Area (ZUS) and, above all, its rotten reputation, a place where nothing has changed since the textile industry collapsed decades ago.

It is also the perfect illustration that in terms of insecurity, it is the poorest populations that have the most to lose.

They wanted to spend “a normal evening”

A blue-eyed boy who squats in front of a hall shows me 96 Rue d’Archimede, a small red-brick building in which the victim lived. He reflects: “What took him to go talk to drunkards, too?” ”

On the night of August 2 to 3, two young people – aged 19 and 21 – steal a car and start a car rodeo, fast and furious auto race in the Alma district. Accelerations, zigzags, skids. After that, they decide to burn a poor building because out of the window of the building, a man named Ahmed tells them that the race prevents his three children from sleeping.

They poke out of the car, knock on all the doors of the building – whose gate is open to all – to find him and once they succeed, after a few words exchanged, stick a blade in his throat – according to the testimony of his wife, Jennifer. Ahmed will die in the ambulance. Very quickly, two suspects are arrested by the police, to whom they explain that they simply wanted to pass “a normal evening” . One of the two gave himself up at the police station, whose family reasoned him into doing so, and he himself said that he was persuaded by … the father of the deceased. For Roubaix, it is a large village, where everyone knows everyone, more or less. Since then, the two guys, held in pre-trial detention, are blaming themselves for the facts. To our brothers from Paris, a  man named Amar, the uncle of the deceased, explains: “The murder of my nephew shows one thing: when one lives in these quarters, one has only two alternatives, to be a rogue or to be subject to their gang law. The situation is worse and worse. Then we let the people here kill each other, and then we pick up the corpses. ” “The land no longer belongs to the police” Since 2012, seven districts of the city have been classified as a Priority Security Zone (ZSP). No regular police officers patrol these areas, but for the authorities there is some good news in that they had a few good results in dismantling large criminal trafficking groups of Arab Muslims of North African heritage.

Nadir: “Okay for big networks, but while they work on large fish, the little ones make a living at the expense of the inhabitants. ” Nadir’s brother, who briefly cuts off the conversation: “The land no longer belongs to the police. The police left it to the young people. Today, it is completely outdated. […] On the one hand, when a cop who is paid only 1,500 euros knows this, why would he stick his head into danger?”

Sarah, 21, a law student, lives in the Manlet district, recounts: “I’ve seen two boys fighting here and the police passing by as if nothing had happened. They surely told themselves that they were two Arabs and that it did not matter. But what image does it give in the end? ” During the municipal campaign, Pierre Dubois, the outgoing mayor, had assured that in Roubaix, there was only “a feeling of insecurity”. A gaffe, more than a denial, that made a lot of people laugh. In the neighborhood of Le Pile , riparians [a few owners of land on the bank of a natural watercourse] talked about creating a militia – a type of citizen patrol – to restore calm. A desperate idea, which opens the way to even more violence. Paranoia and revenge too, all this between neighbors. Marc Vasseur, the assistant director of the mayor’s office (UMP), has no problem recognizing the existence of no-rights/no-go zones. “In twenty years, Roubaix has lost 300 police officers”: “Some residents resigned themselves to no longer calling the police because the police no longer move. They are at the end of the roll. Some only ask for one thing: to sleep at night.” To tell the truth, it is not the new municipal team that will deny that it is about the poverty. After having ravished the town hall in the election going over to the Left last spring, the strategy could roughly be summarized to this: “We have inherited a big galley, we will not get rabbits out of the hat, especially not in four months. ” It is a good war, and in the end, not inaccurate to say, as all the witnesses we interviewed admit. Moreover, the tasks do not even overwhelm the outgoing team. What we hear here and there is rather: “A town hall can not do everything, it is the state that has to look at the poorest city in France. ”

