Palestinians: Blow up a Jew … Have a little sex [Video]

But first, some background…

Imagine with me, if you will, Jesus speaking on the Mount of Beatitudes, on the Sea of Galilee and just as he is finishing with Blessed are the poor in spirit and blessed are the meek, he says, “Oh yeah, I almost forgot, blessed are those who kill Jews, for they will be rewarded in Heaven with eternally screwing 72 virgins and never going limp.”


Now, there is so much wrong with that statement that everyone should laugh at its absurdity and not even consider the content, which defies any relationship to any thing religious or moral.

But is it that crazy?

Suppose I were to tell you that the content of that statement, killing Jews gets you laid in Heaven, is a fundamental doctrine taught by the entity the Muslims call Allah and by the person Muslims call Mohammed and by the religious texts of Islam.

[This is where the mindless call me an Islamophobe, without even checking to see if what I wrote is true.]

As if the essence of this belief is not repulsive enough, the practitioners of the system of Islam take it a step further and tell male Muslims that the best and quickest way to Heaven (and the waiting orgy) is through a jihad martyrdom operation where you blow up yourself in order to kill Jews.

[This is where the mindless call me an Islamophobe, without even checking to see if what I wrote is true.]

Next, the teaching of Islam sweetens this Machiavellian doctrine by telling the sex deviant that 70 members of his family will be forgiven of their sins and eventually follow the bomber into heaven, once he kills Jews.

Are you starting to see a pattern, blow up a Jew, have a little sex?

To add insult to injury (literally) the current Muslim leadership in Israel offer MONEY to the bomber’s family and names public streets after this new martyr, who now, could care less as he romps around Paradise with an eternal erection.

OK, now the $64,000 question: Am I making this up or is what I’ve written, TRUE?

To find out, watch the video.

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