Egypt: Actress could get five years prison for wearing see-through dress that showed her legs

The outrageously draconian prospective sentence here stems from the assumption that men have no responsibility whatsoever to control themselves, and that women must dress modestly in order to remove the source of temptation from them. If men are tempted, it is the woman’s responsibility and the woman’s fault, and she must be punished.

And Leftists will denounce you as “racist” and “Islamophobic” if you observe that admitting large numbers of people who believe this way into the West will cause societal upheaval.

“Egyptian actress could face up to five years in prison after wearing a see-through dress that showed off her legs at a film festival in Cairo,” by Sophie Law, Mailonline, December 2, 2018:

An Egyptian actress could face five years in jail after appearing on the red carpet wearing a see-through dress that showed off her legs.

Rania Youssef attended the closing ceremony of a film festival in Cairo on Thursday wearing a black leotard with a transparent over-dress embellished with a sequined criss-cross pattern and a bow belt.

Youssef, who is in her 30s, has now been charged with public obscenity and is set to stand trial on January 12 following a complaint by a group of lawyers to the chief prosecutor….

EDITORS NOTE: This column with images first appeared on Jihad Watch. It is republished with permission.

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