VIDEO: Muslims convert homeless man to Islam, try to recruit him for jihad, threaten and assault him when he refuses


Muslims in the UK are preying on the homeless in order to radicalize them. This isn’t a new tactic. We already know that in Speakers’ Corner, gangs of Muslim males and females scour the park looking for lone individuals to befriend and gather into their fold. One young man I spoke to was approached, while he was homeless, by a gang of Muslim men. They befriended him, took him under their wing, and he felt as if they cared about him and that he had found some friends for the first time in his life.

The young man’s name is William Quinn. William was living in a heavily Muslim-populated town. He was spotted by Muslims, and they promised him that if he converted to Islam, they would get him a job, a phone, and give him some money. They promised that they could arrange a wedding for him and his partner, and assured him that his life would be so much better. It was an offer a young homeless man could hardly refuse. William was neglected as a child and had never had much in life. At first, he thought he would just go along with the offer of free stuff, but it wasn’t long before he started really buying into the ideas they were selling him. They moved him into a house in another heavily Muslim-populated area, where he started attending Islamic events in which everyone would sing to and praise Allah. The Muslims wouldn’t let William claim benefits, and they controlled every aspect of his life. They had him believe that his current situation of neglect and despair was Allah’s plan for him. Essentially, if he hadn’t been neglected as a child, and if he hadn’t suffered such hardship and abuse, then he would still be with his parents and he would still be a Christian. His hardship, they claimed, was Allah’s plan for him in order for him to find his way to Islam.

Having known the semblance of a good life for the first time in his life, William started to believe what the Muslims were telling him and he started, by his own admission, to really get into Islamic teachings. He started to become a fundamental Muslim, attending mosque five times per day, learning Arabic, and wearing only traditional Islamic religious garb. He also found himself surrounding himself only with Muslims and distancing himself from non-Muslims entirely. It wasn’t long, however, before the police became involved with William’s online doings. He was making extreme posts on social media, and was considered to be a potential threat to the public.

The next thing the Muslims offered him was to get him a passport and send him on a holiday to Turkey. We see that Turkey is a gateway to Syria, and lots of Brits have used this route in order to go and join ISIS. The police intervention seemed to be a wake-up call to William, and he attempted to engage the Muslims in dialogue, telling them that he thought they were trying to radicalize him. At this point, the death threats started. From being his best mates, with his best intentions at heart, and with promises of giving him a better life, the Muslims suddenly turned on William. Fearing for his safety, William had to contact social services and relocate to another town, again heavily populated with Muslims. William comes from a part of the UK which is known for rape gangs and corrupt Muslim politicians and Muslim drug dealers. These town are spread all across the North West. And even in the new town that he moved to, he had to keep up the pretense of being a Muslim for his own safety, even although he had renounced Islam and was working with the police in order for his life to be made safer.

Muslims then started making fake social media accounts with his name and face on them, attempting to get him into trouble with the police and with other violent Muslims. It should also be noted that William attended the Nelson Muhammad Masjid, which is where the Muslim who plotted to kill Prince George worshiped. Jihadist Sheikhs gave talks at this mosque, and William recounts a tale where a Muslim youth group openly bragged about squandering the £6 million they had raised for victims of flooding in 2016. William is now facing homelessness again, but he is glad to be away from Islam. Since leaving Islam, he has had his house broken into, and was severely beaten by two intruders. He was also run over by a car, leaving him with scarring to the face. Coincidence? William has no regrets about leaving Islam, and his advice to other vulnerable people who are approached by Muslims offering them help is to simply say, “no, thank you.”

EDITORS NOTE: This Jihad Watch column with video is republished with permission. The featured image is by Pixabay.

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