Golden Globe-winning writer of ‘Green Book’ banned from awards circuit for ‘Islamophobic’ tweet saying he saw Muslims cheering 9/11

Jihad Watch recently reported about Golden Globe-winning writer Nick Vallelonga apologizing for his “Islamophobic” tweet that revealed he saw New Jersey Muslims cheering 9/11. As absurd as it was to see Vallelonga lie to himself and to the world in order to appease dhimmi Leftists and Islamic supremacists, the situation escalated fast and shows how far Hollywood […]

VIDEO: What a Billion Muslims Believe

It is important to discuss the doctrine of Islam and stay away from discussing Muslims unless that Muslim is Mohammed. He is the only Muslim who really matters. Islam is what Mohammed (and Allah) says it is, not what a Muslim says it is. However, it is important to understand that the doctrine can only […]

Pompeo: “Our effort is to make sure that the Iranian people get control of their capital”

“Our effort is to make sure that the Iranian people get control of their capital, and it becomes a nation that is normal and is not conducting terror campaigns that are unrivaled any place else in the world.” It is a consummation devoutly to be wished. Let’s hope his assurance translates into real and effective […]

VIDEO: Twitter Warns Glazov His Book Violates Pakistan’s Blasphemy Law

In this new Jamie Glazov Moment, I discusses how Twitter Has Warned Me That My Book Violates Pakistan’s Blasphemy Law. I also unveil how Twitter is Faithfully Doing Pakistan’s Sharia Bidding.  RELATED ARTICLE: Twitter Bans Conservative Host For Telling Truth About Police Shooting EDITORS NOTE: This Jihad Watch column and video is republished with permission. The featured photo is by on Unsplash. […]

Muslim migrant enters hospital, stabs pregnant patient; she has life-threatening wounds, unborn child dies

Nothing has been revealed: we don’t know if the perpetrator knew the victim. So we don’t know if this was an honor killing or a random jihad. We don’t know if it is a manifestation of the culture of violence that arises from the divine sanction given to the beating of women “from whom you […]

Muslims rape woman in car after she asked for a lift thinking they were cab drivers

Why does this keep happening? One survivor of a Muslim rape gang in the UK said that her rapists would quote Quran to her, and believed their actions justified by Islam. The Qur’an teaches that Infidel women can be lawfully taken for sexual use (cf. its allowance for a man to take “captives of the right hand,” […]

EU hits Iran with sanctions over plots to assassinate regime opponents on Dutch, Danish, and French soil

“In the past, the EU has trod cautiously on Iran as it sought to save a beleaguered nuclear deal with Tehran after the US withdrew last year and imposed new sanctions. The Dutch ministers said that at a meeting with Iranian officials ‘it was emphasised that the measures were not linked’ to the Iran nuclear […]

France: Nearly 80% of jihad attackers had been on terror watchlist, 97% percent were on radar of authorities

They’re watching them, but they’re not stopping them. Imagine how different France would be today if French authorities had the will to stop these jihadis, and the determination not to allow any more to enter the country. But that would require a sea change in the French political establishment. “Report: Nearly all terror attacks in […]

New Muslim Rep. Rashida Tlaib celebrates with Linda Sarsour, puts ‘Palestine’ on office map

Apparently “Palestine” is somewhere north of Cairo, but precision wasn’t what whoever did this was after. These two photos are a solid indication of what kind of Representative Rashida Tlaib is going to be: one who represents far-Left interests of stoking racial hatred, demanding entitlements, and vilifying U.S. ally Israel. Of course, no one has […]

VIDEO: Rashida Tlaib – Muslim Congresswoman – First Day On The Job [Graphic Language]

This past summer, The United West team joined with Dick Manasseri and his Sharia Crime Stoppers in Michigan to expose Rashida Tlaib, as an anti-American, Palestinian operative dedicated to remaking America in the image of GAZA! Well, Rashida Tlaib got elected and was sworn in on January 3 in full Palestinian garb and with her hand on a Quran. […]