BLOWBACK: The Tommy Effect

Last Friday, Tommy Robinson became a political prisoner in “Soviet” England.  He was arrested during his live-stream reporting of the sentencing of rape gang who kept young girls as sex slaves.  Tommy was rushed to jail, and subsequently the UK government issued a media ban on the event. UK soon discovered it could silence the British press, but it couldn’t silence the world. So, they lifted the ban.

The UK censorship represents a heavy handed move by the Establishment to gag Tommy from reporting truth about the politics of Islam in Britain.

But the truth proved more powerful than the UK’s mainstream media ban. The blowback from the British court’s initial censorship of Tommy’s arrest and incarceration has produced world-wide sympathy for him and a concern for the state of free speech in the West. The English courts inadvertently made Tommy a symbol for free speech. Their call to silence became a wake up call.

The British government’s response was more like the totalitarian tactics of a Communist country or an Islamic nation than a supposedly free Western society. Their action to silence the press indicates a desire to operate in secret and exposes a government that no longer trusts its own citizens. If a country no longer trusts is own citizens or cares what they think, it is no longer a representative government.  When a government doesn’t listen, and acts independently of the people, it is a tyranny.

This gang rape trial smears the political Elite’s migration fantasy. The British government is complicit in a failed social experiment and wont’t admit it. Instead, they want to cover it up. These political crimes of coverup are on par with the crime itself. But the attempted coverup failed. As the people of the UK become more and more sick of the lies, sick of cover ups, sick of pretending, sick of a government that won’t listen, there will be continued blowback. All is not lost.

Tommy is the working class hero for the forgotten men and women of England who have now been galvanized into protest. We can only hope this will ultimately lead to the organization of new political party, one that is formed on a strong platform of freedom of speech and individual liberty. Britain is attempting to silence critics of Islam at every turn. This is dhimmitude, submission to Sharia. We must refuse to stand for it.



In Defence of Tommy Robinson, a Plea in his Defence & for the Saving of our Lands!

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