Roubaix is ​​the city where kids, more than anywhere else, have never seen their parents work. Where one inherits the state welfare system – “RSA” – (ex-RMI) – and the worries that go with, where one leaves the school very early to go to hang out. Where people are so fed up that they call them poor and still laughing they say “eh, but you know that among us there are some who pay the tax on wealth? ” “This void creates hatred” Julie, a pretty forty-year-old who prefers to remain anonymous, who lived “two years at the Alma” in the 80’s, when life was cool, says: “I have a girlfriend. One day she asked a student what he wanted to do later. He replied “like daddy, be unemployed”. ” And continues: “Beyond the responsibilities of everyone, I believe that reputation does not help either. By dint of repeating to them that they live in the worst city of France, the young people say that they will not succeed. That there is no chance of finding a job, because there are no more. So they get bogged down. ”

Roubaix is ​​the corner where thousands of Maghreb people – mainly from Algeria – have been piled up in disadvantaged areas that continue to sink into the galley. In a small cafe, Tawfik, 32, who has worked in the professional insertion, talks a little about the “void”, the feeling many Roubaisians of Maghrebian origin have. He explains that they feel forgotten and discriminated against in France – “because of their facies, their religion and their economic condition” – but also know that they are not at home here: “Some people do not know who they are. So they look for their identity without finding it for the moment. And this void creates hatred. ” “It has become a trash can”, a moral cesspool.

The gangs of Roubaix, poverty and more recently Mehdi Nemmouche [the fanatical 2014 Jewish Museum of Belgium shooter who was from here], is enough to sully a reputation. In recent years, local politicians have done everything they can to improve the image of the city, even if it means removing from Wikipedia information deemed too pejorative for Roubaix. Urban renovations, historical districts, cultural dynamism, the Paris-Roubaix partnership or a promise of a more active population – one would almost forget the problems: in fact, everything is not so black in the former textile capital of the world. This neighboring Croix with 20,483 inhabitants, is in another world: in the ranking of cities where the average amount of income is the highest, the commune comes just after Neuilly-sur-Seine and Cayenne. But many inhabitants of the working-class districts do not give up on their condition. With so much insecurity and unemployment, it is hard to be optimistic.

Nadir insists that the local employers do everything not to recruit the Roubaisians, starting with the town hall, which does not set an example. “With an Arabian surname, it is almost unacceptable, it must be known. […] For some positions of educators, the city hall recruits outside the city. We inherit the most rotten posts. We are not asking for engineer jobs either, and not everybody wants a deal. ” The town hall refutes the territorial discrimination softly, while admitting the distress of the working-class districts. “In some areas, there are more than 30% of the unemployed. ”

A meeting bar in front of a drug dealing hotspot

Nadir laughs in front of a snack. “1.50 panini is the cheapest bread in France. Just before, a restaurateur of the city told me that the situation was getting worse:

“More and more, people come and tell me that for a sandwich for three euros, they lose 50 cents or 1 euro. It’s very difficult. Here, you have married couples who for lack money, live with their parents. After a while, when you are given up to yourself, some say you have to go get the money where it is. ”

Honestly, kind of odd jobs at black or small services here and there, or illegally, stealing or drug dealing. The points of drug deals in the city are known.

Vendors – some of them minors – do not really hide. The street is theirs. In one of them, a bar was fixed to the wall to make a drug kiosk. The vendor says:

“If they removed all the crap from Roubaix, which for many is an income that will ensure a little comfort, it will cause an explosion of burglaries and other aggressions of any kind. It will be a civil war itself. For me, this situation is a bit of a convenience for everyone. ”

In the street, we see some bad habits. More constraints, more rules, more limits. “At 15 years old, they have man’s concerns and already make the law at home,” says Nadir.

“Before, there was respect for the elders. There, there is nothing left. ”

Ahmed was a hero, too

Ahmed Boudaoud was a discrete, quiet type who did not make waves and who did not know that the confusion remains at the level of the words used as is often the case in the troubled districts when there are clashes are between “young squatters vs. neighbors”.

