One of the Girls Beheaded in Morocco posted a pro-Muslim anti-White video on her Facebook page

Sadly, it appears that Maren Ueland, one of the two girls who were beheaded by ISIS in the name of “Allah’s will”, was pro-Islam and anti-white.

We see young women among those in the above photo protesting racism in front of the White House. We wonder how many of them would embrace the idea that their whiteness is racist. We wonder how many of them would embrace the idea that Islam is the religion of peace.

Finally, we wonder if Maren and her traveling companion Vesterager Jespersen would be alive today if they were more careful about where they traveled and who they trusted.

Right on the Right in a column titled “Beheaded Norwegian Girl Posted an Anti-White Pro-Muslim Tolerance Video on Facebook” wrote:

Maren Ueland, 28, one of the backpackers who was brutally beheaded in Morocco this week, had posted an anti-White, pro-Muslim tolerance video on her Facebook page to shame fellow Whites…

The video is titled “Never judge people by their appearance” and was posted on YouTube by Sanaullah Mojaddedi. Here is the video:

According to Sanaullah Mojaddedi’s Facebook page:


Passionate Social Activist. I care about Islam and Afghanistan. I spread Peace and Love through my posts. Please Like and Share if you get inspired by them


I am Sanaullah Mojaddedi working for justice, peace & stability in great land Afghanistan , wish to have bright future in lovely land great Afghanistan

We can’t help wondering what went through Maren’s mind as she was facing death at the hands of those she embraced as peaceful and tolerant. We wonder if Maren remembered the video she posted on her Facebook page.

We wonder what Sanaullah Mojaddedi would say about the beheading of Maren by those who considered her an “enemy of Allah”, whom he inspired to republish his video?

We pray for the families of Maren and Vesterager.

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EDITORS NOTE: The featured photo is by Melany Rochester on Unsplash

8 replies
  1. John W.
    John W. says:

    I’m certain that these two young mush heads got their “peace and loving” ideas while attending university.

    They ask for what they got. I have no sympathy for idiots. (Even educated ones)

    • Mercy
      Mercy says:

      They were young and idealistic!…they weren’t “mush heads” and I think you’re a horrid person for referring to them like that you assh*le! If you’re not idealistic in college, you probably are a business major and have no concern for the human race. These girls didn’t deserve this…you are an evil filthy disgusting pig for saying that! Eat dirt…that’s what YOU deserve you disgusting piece of filth!

      • Lupin
        Lupin says:

        Mercy idealistic!!! How about stupidity, for the reason that they knew that this place has alot of terrorist that pledge allegiance to ISIS and one of them is pro Islam that’s why Europe is having all of this problems right now! Because liberal mind set that you do not understand other culture who wants to dominate all that is not their kind, I’m not a racist just being realistic I’m not even white! Filipino American. Liberalism is a type of Retardation

    • Jackie Donaghy
      Jackie Donaghy says:

      Those young girls had nothing to do with isis. All you idiots out there that believe the shit on this web site have to take you heads out of your asses. They were found on a hiking trail in Morocco. They were abducted there as well. If you actually read real news you would see the truth. machete eddie you are full of shit. I am the wife of a Vet. If you are a Vet you should take your crap and go and fund the group you are truly about. No person retired or active duty would say those girls deserved anything. The real world does not include hiking and being abducted by isis. Even if the one girl was involved that makes her friend an innocent. Posting this video just shows how depraved you are and how much you lack compassion to families and how you much you have in common with isis

  2. Machete Eddie
    Machete Eddie says:

    I showed the photos to several friends on e-mail. One came back said that I shouldn’t have sent them I’m a retired Marine and Retired LEO !
    I think all these bleeding hearts especially universities what spread BS and their own version Anti Christ, Anti American politics rather then let honest decent people see what’s really happening in the world are doing our youth a major disservice not to mention, not teaching what parents are paying for! .If these two young women had more facts they may have stayed home and still be alive! Seeing the real world as it is and NOT through ROSE colored glasses may not be pretty, but it may wake up some folks who don’t have a clue and /or are afraid to know! I won’t apologize if anyone is offended, because I’ve lived in the real world isn’t fake news!

  3. Nijaz
    Nijaz says:

    Crimes done by various people in world have nothing to do with religion, race, nationality, or anything in common. There are bad people everywhere, in every place. Religion can sometimes be motivation, but not for good people. Who is good, he is good. Neither all muslims nor all christians are bad, and probably most are good. Tell me one country or religion where there are no criminals or prisons.


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