Why UK police and media hounded and persecuted an innocent couple over airport drones they had nothing to do with

There were 67 drone sightings at London’s Gatwick Airport. Police have denied rumors that are spreading today that there were no drones. But no one knows who sent the drones. However, the British police and media did all they could to destroy the lives of Paul Gait and Elaine Kirk over these drones. Here are some of the ways they did so:

  1. They arrested them and held them for 35 hours for questioning.
  2. They released their names to the public, convicting them in the court of public opinion without any evidence that they had actually sent these drones.
  3. They refused to speak with John Allard and receive his evidence that exonerated the couple.
  4. They “ripped” Paul Gait’s “house apart.”

Why did the police work so hard to destroy Elaine Kirk and Paul Gait? There is only one answer: because they aren’t Muslim, and they afforded British officials a chance to substantiate their ridiculous claim that “far right” extremists pose a terror threat equivalent to that of Islamic jihadists. There is no doubt that some British officials were thrilled at the prospect of Gait and Kirk having sent the drones: finally some actual “right-wing” non-Muslim terrorists! So they splashed their names all over the press, in stark contrast to how taciturn and laconic they frequently get when Islamic terrorists are arrested. How many times have we seen the BBC or some other British “news outlet” tell us that “a man” has been arrested on suspicion of “terrorism,” without giving any details to allow anyone to know what was going on? But Gait and Kirk made them salivate. Here at last was confirmation of their moral equivalence regarding terrorism. A couple’s lives destroyed? Who cares?

If Britain were a sane society, there would be apologies and resignations over this incident, both of British officials and of British “journalists.” But Britain is not even close to being a sane society.

Paul Gait, 47, and his wife, Elaine Kirk

“Gatwick drone: Arrested couple are released without charge – as £50k reward is offered to catch culprit,” by Martin Evans, Izzy Lyons and Charles Hymas, Telegraph, December 23, 2018:

Police who arrested an innocent couple over the Gatwick drone attack were last night accused of conducting an “appalling” investigation, after it emerged they had repeatedly ignored evidence from a key witness.

Paul Gait, 47, and his wife, Elaine Kirk, 54, were released without charge yesterday (Sun) after being questioned for 36 hours in connection with the disruption at Britain’s second busiest airport.

But Mr Gait’s boss, who was with him when the drone attacks took place, said detectives had not even bothered to call him back when he offered to provide an alibi.

John Allard, who runs the double glazing firm where former soldier, Mr Gait, has worked for 17-years, said the couple’s Christmas had been ruined by the police operation.

The 68-year-old said he had been surprised not to hear from detectives after they arrested his employee and eventually took matters into his own hands by contacting them himself.

But he said despite leaving his details nobody got back to him to discuss his alibi.

Mr Allard said: “All it would have taken was for them to call me and contact me as his employer and I could have confirmed that all day Wednesday and half the day Thursday, he was part of a three-man team installing fascia, soffit and guttering at a client’s home in Groombridge, Kent.

“On Friday he spent most of the day running my daughter about because she damaged one of her toes and he was ferrying her to the doctor.”

Mr Allard went on: “I discovered on Friday evening that he had been arrested. I got onto the police on Saturday evening, but I couldn’t get through to anybody.

“There was was just somebody who said I’ll take notes and pass that message on. But they never did get back to me, there was no return contact.”

Mr Allard accused the police of dropping the ball and said the couple would be “mentally destroyed” by their ordeal.

He said: “I know Paul well, he’s worked for me for 17 years and this is going to hit him like a 10-tonne truck. Although there was a complete lack of evidence, the police ripped his house apart. I know this will mentally destroy him.”

He went on: “Sussex Police have really dropped the ball on this. I have always supported the police and I like to think I always would but in this case I think they have really got it wrong.”

The couple were arrested at around 10pm on Friday evening following three days of chaos at Gatwick, which threatened to wreck the Christmas travel plans of hundreds of thousands of people.

But after two nights of questioning at Crawley Police station they were allowed home having been released without charge….

EDITORS NOTE: This column with images originally appeared on Jihad Watch. It is republished with permission. The featured photo by Jared Brashier on Unsplash.

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