Muslim pharmacist showed beheading films to children

Why not? Beheading Infidels is a divinely-sanctioned activity: “When you meet the unbelievers, strike necks…” (Qur’an 47:4) Why shouldn’t children join in the fun?

“Pharmacist ‘showed beheading films to children,’” Court News UK, March 17, 2017

A pharmacist accused of showing a beheading video to children faces trial in September. Zameer Ghumra, 37, is charged with distributing terrorist publications on 23 September 2015 under section two of the Terrorism Act 2006.

The charge relates to Ghumra allegedly showing a video of a beheading to two young children.

Ghumra appeared in the dock at the Old Bailey wearing a checked hooded sweatshirt and black skull cap. He spoke only to confirm his name during the brief hearing….


UK: Police scrambled as enraged Muslim mob gathers over Qur’ans found in dumpster

UK: Islamic books promoting jihad and killing of gays and adulterers sold openly

EDITORS NOTE: This column originally appeared on Jihad Watch.


More citizens of Saudi Arabia have joined the ISIS than from any other country

The Sunni Islamic State (ISIS/ISIL) has boasted that key U.S. Middle East ally Saudi Arabia is the top provider of terrorists for the jihadist group in Iraq, reports Fox News, citing Iraqi military sources.

Reports of a Saudi Arabia/Islamic State alliance have been ongoing, despite the Saudi “friendship” with the West:

i) Slaves taken by the Islamic State are sold in auctions in Saudi Arabia;

ii) Saudi Arabia was caught funding Taliban forces in Afghanistan, and the Taliban’s former financial minister regularly traveled to Saudi Arabia to raise millions of dollars;

iii) A leaked intelligence report from Germany’s BfV domestic intelligence agency and Federal Intelligence Service (BND) revealed that Saudi Arabia (along with Kuwait and Qatar) was promoting and funding the growth of the jihadi Salafi ideology in Germany, where it has already attracted 10,000 followers and continues to expand.

Saudi Arabia and the Islamic State share a history in the Wahhabi movement. “The Islamic State’s religious genealogy comes from ‘Jihadi Salafism’, a theological current that is very old in Islam that is quite literalist.” Muhammad ibn Abd al-Wahhab is the founder of Wahhabism, rooted in the Salafist tradition. He eventually connected with “the leader of the al-Saud family in 1744. That alliance had very strong and lasting effects,”: the Saudi state was and is based on Wahhabism.

Al-Wahhab “would appoint teachers to educate people in his version of the faith” once a town was conquered by his jihadis. “He wrote a number of short books that were the basis for the teaching, books that are used by ISIS today.”

Saudi Arabia has denied financing the Islamic State, and the Islamic State is not happy with the Saudis, either: “ISIS claims that the Saudi state has deviated from the true beliefs of Muhammad ibn Abd al-Wahhab, and that they are the true representatives of the Salafi or Wahhabi message.” Nonetheless:

A high-ranking Iraqi intelligence officer said, “The Saudi presence in ISIS is very large. What we have left are mainly Iraqis and Saudis.”

“Report: More Citizens of Saudi Arabia Have Joined Islamic State Than Any Other Country”, by Edwin Mora,  Breitbart, March 10, 2017:

The Sunni Islamic State (ISIS/ISIL) has boasted that key U.S. Middle East ally Saudi Arabia is the top provider of terrorists for the jihadist group in Iraq, reports Fox News, citing Iraqi military sources.

Sunni Saudi Arabia shares an estimated 500-mile-long border with war-ravaged Iraq.

Nevertheless, Fox News reports that the Saudi jihadists crossed into Iraq over the border the country shares with both Turkey and Syria.

The news outlet learned from unnamed Iraqi intelligence sources that jihadist from the Saudi kingdom comprise nearly one-third (up to 30 percent) of all ISIS terrorists in Iraq, adding that “Saudis comprise the largest single contingent of ISIS fighters, with Russian Chechens making up the second-largest contingent.”

Speaking to the news outlet on condition of anonymity, a high-ranking Iraqi intelligence officer said, “The Saudi presence in ISIS is very large. What we have left are mainly Iraqis and Saudis.”

“The Saudis make up a large number of suicide bombers, as they already have the ground work of radicalization installed in their minds from radical sheikhs in Saudi [Arabia]. And we’ve caught important ISIS commanders,” he added.

