Muslim Manchester slaughter’s father and brothers arrested, linked to the Islamic State and al-Qaeda

Jihad: the family business.

Remember: “Salman and his brother Ismail worshipped at Didsbury mosque, where their father, who is known as Abu Ismail within the community, is a well-known figure. ‘He used to do the five and call the adhan. He has an absolutely beautiful voice. And his boys learned the Qur’an by heart.’”

His father, who has ties to al-Qaeda and the Islamic State, is a well-known figure at the Didsbury Mosque. Why didn’t the Vast Majority of Peaceful Muslims there rebuke him and his sons for their jihadist leanings?

“Manchester bomber Salman Abedi’s father and brothers arrested, linked to ISIS, Al Qaeda,” Fox News, May 24, 2017 (thanks to the Geller Report):

Manchester bomber Salman Abedi apparently wasn’t the only member of his family to harbor extremist views as Libyan officials arrested the suicide bomber’s father and two brothers, and uncovered what investigators called a plot for a new attack.

Hashim Abedi, who was born in 1997, was arrested in Tripoli on Wednesday evening by the Libyan counter-terrorism force Rada on suspicion of links to the Islamic State, and was planning a new attack on the Libyan capital, a government spokesman told Reuters on Wednesday.

The father of the bomber was arrested in Tripoli on Wednesday, a Libyan security spokesman told The Associated Press. The father, Ramadan Abedi, had said another brother of the bomber, Ismail, was arrested Tuesday.

Salman’s mother, Samia Tabbal, is belived to have returned to Libya, while the Facebook profile for his sister, Jomana, suggests that she still lives in Manchester. The mother was described in an article by the Guardian as a “very nice woman” who taught a friend’s daughter to read the Quran.

Earlier Abdel-Basit Haroun, a former security official in Libya, told The Associated Press Wednesday that he personally knew Ramadan Abedi, the father of Salman Abedi, and that the elder Abedi was a member of the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group in the 1990s. The group had links to Al Qaeda.

Although the LIFG disbanded, Haroun said the father belongs to the Salafi Jihadi movement, the most extreme sect of Salafism and from which Al Qaeda and the Islamic State group hail. Haroun added that Abedi, also known as Abu Ismail, had returned to the Libyan capital of Tripoli.

The LIFG was founded in 1995, and was involved in attempts to assassinate then-Libyan leader Moammar Qaddafi as well as violent clashes with Benghazi police. In 2002, a senior LIFG commander, Anas al-Libi, who also was a companion of Al Qaeda founder Usama bin Laden, was detained by U.S. forces for his role in the 1998 bombings of the American Embassies in Kenya and Tanzania, which killed more than 200 people.

The group also was involved in the bloody riots at Abu Salim prison near Benghazi in 1996 that killed more than 1,200 prisoners.

The LIFG reportedly teamed up with the Moroccan Islamic Combatant Group in planning the May 2003 bombings in Casablanca, Morocco, that killed more than 40 people and injured more than 100. The group also has been linked to the 2004 attacks in Madrid that killed 194 people.

Ramadan Abedi escaped Tripoli in 1993 after Qaddafi’s security authorities issued an arrest warrant and eventually sought political asylum in Britain. The elder Abedi first immigrated to London before settling in the Whalley Range area of south Manchester, where they had lived for at least a decade.

We don’t believe in killing innocents. This is not us.

– Ramadan Abedi, the father of Manchester bombing suspect Salman Abedi

The neighborhood is known to be home to a number of former LIFG members living in exile, including Abd al-Baset Azzouz – an expert bomb-maker who left Manchester to run a terrorist network in eastern Libya overseen by Ayman al-Zawahiri, Usama bin Laden’s successor as leader of Al Qaeda. Media in the United Kingdom reported in 2014 that Azzouz had 200 to 300 militants under his control.

In a telephone interview from Tripoli, Ramadan Abedi — who is now the administrative manager of the Central Security force in the Libyan capital — denied to The Associated Press that his son is linked to any militant group or the suicide bombing that killed 22 people.

The father of the alleged terrorist said that his family “aren’t the ones who blow up ourselves among innocents.”

