U.S.-based Muslims divorce their wives in India using WhatsApp

Both women were divorced unilaterally. “Hussaini, who lives in the US sent three words over WhatsApp – Talaq, Talaq, Talaq – and completed the process of divorce.”

That was all that Islamic law required. If, however, Heena Fatima had sought a divorce, she would have had to go before a Sharia court and convince it that she had good reasons for the divorce.

Feminists remain silent about this institutionalized inequality.

“Hyderabad: 2 Muslim women divorced over WhatsApp by US-based husbands,” IndiaToday, March 4, 2017 (thanks to The Religion of Peace):

Two Muslim women in Hyderabad have been divorced over WhatsApp by their husbands living in the US. The two women have lodged complaint with the police.

Two divorces in a Hyderabad family have ignited the debate over triple talaq. Two women living in Hyderabad were divorced over WhatsApp by their respective husbands.

The husbands are brothers, who decided to divorce their wives one after another over the mobile chatting app.

Heena Fatima was divorced by her husband Syed Fayazuddin Hussain in a few weeks ago. They had married in February, 2013.

Four years later Hussaini, who lives in the US sent three words over WhatsApp – Talaq, Talaq, Talaq – and completed the process of divorce. Later, he also sent the divorce papers from the US.

In the second case, Mehreen Noor, married to Hussaini’s brother Mohammad Abdul Aqeel, was divorced by her husband over WhatsApp. Mehreen received a WhatsApp message from Akheel that she had been divorced.

Having been divorced unilaterally and without seeking consent, Heena and Mehreen have decided to fight back.

Heena has been quoted in reports as saying, “Sharia law lets you divorce me, but who is going to look after our children? Doesn’t Sharia law ask of you to take care of your children?”

On the other hand, Mehreen said that she was not even sure about the name of her husband at the time of their wedding. She has been quoted as saying, “I found out after marriage that my husband’s real name is Usman Qureshi. Now, without citing any reason, he has sent me divorce.”

“They (the two brothers) have made marriage a joke,” said Mehreen….

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EDITORS NOTE: The featured image is of Hasan Phillips pictured with Nabilah, who he met on a Muslim dating service – the couple have two children. Hasan Phillips has three wives – there are an estimated 20,000 polygamous marriages taking place in Britain. Photo: The Daily Mail.

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