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Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society Cries the Blues over Trump’s Low Refugee Admission Numbers

No, they are not alone, the other eight federal contractors have begun their anti-Trump chorus as the 6-month-mark in the fiscal year has been reached and they see that once again refugees (paying clients) admitted through the US Refugee Admissions Program will be low. (I reported the low number here last week.) Not surprisingly my alerts are filled with news stories […]

Virginia: Salvadoran ‘Dreamer’ Sentenced to Life in Prison for Rape/Murder of Muslim Teen

You might remember the story from June 2017, when a Muslim teen was beaten to death and the local Muslim community and its media mouthpieces were absolutely sure her death was the result of rampant Islamophobia, but as I said here at the time: …there is no Islamophobic Rightwing redneck American to blame here. Just a run […]

Local Refugee Offices Closing as Trump Administration Keeps Refugee Numbers Low

Of course there isn’t much to cheer about as you know tens of thousands of migrants are streaming across our southern border, most claiming they are refugees seeking asylum. Refugee admission numbers pale in comparison to the numbers coming across our border and claiming refugee status. The flow that has definitely slowed is the US Refugee […]

The Refugee Travel Loan Fraud

What is the world coming to? Yesterday we learned that the Southern Poverty Law Center could (fingers crossed!) implode and now The New York Times (The New York Times!) reports on the deep dark secret about travel loans to refugees that you pay for with your tax dollars. I first heard about the travel loans in 2007 and wrote about them […]

North Dakota: Somali Woman Charged with ‘Terrorizing’ Plays the Victim Card

Diversity is beautiful alert! Thanks to reader Michael for sending this news from Grand Forks, North Dakota’s Valley News Live that initially reported on the arrest of ‘new American’ Hawo Ahmed for threatening to use a large knife to terrorize people in her apartment complex parking lot. Ahmed (26) followed up by calling the station and saying (among other […]

Minnesota: Somali, New American, Arrested in Kidnapping of Journalist

But, the Somali “community” of Minneapolis doesn’t believe that Abdi Yusuf Hassanis guilty of the charges and they gathered at a Twin Cities Courthouse with their long-established mouthpiece Omar Jamalto proclaim his innocence. Hassan is most likely one of tens of thousands of Somalis welcomed by the federal government and US State Department resettlement contractors and placed […]

Convicted New England Pain Doctors had Ties to Egypt

“Mr. Aboshady helped Dr. Mashali operate one of the most dangerous pain management practices in Massachusetts.” – United States Attorney Andrew E. Lelling This story from The Global Dispatch looks to be directly quoting a Dept. of Justice press release.  The story is much worse than its title, New England Pain Management Physician Sentenced to Prison for False Billing […]