Muslims kidnap head of “Believers Without Borders,” carve “Islam Without Borders” onto his back

The torturers carved the words “Islam Without Borders” into his back with a knife.

We are, of course, much more enlightened in the West. We don’t jail people for insulting Islam. We simply excoriate them as “racists” and “Islamophobes,” ostracize them from polite society, and rejoice when they’re deplatformed by the social media giants. We are much more advanced in the West.

“Head of ‘Believers Without Borders’ Kidnapped in Jordan After ‘Insulting Islam,’” AlBawaba, November 11, 2018:

It was a busy weekend for Jordan. Around 12 people; including children, died in flash floods and a suspicious disappearance of the head of ‘Mominoun’ (‘Believers Without Borders’) appeared to be kidnapped, assaulted and has now been accused of blasphemy.

The Secretary General of the “Mominoun [Believers] Without Borders” Centre for Research, Younis Qandil, was found early on Saturday abandoned in one of the forests and tied with clear signs of torture and physical abuse.

According to local media reports, Qandil was attacked by three gunmen who kidnapped him from his car. He was then taken to a forest where he was stripped of his clothes and slashed on the back with a knife.

Translation: “The kidnappers wrote on Anas Qandil’s back: “Islam without borders”.

Younis has been facing a fierce backlash after Jordanian authorities responded to public pressure and cancelled an academic workshop organized by “Mominoun Without Borders” to discuss “People’s History of God’s Birth” which some considered an attack and insult on Islam.

The anonymous attackers are believed to be behind threats Qandil had been receiving for the past two weeks.

Translation: “Details of Younis Qandil kidnapping.”

The incitement against Qandil and his organization was reportedly triggered by the Muslim Brotherhood spokesperson and a member of the Jordanian Parliament, Dima Tahboub. She was believed to be prompting a national debate on social media to pressure the government to cancel the event.

EDITORS NOTE: This column with images originally appeared on Jihad Watch. It is republished with permission. The featured image is from Twitter.

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