Fox News points out that it has seen various ISIS-linked photographs and documents showing identification and credit cards of Saudi terrorists.

The report comes nearly a month after an article by the Wall Street Journal (WSJ) revealed that President Donald Trump’s administration is considering forming a military alliance with major Middle East allies, including the Sunni Saudi kingdom, to combat Shiite Iran.

President Trump’s anti-Iran coalition would bring together Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Israel, Egypt, and Jordan.

The Sharia law-compliant kingdom Saudi Arabia is regarded as a hotbed and top global exporter of radical Islamic thought, namely the Sunni extremist ideology of Wahhabism, adhered to by ISIS and various other jihadists groups.

Saudi Arabia imposes extremely strict Islamic laws on its citizens.

“Wahhabism was born in Saudi Arabia. Saudi is leading those extremist organizations like ISIS,” an anonymous Iraqi official told Fox News. “They have high-ranking officials and fighters among their ranks. Saudi is nothing without U.S. protection; it is only a bite for Iran to eat.”

Sunni Saudi Arabia considers Shiite Iran its regional rival. Iran exerts tremendous influence over the Shiite-led government of Iraq where militias backed by the Islamic Republic are fighting ISIS.

Saudi Arabia is part of the U.S.-led coalition against ISIS in Iraq and Syria…..


Orlando judge revokes bond for widow of Pulse nightclub jihad mass murderer

Nineteen U.S.-based Muslims inspired or directed by the Islamic State since 2014


300 Refugees are Subjects of FBI Terror Investigations involving ISIS

Refugees Welcome, you greasy Islamophobe! What could possibly go wrong?

Let’s see. The Islamic State issued this call in September 2014:

So O muwahhid, do not let this battle pass you by wherever you may be. You must strike the soldiers, patrons, and troops of the tawaghit. Strike their police, security, and intelligence members, as well as their treacherous agents. Destroy their beds. Embitter their lives for them and busy them with themselves. If you can kill a disbelieving American or European — especially the spiteful and filthy French — or an Australian, or a Canadian, or any other disbeliever from the disbelievers waging war, including the citizens of the countries that entered into a coalition against the Islamic State, then rely upon Allah, and kill him in any manner or way however it may be….If you are not able to find an IED or a bullet, then single out the disbelieving American, Frenchman, or any of their allies. Smash his head with a rock, or slaughter him with a knife, or run him over with your car, or throw him down from a high place, or choke him, or poison him….

Of course we have seen just that happening in Europe and in North America. Yet still President Trump is a “racist” for trying to stop it.

U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions (right).

“300 refugees subjects of FBI terror investigations, U.S. officials say,” by Catherine Herridge,, March 6, 2017:

Hundreds of people admitted to the United States as refugees are the subjects of FBI counterterrorism investigations involving ISIS – including some individuals from countries cited on President Trump’s revised travel ban.

Trump’s order, which was announced late Monday morning, temporarily bans travel to those without valid visas from Sudan, Syria, Iran, Libya, Somalia and Yemen.

Nearly a third of the 1,000 FBI domestic terrorism cases – 300 – involve those admitted to the U.S. as refugees, a Department of Homeland Security official said Monday. That number was confirmed later in the day by Attorney General Jeff Sessions during a news conference. Officials said some of those 300 came to “infiltrate” the U.S., while others were radicalized once they were in the country….

One official also sought to clarify the apparent conflict with a leaked DHS report that appeared to show no connection between refugees and terrorism. The official said the draft document, which was reported by The Associated Press on Feb. 24, was not complete, had not been vetted through the interagency process and did not reflect classified information.FBI Director James Comey said in late 2015 that some 900 terror investigations were going on, and probes were active in every state. But Monday’s development marked the first official concrete linkage between the refugee program and terrorism….

Secretary of Homeland Security John Kelly said the travel ban announced Monday was a key to ansuring the refugee program is conducted safely.”We must undertake a rigorous review of our visa and refugee vetting programs to increase our confidence in the entry decisions we make for visitors and immigrants to the United States,” Kelly said. “We cannot risk the prospect of malevolent actors using our immigration system to take American lives.”

Several refugees have already participated in mass attacks in recent years motivated by apparent Islamic radicalism.