He was a hero too. Some time ago, he had saved a kid from drowning. The little blue-eyed young man who brought me up to 96 rue d’Archimede told me a little about him. 17 years old, no school – “too many confusions” – and perhaps a job of a handler thanks to a contact from his family. He asks me not to be too affirmative in my article:

“There is a rumor that the deceased was out with a knife and that one of the two guys currently in custody could have taken two stab wounds. ”

Unable to check this version of the facts yet. Reached by telephone, the deputy prosecutor of the Lille prosecutors office refuses to comment – and repeats what he said since the beginning of the case: a murder with knives, a mortal knife stab and two suspects known especially for possession of narcotics and other degradations.

“Guys like Ahmed who do not create so much mess were on the verge of getting screwed out of a deal at Alma” tells me a young person in a restaurant who knows the Boudaoud family and obviously suspects this: “Ahmed had no knife, it’s bullshit what they say about that. On the other hand, it is said that one of the two killers always had a blade on him because he had a seriously embarrassing feud with guys from Lille. ”

“We may have sacrificed a generation”

For Nadir, one should not over-interpret the fact:

“We talked about his slaughter, when it is not about that. This word refers to many more negative things. I believe there was no hatred in this act, even if it is shocking to everyone. They were drunk with alcohol; otherwise, perhaps nothing would have happened. ”

It’s true that Roubaix is ​​not Chicago. When one goes there, even at night, one thinks that it is not worse than another city whose districts are classified in ZSP……

Read the original article.

Muslim street toughs

Muslim street toughs in France.

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EDITORS NOTE: This column originally appeared in The Geller Report.

Rapes Soared 196% Since Liberal Danish Party Took Power, Invited Refugees

Since the self-proclaimed Conservative party Venstre (meaning “Left”) with their slogan “Denmark’s Liberal party” took power in June 2015, the number of rapes reported to the police has soared by a shocking 196 percent, according to the Danish state’s bureau of statistics.

This rise in rape attacks coincides with the liberal government’s opening of Danish national borders to refugees that primarily are from Islamic countries.

Also read: Sweden’s Islamic Rape Epidemic: Almost Half of Victims are CHILDREN

In Denmark, there are no official statistics on the rapists’ ethnicity or nationalities, but according to a report from the Danish Ministry of Justice, “There is a clear overrepresentation of immigrants from non-western countries when looking at the statistics of convicted rapists.”

Full story at


“Palestinian” Muslim Who Slaughtered Israeli Family to Receive $3,120 Per Month Reward From Palestinian Authority

UK: Muslim rape gang leader to be freed from prison 17 years early

“We kill them because Allah told us to, and not because they attack us”

“The whole idea that this is merely a political war, is wrong. We kill them, because Allah told us to, and not because they attack us. The only way out for them is to convert or to pay a head tax.”

That’s in complete accord with the Qur’an and Islamic law:

“Fight those who believe not in Allah nor the Last Day, nor hold that forbidden which hath been forbidden by Allah and His Messenger, nor acknowledge the religion of Truth, (even if they are) of the People of the Book, until they pay the Jizya with willing submission, and feel themselves subdued” (Qur’an 9:29).

A hadith depicts Muhammad saying:

“Fight against those who disbelieve in Allah. Make a holy war…When you meet your enemies who are polytheists, invite them to three courses of action. If they respond to any one of these you also accept it and withhold yourself from doing them any harm. Invite them to (accept) Islam; if they respond to you, accept it from them and desist from fighting against them…. If they refuse to accept Islam, demand from them the Jizya. If they agree to pay, accept it from them and hold off your hands. If they refuse to pay the tax, seek Allah’s help and fight them. (Sahih Muslim 4294)

In response, of course, mainstream analysts will say, No, ISIS is twisting and hijacking Islam, and this is a political war. Some people are impervious to evidence.

