Muslim migrant goes on stabbing spree at Milan train station

Anti-terrorism police are now looking into whether he has links with militant groups, the investigative source said, in a separate line of investigation from the attempted murder inquiry.

Ismail Hosni’s Facebook page was shut down.

In another report which is “unedited by Business Standards Staff,” it is revealed that Hosni’s Facebook profile, under his own name, “contained Islamic State propaganda videos and posts praising the jihadist group.” In that same report, Milan Police Commissioner Marcello Cardona states that Hosni was not “psychologically imbalanced.”

The West can expect many more incidents of jihad terror like this one, especially since ‘islamophobia’ remains a bigger crime than attacking Western innocents.

“Italy investigates Milan station attacker for alleged terrorism – source”, Reuters, May 19, 2017:

MILAN (Reuters) – Italian prosecutors are investigating a man who stabbed a policeman and two army officers at Milan’s main train station for alleged international terrorism, an investigative source said on Friday.

Police said Ismail Hosni, 20, attacked the three men on Thursday night after they asked to see his identity papers. None of the three suffered life-threatening injuries.

Video released by police showed the injured officers taking hold of Hosni and pushing him to the ground before other patrol staff intervened.

Hosni, who has dual Italian and Tunisian nationality and was born in Milan, was arrested after the attack and faces possible attempted murder charges.

Anti-terrorism police are now looking into whether he has links with militant groups, the investigative source said, in a separate line of investigation from the attempted murder inquiry.

Investigators closed down a Facebook page believed to have belonged to Hosni, which contained videos praising hardline Islamic State militants.

All three injured officials were taken to hospital…..


UK: Whitehall jihadi terror suspect refuses lawyer because he is “represented by Allah”

Audio: Robert Spencer on the Jon Gaunt Show on Muslim rape gangs and being poisoned in Iceland

Italian court rules that migrants must conform to values of their new country

“An attachment to one’s own values, even if they are lawful in the country of origin, is intolerable when it causes violating the laws of the host country.”

That’s simple common sense, but it is by no means settled. In the U.S., the First Amendment freedom of religion is routinely invoked against attempts to outlaw or restrict the application of Sharia. Some people seem to think that religious freedom gives them a license to break other laws. In reality, it doesn’t. But no one in the political class has the guts to say that.

It’s also noteworthy that the Italian High Casssation Court made this ruling against a Sikh migrant, not a Muslim migrant. It seems as if all the Western world is afraid to confront the latter.

“Cassation rules migrants must conform to local values (2),” ANSA, May 15, 2017 (thanks to Insubria):

(ANSA) – Rome, May 15 – The Italian High Casssation Court on Monday ruled against a Sikh Indian migrant who wanted to carry in public a knife that his religion considers sacred, even though it is against Italian law. The Court said migrants who choose to live in the Western world have an obligation to conform to the values of the society they’ve chosen to settle in, even if its values differ from their own. “An attachment to one’s own values, even if they are lawful in the country of origin, is intolerable when it causes violating the laws of the host country,” the Court said….


Minneapolis: Muslims littering leads to discovery of their weapons arsenal and bomb-making equipment

Ex-Muslims slam Facebook for shutting down their pages for ‘disrespecting Islam

VIDEO: Muslim migrants assault female reporter live on the air

The Qur’an teaches that Infidel women can be lawfully taken for sexual use (cf. its allowance for a man to take “captives of the right hand,” 4:3, 4:24, 23:1-6, 33:50, 70:30).

The Qur’an says:

“O Prophet, tell your wives and your daughters and the women of the believers to bring down over themselves of their outer garments. That is more suitable that they will be known and not be abused. And ever is Allah Forgiving and Merciful.” (33:59)

The implication there is that if women do not cover themselves adequately with their outer garments, they may be abused, and that such abuse would be justified. Even if it’s live on the air.

Maybe the Pope could venture out and chat with these good fellows, and explain to them that true Islam and the proper understanding of the Qur’an reject every form of violence.

(Video thanks to Vlad Tepes.)


