VIDEO: The Virtuous Near Enemy

Since tolerance is the new universal virtue, can you have too much tolerance? Yes, the toleration of evil. When you carefully look at how we are losing the civilizational war, it is always with the hands of virtuous people. It is good decent people who advance the Sharia.

Our civilization has two enemies: the far enemy is political Islam and the near enemies are Islam’s apologists. The apologists use tolerance to deny the suffering caused by political Islam.

The Ultimate Christmas Grinch

Jihad is a civilizational war against all things Kafir (non-Muslim), including holidays such as Christmas.

Islamic State has issued threats to attack the Kafirs and Christmas celebrations. Will they succeed? They have certainly caused concrete barriers to be installed to prevent truck assassinations. In an attempt to downplay the serious nature of the threat Germany is even gift wrapping concrete barriers.

Moral of the story? Apologists for Islam will do anything to avoid facing jihad.

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