“This is how ISIS pushed me to make a video claiming responsibility,”

by Björn Stritzel, Bild, July 26, 2017:

How does ISIS recruit its attackers in Germany? What are the last instructions before the terrorists strike and kill as many innocent people as possible?

For months, BILD reporter Björn Stritzel pretended to be an Islamist willing to carry out an attack (always in consultation with the security authorities).

Abu K. is my guide at ISIS. He wants to assist me in the lead-up to my attack – my death. But we are not there yet. First, we deal with my video that is intended to be published online shortly after the attack. My business card of death. It is also the cynical, inhuman point of the attack, as I now realize.

Abu K. is very keen on my affirmation of ISIS. He keeps explaining to me what kind of text I am supposed to read out in the martyr’s video.

“Don’t say: ‘I’m doing this because you attack us’ or ‘If you stop, we will also stop’. More vigour is better,” Abu K. writes to me and formulates: “I am doing this, because the caliph has instructed me to attack the crusaders and their citizens.”

Abu K. unambiguously states what ISIS is about: “The whole idea that this is merely a political war, is wrong. We kill them, because Allah told us to, and not because they attack us. The only way out for them is to convert or to pay a head tax.” The guidelines provided by Abu K. correspond with the martyr’s videos by the Würzburg and Ansbach attackers (both in July, 2016). For ISIS, it is primarily the recognition value of the messages that counts. Everybody is supposed to immediately understand who has attacked here, independently of the individual attacker.”…


UK Bedfordshire Police: “Do you think you could spot the signs of right wing extremism?”

UK: Muslim rape gang leader to be freed from prison 17 years early

Justine Damond shot to death by Muslim cop because she ‘slapped police car’

Shot to death trying to get their attention? Does this make sense to you? Me neither.

Minneapolis Somali-Muslim cop Mohamed Noor shot unarmed, pajama-clad Justine Damond to death at point blank range. On the force since 2015, he had three complaints against him. He is described by neighbors as “jumpy,” “ill-tempered,” “strict” and “disrespectful of women and blacks.” What was he still doing on the force?

Do you believe him? Me neither.


BBC, July 25, 2017:

Investigators say that before Justine Damond was shot to death by a Minneapolis police officer, a woman “slapped” the back of his patrol car.

The search warrant issued by the Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension (BCA) does not say if that woman was the Australian yoga teacher.

The document may shed light on the possible source of the “loud sound” that startled the car’s driver.

Damond was killed by Officer Mohamed Noor after calling 911 two weeks ago.

The search warrant, which was provided to local news stations by investigators, stated: “Upon police arrival, a female ‘slaps’ the back of the patrol squad.

“After that, it is unknown to BCA agents what exactly happened, but the female became deceased in the alley.”

Mohamed Noor, who fired the fatal shot across his partner and through the driver’s window, has so far refused to be interviewed by investigators.

Officer Matthew Harrity, who was driving the police cruiser through the alley behind Damond’s home, has told detectives that they were startled by a “loud sound” just before the shooting.


“A source with direct knowledge of the shooting said Monday that the woman was shot multiple times.” Mohamed Noor’s partner was allegedly “stunned” when Noor opened fire, KARE11 reported through a source. There were three complaints against this Muslim cop, why was nothing done? Were higher ups afraid of being called islamophobic?


Is it any wonder that Muslim officials would be standing with the Muslim killer-cop? This is the first cop shooting that Islamic groups support.

And just as in the wake of every jihad terror attack, the response by the Islamic hierarchy is demands for more sharia. Terror begets sharia, every time.


Typical of jihad operatives, the lawyer of the Muslim police officer who shot dead Justine Damond in cold blood is now smearing, defaming and libeling the victim. Exactly what they do to us for opposing jihad terror. Her family insists the health enthusiast, yoga instructor and meditation coach was not taking any meds but even if she was, so what? If every American who took Ambien deserved to be shot, half the country would be dead.


