The Muslim Brotherhood: Waging A Bloody Global War Against Fitna

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Muslim Brotherhood or Al-Ikhwan al-Muslimoon.

The mother from which the Global Islamic Movement sprang is the Muslim Brotherhood. Since its founding in Egypt in 1928, the Muslim Brotherhood’s bloody global war against any who resist Islam and shariah law (Fitna) is now being carried out with the cooperation of the White House, U.S. Department of State and other U.S. government entities. The Muslim Brotherhood is the most Fitnaphobic collection of individuals, groups, organizations and nation states.

The Muslim Brotherhood is a clear and present danger to the national security of the United States.

A comprehensive analysis of the Muslim Brotherhood was published by the Coalition of Concerned Citizens in a series of articles titled “The Betrayal Papers.” Muslim Brotherhood organizations include al Qaeda, HAMAS, the Islamic State, the Muslim Students Association and the Council on American Islamic Relations, to name a few.

The Betrayal Papers traces the influence of the Muslim Brotherhood in the Obama administration’s foreign and domestic policies.  The five-part series presents a picture of a conspiracy that is manipulating the American government to the benefit of a totalitarian, genocidal movement that seeks to establish a global Islamic State.

  • The Muslim Brotherhood is an international political, financial, terrorist and movement whose goal is to establish a global Islamic State (Caliphate).
  • They have and continue to exert tremendous influence of the American government’s foreign and domestic policies under President Barack Hussein Obama.
  • The violence in the Middle East and across North Africa is a direct consequence of the Muslim Brotherhood’s effective control over American foreign policy in the region.
  • They operate through various “civic” front groups, as well as through American institutions who take their money as operational funding (Georgetown University, Brookings Institution).

Al-Ikhwan al-Muslimoon: The Root of Today’s Islamic Evil

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Husseini speaking with Hitler in 1941.

Founded in 1928, the Muslim Brotherhood (a.k.a., the Society of Muslim Brothers, or Al-Ikhwan al-Muslimoon in Arabic) is an international movement (some would argue an international conspiracy) that seeks to establish a worldwide Islamic State (or Caliphate).  When it was created in the late 1920s, the Brotherhood was a contemporary of the Nazi Party of Germany.  Indeed, the leader of the Muslim Brotherhood in Palestine, Amin al-Husseini, is considered by some as the man who catalyzed the Holocaust; for it was only after Husseini visited Hitler in Berlin in 1941 that the systematic extermination of Jews and other minorities began with industrial efficiency.

After the war, despite the insistence by many wartime leaders (Churchill included) that he be brought to justice, Husseini escaped to the Middle East.  He lived there until his death in the 1970s, serving as a mentor to a young Yasser Arafat.  Husseini and the Nazi Party are the connection points between the Holocaust and today’s Middle Eastern genocide.

Below are links to each of the Betrayal Papers. The Betrayal Papers are a must read. We encourage you to understand how the Muslim Brotherhood, in all of its forms, is waging war against Fitna globally and within the United States:

The Betrayal Papers: The U.S. has been Captured by the Muslim Brotherhood

The Betrayal Papers: In Plain Sight — A National Security “Smoking Gun”

The Betrayal Papers: Obama’s Scandals and Assaults on Freedoms Explained

The Betrayal Papers: Who is Barack Hussein Obama?

The Betrayal Papers: The Chicago Connection

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