The Brazilian Visionary Who Sounded Warnings About Islam in the 1940s

Dateline, Paris, France 2017: They say that canaries forewarn about the impending calamities and natural disasters. Can there be human canaries that predict the onset of cultural disasters?  Yes! One of them (shunned by the Left, of course) definitely was this somewhat obscure Brazilian intellectual who lived and wrote during the worst times in the history of the Western world. Chances are that few in our audience have heard of Plinio Corrêa de Oliveira (1908-1995), a Brazilian politician, professor, priest and Catholic activist. He was the youngest congressman in Brazil’s history. He was the chair of Modern and Contemporary History at the Pontifical Catholic University of Sao Paulo, Brazil.

A conservative Catholic intellectual by upbringing, he served as also the first president of the Sao Paulo Archdiocesan Board of Catholic Action. He opposed the religious reforms at the Vatican II council in the 1960’s, taking issue with Catholic liberalism. Not only that but politically speaking – he was ahead of his time because he was far-sighted politically – historically. He was a visionary of things distant in a world of short-sighted and scheming, petty men at a time when the Western peoples were busy pitilessly slaughtering each other during World War Two [1936/1939-1945] a conflict in which no side can claim a victory with pride or honor because had there been honor – a war like that would not have been allowed to occur. He wrote a number of insightful books in which he warned about the coming global conflict between the West and Islam. He tried to frame a binding perspective that would help save the West.

In the excerpts from his books (Revolution and Counter-Revolution, The Church and the Communist State: The Impossible Coexistence, In Defense of Catholic Action) quoted below, you will find the snippets of his thought that give a solid and accurate impression of his thinking. Needless to say, his pronouncements have been validated by the happenings since that time in the first half of the 20th century. Moreover, sadly, his thoughts are not mainstream ideas even today, at this late hour in the losing ideological battle against the unbending world of Islam and its satanic cult of victimhood for the sake of victimhood as a cover for evil.

He could have also added, “the oil resources of the Arab world will be leveraged against the West with the help of Western corporations and greedy politicians with no statesmanlike qualities“.


A final forecast of Plinio Corrêa de Oliveira deserves to be recalled, at an hour in history where the shadow of Islam, laden with threats, looms on Europe.

At the end of the 20th century, Muslim immigration, which is ever more massive, has a religious and political significance because of the close connection between these two realities in the religion of Mohammed. This totalitarian perspective is made more insidious by the fact that Islam is a religion without dogma or Magisterium [official ruling authority in charge of faith], without Church or hierarchy, and therefore capable of adapting itself in a protean way to the social realities in which it develops.

As early as the 1940s, Plinio Corrêa de Oliveira predicted in the “Legionario” the possibility of this peril, which is now manifesting itself in all its magnitude.

While the eyes of political observers were focused solely on what was happening in Europe, he was directing his gaze towards the East, where, around Islam, he saw the germs of the “constitution of another vast political bloc and Ideological, oriental, anti-Catholic”. “The Muslim peril is immense,” he wrote in 1943, and the following year he asserted that “after this war [World War II] the Muslim problem will be one of the most serious religious questions of our time.

“The Muslim world possesses the natural resources essential to the supply of Europe. It will have the means to disturb or paralyze at any moment the pace of the European economy”. “While a great and glorious Catholic nation like Italy suffers from the communist intoxication that has penetrated into it, the Muslims structure themselves powerfully. These days they had the audacity to signal to the Western world by inviting him to accept a Palestinian government in exile with its seat in Cairo. This is a true declaration of diplomatic war on the West.”

“The Arab League – a very extensive confederation of Muslim peoples – now unites the entire Mohammedan world. It is, conversely, what Christendom was in the Middle Ages. With regard to the non-Arab nations, it presents itself as a vast pool of tribal manhood preparing an insurrection in all of Africa”.

He declared late in 1943: “Nowadays, everything is done through money, weapons and men, there is no shortage of money and men in the Muslim world, and the acquisition of weapons will not be difficult. The latter will be active, warlike, penetrated by its traditions, an enemy of the West and just as armed as he, and in a short time this power may become as influential as the yellow world [the Far East].”

As for the western politicians, de Oliviera declared: “One thing is to have sight, another is vision“.

EDITORS NOTE: This column originally appeared in The Geller Report.

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