News Corp spoke to half a dozen residents who were in their houses around the crime scene on Saturday night and none had heard the gunshot or any other loud noises that sounded like fireworks. One
resident a block from the scene, waiter Tom McConnell, said however it was common during the current summer holidays for fireworks left over from the recent July 4 celebrations to be set off on weekend nights.


It’s a win/win for the Muslim world every time there is jihad carnage. Jihad terror results in more sharia enforcement.

After every heinous Muslim attack (including Septemenr 11th), the knee-jerk response by media and cultural elites is a nonexistent “fear of reprisal” and cries of “islamophobic” tweets that offend Muslim hair-trigger sensibilities. Never does the Muslim world self-reflect. Never do Muslim leaders say, we have a problem, this is evil and we have to be good. We must expunge Islamic texts that exhort to holy war and hate.

UK: Muslim mother takes legal action against school over face veil ban

Britain is going to have to decide whether it is going to defend its own values or surrender to Islamic values. British officials keep pretending that there is no incompatibility between the two and hence no decision to make, but this position will, ultimately, become impossible to sustain.

Quite possibly Rachida Serroukh

“Muslim mother takes legal action against school over face veil ban,” by Diane Taylor, Guardian, July 20, 2017:

A Muslim mother has launched legal action against her daughter’s school, after being told she could not wear a face veil on its premises.

Rachida Serroukh, 37, a single mother of three daughters, has begun a discrimination test case against the prestigious Holland Park school, dubbed the “socialist Eton”, in the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea after she was told she would not be allowed to wear a face veil at the school.

Serroukh, a devout Muslim who has worn a face veil for the past 14 years, was delighted when her 11-year-old daughter was offered a place at the school. Not only was it across the road from where they lived, Serroukh – who was born in Ladbroke Grove – had studied there, achieving good grades….

“Education is very important to me and I want to ensure that all my children get a good education,” she said. “My daughter, who will be starting at Holland Park after the school holidays, did really well in her year 6 Sats and was the top girl in her class.”

But when she attended an evening for parents of new pupils at the school on 13 June, she was shocked to be challenged over her decision to wear a face veil.

After a talk by the head teacher, Serroukh – a qualified childcare assistant who plans to return to work when her daughter is settled in school – was approached by a member of staff who asked to speak to her. She was taken into a room and told it was the school’s policy not to allow face veils on school premises.

“I was already feeling uncomfortable because I had to leave my daughter standing on her own,” said Serroukh. “As the teacher was female, I lifted my veil when we were talking together in the room.” She had already been surprised, she added, that at the welcome event for about 200 parents – including five or six who were identifiably Muslim – the head teacher said in his speech that the school was secular and did not offer prayer rooms “although it showed video footage of the school choir singing in a church”.

At first Serroukh thought that the teacher who raised the veil issue had misunderstood and thought her daughter would be attending school in a face veil. “I explained clearly that my daughter wears a headscarf and would not be coming to school in a face veil. Then I realised she was talking about me not my daughter.”

Serroukh asked several times to see the school policy banning visitors from wearing a face veil, as she was aware that a friend who also wore a similar veil had been attending school events for five years without encountering any problems.

“I had had no problem from security at the school gate when I entered the school and nobody there had mentioned a policy. I always lift my veil and show my photo ID when required to do so for security purposes,” she said. “I didn’t want to challenge the teacher until I had seen the policy.”
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Serroukh said the teacher then asked her to leave the school through the back exit, but she refused, explaining she needed to collect her daughter and would be leaving through the same door she had arrived – the school’s front entrance.

“I was very shaken and was in a state of shock about what had happened,” she said. “I had never experienced anything like this before. I have experienced name calling in the street from strangers about my veil but nothing like this had ever happened before. When I got home, I just broke down.”…

The school has not yet responded to repeated requests to comment; Kensington and Chelsea referred enquiries to the school. But in Wilson’s 13 July email, he referred to Serroukh’s account of the meeting with the teacher during the parents’ welcome evening, saying “we believe [it] to be factually inaccurate”.