“We don’t believe in killing innocents. This is not us,” he said….

Sure. But are non-Muslims innocent?


Manchester Police apologized for mock 2016 suicide bombing because “Allahu akbar” was shouted

UK: Manchester jihad mass murderer’s older brother smiles as he is arrested for role in massacre

Manchester jihad mass murderer “devout” Muslim who learned Qur’an by heart

He learned the Qur’an by heart and his father is a pillar of the mosque. Yet somehow he succumbed to what Theresa May and so many other Western leaders have repeatedly characterized as an outrageous misunderstanding and hijacking of the true teachings of Islam. Why wasn’t the peaceful, benign Islam that Abedi supposedly imbibed at home and at his mosque, and from the Qur’an itself, not strong enough to withstand the appeal of this twisted version? Authorities never answer, or even seem to consider, such questions.

“Salman Ramadan Abedi named by police as Manchester Arena attacker,” by Ian Cobain, Frances Perraudin, Steven Morris, and Nazia Parveen, Guardian, May 23, 2017:

The man who murdered 22 people and injured 59 others has been named as Salman Ramadan Abedi, a Mancunian of Libyan descent.

Police confirmed the 22-year-old’s identity after officials in the United States passed it to news reporters, apparently against the wishes of the British police and security services.

Abedi was known to the security services but was not part of any active investigation or regarded as a high risk. He was viewed as a peripheral figure in much the same way as the Westminister attacker, Khalid Masood.

The police and security services are trying to establish whether he worked alone or was part of a wider network that helped him with the bomb. Although Islamic State has claimed responsibility, the police have found no evidence to support this.

Even before Abedi was named, several members of south Manchester’s Libyan community wondered whether the suicide bomber was one of their own: perhaps one of the young men who had fought in Libya during the 2011 revolution, some of whom came home traumatised and angry.

But none appear to have suspected that British-born Abedi – a slightly withdrawn, devout young man, always respectful to his elders – would become a mass murderer.

“Salman? I’m astonished by this,” one member of Manchester’s Libyan community told the Guardian. “He was such a quiet boy, always very respectful towards me. His brother Ismail is outgoing, but Salman was very quiet. He is such an unlikely person to have done this.”

Salman and his brother Ismail worshipped at Didsbury mosque, where their father, who is known as Abu Ismail within the community, is a well-known figure. “He used to do the five and call the adhan. He has an absolutely beautiful voice. And his boys learned the Qur’an by heart.

“Abu Ismail will be terribly distraught. He was always very confrontational with jihadi ideology, and this Isis thing isn’t even jihad, it’s criminality. The family will be devastated.”

Abu Ismail Abedi, who worked as an odd-job man in Manchester, is thought to be in Tripoli. His wife, Samia, is thought to be in Manchester. The couple are believed to have another son, Hashem, and a daughter, Jomana.

“Abu Ismail comes and goes between here and there,” the family friend said. “I can’t believe [Salman Abedi] would have been radicalised in Tripoli. All those types have been driven out of the city. It must have happened here.

“But what was he doing, murdering all those people. There must have been somebody influencing him. It’s terrible. He was off his head.”

But others had a different recollection. Mohammed Saeed, a senior figure of Didsbury Mosque and Islamic Centre, said Salman Abedi had looked at him “with hate” after he gave a sermon criticising Isis and Ansar al-Sharia in Libya.

Saeed said he gave a strong sermon against terrorism and about the sanctity of life in 2015. He said 2,000 members of the mosque were with him; a small number were not; and a few signed a petition criticising him.

“Salman showed me a face of hate after that sermon,” he said. “He was showing me hatred.”

Saeed said a friend was so worried that he got his adult children to sit beside Salman Abedi in case he was attacked by him….

Did he notify the police?


After Manchester jihad massacre, UK troops to occupy…UK

Trump switched “Islamist terror” to “Islamic terror” on purpose to defy State Department

EDITORS NOTE: This column originally appeared in the Geller Report.

White Supremacist Converts to Islam, Kills Nazi Friends

A former white supremacist in Florida murdered his two white supremacist roommates after they objected his conversion to Islam.

