VIDEO: Do Democrats hate President Trump more than they love America?

The logic of hate…

Celebrities attended ‘The People’s State of the Union’ event in New York City on January 29th, 2018. Among those anti-Trump speakers was Michael Moore. The ‘The People’s State of the Union’ is the anti-America alternate to the State of the Union speech by President Donald Trump. The event is aimed to resist President Trump and his pro-American agenda to make America great, again.

“Hate” is one of those words that is hard to define but easy to know when seen.

Can we agree that a significant portion of Hollywood elites, illegal immigrants, media personalities, Ivy League academics and Democrat leaders hate President Trump? Add to them, the increasing anti-Trump vitriol from silly millennials and pretty soon you have a significant body of influential people spewing assinine bromides, holding embarrassing protests and causing Aristotle to turn over in his grave by violating every law of Western logic. How do I know this, because these folks will take issue with my statement that there are actually “laws” of logic!

When you throw out the laws of logic you bring in the “logic” of hate as seen in the below video.

EDITORS NOTE: The featured image of Michael Moore is by ALBA VIGARAY/EPA-EFE/REX/Shutterstock (9342827q)

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