Bodycam of Pulse Nightclub massacre: Policeman shouted ‘it’s terrorism in Orlando’

“It’s terrorism in Orlando,” the Orlando Police officer said of the gunman. “He pledged something to the Islamic State.”

It’s global jihadist terrorism in Orlando, in the U.S., and everywhere in the House of War, despite the denial of the jihadi drive and ambition for conquest by the leftist-jihadist alliance. Take, for example, Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler, who not only called the tragic train stabbing attack by Jeremy Christian an act of terrorism, but also wants a “permanent memorial to be installed at the transit station where three men were stabbed.” Christian’s attack was grave and dreadful, but it should not be used to detract from the defense against the global jihad. Jeremy Christian’s act was not an act of terrorism, carried out by a highly organized and cohesive global network as an act of warfare. It was one man acting alone; that is a major distinction. Weeks ago, Wheeler’s political posturing aroused anger in the President of the Portland Police Association when Wheeler called for a “politically correct police chief.”

Politically correct folks and those who are practicing outright deception often present the argument that “numbers don’t lie: white far-right terrorists pose a clear danger to us all.” Omitted from such pseudo-intellectual legerdemain is the tally of victims of jihad globally. It is precisely because of Western efforts against jihad that Westerners do not suffer millions of jihadi murders on Western soil, including attacks against Muslims who are regarded as apostates.

If the defense of the West were left to politically correct water-carrying dhimmis and Islamic supremacists, Western civilization is doomed.

Jihad terrorism indeed came to Orlando in the Pulse massacre, as was loudly proclaimed by the police officer on the scene; just as jihad warfare came to Manchester in the recent massacre, and to San Bernardino and so many other places in the West. It will become more common in the West until Western authorities wake up; we can only hope they will do so before it’s  too late.

“‘Terrorism in Orlando’: Pulse Nightclub Shooting Bodycam Released”, NBC New York, May 31, 2017:

Newly-released video from bodycams on officers responding to a mass shooting at a Florida gay nightclub shows shattered glass inside the club, the sounds of automatic gunfire and an officer shouting to the gunman, “Come out with your hands up or you will die!”

The videos were released Wednesday to ABC News, the Orlando Sentinel and the newspaper’s news partner, Fox 35.

The 11 hours of video show Pulse patrons running from the club and officers shouting, “Just go!” as they direct them across the street.

In another video, an officer off camera inside the club checks for the pulse of a patron only to announce the victim is dead. Later, an officer realizes that the massacre is an act of terrorism.

“It’s terrorism in Orlando,” the Orlando Police officer said of the gunman. “He pledged something to the Islamic State.”

Forty-nine patrons were killed during last June’s massacre and dozens more were injured in the worst mass shooting in modern U.S. history. Gunman Omar Mateen was killed in a shootout with officers after a three-hour standoff. He had pledged allegiance to the Islamic State group during phone calls with police negotiators.

Some bodycam footage shows Pulse patrons being checked for weapons by officers after escaping the club with their hands up. Other footage shows an officer leading a patron out of a bathroom and down a hallway.

“Follow the sound of my voice. Come this way,” the officer said.

One club patron was found crouched hiding in a shed and was hesitant to come out of it. “We’re police, man. Come on. Get out!”…..


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