Devon Arthurs, 18, reportedly murdered roommates Jeremy Himmelman, 22, and Andrew Oneschuk, 18, after the two criticized his conversion to Islam, according to Raw Story.

The three men were reportedly all white supremacists prior to Arthurs’ conversion. Police said he carried out the murders “to bring attention to his cause.”

After murdering his roommates, Arthurs took three hostages at a nearby smoke shop in Tampa Palms, Florida. Police arrived on the scene and convinced him to release the hostages and turn himself in.

“I had to do it,” he told police. “This wouldn’t have had to happen if your country didn’t bomb my country.”

When police searched the apartment, they found a garage full of explosives and a framed photo of Oklahoma City bomber Timothy McVeigh. This led to explosives charges being leveled against the fourth roommate, National Guardsman Brandon Russell, 21.

The decision to become a white supremacist and then an Islamic extremist speaks to underlying psychological and emotional issues that drew Devon Arthurs towards extremist positions. However, both ideologies provided a ready-made package for emotionally disturbed potential recruits and clearly were able to sell their message easily to Arthurs.

While emotionally-disturbed individuals will always exist, we can and ought to act to shut down hateful ideologies which play on existing insecurities and promote and inflame pre-existing hateful tendencies to the point of violence.

Meet pro-Migrant, pro-Islam Edouard Philippe France’s new Prime Minister

France’s new Prime Minister Edouard Philippe is pro-Islam. In 2012, as the Mayor of Le Havre, he bent the French law to submit to the Sharia law. Out of respect for diversity, he ordered to throw away 8,500 chocolate desserts from Le Havre school canteens, as they contained pig gelatine, which Islam forbid to consume.

December 2012. Some 8,500 chocolate mousses, prepared for 67 primary and nursery schools canteens in Le Havre were discarded due to the presence of pig gelatine.

The measure was taken at last minute by city mayor Edouard Philippe, who submitted to the law of Islam, the Sharia law, after the kitchen staff reported that pig gelatine had been used to prepare chocolate mousses, which is forbidden to Muslims. Instead of respecting strict secular neutrality, Philippe ordered to throw the mousses away.

Desserts “may occasionally contain animal gelatine,” said Philippe Brunel, Le Havre city hall deputy director general for social and family development.


The municipal counselor Yves Bertrand called for the opening of a municipal inquiry. For him, “Local authorities must apply the principles of secularity, therefore they must respect strict neutrality in the preparation of meals, and that also apply to the public school municipal kitchens.”

“The supposed or proven presence of a particular product in the manufacture of chocolate mousse must obey to a single rule: respect for food hygiene, nothing else”, added Bertrand, and above all not obey the Laws of Islam.

“All other considerations for a particular religion belong to the private domain. So it has nothing to do in canteens, in the choice of products or in the preparation of meals,” added the municipal counselor who denounced “a scandalous food and financial mess at the very moment where the ‘Restos du coeur’ [an NGO who feed the homeless] and other charities are struggling to help feed more and more of our fellow citizens.”

Sebastien Leger, president of the FCPE (Seine-Maritime Parents association) was shocked. He said:

“It’s a tremendous mess. We cannot imagine throwing as many chocolate mousses, which has been eaten in the past. I do not look at the ingredients of this or that, and if it displeases anyone, which I can understand, for philosophical or religious reasons, nobody is obliged to eat the meal in question, nor the product in question. Everyone is free to do whatever he wants, but it seems to me that school has an intangible principle and that is secularism.”

Even Benjamin Planchon, coordinator of Restos du coeur in Le Havre, had the chocolate creams stuck in her throat.

“We could find a way to redistribute them. If they were not not eatable in the schools, it could be done as part of our activities for the homeless or as part of hot meals.”

At the time, the incident provoked a scandal. The fury of the French facing this submission to a foreign religion while the Christmas cribs disappeared from City Halls out of respect for secularism was at its height, to the point that mainstream news media like BFMTV had to close their comment section to silence any complaint.

Now that Edouard Philippe is France’s prime minister, French people can always try to complain, but their comment section is closed for 5 years.


