Ex-wife of Islamic State chief: ‘I only had babies to raise them as killers’

Mum-of-five Tania Choudhury has detailed her disturbing radicalisation alongside top militant commander John Georgelas after the September 11 attack on New York’s Twin Towers

Tania Choudhury exposes her experience with racism and her own inner struggles as a youth, followed by her subsequent indoctrinated hatred of the West, her attraction to jihad terror and dreams of a caliphate. This deeply disturbing account of a brainwashed Westerner, the wife of convert to Islam and jihadist John Georgelas, is similar to scores of others, yet most leaders refuse to acknowledge the Islamic theology of death, hatred and a false greatness that motivates jihad activity. Thus those leaders enable this jihad against Western interests, and likewise enable the abuse of women and children.

Choudhury states that she “faced a lot of racism” growing up and “had bad neighbours, they would smash our windows, but generally I just felt like an outsider.” It is fundamental to recognize and combat racism, but in doing so, the West must also confront the truth about jihad and the propagation of the jihad ideology. Jihadists (violent and stealth) use any and all kinds of victimology to recruit more jihadists and further the advance of Islamic supremacy.

“’I only had babies to raise them as killers’, says British ex-wife of ISIS chief as she reveals descent into ‘hardcore’ jihad”, by Christopher Bucktin, Mirror (thanks to The Religion of Peace), November 5, 2017:

The British former wife of America’s most senior ISIS terrorist has told how the only reason she had children was to raise them to become killers.

Tania Choudhury detailed her radicalisation into “jihadi hardcore” after the September 11 attack on New York’s Twin Towers in 2001.

The mum-of-five revealed how her dream for her children with her now ex-husband, John Georgelas, was for them to become terrorists.

Speaking from the security of her new life in Plano, Texas, the 33-year-old said: “I’ve had these children for one reason only, and that was so they could serve God as Muslims, as mujahideen.”

Opening up about her former husband, who has risen to become one of ISIS’s main commanders in Syria, Choudhury spoke of their life together before their divorce.

“Our dreams were to have land of our own, raise a family and train them to be assassins or whatever, soldiers, and then eventually go join the jihad,” she said of Georgelas, an American-born convert to Islam.

One of five children born in London to British-Bangladeshi couple Nural and Jahanara Choudhury, she told how she became radicalised and sought revenge on the west after 9/11.

“I faced a lot of racism,” she says of her childhood in Harrow.

“We had bad neighbours, they would smash our windows, but generally I just felt like an outsider.

“I was looking for a way to retaliate.”

Choudhury said the turning point in her radicalisation came when she was a teenager after seeing thousands die in the Twin Towers.

“I was 17, I saw the towers being crashed into and I went to school the next day,” she said.

“I said to my friend, ‘Oh isn’t it dreadful what happened,’ and she looked at me and said ‘Is it really?’

“At that point, I became really jihadi hardcore.”

Several years while attending a protest march against the Iraq war she was handed details of a Muslim matchmaking website.

After joining she was contacted by Georgelas, the youngest child and only son of former US military doctor Colonel Timothy Georgelas and his wife Martha.
Growing up in Plano, Texas, Georgelas, now 44, reportedly rebelled as a teenager, becoming a prolific drug user, dropping out of school and converting to Islam shortly after 9/11.

The couple fell in love over internet discussions of jihad and dreams of a caliphate.

During her interview with The Atlantic, the couple were said to have “fantasized about becoming a family of itinerant holy warriors, a sort of Islamic version of the Von Trapps, substituting slaughter of infidels for Alpine show tunes”.

After falling pregnant in early October 2004, the couple wed at the Gothic town hall in Rochdale, Lancashire.

By the time they had had three children and another on the way, in 2013, they began discussing joining ISIS in Syria.

“John wanted to go to Syria, and I said I wasn’t ready, not while the kids are small,” she recalled…..


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