UK human rights activist: ‘The far left are terrified of Islam, even although they are working together’

Vincent Sullivan

TRR stands for The Reality Report. They are a new UK group who are seeking to become a media outlet that reports on real news, via print, radio, video interviews, and online magazines. Today I had the chance to talk with its founder, Vincent Sullivan.

Joshua Winston – Islam, as an organism, behaves in exactly the same manner wherever it goes. Why do our leaders, who are not theologians, feel the need to come out after every terror attack to tell us that Islam is a beautiful and misunderstood religion?

Vincent Sullivan – The people who believe this nonsense detest the Western society. They are essentially losers with no money who can’t get the partner of their choice and they want things handed to them on a plate.

JW – Why is Socialism so popular amongst young people today, and do you even think they know what it means?

VS – The idea sounds brilliant, doesn’t it? The reason that it appeals to today’s youth is that they think they shouldn’t have to fit in socially or try hard to elevate themselves. They believe that everything should be handed to them on a plate. If you have got multiple degrees, ambition, motivation, success, then they want you to give it to them. Jealousy plays a large part in it. These people detest you for having had anything good or attractive in your life.

JW – Is there a marriage between Islam and Communism?

VS – Yes, there is. What Islam does is that it pushes the narrative of attacking Western values. These people who hate you for enjoying your life or being a masculine man. The Communist system seems to have disappeared and what we’re seeing today is people wanting to hate on anyone who they don’t agree with.

JW -What are your thoughts on Maajid Nawaz?

VS – He has changed his tone to wherever the cash flow will come from. Now he publishes books on anti-extremism, meanwhile he himself is an ex-terrorist supporter.

JW – Why has Maajid been given a free pass, or a lot of leniency, by the UK’s media? He promoted a terrorist organisation that has grown and which still shuts down London’s traffic today. Tommy Robinson, meanwhile, is never allowed to forget his EDL beginnings.

VS – Maajid Nawaz is a taqqiya artist. I believe that he is personally exercising taqqiya to the British public in order to further and advance an outside agenda.

JW – I feel the same. I can’t tolerate the man. The one thing I do like about your group is that you interrupt these groups such as BLM, feminazis, Muslims, etc. You are very calm and you ask them questions that shame them. They can’t articulate what their politics are, they can’t articulate why they are there, and they don’t understand the issue.

VS – Feminism is not about equal rights, because if it were then the first place they would attack would be the Middle East, then North Africa and possibly China. In my opinion it’s all about their self-image. Feminazis are generally obtuse.

JW – Why are these feminists going after the ‘white patriarchy’? In lots of areas of London there are nothing more than gangs of Muslim men, but the feminists don’t seem to want to address this. Why not go after the Islamic patriarchy? The white patriarchy allows women to wear mini-skirts and skimpy clothing without it being a call to rape.

VS – It all comes back to the destruction of the West.

JW – Do you think there will be a tipping point for these feminists? Will there come a time in London where they will say, “NO, too many men are ruling these streets?”

VS – We’re already at that point. It’s at the point where fear indoctrinates them. The far left are terrified of Islam, even although they are working together. We know that Islam will swallow the left when their numbers grow.

JW – Muslims are political animals, and in Britain we separate Church from state, but Muslims are always labeling themselves as ‘Muslim mayors’ or MPs or councilors or whatever. Identifying as Muslim in any official capacity can only mean that a person is sharia-compliant. Any thoughts?

VS – Talking about the migrant caravan heading to America, if you populate your area with enough Muslims and migrants, you’ll find that you have the vote.

JW – You’re a lot kinder toward Islam than I am. I don’t care if you’re tartan with purple spots, if you look at the quran or Islam and think it’s a good idea, I find you highly questionable.

VS – I once had a conversation with a Muslim and we were both discussing the same quote, but both qurans had completely different meanings. That’s a problem for me – a God who says the people who can only understand his teaching must read, speak, and understand classical Arabic.

JW – If the quran can’t be translated, how can native English-speaking Muslims know of the teaching of the quran?

VS – Not only that, how can these people extract the violent elements from the quran and put them into practice?

JW – And any last words on sharia?

VS – Trying me under sharia law is equivalent to trying me under Dutch law. It has no place and no bearing in my country. I will NOT be tried under sharia law.

EDITORS NOTE: This column originally appeared on Jihad Watch. The featured photo is by Walid Berrazeg on Unsplash.

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