France’s new president picks PRO-MIGRANT prime minister

Kara McCullough, Crowned Miss USA, a Black Conservative Who Calls Health Care a ‘Privilege’

AFDI Linda Sarsour Protest Speaker FBI Juan Guandolo on Muslim Brotherhood

New German Order for Europe: Angela Merkel pledges to shape EU future in GERMANY’S image

Violence, Intimidation Against Conservatives the New Normal

EDITORS NOTE: This column originally appeared on The Geller Report.

Italian court rules that migrants must conform to values of their new country

“An attachment to one’s own values, even if they are lawful in the country of origin, is intolerable when it causes violating the laws of the host country.”

That’s simple common sense, but it is by no means settled. In the U.S., the First Amendment freedom of religion is routinely invoked against attempts to outlaw or restrict the application of Sharia. Some people seem to think that religious freedom gives them a license to break other laws. In reality, it doesn’t. But no one in the political class has the guts to say that.

It’s also noteworthy that the Italian High Casssation Court made this ruling against a Sikh migrant, not a Muslim migrant. It seems as if all the Western world is afraid to confront the latter.

“Cassation rules migrants must conform to local values (2),” ANSA, May 15, 2017 (thanks to Insubria):

(ANSA) – Rome, May 15 – The Italian High Casssation Court on Monday ruled against a Sikh Indian migrant who wanted to carry in public a knife that his religion considers sacred, even though it is against Italian law. The Court said migrants who choose to live in the Western world have an obligation to conform to the values of the society they’ve chosen to settle in, even if its values differ from their own. “An attachment to one’s own values, even if they are lawful in the country of origin, is intolerable when it causes violating the laws of the host country,” the Court said….


Minneapolis: Muslims littering leads to discovery of their weapons arsenal and bomb-making equipment

Ex-Muslims slam Facebook for shutting down their pages for ‘disrespecting Islam

Girl Scout Lucie Myslikova: I’ll ‘get over it’ if raped by a Muslim immigrant

A girl wearing a Scout uniform willingly acknowledged that she could be raped by an immigrant, something that is happening to women across Europe in record numbers….Then she essentially reasoned, I’ll get over it, and the Western world lifts her up as a hero.

The starkness of this Girl Scout’s response summarizes the overall view of those leftists who are undermining Western security and freedom. Such individuals expect nothing better from Muslims, as if they were uncontrolled barbarians, and they are willing to sacrifice themselves to accommodate them, while demanding that everyone to succumb to the same dhimmitude. For them, “reasonable accommodation” has few, if any, limits.

The hope for the West lies in those who are unwilling to be subjugated to Islamic indoctrination and supremacism, and who reject the idea that infidel girls and women are free for the taking and that there is no law higher than the sharia.

“Girl Scout Who Confronted Neo-Nazi Admits Immigrants May Rape Her, Says She’ll Get Over It”, by Susan L.M. Goldberg, PJ Media, May 6, 2017:

On this side of the globe, the biggest controversy in scouting is whether or not a Girl Scout is biologically female. The Girl Scouts in the Czech Republic, however, have much bigger fish to fry. This past May Day, much ado was made about one Czech Scout, Lucie Myslikova, who dared to confront a Neo-Nazi demonstrator while wearing her scouting uniform. Google the event and you’ll get a slew of headlines about the teenager who “Stood Up to the Far-Right” and the photo of the “girl standing up to a skinhead” that went viral.

Get past the headlines, however, and you’ll find the story is a lot more complex than English-speaking media would lead you to believe.

Much of the coverage follows the line of the AP’s follow-up interview with Myslikova. The girl is passionate about politics and believes teenagers should have a voice in the public sphere. This wasn’t her first political rally; it was simply the first time she wore her Scout uniform to a demonstration. Her comments emphasized non-violence and non-judgement of the opposition. Of course, the World Organization of the Scout Movement jumped on the free publicity bandwagon, echoing the call for “diversity, peace and understanding.”

What, exactly, was she discussing with the skinhead? “The nation,” “borders,” and “migration.” The details of the discussion were quickly brushed aside by Western media anxious to highlight the image of a young woman confronting an adult male—something Fortune was so impressed with that they spun it into a montage of photographs of women staring down men at political rallies across Europe.