Video from Bolivia: Machete-wielding Muslims strike and threaten Bolivians, claiming to own their land

Smith College professor: “The U.S. creates terrorism”

Muslim cleric who said Islam ‘fully incompatible’ with Italian law expelled

“The decision was taken because the man refused to swear on the constitution before taking up Italian citizenship, arguing that his ultra-conservative Salafist Islam beliefs were “fully incompatible” with Italy’s fundamental laws.”

This imam’s assertion needs to be investigated more generally, in Italy and all of Europe and North America. If Sharia is indeed “fully incompatible” with Western law, is it really wise to keep importing large numbers of people who believe in it?


Interior Minister Angelino Alfano

“Italy expels Muslim cleric who refused to accept gender parity,” DPA, September 8, 2016:

A Moroccan man who served as a “stand-in imam” in a mosque in northern Italy was forcibly repatriated home because he refused to accept Italian constitutional rights such as gender parity, Interior Minister Angelino Alfano said Thursday….

The latest case concerns a 33-year-old who acted as secretary of the Muslim Community of Treviso, an industrial town in north-east Italy about 40 kilometres north of Venice. He was put on a plane to Casablanca late on Wednesday, the minister said.

The decision was taken because the man refused to swear on the constitution before taking up Italian citizenship, arguing that his ultra-conservative Salafist Islam beliefs were “fully incompatible” with Italy’s fundamental laws.

He denounced Italian laws as “‘a collection of sins upon sins’ such as, for example, parity between men and women,” Alfano said.

The minister has for weeks been publicizing an anti-radicalization campaign for Muslim preachers, which should lead to new rules requiring them to study Italian rules and customs and deliver their sermons in Italian.

“We are working to create a new model of imam, which we could call ‘Italian imam,’” Alfano told the Libero newspaper in July, expressing concern that current Muslim clerics in Italy are all foreign-trained “and therefore have different values from us and sometimes radical inclinations.”

This won’t work. But at least the Italians are coming closer to recognizing the problem.


Three more Muslims arrested over Notre Dame Cathedral jihad bomb plot

Hugh Fitzgerald: Those Danish Right-Wing “Racists,” Their “Harsh” Demands and “Hate” Speech

90% of 13-year-olds would convert to Islam if the Islamic State came to their home

These children are the products of a relativistic, materialistic, hedonistic culture that has relentlessly indoctrinated them with the ideas that all belief systems and cultures are of equal value and are essentially interchangeable, and that it is wrong and “racist” to oppose even an authoritarian and violent ideology, and that defense of one’s homeland and culture is likewise “racist,” and that Judeo-Christian Western civilization is itself uniquely “racist” and responsible for the great majority of the evil in the world. So what do they expect?

From the looks of this, the conquest and Islamization of Europe will be easy.

“90 percent said they would convert to Islam if the IS came – generation without ideals,” translated from “90 Prozent würden zum Islam konvertieren, wenn der IS käme – Generation ohne Ideale,”, April 1, 2016 (thanks to William Kilpatrick):

(Rome) 90 percent would convert to Islam without hesitation to save their own lives, the Islamic State (IS) should conquer the country. This “shock result” (Il Giornale) came from a survey of 13-year-olds at an Italian secondary school. Only two of 25 students opposed conversion. Both students are from devout Catholic families.

No matter in which Italian city or what school: The issue of Islam and violence is discussed everywhere. The phenomenon concerns the whole of Europe. The Catholic Internet newspaper Il Sussidiario reported from…an Italian middle school. The 25 students are all 13 years of age. They also discussed Islam. From the teacher they wanted to receive information about the Islamic State (IS). Who are they? What is their program? How are they operating?

“What do you would if the IS came to your home?”

The teacher gave them information. She told her students also that many fighters of the IS come from Europe. Young Muslims who are the second or third generation immigrants. They are well integrated, come from families with a certain level of prosperity, and several possess a university degree or have begun studies. One of the most infamous executioners of IS was previously a well-known DJ in Europe.