Somali refugee Abdul Razak Ali Artan rammed his car into a crowd at The Ohio State University in November after posting a message on Facebook warning America not to interfere with Muslim communities. Somali refugee Dahir Adan reportedly yelled “Allahu Akbar” and asked one victim if they were Muslim during a September rampage in which he stabbed and injured nine people at a Minnesota mall. Seddique Mateen, the father of Pulse nightclub shooter Omar Mateen, is an Afghan refugee. Countless other refugees have been convicted of plotting attacks or planning to join ISIS abroad.

Though they didn’t enter the nation as refugees, several other terrorists have benefited from inadequate vetting to come to the U.S.

Tashfeen Malik, who was born in Pakistan, came to the U.S. on a K-1 “fiancée” visa prior to engaging in a deadly shooting spree with husband Syed Rizwan Farook that killed 14 and injured 22 others in December 2015. Dzhokhar and Tamerlan Tsarnaev, the brothers who orchestrated the 2013 Boston Marathon bombing, were born in Kyrgyzstan and entered the U.S. when their family filed for asylum.


Hungary detaining migrants and sending them back

AFDI: Appeal filed challenging federal statute authorizing censorship by Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube

toranto protest islamophobia

VIDEO: Toronto anti-Islamophobia rally opposes war against ISIS

“No to war in Syria and Iraq” means no war to dislodge the Islamic State. It means allowing the Islamic State to continue to brutalize and oppress women, non-Muslims, and gays, and to incite jihad massacres in Europe and North America. Now we see that opposing even the bloodlust and aggression of the Islamic State is “Islamophobia.”

“Toronto pro Islam protest opposes the war on the Islamic State (ISIS),” by Jonathan D. Halevi, CIJ News, March 5, 2017:

The anti-Islamophobia, anti “white”-supremacy and anti Justin Trudeau protest at Toronto’s Nathan Philips Square on Saturday, March 4, 2017 highlighted also a message of opposition to the wars against the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (aka ISIS, Daesh, Caliphate) and Yemen’s pro-Iranian militias.

A sign on the central stage read the following:

  • Refugees welcome
  • (Fascists not)
  • Yes to refugees
  • No to Islamophobia
  • No to war in Syria and Iraq

The first speaker on behalf the Organizing Committee Against Islamophobia (OCAI) accused Justin Trudeau Liberal government among other things of espousing white supremacist policy, committing ongoing “genocide” against the Indigenous people, arming the Islamic regime of Saudi Arabia that bombed Yemeni children and exploiting refugees and immigrants. She called the federal government to repeal the Barbaric Cultural Practices Act that criminalizes forced marriage and tackles ‘honour killings’. To read the transcript of her speech and watch the video click HERE.

The Canadian flag was not displayed and the National Anthem was not played at the protest. For a photo gallery from the event click HERE.

One of the speakers at the rally was Syed Hussan, who is affiliated with the organizations No One Is Illegal-Toronto, Toronto Community Mobilization Network and Migrant Workers Alliance for Change.

In his speech, Syed Hussan portrayed Canada as a rogue state accusing Justin Trudeau Liberal government of implementing a colonial policy, taking part in wars and criminally neglecting indigenous people. Hussan said that anti-islamophobia motion is not enough calling for an orchestrated popular struggle to make sure that “racists” cannot gather and to “cut off the head of racism.”

The following are excerpts from Syed Hussan’s speech:

Colonialism… continues on these lands…

We need to come to terms with the fact that we live in a country, we live in a society, we live in a community, that is racist (crowd: shame).

We live in a country, in a community in a society that goes to war (crowd: shame)…

We are not going to simply be ok with this motion to study the possible effects of Islamophobia and racism in this country. Are we? (crowd: no). We are not here to just defend a motion in Parliament by the same government that is breaking, that is breaking its promise to indigenous people, that sends more weapons to Yemen (sic. meant to Saudi Arabia)… that is not the government that we are supporting. This is not the policy that we can support…

[We gathered in a] symbolic protest to show that these racists cannot gather, will not gather. We need to commit to something more important, something more critical… if there is any work that you do, in your neighbourhood, in your community racism raises its ugly head and your job, our job is to find it and cut its head off….


