UK acid attack victim’s mom: Attacker said he’d “take them to an Islamic country where he could do anything to them”

In another report on the same incident, it is revealed that the Muslim migrant father threatened to kill his wife and children. The mother of the three-year-old acid attack victim said that “her estranged husband ‘threatened to kill her and their three children – or take them to an Islamic country where he could do anything to them.’” Those words are very telling. Women are worth less than men in Islamic countries and suffer the worst abuses — from acid attacks, honor violence to female genital mutilation and the triple talaq easy divorce. The arrogance of Leftists is revealed in the fact that they will refuse to consider the implications of this statement from a man who knows, and who was prepared to take advantage of these cultural and religious norms.

ALL TV OUTCourt artist sketch by Elizabeth Cook of (left to right) Norbert Pulko, Saied Hussini, father of three year boy (cannot be identified), Martina Badiova, Adam Cech, Jabar Paktia and Jan Dudi, in the dock at Worcester Crown Court charged for their alleged part in an attack on the child who was squirted with acid. Photo credit: Elizabeth Cook/PA Wire

“Mother of three-year-old acid attack victim says her estranged husband ‘threatened to kill her and their three children – or take them to an Islamic country where he could do anything to them,’” by Joel Adams and Rory Tingle, Mailonline, January 23, 2019:

The mother of a three-year-old acid attack victim has told a court how her ex-husband threatened to kill her and their children.

Her evidence came after jurors at Worcester Crown Court heard the child screamed ‘I hurt’ over and over again after the corrosive substance hit his face and arm last July.

She said her ex told her he knew somebody who would murder them – and even warned police would never be able to find their bodies.

Giving evidence via video link she told jurors the pair married in 2006 and that she broke up with him in 2012.

But they got back together after her ex phoned her up ‘crying down the phone’ and ‘begged’ her to take him back.

She then left him a second time four years later, after he threatened to murder them in an Islamic country.

The Afghan mother, who cannot be named for legal reasons, said: ‘Me and my husband separated in October 2012 – I left the family home and the children came with me.

‘We went to a refuge and I took some clothes for me and the children. We stayed there for three days. My husband kept calling my family, and me as well.

‘He kept crying and begging me to come back to him and said he wouldn’t hurt me again and couldn’t live without me or the children.

‘When I came back he said that I embarrassed him in front of their family and wasn’t crying for me but for the children.

‘I felt very disappoint and gutted, I felt stupid as he told me he loved me.

‘He also said he asked an imam whether, in our religion, he was allowed to kill me and the children because we left him for three days.

‘The imam told him he wasn’t allowed to do that and instead to say a prayer.

‘He said to me he has two options, to either kill me and children in this country or take us to an Islamic country where he would be able to do anything to us.

‘He said he knew somebody that could do something to us and the police would not find our bodies.’….

EDITORS NOTE: This Jihad Watch column with images is republished with permission. The featured image is from Pixabay.

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