According to CNN’s coverage, Myslikova “made some profound comments.” If you want to know what she actually said, you’d have to translate an article that appeared in the French language publication the Paris Match. There, buried in the last paragraph, is a quote from the exchange between the Scout and the Neo-Nazi regarding immigration. When the Neo-Nazi asserted the teen would be “violated by those she defends,” Myslikova replied, “Even if something happened to me, the physical wounds always end up healing.”

Would the Girl Scouts care to comment on that remark? Or the English-speaking media, perhaps?

A girl wearing a Scout uniform willingly acknowledged that she could be raped by an immigrant, something that is happening to women across Europe in record numbers. Then, she essentially reasoned, I’ll get over it, and the Western world lifts her up as a hero. She justified rape in the name of political discourse. A Girl Scout opened herself up to sexual assault for the sake of her political beliefs.

What Myslikova said was profound. Profoundly scary. What, exactly, is the Girl Scout movement teaching young women today? That they must sacrifice themselves on the altar of “diversity, peace and understanding”?…..


Indonesia: Jakarta’s Christian governor guilty in “blasphemy” trial, gets two years prison

Las Vegas: Muslim sets two fires at Jewish center

Muslim teen accused of murder threatens to rape prison guards in the name of Allah

A teenager accused of fatally stabbing a service station worker in an ‘ISIS inspired’ attack has been segregated for allegedly threatening to rape and kill a prison guard ‘in the name of Allah’.

As is well documented on this site, jihadis routinely commit brazen crimes and issue threats against innocent people in the name of Allah. Yet as commonplace as this is becoming, Western officials appear more concerned with appearing “tolerant” than with dealing with this threat realistically. Even as he threatens to rape and murder in the name of Allah, his religious observances will be allowed him, as a “reasonable accommodation.”

Zeeshan Akbar

Zeeshan Akbar

“Teenager accused of fatally stabbing service station worker segregated for ‘threatening to rape and murder prison guards in the name of Allah’”, by Stephen Johnson, Daily Mail, May 7, 2017:

A teenager accused of fatally stabbing a service station worker in an ‘ISIS inspired’ attack has been segregated for allegedly threatening to rape and kill a prison guard ‘in the name of Allah’.

The 16-year-old boy and another juvenile, aged 15, were last month charged with murdering Caltex worker Zeeshan Akbar, 29, at Queanbeyan, in southern New South Wales.

They were arrested in nearby Canberra over the death of the Pakistani national, after they had allegedly written ‘IS’ in blood on the front of the service station.

The older boy is being held at the Frank Baxter Juvenile Justice Centre at Kariong, on the NSW Central Coast north of Sydney, where he allegedly repeatedly threatened to rape and murder prison officers, the Sunday Telegraph reports.

Prison sources told the newspaper the accused murderer had also threatened to stab and rape the officers’ families.

The report said he was being investigated for previously posting extremist material online as part of his possible links with Islamist groups.

His alleged behaviour has led to calls from the Public Service Association, which represents prison guards, for purpose-built juvenile detention wing of the Supermax prison at Goulburn.

The other young boy is being held in a separate juvenile justice centre and is reportedly co-operating with staff.

Both teenagers reportedly should [sic] ‘Allahu Akbar’ following his arrest….


The suppression of expression on campus needs to stop

Canadian senate passes bill that removes right to revoke citizenship from terrorists

Colorado Muslim kept sex slave because it is the Islamic thing to do

“But he also continued to deny he abused his housekeeper and admitted he hasn’t attended sex offender therapy.”

The officials who tried him don’t know the first foggiest thing about Islam, and so they likely didn’t know to ask al-Turki whether he was denying that he had kept his housekeeper as a sex slave, or just denying that he abused her. This is a key distinction that they almost certainly didn’t think to make, because they don’t know that the Qur’an allows for the sexual enslavement of Infidel women (cf. 4:3, 4:24, 23:1-6, 33:50, 70:30).

In light of that, Al-Turki likely thinks he has done nothing wrong while not denying the facts of the case. This is clear from the fact that at his sentencing, Al-Turki refused to apologize for “things I did not do and for crimes I did not commit.” He told the judge: “The state has criminalized these basic Muslim behaviors. Attacking traditional Muslim behaviors was the focal point of the prosecution.” He wants to be returned to Saudi Arabia because what he did isn’t a crime there. He wouldn’t serve any more time.