Dubai: Man on trial for insulting Islam on Facebook

Oklahoma lawmaker gives questionnaire to Muslims, Hamas-linked CAIR enraged


Sudanese Muslim migrant wanted to start ISIS sleeper cell in Virginia

Sudan was one of the seven countries on Trump’s ban list. But no, it is very very important that the U.S. show that it wasn’t “racist” and “Islamophobic” by bringing in Mahmoud Elhassan. Note also that :as soon as he came to the United States” he began looking for fellow jihadis. Impressive vetting process!

“Sudanese immigrant wanted to start a ‘sleeper cell’ for Islamic State,” by Rachel Weiner, Washington Post, February 23, 2017:

As soon as he came to the United States, according to court documents, Mahmoud Elhassan was looking for supporters of Islamist terrorism groups.

“One of our forgotten prisoners,” the 25-year-old wrote on Facebook of a man convicted in a bombing plot. “I wished to work with him one day, but the 1st day I came to the states I found that the disbelievers imprisoned him.”

In 2014, Elhassan messaged a radical Sudanese cleric, saying, “here with you is a sleeper cell.” He asked to be connected to like-minded young men, saying, “I am feeling that I am alone and I don’t have anyone but the brothers on the internet.”

But the supposed ally the cleric found for Elhassan was actually an FBI informant. When he tried to help another man, Joseph Farrokh, travel to Syria, both were arrested and eventually pleaded guilty to terrorism-related charges. Elhassan will be sentenced Friday in federal court in Alexandria.

Elhassan, who lived in Woodbridge, admitted that he drove Farrokh to the airport in Richmond and then lied to agents about his friend’s plans. At first he appeared to be an accessory to Farrokh’s plans. However, prosecutors now say Elhassan was the instigator, having radicalized far before the two met. Before his sentencing, Farrokh wrote in court filings that his allegiance to the Islamic State was shallow and brief, spurred by personal problems. He was sentenced to 8½ years in prison….


Germany: 100 “radical Islamists” in 2013 and 1,600 today

Brookings’ Will McCants thrilled that McMaster in denial about jihadis’ motivating ideology

isis sex slave

British Convert to Islam wanted to buy 9-year-old slave girl

What Kabele declares about the Sharia is the crux of the Islamic supremacist incursion into the West, which threatens Western secular and pluralistic societies:

Kabele was born in Uganda and became a British citizen but told police after his arrest that he did not ‘owe an oath of allegiance’ to the country.  

He did not believe that he owed an oath of allegiance because no law on earth can be above the Sharia; that is the teaching of Islamic jurisprudence, which also allows for the sexual enslavement of non-Muslim women and girls.

Patrick Kabele also wrote:

My mind is made up. It’s hijrah and no other way. You only do this once type of s**t.

When one observes the hijrah incursion into Europe, Kabele’s words are telling with respect to the massive rapes of infidel women of all ages.

“British Muslim convert ‘who planned to join ISIS wanted to buy himself a nine-year-old virgin slave girl,’” by Amie Gordon and Duncan Gardham, Daily Mail, February 21, 2017:

A Muslim convert who tried to join ISIS kept a diary detailing how he wanted to buy a nine-year-old slave girl.

In the diary found on his phone Patrick Kabele, from Willesden in north London, also said he had a ‘death wish’ and wanted to die young.

Jurors at Woolwich Crown Court, where the 32-year-old is on trial for a terrorism offence, heard Kabele was stopped as he tried to board a Pegasus Airlines flight from Gatwick to Istanbul, Turkey on August 20 with £3,000 in cash.

Two days before his planned departure, Kabele wrote: ‘1500hrs, u better be at the airport ready to fly. Its happening am sticking to my plans regardless. Be smart out there.’

In the notes on his phone, he also wrote he wanted to buy and marry a ‘nine-year-old virgin, the younger the better’. But he said if he had enough money, he would buy four wives.

He also detailed how he wanted to ‘die young and strong,’ adding, ‘I’ve always fancied myself as a samurai so lets do this s**t right now.’

Kabele was born in Uganda and became a British citizen but told police after his arrest that he did not ‘owe an oath of allegiance’ to the country.

In the entries, beginning in November 2015, he wrote he wanted to ‘de-clutter’ his life before ‘making hijrah’ – emigrating to a Muslim country.

‘My mind is made up. It’s hijrah and no other way. You only do this once type of s**t’ he wrote, adding later: ‘Obviously the goal is to get to the straight and narrow in the lands of Islam.’

