Student gets deluge of death threats for ‘anti-Islam’ art project

It’s really more of an atheist art project than an “anti-Islam” art project, and the term “art project” is used quite loosely in this case, but anyway, Muslims are enraged. It is good to see that the university is standing up for her. Probably in the U.S., she would be expelled and have to go into hiding.

“Israeli Student Gets Deluge of Death Threats Over Anti-Islam Art Project,” by Benedict Spence, Heat Street, January 12, 2017:

An Israeli student has received death threats after submitting an art project criticizing Islam – but was defended by her university, which stood up for her freedom of speech.

The unnamed student, who attends Haifa university, 60 miles north of Tel Aviv, handed in a Muslim prayer may [sic] with the words “God is dead; keep praying” painted over it.

The project sparked a furious reaction from Muslim peers, who posed photos of the piece online, which had previously only been shown to a few other students.

According to local news site, sharing the image led to a deluge of death threats, which led her to go to the police.

She said: “I got a lot of support, except for two students who photographed what I was presenting without my approval.

“They gave the piece a completely different interpretation. I received death threats and messages from people who said they wanted to kill me.”

She added “in everyday life, when you describe someone without pity, you say ‘you don’t have God’. I meant ISIS, which doesn’t believe religion is morality.”

Another student, however, told Ynetnews “[she] wanted to receive attention by harming religion. It’s unacceptable to write things like this. To write that God is dead really harms us.”…

How? Why do you care what she thinks?


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