VIDEO: Muhammad, The Adult Infant by Joshua Winston

David Wood has made a great video on the hadiths (Sahih Muslim and Sahih al-Bukhari) that claim Muhammad was a cross-dresser who would receive his revelations whilst dressed in the garments of his favourite wife, the child-bride Aisha.

One more thing to be noted in relation to Muhammad’s alternative lifestyle choices is that he was also an adult infant. People seem to overlook the fact that Aisha was a child, so her clothes would not have fit him properly. There’s a name for this fetish: it’s called paraphilic infantilism or psychosexual infantilism. Essentially, it’s when an adult chooses to dress like a child. In major cities today, there are clubs where grown men can go and walk around with diapers on whilst sucking on oversized pacifiers. They can ‘goo’ and ‘gaa’ and roll around on the floor and soil their diapers if they so please.

There are also adults who accommodate this, people who do not dress as adult infants, people who will play the role of mummy or daddy. I wonder what role Aisha played while Muhammad was rolling around, squeezing his adult male form into her clothing. Did she wipe his botty? Did he suckle on her for comfort? These are all of the things that adult-infants do. It doesn’t stop at simply putting on a child’s clothing.

In today’s degenerate world of ‘anything goes’ (particularly when it comes to Islamic grooming gangs, which I would say absolutely is inspired by Muhammad’s love of sex with children), we can see Muhammad as being ahead of his time. A trail blazer for sexual degenerates. His own degeneracy knows no bounds. He will thigh children, dive into graves for one last shot at a corpse (claiming he’s sending her on her way to Heaven – any old excuse will do), take his adopted son’s wife off of him, and have more wives than he stipulated was legal.

Why do you think these things are all the norm in Islamic lands? A Moroccan cleric stated that marriage was still valid even after death and that the female could also still have sex with her deceased husband if she so chose (although how that would work, I’ve no idea). Six hours, I believe, was supposed to be the guideline if the law got passed on the deadline for having sex with a corpse. If my loved one died, I’d be overwhelmed with grief. The last thing on my mind would be one last roll in the hay.

When you discuss these things with Muslims, they always say that it’s got nothing to do with Islam and that it’s instead ‘cultural’. Well, Islam is a culture. Cultures are comprised of the religious, legal, and political systems within any given land. The religious element will shape (for the most part) a person’s moral compass and values. The legal element states what’s permissible – rape, robbery, etc. And the political element lets a person know what kind of government he is living under – Marxism, Communism, Capitalism, etc. Islam is all three of these things – a religion, a legal system, and a political system. Islam is a culture in itself. It controls everything a devout Muslim does, from when and how he urinates through to what he eats and how he prays.

Degeneracy can be found everywhere, of course, but it’s important to be able to stand up to and answer Muslims who would seek to erase the degeneracy of their prophet. And it’s also important to know why sex with children is so commonplace in Muslim lands. It’s because Muhammad normalized it.

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EDITORS NOTE: This column with video by David Wood and images originally appeared on Jihad Watch. It is republished with permission.

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