Prosecutor Alison Morgan told the jury: ‘You may want to ask yourself where on earth the defendant thought he was going, where he might be able to use money to purchase a young virgin.’

Prior to his planned trip, he had settled a tax bill, paid off his student loan, cancelled his gym membership and repaid his sister £1,100 for a holiday he cancelled.

Ms Morgan told the jury that Kabele’s ‘intentions were plain.’

‘He put his affairs into order before he left, on the assumption that he might never return from this trip,’ she added.

Kabele also wrote: ‘If i ever marry again its gotta be a virgin 9yrs old as what i would want. The younger & experienced the better.

‘I wouldnt rule out a matron to protect my self from the sun till i have the funds for a young virgin. I dont kiss anymore. [sic]’

Last July he wrote: ‘My new and only dua [prayer] till I die, amin, to migrate to the lands of Islam, fight jihad with the sword against the enemies of islam/ die in battle fighting jihad, not to have a long life – I want to die young and strong.’

On August 1, last year, he wrote: ‘Make dua [pray] for ISIS. Ask Allah to rectify their affair as regards suicide and to grant them victory.’

Kabele said he wanted a ‘soldier’s life/adventures and risks’ but acknowledged he ‘might even end up in prison for long long time’ before adding: ‘Hopefully not cause I rather die.’

‘I want to fight on the frontline where there’s the heaviest gunfire/thickest action, I got a death wish but not by my own hand,’ Kabele added on August 5.

The following day, he added: ‘My dua [prayer] stays – to one day migrate/ fight jihad – die on the battlefield.’

Kabele denies preparing acts of terrorism…..


Muslims at University of Texas Arlington: “Stuff Jews in the oven”

Young Iranian chess grandmaster expelled from national team for not wearing hijab

EDITORS NOTE: This column originally appeared on Jihad Watch.

Jamal Al-Harith aka Richard Fiddler

Ex-GITMO detainee ISIS Suicide BOMBER in Iraq awarded $1.5 MILLION by UK Govt.

The absurdity of catch and release at Gitmo.

Abu-Zakariya al-Britani detonated a car bomb at an Iraqi army base in Tal Gaysum, south-west of Mosul. Jamal Al-Harith was seized by US forces in Afghanistan and sent to Guantanamo Bay in 2002.

Don’t you feel so much safer with all the ex-detainees now free to follow their faith?

How many innocent people did he slaughter?

This is horrible, embarrassing proof of the West’s failed approach to the global jihad war.


Manchester-born Muslim convert was awarded £1 million compensation by British Government before fleeing to fight for ISIS in Syria

By Neal Baker and Tom Wells, The Sun, 21st February 2017:

A BRITISH ISIS fighter who blew himself up in a suicide attack on Iraqi troops in Mosul is a former Guantanamo Bay detainee who the UK Government lobbied to release — before handing him a £1MILLION compo.

Jamal Al-Harith, born Ronald Fiddler before his conversion to Islam in 1992, was filmed driving a death car packed with explosives at an army position near the ISIS stronghold on Monday.

British ISIS fighter Jamal Al-Harith, who called himself Abu Zakariya al-Britani, smiles before killing himself in a suicide attack in Mosul

Ronald Fiddler changed his name to Jamal Al-Harith when he converted to Islam, before fighting with ISIS under the title Abu Zakariya al-Britani
Fiddler had been held in Guantanamo Bay after US troops captured him in Afghanistan — but he was released two years later and handed £1million by the UK Government

AP:Associated Press

 Fiddler had been held in Guantanamo Bay after US troops captured him in Afghanistan — but he was released two years later and handed £1million by the UK Government

The Manchester-born terrorist, 50, had been gifted a seven-figure taxpayers’ sum after being released from the infamous US detention centre in 2004.

It followed a high profile campaign by the then Labour Home Secretary David Blunkett for him to be let out — just two years after he was captured by US troops in Afghanistan.

Al-Harith was given a massive compensation payout before travelling to Syria to fight with ISIS

Mr Blunkett said at the time: “No one who is returned… will actually be a threat to the security of the British people.”

The dad-of-five had denied being an extremist, claiming he had been a Taliban hostage when he was picked up by American soldiers in Kandahar and taken to the high security prison in Cuba.

But after his release he fled the UK to fight in Syria as militants swept across the region in 2014.

