Muslim Slits Niece’s Throat in Street in Name of ‘Honor’

He executed her in public view because there were “rumors” about the 22-year-old divorcee’s “inappropriate behavior.” The man was arrested.

The horror of honor violence was brought into sharp relief on a street in Egypt’s Sohag region on December 13.

Having heard rumors of her “inappropriate behavior,” a 40-year-old man slit his niece’s throat as hundreds watched on in shock (Arabic link).

One question that must be asked is how the man was able to drag by the hair the screaming 22 year old from her home into a street when hundreds were there and yet he still managed to kill her. To what extent did the people watching try to intervene?

Edmund Burke famously wrote “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.”

Honor violence is rife in many Muslim-majority societies and indeed in Western countries on a smaller scale. The failure of the immediate populous to detect the threat and then act requires the very serious attention of relevant authorities from social services and local law enforcement up to the governmental level.

“We must purify the family from you and your behavior,” said the divorcee’s uncle moments before her lifeless body fell into a pool of her own blood.

“We are washing away the shame,” he reportedly said.

Law-enforcement officers arrested the man who surrendered, admitted guilt and claimed no other family members were involved.

But surely they suspected?

The man is in custody for four days of questioning.

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