The British Left, Muslim Rape Gangs, and the #1400 Helpline

The #1400 helpline which is being set up to assist people who have been groomed, raped, or sexually abused is being lambasted by people on the left – from schoolteachers to authors, they are actively discouraging victims from calling the helpline. The biggest outrage has come from leftist females (whatever happened to the #MeToo movement?). These leftists are overwhelming their social media sites with calls to protest and boycott the #1400 helpline. The reason? Tommy Robinson approves of it. Rape survivor Shazia Hobbs, one of the founders and organizers, is friends with Tommy Robinson. None of this will do, according to the left. They would prefer that girls and boys continue to be raped rather than receive any kind of help from someone who is even a millimeter to the right of the political spectrum.

As far as I’m aware, #1400 will be signposting only, and all victims are welcome to call the helpline – it’s not set up simply for victims of Muslim rapists. Callers will relate what is happening, what has happened to them, or what they fear is about to happen to them, and the adviser on the other end of the telephone will direct the victim to the proper agencies. The adviser will first of all make sure that the caller is in no immediate danger; if he or she is, then the adviser will stay on the phone with the caller until the caller gets to a well-lit place with lots of pedestrians around who will be able to assist should any trouble arise. The adviser will then see what help is available to the caller, depending on what area of the country he or she is located in. Severe cases will be put forward for free counseling sessions with accredited counselors, and this can occur in a face-to-face setting or over the phone. The victim will also get to choose what other agencies his or her psychotherapist will contact – parents, police, schools, doctor, etc. This is all standard practice when dealing with victims of abuse, and I fully expect #1400 to follow this blueprint. At no point will a caller be obliged to swear allegiance to UKIP before she or he can access support, because #1400 is politically colour blind and religiously neutral.

Politics has no place in victim support, yet the left are insisting that rape is a political issue, and they approach it with a “one size fits all” mentality. “Why aren’t you going after the Westminster pedophile ring?”, they cry. “What about the Jimmy Saviles?” “The majority of rapists in the UK are white.” “Catholic pedophile priests,” etc. To those questions, I would answer, “Why aren’t you going after those people if you care so much about the issue of child rape?” I also have a newsflash for you: the majority of any type of criminal in the UK should be white, because it is a predominantly white land. But do note that per ratio of the UK’s populace, Pakistani Muslims far outnumber and outperform all other religious and ethnic groups of rapists. To this day, Muslim men are driving around school gates, waiting for young impressionable girls to groom and rape. They are getting the girls and boys drunk upstairs or in the back of their kebab shops, raping them and passing them around whilst calling them “white slags” (an important point to note, because other grooming gangs don’t include the racial element in what they’re doing). These Muslim men have the audacity to pass the family home of victims of their abuse and demand that the girls get sent back out to be raped some more.

Further, you can’t tackle all crimes under the one umbrella. Serial killers aren’t all acting of the one accord and for the same reasons. Forensic scientists try to establish motivating and connecting or contributing factors in a bid to catch these people. The same rules apply to groomers and serial rapists. Leftists feel that Muslims are being unfairly targeted by the #1400 campaign, and they insist that the number 1400 is too high (with no proof). I would say the organizers have been very lenient in limiting the number to 1400. I would have called it the #million. The #1400 organizers could also have taken into consideration all of the other victims of Pakistani Muslim groomers and rapists from every other town and city in the UK where there is a high population of these men, but they didn’t, which was very gracious of them. It’s important to note that no one is saying that it is only Muslim men who rape. What is being said is that all rape should be stopped, and that the Pakistani Muslim rapists are operating with a very specific and blatant MO that makes them easier to spot, apprehend, and neutralize in a bid to keep children safe. Any other people and agencies who feel so passionate about safeguarding children are very welcome to set up their own helplines; no one will stop you. You’ll instead get a round of applause. And, yes, anyone critical of a helpline that has been set up by a victim of Pakistani Muslim groomers and rapists is most definitely standing in support of rape.

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EDITORS NOTE: This Jihad Watch column with images is republished with permission. The featured photo is by Quino Al on Unsplash.

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