TV star faces ‘racial vilification’ hearing for saying Muslim immigration should be stopped

High-profile TV star Sonia Kruger will face a directions hearing next month after failing to have a racial vilification complaint made against her dismissed. Many Westerners appear not to realize that democracy is finished once the freedom of speech is gone. The grounds used against Kruger: It is unlawful under the Anti-Discrimination Act for a […]

The Rape of My Daughter Mary by Miryam R.

It’s not easy being a mother. We’re not given instruction manuals when we give birth to our children. It’s even more complicated when one or more of your children have mental health complications. My youngest daughter Mary was diagnosed as having Asperger syndrome at around the age of 12. Since that first diagnosis, her behaviour […]

Trump nominates Ronald Mortensen to head State Department refugee program

Who is Ronald Mortensen? I had never heard of him, but CNN and other outlets call him an immigration hardliner, a “fellow” at the Center for Immigration Studies. Doing a quick scan of the Utah native’s writing at CIS, we see that he has mostly written about DACA and illegal alien issues, so his experience with the refugee […]

African migrants report slavery, torture in 99% Muslim Algeria

Muslim Arabs holding black slaves continues to this day in countries such as Mauritania and Sudan. Now: Dozens of Africans say they were sold for labour and trapped in slavery in Algeria in what aid agencies fear may be a widening trend of abusing migrants headed for a new life in Europe. Algeria is 99% Muslim. […]

The no-go zones I’ve seen around the world are coming to America

Source: Hopkins World, by Kathy, Earlier this month, I conducted a webinar under the auspices of The United West, talking about the No-Go Zones I’ve been to around the world, and the rise of de facto sharia law in my home, the UK. I warn[ed] that Americans need to face some hard truths, and wonder why Republicans […]

Somali refugee becomes first Lord Mayor of an English city

Over ten years ago I reported that an Imam was bragging in Saudi Arabia that America would be electing Muslim mayors in droves (30 by 2015, he said). His prediction has not materialized here so far, but it looks like the Hijrah is moving ahead at a rapid pace in the UK where the English people have […]

BLOWBACK: The Tommy Effect

Last Friday, Tommy Robinson became a political prisoner in “Soviet” England.  He was arrested during his live-stream reporting of the sentencing of rape gang who kept young girls as sex slaves.  Tommy was rushed to jail, and subsequently the UK government issued a media ban on the event. UK soon discovered it could silence the British […]

Ramadan in Afghanistan: Muslims murder man who made medal thanking Trump

Note the despicable New York Times headline and lead paragraph: it was “flattery of President Trump,” you see, not Qur’an-justified violence, that proved “fatal” for this man, as if it gave him some incurable disease. What really happened is that the Taliban murdered him, as the Times gets around to explaining only in the third […]

EU’s Plans to Punish Patriotic Eastern Nations Who Oppose Mass Muslim Migration

Like Hitler in his bunker, the EU is barking wild orders in its last gasp at far-left totalitarian control of the continent and the annihilation of freedom. EU UNVEILS PLANS FOR ‘DRASTIC’ FUNDING CUTS TO PATRIOTIC EASTERN NATIONS By Virginia Hale, Breitbart, May 30, 2018: PATRIOTIC VISEGRÁD NATIONS IN THE EAST WILL EACH SEE THEIR REGIONAL […]

VIDEO: How Islamic [sharia] law is creeping into the U.S.

Katie Hopkins of conducted a webinar hosted by The United West. Participants heard her firsthand account of the No-Go Zones from Sweden to Sicily; de facto Sharia in the U.K; and explained what Americans need to know to prevent similar situations in the U.S.  EDITORS NOTE: Get FREE updates from Katie at