UK Parliament report admits data on Muslim migrants “woefully inadequate” and “flawed”

UK: Muslim migrant who stormed church screaming “I will kill you and kill all the English” escapes deportation

The Phenomenon of Honor Killings Rooted In Culture of Islam

Dateline North America, 2017: Cultural baggage comes in many forms, especially when a culture isn’t intellectually justified.

For the past five years, there has been at least one reported case of so-called “honor killing” each year in a different U.S. city, which means that there are many more.

The ruling Left, which has been trained to handle all major verbal forms of communication in America and Canada, reports very selectively on the criminal habits of people from the Third World for a variety of reasons all of which point at the root of an old anti-Western ideology whose origin festered in the bowels of prewar Germany and the Victorian Era England: liberal activism. Ever since the poison of the old European Liberalism (in the form of the Frankfurt School and the New School For Social Research) was imported and then domesticated by a naive and intellectually underdeveloped America of the 1940’s and 1950’s, the privileged classes have become untouchable. The old privileged class was that of the factory worker. The new privileged classes are the elites on welfare, the Third World immigrants and various other artificially generated minorities conjured up in the liberal academic circles for the purposes of destroying the vital sense of national unity in the West. For this reason, crimes committed in the name of a Third World culture of Islam (which comes in several flavors) are toned down and under-reported in the mainstream Western Media.

One type of Muslim immigrant crime imported from the Islamic culture of the Middle East is known as “honor killings”. Whether it is a Pushtun daughter dragged by hair from her bedroom out into the provincial village square so she could be slaughtered like sheep by her father in front of the whole community (where the water fountain would run red with a daughter’s blood) because she was reported to him by his new son-in-law as “not a virgin” or whether it is an Iranian wife who grew too old for her bored husband lusting after a new young bride (for whom an excuse for a religiously sanctioned murder of his wife by stoning in public was invented by the husband on false charges of adultery) – ”honor killings” – remain an endemic phenomenon in the lives of the rural, semi-rural and even some urban communities of Muslims worldwide. Let us not forget that in the Hadith (Sunnah) – the oral transmission of sayings of the Prophet of Islam – there is a description of an honor killing that the Holy Prophet of Islam authorized (Al-Bukhari Volume 7: Book 63: Hadith 195).

It is especially relevant for a genuine Westerner to understand how this evil phenomenon known as ”honor killings” is designed to impress with an impersonal nature of the Islamic community (‘ummah’) so that no individual would or could raise himself or herself above the requirements of an Islamic way of life. In 2008, teen sisters in Texas had allegedly been shot dead by their father because they had boyfriends. In Georgia, Sandeela Kanwal was strangled by her father because she wanted to leave an arranged marriage. The pizza-shop-owner father, Chaudry Rashid, told the police, “She [my daughter] wasn’t being true to her religion or to her husband.” She was 25 years old when killed by her Muslim dad. A year later, twenty-year old Noor Almaleki was run over by her father in Arizona for falling in love with some Muslim fellow of her choice.

In New York, Aasiya Hassan was beheaded by her husband for allegedly seeking a divorce. She was 37. And in 2014, Amina Ajmal testified in a New York courtroom against her father for killing her boyfriend’s relatives in Pakistan as a revenge for dating her. The cases involving girls from Pakistan are a chilling reminder in the 2014 New York Times front page photograph of a girl brutally beaten outside a courtroom in Lahore for marrying a man of her choice. On May 30, 2017 a Turkish Court acquitted two Kurdish brothers on the charges of plotting to kill their sister Hatun Surucu (who was 23). Their third brother rots in a German jail for shooting to death his sister on the street.

