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International Day of Zero Tolerance for Female Genital Mutilation goes Largely Unnoticed

Did you know that February 6th was the ninth annual United Nations day of zero tolerance for the vile practice of female genital mutilation (sometimes referred to as cutting) perpetrated on girls and women worldwide, including in the US? ICE and the Department of Justice released a press statement recognizing the day.  Of course the UN wrote about […]

Somali Crime From Maine to Minnesota

Remember the story from last summer where roving gangs of Somali ‘youths’ got into a “brawl” with locals in the city park in Lewiston, Maine.  I wrote about it here. A local Maine man died after being hit by a brick. Breitbart also reported the news, but the story was written before Donald Giusti  died from his injuries. […]

Leftwing German Jews fuming because Jews who fear Islam have joined the political Rightwing

And, those Jews who fear the Muslim migration to Germany have done the unforgivable and formed a lobbying group with Germany’s AfD party (think of it as the Germany first! party). When Chancellor Merkel chose these new Germans her political fate was sealed, but did she seal Germany’s fate too? Invasion of Europe news….. From Religion News […]

Italy and Austria continue to stand up for their people in European migration crisis

Invasion of Europe news…. There is exciting news daily coming from Europe where leaders with backbones are emerging to try to stem the tide of migrants from the Middle East and Africa flooding the continent. First in Italy, Interior Minister Matteo Salvini is pushing back against France and Germany who want to send migrants back […]

Italy’s Salvini says Europe is importing African slave workers rather than having more children of their own….

….and all hell breaks lose! “The Luxembourg [foreign] minister declared this morning that we need migrants because Europe is ageing. I told him I instead work towards young Italians (and Europeans) returning to bringing children into the world, because we don’t want new slaves.” – Matteo Salvini Here is one version of the exchange in […]

REPORT: 2.2 Million Legal Immigrants from Muslim countries Admitted to the U.S. since 9/11

Daniel Horowitz has penned an excellent (and frightening) analysis of who is being admitted to the US through myriad legal programs (in addition to the usual refugee numbers that we know are way down in recent months). Conservative Review (hat tip: Cathy): Aimless fighting in Afghanistan — while we bring Afghanistan to our shores. Whoever thought […]

Somalis Lied at Every Turn to Obtain U.S. Refugee Status

The Arizona Daily Star has posted a very detailed report on what happened in court in Tucson with the government’s case against a husband and wife team who allegedly had some relationship with Islamic terror group al-Shabab in Africa. See my previous post here. Fraud, fraud and more fraud! So much for Obama’s extreme vetting. I’ve snipped just […]

Uzbek refugee sentenced to additional 20 years for attempted murder of prison warden

Fazliddin Kurbanov was already serving a sentence of 25 years on terrorism charges when he tried to kill the warden at California’s Victorville prison. The warden was seriously wounded and scarred for life from the improvised knife attack. Kurbanov is just one of many vetted refugees who have been found to have terrorist or criminal connections and […]