The teacher told her students that the IS destroyed all Christian symbols and threatened everyone who was not willing to convert to Islam with death. She also did not conceal that many Christians were killed, exiled or enslaved because of their faith by IS.

At the end she asked the students a question:

“What do you would if the IS came to your home?”

“The answer was almost unanimous and is shocking,” said the daily newspaper Il Giornale. Without hesitation, 23 students declared that they would convert to Islam. “23 students were of this opinion, only two resisted. They came from practicing Catholic families.”…


Obama meets with Saudi king after new evidence emerges of Saudi role in 9/11

Iran Vows ‘Serious Reaction’ If U.S. Violates Nuke Deal

Gun-wielding Muslims shoot pistol in air, ask teens if they believe in Allah

Europe’s glorious multiculturalism in full flower. “The teens responded that they don’t believe in anything.” That’s why they will be conquered and subjugated.

“Gun-wielding Arabs ask teens if they ‘believe in Allah,’” ANSA, January 8, 2016 (thanks to Insubria):

(ANSA) – Modena, January 8 – Five teenagers were reportedly threatened by Arabs from the Maghreb who lined them up, shot a pistol into the air, and asked them whether they believe in Allah or are Christians.

The teens responded that they don’t believe in anything, and the men left.

It is not clear whether or not the gun was real.

Oh, well, if it was shooting blanks, they must have been moderate.

Carabinieri police are investigating the incident that took place in the town of Vignola in Modena province.


Robert Spencer in FrontPage: Reza Aslan Wants to See a Muslim “All in the Family”

Berlin: Muslims hold memorial ceremony for jihad murderer Samir Kuntar

Muslims screaming “Allahu akbar” attack soldiers at Rome cathedral

A scene that will be played out many, many more times in the coming months and years.

“Two homeless Arabs attack soldiers at Rome cathedral,” ANSA, December 15, 2015 (thanks to Insubria):

(ANSA) – Rome, December 15 – A Palestinian and a Tunisian national were arrested after they tried to disarm soldiers stationed outside Santa Maria Maggiore cathedral while yelling “Allah (God) is great”, Rome police said Tuesday.

When police intervened, the two men aged 40 and 30 called other foreigners in the area to their aid, and assaulted and threatened the arresting officers. After they were taken to the police station, they continued to speak out against law enforcement and Europe in both Arabic and Italian. They were charged with resisting and threatening an officer and instigation to commit a crime with intent to commit terrorist acts, slapped with an expulsion order, and taken to a migrant reception center in the southern city of Bari prior to repatriation.

A background check revealed they had several expulsion orders pending, police said.


U.S. knows ISIS hiding spots, won’t launch strikes for fear of civilian deaths

LA schools closed after “credible threat” in email from “foreign country”

Italy: Muslim Screaming “Allahu Akbar” Holds Knife to Tourist’s Neck

Chiara-FriscoWhat could be more wonderfully romantic than Ramadan in Rome? “Knifeman shouting ‘Allah is great’ forces tourist to her knees as he holds a blade to her neck at Rome’s Colosseum in terrifying random attack,” by Hannah Roberts, MailOnline, July 14, 2015:

A tourist was forced to her knees at knifepoint at Rome’s Colosseum in a terrifying attack that recalled an ISIS-style execution.

Hundreds of horrified visitors to the Italian landmark looked on as the attacker held a kitchen knife to the neck of a 26-year-old woman and yelled ‘Allah is great’ and ‘It is God that sends me’.

The man held Chiara Frisco hostage for several minutes as he yelled religious fanaticism at the crowd with police powerless to act.

One witness said: ‘It seemed like a scene from ISIS.

‘He made the girl get down on her knees like you see in the terrorists’ videos, while he held a knife to her throat.

‘The only thing missing was the orange jumpsuit.’

Others told Il Messaggero he was yelling ‘incomprehensible things, but among them “Allah is great”.’

Miss Frisco, from Vasto on the Adriatic coast, who was visiting her sister in Rome to celebrate her graduation, said she feared ‘the worst’ when the knifeman grabbed her.