The template of behavior is identical in all cases: the victim is accused and then condemned by a male family member for adopting an “American” lifestyle—sporting sleeveless or wearing jeans, befriending boys, and choosing to be free from family traditions. All Muslim men view their honor through their women. While they live on Western soil, they are loath to accept American customs and values. They see it as a threat to their culture and creed. The individual must bow and resign before the impersonal totality of the clan unity – that is the way of the Middle East, and the way of Islam, too.

In the article below a sober Canadian French viewpoint on the threat of this form of cultural baggage brought by the Islamic immigration into the West is expressed, and backed by some solid statistics from social research. It would appear that even some Media in socialist Canada have a better grasp on this problem than the Mainstream Media in America do.



There were 2,823 victims of “violence based on honor” in Britain last year, according to (limited) police statistics for 2011 obtained by a women’s rights organization for Iranian and Kurdish communities obtained through a request for access to information: a dozen murders occur each year.

Apologists want honor killings to be treated as domestic violence to avoid embarrassing questions about the values ​​of others, but in fact they are very different crimes. Domestic violence involves a person (usually a man) who beats or kills another person. Honor crimes and honor-based violence are a family matter.

These crimes are underreported, but every year there are several thousands around the world. Here are some striking statistics and conclusions from an in-depth academic study of 172 honor crimes, based on information published in English-language media around the world.

It is more a cultural than a religious phenomenon, stemming from the tribal bad habits of South Asia and the Middle East, and if the Hindus, the Sikhs, and rarely Christians do it, the brutal truth is that honor crimes are mainly committed by Muslims against Muslim victims (91% in the world, 84% in North America, 96% in Europe) .

Worldwide, two thirds of the victims (93% women) were killed by their families of origin: 49% in North America, 66% in Europe and 72% in Muslim countries. More than half of the victims experienced an atrocious death, having been burned alive, stoned, decapitated, stabbed repeatedly, or after gang rape.

In 58% of the cases, it was because they were “too westernized” , which included: lack of subordination, rejection of Islamic dress, wanting to make a career, attending non-Muslims or having a non-Muslim boyfriend, an arranged marriage or leaving a violent husband. This criterion covers 91% of murders in North America, 71% in Europe and 43% in the Muslim world. In the other cases, the killings were committed for different sexual conduct (for example, having been raped or accused of adultery).

A recent poll by the BBC’s Asian network of 500 Hindus, Sikhs, Christians and Muslims revealed an alarming fact: 1 in 10 would endorse the murder of anyone who taints the honor of his family . The statement of Mohammad Shafia that “even if they drag me to the gallows, nothing is more precious to me than my honor,” has deep cultural roots.

We are deluding ourselves if we think there is no violence in the name of honor in our immigrant communities. We should clearly express our disapproval, warn those who are likely to commit these crimes, and support their potential victims .

European countries should follow the example of Canada, where, since 2009, the study guide given to new immigrants to prepare them for the citizenship test, reads: “Canada’s openness and generosity exclude Barbaric cultural practices that tolerate spousal violence, honor killings, female genital mutilation, forced marriages or other acts of gender-based violence. Those guilty of such crimes are severely punished by Canadian laws. ”

The judge did not mince words when he sentenced each of the three members of the Shafia family to a minimum sentence of 25 years in prison: “It is difficult to conceive of a crime more vile and hateful. The apparent reason for these shameful cold-blooded murders is that these four totally innocent victims had outraged your completely twisted concept of honor, which has absolutely no place in a civilized society. 

It’s as simple as that. Forget cultural sensitivities. There is no excuse for domestic terrorism.

EDITORS NOTE: This column originally appeared in The Geller Report. The featured image is of the stoning of a Muslim woman is about to begin in Iran, as depicted in the film The Stoning of Soraya M.

Justine Damond: Killed by ‘Islamophobia’

Political correctness put her in the way of a “nervous, jumpy” Muslim cop who took her life.