“Saudi sex offender seeks release on parole while continuing to deny guilt,” by Kirk Mitchell, Denver Post, May 2, 2017:

A Saudi sex offender pleaded Tuesday with a Colorado Parole Board member, asking to be released for the sake of his suffering children. But he also continued to deny he abused his housekeeper and admitted he hasn’t attended sex offender therapy.

“I feel like (his children) have been in prison with me for the last 12 years,” Homaidan al-Turki said in a telephonic parole hearing Tuesday morning. “My imprisonment has affected my family. The growth of my children has been unnatural. They have undergone trauma.”

But parole board member Brandon Mathews kept bringing al-Turki back to the topic of his treatment and rehabilitation, questioning why the Colorado convict, who is currently being held in a federal prison in Pennsylvania, hasn’t enrolled in required programming for sex offenders.

Al-Turki, whose name came up as a person of interest in connection with the 2013 murder of former prisons chief Tom Clements, is serving a term of eight years to life on numerous felony counts of sexual contact and a misdemeanor count of false imprisonment….

Al-Turki told Mathews that he has repeatedly asked to be admitted into a sex offender treatment program but he has been rejected each time.

Mathews replied that al-Turki was rejected for treatment because he has been in denial.

Al-Turki continues to maintain his innocence. He has two appeals in progress, including one in which he is seeking standing before the U.S. Supreme Court. Al-Turki said he is a devout Muslim and it would violate his religion to speak with female therapists about sexual matters or to view nude pictures of women as required in treatment. He also said confessing to crimes he did not commit would be lying.

Al-Turki has repeatedly asked to be transferred to his native Saudi Arabia to complete his term. Al-Turki was considered a person of interest in the Clements murder. Clements wrote a March 12, 2013, letter to al-Turki announcing his transfer request was denied. Clements was murdered a week later. Investigators have worked to determine whether al-Turki hired and conspired with members of the prison gang 211 Crew to have Clements killed….


UK: Muslim took teens to join Islamic State in 2015, was released without charge, now arrested again

The suppression of expression on campus needs to stop

Smith College professor: ‘The U.S. creates terrorism’

smith college logoSmith College [located in Northampton, Massachusetts] professor Suleiman A. Mourad writes:

With the fall of the USSR and its constellation of Communist governments, US elites no longer had a ready rationale to maintain the country’s war machine….The US brags about its commitment to democracy. But its interventions have yielded death and despotism for the Middle East.

Professor Mourad would have us forget about Iran’s nuclear ambitions and its jihadi threat to the world, as well as the Muslim Brotherhood plan for global conquest, as he essentially calls for American demilitarization.

The anti-American views of Mourad are commonplace among leftist academics. Indeed, they are obsessed with their anti-Americanism, and absolve Muslims past and present of all responsibility for the Islam world’s historic human rights abuses, barbarism, hatred of the infidel, and state-sanctioned atrocities in Sharia-adherent countries. Mourad makes no mention of the fact that in Saudi Arabia, a powerful Sharia-adherent Islamic country, his Smith College students would all need permission from their male guardians to seek an education. But Mourad takes the easy way out: he blames all of Islam’s woes on America.

Mourad also states:

American society — already shot through with militarism, the product of endless military interventions since World War II — has seen a noxious new element added to its violent brew: Islamophobia.

That word “Islamophobia” is frequently wielded, as Mourad does here, to sabotage important discussion about jihad, Sharia, and the grave threat they present to the West.

Mourad adds:

Muslims, in their majority, have pushed for the separation of state and religion…They established liberal democratic constitutions. They liberated women from many old religious customs (including the veil) and brought them into schools and universities and the workforce.

