The Fetishization of Islam in the West

Adherents to Islam – Muslims — are not rare on planet earth. They comprise a quarter of the world’s population, and yet they are treated in the West as though they are delicate flowers on the verge of extinction. They are above criticism and are not responsible for any of the atrocities that come out of their communities.

Islam is practiced by every race of people in every country on the globe, so it’s safe to say that Islam is not a race. That should be very clear by this point, and the ‘racist’ label has never applied. Islam is also a very bad idea at every level – religiously, politically and legally. Islam gives rise to societies that are corrupt and unjust, and where minorities and non-Muslims suffer. I don’t just question people who say they are Muslims, I question anyone, regardless of skin tone or gender, who looks at Islamic doctrines and tells me that Islam is a good idea worth defending.

What does it mean to fetishize something?

It means to have an irrational and excessive commitment to a thing. This is what we are seeing in the West today. People are overly invested in Islam whilst being unable to articulate why they are so drawn to and protective of it. Jews, who are a minority, are not accorded the same protection or respect as Muslims are in the West, with anti-Semitism becoming normalized and even slightly fashionable. Jews are fleeing the West because we are seeing the rise of anti-Semitism with the advent of more and more Muslims settling here. What is it about Islam that people are so passionate about? Freedom of speech is being eroded, with Parliaments in the UK and Canada drafting bills that outline what ‘Islamophobia’ is and determining what punishments should be meted out if a person doesn’t like Islam and is critical of it.

Animal welfare activists are silent when it comes to Islam. Police, councilors, politicians, care-home workers and teachers all turn the other way when it comes to grooming and rape gangs. Children’s lives don’t matter when it comes to supporting and defending or confronting Islam. Segregation goes on in London universities and at Labour party meetings in the UK, and feminists don’t bat an eyelid. A senior police officer tweeted out that arresting parents who commit female genital mutilation (FGM) on their daughters isn’t in the child’s best interests (physical abuse does not come without psychological and emotional abuse being applied also, so yes, arrests are in the child’s best interests). The officer’s sergeant had to take to Twitter to delete that tweet and tell us that every instance of FGM will be investigated and arrests will be made in his area. After a two-year period that saw hundreds of girls butchered, Freedom of Information (FOI) requests show that there has not been one arrest made in Middle England, and none in the area this sergeant presides over. In Bristol, the Somali community are saying they are being racially targeted because police want to ensure that girls aren’t being cut, even though FGM is a cultural practice of Somalis – clearly they would like to continue with the practice in the UK unchallenged.

Islam is very akin to fascism, insofar that it enjoys suppressing any opposition to it, and it also enjoys living under strict autocratic dictators (think Palestine or any Muslim majority country outside of capitalist and Westernized Dubai). Muslims vote for Muslims wherever they settle, no matter how qualified or not the person is. The only thing that matters to Muslims is that their representatives are sharia-compliant. Muslims have the notion of the Ummah, and by this they would classify themselves, wrongly, as being of one race worldwide, one brotherhood. The left align with Islam in this regard (think Antifa from UK to the USA to Australia – same tactics and of one mind). The left and Islam want more government and more suppression of any opposing factors who disagree with them, as well as wanting less freedom of speech and the closing down of differing ideas. And, like angry Muslim men who are infuriated for the smallest of reasons, they attempt to use violence to intimidate others in a bid to get their own way.

Islam and the left, at this particular juncture in time, make for good bedfellows. The left, I suspect, visualize a world where their tactics have succeeded and no one is allowed to hold any differing opinions to their own. Like thought-police or Nazis, they would walk among us, listening in to conversations for any wrongthink, and making arrests on a whim, much like the morality police do in Muslim-majority lands. Muslims, for their part, I can only imagine are gleeful that they have found such massively ignorant and uninformed support from the left. I also suspect the left visualize themselves living peacefully among their Muslim allies when they have won the ideological war that is raging in their heads and in real life. If there ever does come a day when we are living under leftist/Islamic rule, it will be interesting to see for how long these two groups can peacefully coexist.

Islam doesn’t tolerate non-Muslims when it becomes the majority. When Muslims become the majority, then the persecutions begin and rule of law does not apply, and Muslims demand that they are viewed as superior to everyone else and able to hold special privileges. The one thing that might allow Islam not to put its boot on the throat of the left is their united hatred of Jews and Israel.

Only time will tell, and we shall see if reason and logic win out, or whether or not we’ll be living under a leftist/Islamic regime.

EDITORS NOTE: This column with images originally appeared on Jihad Watch. It is republished with permission.

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