Trump calls on anti-Semitic Muslim Rep. Ilhan Omar to resign, calls her non-apology ‘lame’

If the Left and the establishment media had any standards of decency whatsoever at this point, Omar would be long ago. The Republican establishment likewise has been unaccountably silent. Only President Trump has had the courage to speak up and tell the truth about this. “Now Trump says new Rep. Ilhan Omar should RESIGN and […]

Muslima from Canada: ‘Having slaves is part of Sharia. I believe in Sharia, wherever Sharia is.’

Dura Ahmed is being treated as a victim in the Canadian media, and will likely be able to resume living freely in Canada despite having gone to live in the Islamic State. What kind of a life will she make in Canada? Do you think she will raise her children to be loyal, productive members of […]

Vermont Progressive Somali Running for Elective Office Apologizes for Sexist Tweets

Diversity is beautiful alert! His friend says the mistake was made because:  “…it was based on someone who came from a place where women are considered lower class — in Africa, especially in Muslim countries.”  But, he is a changed man says the friend who is a “new American” like Jafar. Here is the story headline, Jafar Vows […]

Israel: ‘Palestinian’ mosque employee murders 19-year-old woman because she was Jewish

And the UN will condemn…Israel. “Palestinian suspect arrested in murder of young woman in Jerusalem forest,” i24 News, February 7, 2019: Israeli police and security forces arrested a Palestinian man in connection with the murder of a 19-year-old woman from a West Bank settlement, whose lifeless body was found in the Jerusalem forest on Thursday night […]

Two Canadian ISIS Brides Followed Sharia

Okay, okay, that is not a surprise, but what is a surprise is that CNN is reporting it and using the word “sharia.”   If Pamela Geller, Robert Spencer, or Frank Gaffney uttered the following words, cries of “Islamophobia” would be screamed from the roof tops by the likes of Linda Sarsour! Ben Wedeman, in a CNN […]

Saudi Shi’ite Muslim asks mother if she is Shia, then beheads her 6-year-old son

“When you meet the unbelievers, strike the necks” (Qur’an 47:4) Sunnis consider Shi’ites to be unbelievers, and have attacked them frequently throughout Islam’s 1400-year history. But there is no reason to be concerned about this: Saudi authorities are claiming that the cab driver is “mentally ill.” They likely picked up that idea from Western authorities, […]

Video: President Trump vows to stamp out ‘radical Islamic terror’ at Global Coalition to Defeat ISIS conference

In 2011, Obama ordered the removal of all mention of Islam and jihad from counter-terror training, making it difficult, if not impossible, for law enforcement and intelligence officials to understand the motivating ideology of jihad terrorists. Trump has been under tremendous pressure to fall into line with this thinking, which claims that we only encourage […]

South Carolina man converts to Islam, plants explosives all over Anderson County

Yet another convert to Islam gets the idea that his new religion commands him to commit treason and mass murder. Despite the fact that this is a frequently occurring phenomenon, authorities have nowhere shown the slightest degree of interest in studying it. “Anderson man, who warned of jihad, sentenced to 30 years for using homemade […]

American envoy Richard Grenell compares Iran’s ‘anti-gay brutality’ to that of the Islamic State

U.S. Ambassador to Germany Richard Grenell “has drawn a parallel between the brutal violence perpetrated by the Islamic State terror group and that of Iran.” Grenell (who is gay) indicated that Iran’s ongoing policy of executing its citizens for the “crime” of being gay is similar to the atrocities committed by the Islamic State. The recent […]

VIDEO: Muslims convert homeless man to Islam, try to recruit him for jihad, threaten and assault him when he refuses

BY JOSHUA WINSTON  Muslims in the UK are preying on the homeless in order to radicalize them. This isn’t a new tactic. We already know that in Speakers’ Corner, gangs of Muslim males and females scour the park looking for lone individuals to befriend and gather into their fold. One young man I spoke to […]