He then discusses Turkey’s Erdogan, Egypt’s Sisi, and the human rights abuses of Assad and Saudi Arabia, blaming all evils upon the U.S., while turning a blind eye to the reasons why America intervened in Muslim countries in the first place. The wisdom of the U.S. strategy is a matter for debate, but not America’s interest in defending itself from the strife and violence that have perpetually plagued the Islamic world, now perpetrated by jihad terror groups trying to restore the lost glories of the Ottoman Empire. Mourad’s wishful thinking and/or outright deception about a Muslim “Renaissance,” “Reformation,” and “Muslim democratic constitutions” prior to U.S. intervention is completely contrary to fact. It is no secret that Islamic reformers throughout the history of Islam have been murdered by Islamic rulers.

Mourad also paints a wretched picture of Muslims. He gives the impression that they are an inferior people, unable to escape the powerful influence of the U.S., and inclined to barbarism, perpetrating violence and oppression against their own as a matter of course. In contrast to Mourad’s exaggerated claims about the Muslim reaction to supposed American misdeeds, the genuine suffering of the Jews at the hands of the Nazis and Muslim Arab nationalists during the Holocaust, the Armenian genocide, and the ongoing genocide against Christians in the Middle East have not led those victimized groups to begin abusing their women, beheading their own and outsiders, stoning those accused of adultery, murdering their own for apostasy, and seeking perpetual revenge and conquest against the infidel.

The Jacobin magazine website, which features Mourad’s article, states that “Jacobin is a leading voice of the American left, offering socialist perspectives on politics, economics, and culture.”  Unfortunately, leftists and socialists, still afflicted by white guilt, refuse to realize that a foreign force is overtaking them; that the West and Israel are the victimized ones; and that Islamic supremacists have historically regarded infidels as inferiors. Nor do they recognize how they are being used and manipulated by people such as Mourad, who so skillfully uses their own intellectual constructs against them without their even realizing what is happening.

Suleiman A. Mourad

Suleiman A. Mourad

“How the US Creates Terrorism”, by Suleiman A. Mourad, Jacobin, May 4, 2017:

In February, writing in the pages of the Nation, the Middle East historian Juan Cole ruminated on how the US could defeat ISIS. The answer, he argued, is to forge an alliance with Iran and its network of militias.

Cole has a short historical memory.

The genealogy of ISIS can, no doubt, be traced a good way back in Islamic history. But it includes a very prominent and recent pedigree: the Sunni jihadists that the US sponsored and armed to fight its then-ideological enemy, the USSR, in the 1980s and 1990s. Cole would have the US attack ISIS at all costs, even if his preferred strategy plunged the Muslim world into a state of deeper violence and chaos, and birthed a fiercer enemy in the future.

Unfortunately, the prominent scholar isn’t alone in his amnesia.

The belief that Islamic terrorism represents an existential threat and that all strategies, regardless of their consequences, should be used to fight it has militarized American society in very dangerous ways while obscuring the actual roots of Islamic terrorism.

Violent trends in Islam — as in Christianity and other religions — always existed, but historically, Muslims largely mustered enough social and political will to contain them. So why is this no longer the case, and what are the circumstances that turned the ideology of Islamic terrorism into an attractive one for some today? Who, in short, created the conditions that gave rise to groups like ISIS, al-Qaeda, and many others?

Clashing Civilizations

Since 9/11, the US has pursued policies largely inspired by Samuel Huntington’s “clash of civilizations,” in which the Muslim world stands as an inveterate enemy of “the West.” With the fall of the USSR and its constellation of Communist governments, US elites no longer had a ready rationale to maintain the country’s war machine. Huntington’s theory provided them one.

After al-Qaeda struck on 9/11, the Bush administration launched wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, seeking to eradicate networks of Islamic terror, whatever the price to Muslim civilians. Although antiwar voices in the US grew quite loud at times, and managed to elect Barack Obama as president, a new normal had been established. Obama not only prosecuted the same wars but launched new (albeit undeclared) ones in Pakistan, Libya, Yemen, and Syria. As a result, the Middle East is in even direr straits than when Bush departed (apologetics of Obama boosters notwithstanding).

Back at home, American society — already shot through with militarism, the product of endless military interventions since World War II — has seen a noxious new element added to its violent brew: Islamophobia. Trump’s anti-Muslim executive orders — which, despite some backlash, received higher approval ratings than his overall performance as president — were just the latest indication of how profoundly recent US wars have changed American society, and how domestically successful the campaign against Islam has been.