Speaking from hospital where she was being treated for shock, she said: ‘We came from Vasto to celebrate my sister’s graduation.

‘We were supposed to meet her in the evening. While waiting we decided to take a walk and go and see the Colosseum.’

She was sitting on a low wall with my boyfriend and other friends on Monday afternoon when the ‘maniac’ struck.

She told La Repubblica: ‘I felt myself pulled suddenly into the middle of the crowd. Then I felt the blade of the knife that he was holding against me. I feared the worst would happen.

‘I could not see the weapon. The whole attack lasted seconds but I felt a tremendous fear.

‘The man was yelling like a maniac. Luckily the police came though.’

When the police arrived, the attacker ran off through the Forum packed with tourists towards the centre of Rome, piazza Venezia, where he was disarmed and arrested. …

EDITORS NOTE: The Muslim who attacked Ms. Frisco is not a “maniac” as the story implies. He is a follower of Mohammed and is a Fitnaphobe carrying out the will of Allah. This Mohammedan fits the profile of a known wolf, a person who is a devout Muslim and follows shariah laws.

We have pointed out that whenever an individual who is Muslim perpetrates a violent act words like disturbed, estranged, mentally ill, psychotic and troubled are used. To date none have given a clinical name to the social disease infecting growing numbers of Muslims who act violently against others (Muslims and non-Muslims alike).

A key to understanding why some Muslims act violently is captured in one word: Fitnaphobia.

Fitnaphobia is defined as:

An overwhelming and unreasonable fear of forces that cause controversy, fragmentation, scandal, chaos or discord within the Muslim community, thereby disturbing social peace and order within the Ummah (the Muslim community).

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Ramadan in Egypt: Islamic jihadists murder one, injure nine in car bomb blast at Italian Consulate

“Italy is not intimidated,” said Italy’s Foreign Affairs Minister Paolo Gentiloni. But Italy is under siege from Islamic jihadists who hold the same beliefs as those who bombed the consulate; they’re entering Europe with the flood of “refugees” from Libya. If Italy is not intimidated, it needs to act quickly.

“1 dead, 9 hurt in car bomb blast at Italian Consulate in Egypt,” by Sarah Sirgany, CNN, July 11, 2015 (thanks to Marc):

Cairo (CNN)A car bomb exploded outside the Italian Consulate in downtown Cairo early Saturday morning, killing at least one person and significantly damaging part of the building, authorities said.

Nine others were injured in the blast, the health ministry said.

No group immediately claimed responsibility.

Egypt has seen escalating attacks by Islamist militants. The Saturday incident was the first attack targeting a consulate or an embassy in recent years.

None of the victims were consulate staffers, Italy’s Foreign Affairs Minister Paolo Gentiloni said in a tweet.

“Italy is not intimidated,” he added.

The consulate is located in the heart of the city on a busy intersection. The Italian Embassy is in a different neighborhood.

The timing of the blast — early in the morning on a weekend — helped minimize casualties. On week days, the area is teeming with pedestrians and vehicle traffic.

“There’s significant damage to the side of the building, a wall has collapsed and there was blood on the debris,” photographer David Degner told CNN from the scene.

The explosion damaged the side of the consulate facing a vacant lot.

Degner said he saw at least one burned and twisted wheel.

Police pushed back a crowd of several hundred people who converged on the blast site, Degner said.

Increasing attacks

Militants have killed hundreds of policemen and soldiers since the overthrow of Islamist President Mohamed Morsy in July 2013.

Early last week, the chief prosecutor was killed in a car bomb targeting his convoy. Two days later, ISIS-aligned Ansar Beit Al Maqdis (now called the “State of Sinai”) militants attacked 15 army outposts in North Sinai killing 21 soldiers. Following an hours-long battle, the army said it killed over 200 terrorists.

The government is discussing a new terrorism law that was criticized by local rights groups and the Journalists’ Syndicate as counterproductive and unconstitutional….

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