A forty-year-old Australian woman named Justine Damond called 911 in Minneapolis Saturday night to report what she thought might be a rape; when police arrived, she approached the police car, and a Minneapolis police officer named Mohamed Noor shot her dead. Since then, Noor has refused to be interviewed by investigators, but has spoken to friends about what happened and why. The more Noor and those who know him have spoken, the more it becomes clear: Justine Damond was a casualty of “Islamophobia.”

Mohamed Noor is a Somali Muslim. He was the first Somali Muslim on the Minneapolis police force. In 2016, Minneapolis Mayor Betsy Hodges expressed her excitement about that fact:

“I want to take a moment to recognize Officer Mohamed Noor, the newest Somali officer in the Minneapolis Police Department. Officer Noor has been assigned to the 5th Precinct, where his arrival has been highly celebrated, particularly by the Somali community in and around Karmel Mall.”

Hodges wasn’t excited because Mohamed Noor had the skills necessary to become a fine police officer. She was only excited because he represented a religious and ethnic that she was anxious to court. And it is increasingly clear, as we learn about Mohamed Noor’s nervousness and jumpiness and lack of respect for women, and from his own account of events that he relayed to friends (that he was “startled” and reacted by opening fire), that Mohamed Noor was not cut out to be a policeman. He did not have the temperament for it, and if he hadn’t killed Justine Damond, he would likely have done something similar at some point.

So why was he on the force at all? Because he was the first Somali Muslim on the Minneapolis police force. He was a symbol of our glorious multicultural mosaic. He was a rebuke to “Islamophobes” and proof that what they say is false. Minneapolis authorities placed a great deal of faith in Mohamed Noor. He was for them the triumph of diversity, the victory of their worldview. But he has let them down.

Mohamed Noor is not a jihad terrorist. This was not a jihad attack. He is just a trigger-happy, panicky, reckless individual who held his job not because he was fit for it, but because of what he symbolized. And in the wake of his failure, Minneapolis multiculturalists aren’t about to reconsider their religion. On the contrary, they are doubling down.

Minneapolis Mayor Betsy Hodges has immediately recognized — as authorities do everywhere after jihad attacks — that the real victims are not those who were killed or wounded, but the Muslim community. She should have issued a statement saying that she recognized that Mohamed Noor was not hired because he was competent, but because he was a Somali Muslim, and that she sees now that Leftist social engineering on the police force costs lives. She should have promised that from now on, police officers will be hired based on their fitness for the job, not their religion or ethnicity.

Instead, this, from Hodges’ Facebook page:

Betsy Hodges
17 hrs · Minneapolis, MN ·

To the Somali community: I want you to know that you are a valued and appreciated part of Minneapolis. I stand with you and support you. The strength and beauty of the Somali and East African communities are a vital part of what makes Minneapolis so strong and beautiful. I am grateful to be your neighbor.

This week a Somali police officer, Officer Mohamed Noor, shot and killed a woman under circumstances we don’t yet comprehend. Justine Damond’s death was tragic and awful for everyone. And I want to be very clear that Officer Noor, a fully trained officer in the Minneapolis Police Department, won’t be treated differently than any other officer.

Justine’s death is a tragedy for our city. We cannot compound that tragedy by turning to racism, xenophobia, and Islamophobia. It is unjust and ridiculous to assert that an entire community be held responsible for the actions of one person. That will not be tolerated in Minneapolis. If you are experiencing discrimination, you can file a complaint at…/discrimination-complaint

Mayor Hodges is reassuring Muslims and warning against “Islamophobia,” as if a non-Muslim police officer had shot an unarmed Muslim woman. But that’s not what happened. And in issuing this warning, Hodges is only reinforcing the false premises that led to the killing of Justine Damond in the first place: the idea that Muslims are a victimized, persecuted community that needs special consideration, such that an incompetent Muslim police officer had to be hired. This just ensures that in the future, there will be more Justine Damonds.


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EDITORS NOTE: This column originally appeared in FrontPage Magazine. The featured image of Justine Damond, 40, originally from Sydney’s northern beaches, is by Stephen Govel.