John Wants the Police Killed, Twitter Takes John’s Side!

Twitter is at it again. Canary Mission’s Twitter account has been penalized for exposing a violent anti-Semite whose tweets encourage the killing of police officers.

This time, Twitter has locked the Canary Mission account in favor of one of the most outrageous people we have ever investigated. 


John Zahariev has encouraged violence against the police and advocated for America’s destruction. He has promoted violent revolution, spread hatred of America and Israel and shown support for a convicted terrorist. He has also mocked pro-Israel students and is a supporter of Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP) at the University of Houston.

On February 18th, 2019, Canary Mission received the following message from Twitter: “We’ve temporarily limited some of your account features.”

The account lock was due to this tweet Canary Mission posted about Zahariev:

@UHouston student and SJP affiliate John Zahariev @violaslayvis hates the police: “Police don’t get conditional hate from me. F**k em all.” “lets hope the police die.” & then “Are they shooting the police? ✊🏿✊🏿✊🏿 Hope the 🐖🐖💀💀💀👻. (pigs die)”

A Precursor to Violence

Too often, threatening social media posts are a precursor to actual violence. Before Robert Bowers walked into the Tree of Life Synagogue and gunned down innocent congregants, he posted on Gab, “I can’t sit by and watch my people get slaughtered. Screw your optics, I’m going in.”

None of us can stay silent in the wake of this kind of hateful and violent language. Here are just a few examples of the frightening individuals on Twitter we have worked hard to expose:

  • Lara Kollab, a Cleveland Doctor who tweeted that she would give Jewish patients the “wrong meds.”
  • Nancy Salem, a preschool teacher who told a friend to have a safe trip in Israel and “kill some jews!”

  • Ahmed Ellahi, “Set Fire to the Jews”

  • Nadera Masad, “MOTHA F**KA PLEASE, I hope every zionist gets their eyes eaten out with spoons and their heads ripped off with a nail clipper #killyourself.”

  • Adham Asi, “I really want to join Hamas!”

  • Laith El Haj, Corrections Officer, “We should build camps again and start burning the Jews again. No lie.”

  • David Bryson, White Supremacist, “Jews want to take our guns and exterminate us. We should do to them what they intend to do to us!”

  • Samer Alhato, “@BarackObama shut up about gay marriage and go kill all the Jews.”

  • Samaria Ruiz, White Supremacist: “4/20 IS MY F**KING BIRTHDAY! SMOKE JEWS EVERY DAY, FAGGOTS.”

  • Jared Howe, White Supremacist: “A Jew in the oven is worth two in the FEMA camp.”

  • Matt Pedata, White Supremacist: “I am utterly disgusted by the Jewish Problem in our society. I would relish the chance to see a Zionist Holocaust brought toward Israel!”

  • Burkan Aranki, “Mmmaaaannnnnnnnnnn what’s with all this peaceful approaches!?? F**k that. I want terrorism and another intifada.”

  • Dina Barakat, “InshAllah you do awesome on your exam! Remember: Imagine it’s a yahoodi [Jew], KILL IT!”

  • Hanadi Abdan, “lol let me blow up this bint al yahoodi [daughter of a Jew] pls  🌈.”

  • Mohammed Najjar,  “I got palestine inside my blood and bones, I’ll hit you in the face with a rock from a mile away, that’s what i call reaching a milestone.”


COMPLAIN TO @TwitterSupport

Text to send to Twitter Support:

“I am appalled that you have locked the account of @canarymission and ignored their appeal. Canary Mission’s sole purpose is to expose hatred and bigotry! Their account is a vital service to the public. Please reinstate it fully and immediately. Thank you”


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