It was only revealed he had gone to join ISIS when his British wife Shukee Begum fled the territory having failed to convince him to come home.

Fiddler, who changed his named to Jamal Al Harith, is pictured on the right with other former Guantanamo detainees Martin Mubanga and Moazzam Begg a year after his release

Labour's then-Home Secretary David Blunkett had lobbied for Fiddler's release

Labour’s then-Home Secretary David Blunkett had lobbied for Fiddler’s release. PA:Press Association

Shukee Begum, Al-Harith's British wife, revealed he had gone to Syria when she fled ISIS

Shukee Begum (left) , Al-Harith’s British wife, revealed he had gone to Syria when she fled ISIS.


MUSLIM convert Jamal al-Harith was freed from the infamous US detention centre in 2004 after then-Home Secretary David Blunkett campaigned for his release.

At the time of al-Harith’s release from Guantanamo Bay, Mr Blunkett, said: “No one who is returned…will actually be a threat to the security of the British people.”

The ex-Labour cabinet member initially opposed the return of British Guantanamo Bay detainees.

He wanted the captives tried in American civil courts because he feared trials in the UK could collapse because of the conditions they were held in, in the United States.

When al-Harith was released in 2004, he was repatriated to England and released without charge.

Chilling footage of his attack shows a pack of suicide cars stuffed with bombs and encased in armour travelling near Mosul.

It later shows another fighter cheering before he shuts the driver-side door and pulls off.

Moments later giant clouds of smoke can be seen in the distance.

At least two of the jihadis managed to reach a base west of the city where they detonated their explosives — killing and injuring a number of troops, the Iraqi soldiers said.

The extremists later released a statement saying: “The martyrdom-seeking brother Abu Zakariya al-Britani — may Allah accept him — detonated his explosives-laden vehicle on a headquarters of the Rafidhi army and its militias in Tal Kisum village, southwest of Mosul.”

Jamal Al-Harith, born Richard Fiddler, was killed attacking Iraqi troops in a suicide bombing

Al-Harith, third from right, was pictured in a photoshoot for The Guardian of ex-Guantanamo Bay detainees

Al-Harith, third from right, was pictured in a photoshoot for The Guardian of ex-Guantanamo Bay detainees. Andy Hall/The Guardian.

An explosive-laden death car drives towards an Iraqi forces base in Mosul

An explosive-laden death car drives towards an Iraqi forces base in Mosul.

The bomb cars appear to be armoured and contain huge amounts of explosives

The bomb cars appear to be armoured and contain huge amounts of explosives.

Clouds of smoke suggest the cars exploded although the amount of casualties has not been verified

Clouds of smoke suggest the cars exploded although the amount of casualties has not been verified.


“I know he had become more extremist over the years but I spoke to him a few months back and he seemed just like the brother I knew. I’m devastated.”

The end of his fighting name — al-Britani — is commonly used by ISIS to identify jihadists from Britain.

But the Foreign Office has said due to the nature of the conflict it is unable to fully verify dead Brit fighters.

A spokesperson told The Sun: “As all UK consular services are suspended in Syria and greatly limited in Iraq, it is extremely difficult to confirm the whereabouts and status of British Nationals in these areas.”

It is estimated that about 850 British citizens have fled the country and travelled to Syria or Iraq to join the terror group.

Iraqi forces have been waging war with ISIS fighters in Mosul since last October, when a massive US-led offensive was launched to re-capture the terror stronghold.

EDITORS NOTE: This column originally appeared on The Geller Report.


Denver Muslim who shot transit guard says he did it for the Islamic State, investigators say he didn’t?

“Police have uncovered no evidence to suggest Cummings was either directed by ISIS to carry out the killing or may have been inspired by the group, Denver Police Commander Barb Archer said Friday.”

He said he was inspired by the Islamic State, and the Islamic State has repeatedly called on Muslims in the U.S. to attack police and security personnel, but who cares about such details? Cummings himself must be so frustrated: what does a guy have to do to get recognized as a warrior for Allah in this politically correct age?

“AP: Man Accused Of Shooting Security Officer Pledges ISIS Support,” Associated Press, February 17, 2017 (thanks to The Religion of Peace):

DENVER (AP) — A former U.S. soldier accused of shooting and killing a transit guard in downtown Denver last month says he is a supporter of the Islamic State group, but investigators say they have not found evidence the terror group had anything to do with the killing.