Deepening militarization has empowered religious fanatics and imperialist ideologues in the US, who use any pretext to march the country down the path of Huntington’s “clash of civilizations.” Indeed, ultra-conservative Christianity in the US doesn’t express itself primarily through violence at home. It uses its political muscle to inflict violence abroad through US wars.

Autocracy in the Middle East

If the Middle East is mired in dictatorship, it has more to do with US meddling than any innate Muslim affinity for despotism. When Syrian autocrat Hafez al-Assad died in 2000, President Bill Clinton dispatched Secretary of State Madeleine Albright to fête his son, Bashar al-Assad, as the British-educated reformer. Assad ruled with an iron first from the beginning — and the US raised no objections.

In 2009, Obama travelled to Turkey and Egypt to announce a new US posture toward the Muslim world. Gaddafi, Mubarak, Assad — all were slated for removal, to make way for a new breed of dictators cloned in the image of the ruler who was then the darling of the US and Europe: Turkish leader Recep Tayyip Erdoğan.

But Obama’s meddling weakened an already fragile civil society, multiplying recruits to ISIS and al-Qaeda. And the region’s autocrats and others knew exactly how to play the game. They used the threat of ISIS to justify their draconian clampdown on political freedom, and as scarecrows to frighten the US and Europe into guaranteeing their survival. How else could they be “key partners” in the war against terror?

When Erdoğan came to power, the US (the EU on its heels) steered all kinds of investment and political support his way. Erdoğan was the model of the new “moderate Muslim.” Today he is dismantling a civil society that took decades to build, and anyone who dares to criticize him is labeled a terrorist. Abdel Fattah el-Sisi, Mubarak’s successor, is turning Egypt into a time bomb by filling his prisons with thousands of alleged terrorists. Assad finished off fifteen thousand supposed terrorists in a single prison, and his barbarity has fueled a civil war that’s left more than five hundred thousand dead and caused five million to flee the country. The Iraqi government employs Iranian-backed militias that are no less murderous than ISIS. Saudi Arabia’s ongoing, US-backed bombing campaign has leveled Yemen.

ISIS, al-Qaeda, and their ilk have often depended on the protection and support of other US allies. Pakistan nurtured terrorist organizations to use against India, and the Saudis did the same to undercut Assad’s government and Iranian influence in Iraq, Yemen, and elsewhere. Erdoğan used ISIS as a weapon against the Kurds, and Assad did the same to cause trouble for the US in Iraq (and later the Syrian opposition).

What Muslim world are we expecting these actors to build after ISIS is gone?

No More Allies

Since the 1950s, US foreign policy has systematically worked to undermine democracy in the Muslim world. It’s labored to undercut all the optimism and reform that secularists and religious progressives advocated for and institutionalized since the nineteenth century.

Muslims, in their majority, have pushed for the separation of state and religion (shunning Sharia and reducing its application to a small realm, including marriage, inheritance, and pure religious practice). They established liberal democratic constitutions. They liberated women from many old religious customs (including the veil) and brought them into schools and universities and the workforce….

Where has all this happened? Where are these Muslim liberal democracies?


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VIDEO: Alt-Left Fascists stop free speech, officials do nothing

This video is just a minute and a half long, but it gives you the flavor of the event. The Left-fascists and Islamic supremacists at the University at Buffalo kept this up for the full hour and a half, while university officials stood by and let this circus go on.

A university should be a center for free inquiry where ideas are evaluated rationally on their merits, not indoctrination factories where dissenting opinions are demonized without examination and ruthlessly suppressed. The University at Buffalo is a shameful excuse for a university, and this incident is an everlasting blot on its record.

Politely and courtesy contact UPD Chief of Police Gerald Schoenle at and Tom Tiberi of Campus Life at and politely and courteously call them out for their willful malfeasance and allowance of Left-fascist thuggery. They have besmirched the reputation of their university, which should be renamed the Left-Fascist Training Center at Buffalo, beyond repair.

I discuss episodes like this one in my upcoming book The Complete Infidel’s Guide to Free Speech (and Its Enemies), which you can preorder here.


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