Quebec Premier rejects calls for “anti-Islamophobia day”

The Premier of Quebec, Francois Legault, “says there will not be a day against Islamophobia in Quebec because according to him, it isn’t an issue.”  The “Islamophobia day” idea was in reaction to a mosque shooting in Quebec in January 2017. Alexandre Bissonnette pleaded guilty to six counts of first-degree murder. The shooting was found […]

VIDEO: Christianity and Islam — Two Visions of Humanity

On January 21, 2019, I had the honor of speaking at the Christian Rights and Freedom Institute in Naples, Florida, on the Muslim persecution of Christians. I explained why those Muslims who do persecute Christians actually think that when they do so, they’re doing something right and righteous.  EDITORS NOTE: This video is courtesy […]

Nation of Islam’s Farrakhan calls for ‘separate state for black Americans’

Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan called for a separate state for black Americans, saying that’s “what God wants” while those opposed he described as “slaves.” Even though America twice elected a black President, Farrakhan continues to spread his rabid hatred against America, hatred that reaches the ears of many indoctrinated and angry black youth. […]

Iran: Crowds screaming ‘Death to America’ and ‘Death to Israel’ mark 40th anniversary of Islamic revolution

A civilization based on rage and hate. “Crowds chant ‘death to Israel’ as Iran marks 40 years since Islamic Revolution,” Times of Israel, February 1, 2019 (thanks to The Religion of Peace): TEHRAN, Iran — Iran on Friday started celebrating the 40th anniversary of the country’s 1979 Islamic Revolution that toppled the US-backed shah, overturned 2,500 years […]

Australian Judge tells Muslims to publicly denounce ‘violent Koran’

Australian Justice Desmond Fagan says that “Muslims should publicly denounce ‘belligerent’ verses of the Koran that have been used by Islamic extremists to underpin terrorism.” He said this “while jailing two terror-plotters.” This judge is on the right track. Verses from the Quran and Hadiths underlay all the actions of Islamic supremacists and jihadists, who […]

Australian woman goes to Pakistan to be with her man, is raped, starved, and held prisoner

Lara Hall unwittingly entered a culture of violence that calls for the beating of disobedient women. The Qur’an says: “Men have authority over women because Allah has made the one superior to the other, and because they spend their wealth to maintain them. Good women are obedient. They guard their unseen parts because Allah has […]

Muslim migrant murders his sister’s lover because he was not Muslim

Islamic law forbids Muslim women to marry non-Muslim men. “And do not marry polytheistic women until they believe. And a believing slave woman is better than a polytheist, even though she might please you. And do not marry polytheistic men until they believe. And a believing slave is better than a polytheist, even though he […]

VIDEO: A New Debate and Teaching Method When Discussing Islam

I am always looking for better methods to educate and debate about political Islam that require little knowledge. This technique works for both apologists and devout Muslims. You choose something about Mohammed (or the Koran) that you find morally objectionable and ask if the person will condemn, reject or abjure the moral choice of what […]

Pope Francis changes tune, praises Sweden’s moratorium on immigration

Pope Francis has made it a personal duty to be defender of Islam, and less than a week ago, he stated that “fear of migrants is making us crazy.” Now the Pope has issued a new, astonishing statement, saying that “a ruler must use prudence, because prudence is the virtue of those who govern.” Yet this prudence has […]

Thousands of Muslims demand Nike withdraw Air Max trainers “that have Allah written on the sole”

In the past weeks, UK Muslims started a petition for a boycott of Marks and Spencer over toilet paper that enraged them because they claimed that the toilet paper featured the name of Allah. Then Hamas-linked CAIR pushed the cause of Muslim rage over Amazon featuring doormats with Quranic verses, and successfully got them withdrawn from sale. Then […]