He said he did so to purge himself of an oath he took to uphold the U.S. Constitution when he joined the Army in 1996.

Speaking calmly and addressing a reporter as “ma’am”, the Islamic convert from Pampa, Texas, declined to discuss the crime or whether his support for ISIS led him, as police allege, to walk behind Scott Von Lanken while he was speaking to two women around 11 p.m. on Jan. 31 and put a gun to his neck.

One of the women told investigators Cummings said something like, “Do what you are told,” just before he opened fire and ran away, police have said….

Police have uncovered no evidence to suggest Cummings was either directed by ISIS to carry out the killing or may have been inspired by the group, Denver Police Commander Barb Archer said Friday….

Archer said federal authorities who also have investigated Cummings have not told her about a possible Islamic State connection, as she would expect them to if there was one.

“I think he’s looking for attention,” she said of Cummings’ comments about pledging loyalty to the Islamic State.

Cummings served in the Army more than a decade ago but never saw combat.

Investigators interviewed him in December after members of a Denver-area mosque reported concerns about him to federal authorities. The FBI has declined comment on what if any action agents took after Cummings was interviewed or about any involvement they may have in the shooting investigation….

Denver-area Muslim leaders have repudiated Cummings’ self-professed practice of Islam. They stressed in a December email to the U.S. Department of Homeland Security their perception that Cummings’ statements and rants about Islam at one area mosque led them to fear he had become radicalized.

On Dec. 24, a mosque leader emailed the Department of Homeland Security to say a man identifying himself as a Muslim convert named Joshua, from Pampa, Texas, made worrisome statements that day about fighting to establish “the rule of Islam.” The email also said Joshua had rebuked a speaker “as being soft” on Shariah law earlier in December.

Ismael Akbulut, a leader in the Denver-area Muslim community, said he knew nothing about Cummings professing allegiance to the Islamic State.

“It’s his own interpretation” of the purpose of fasting, Akbulut said. “If he had been affiliated with ISIS they would post that on social media. They haven’t. I think it’s his desire to be affiliated with that now.”

Islamic State supporters often proclaim their allegiance in social media before attacks. It is less common for them to declare it after the fact.

Cummings had been vocal on Twitter about his views about Islam as well as both critical and supportive of law enforcement.

He told the AP said he had wanted to declare his allegiance ISIS and its leader, Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi, earlier but an infection had prevented him from fasting….

Since his arrest, he said he received medical care in jail that gave him the ability to fast and “expiate” his prior oath.

He used the Arabic word for allegiance in making his declaration and then explained in English what he meant.

Akbulut said Islam does call for atonement through three days of fasting, but he said that would not apply in the context Cummings described.

“In this case it’s totally nonsense,” Akbulut said. “It’s his own interpretation.”


UK: Headteacher gets death threats from Muslim parents over her “offensive clothes”

Texas: Muslima kidnapped woman because her “lifestyle brought shame to the Muslim community”


ISIS video shows two child suicide bombers blowing themselves up — Allah Akbar?

The promise of Paradise to those who “kill and are killed” for Allah (Qur’an 9:111) has no age restriction.


“Shocking new ISIS video shows two young boys blowing themselves up as suicide bombers,” by Charlie Moore, Mailonline, February 14, 2017:

ISIS has released a shocking new suicide video that shows two young boys driving up to enemy targets and blowing themselves up.

It begins with the two fresh-faced youngsters, who look in their early teens, kneeling on a mound.

Wearing combat gear and holding assault rifles, they each speak to the camera, preparing themselves for their early deaths.

The clip then shows the bombers from Sinjar in Iraqi Kurdistan loading their rifles and smiling as one gets into his car rigged with explosives.

It shows one child starting up the Hyundai and then driving with a beaming smile, before cutting to slow-motion shots of the pair laughing as they hold their guns.

The video then captures the other child entering his vehicle, and shows the boot which is loaded with barrels of explosives.

Then aerial footage shows the two bombers driving their cars through streets up to enemy targets before detonating their bombs and ending their lives in huge explosions.

This is not the first time ISIS has used child bombers….


UK: Man banned from maintaining train station clock for “racist” private conversation

Former Obama officials, loyalists waged secret campaign to oust Flynn to preserve Iran deal