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REPORT: 2.2 Million Legal Immigrants from Muslim countries Admitted to the U.S. since 9/11

Daniel Horowitz has penned an excellent (and frightening) analysis of who is being admitted to the US through myriad legal programs (in addition to the usual refugee numbers that we know are way down in recent months). Conservative Review (hat tip: Cathy): Aimless fighting in Afghanistan — while we bring Afghanistan to our shores. Whoever thought […]

Somalis Lied at Every Turn to Obtain U.S. Refugee Status

The Arizona Daily Star has posted a very detailed report on what happened in court in Tucson with the government’s case against a husband and wife team who allegedly had some relationship with Islamic terror group al-Shabab in Africa. See my previous post here. Fraud, fraud and more fraud! So much for Obama’s extreme vetting. I’ve snipped just […]

Uzbek refugee sentenced to additional 20 years for attempted murder of prison warden

Fazliddin Kurbanov was already serving a sentence of 25 years on terrorism charges when he tried to kill the warden at California’s Victorville prison. The warden was seriously wounded and scarred for life from the improvised knife attack. Kurbanov is just one of many vetted refugees who have been found to have terrorist or criminal connections and […]

Minnesota: Muslims say they will show their power next week at Vikings stadium

“There’s been nothing else like this, promoted anywhere in the United States which is a message in and of itself.” –Minnesota resident Bob Carrillo But, it isn’t too late for Minnesotans and others to tell the powers-that-be at the US Bank Stadium that you object to the event—an event that celebrates the ritual slaughter of […]

Attorney General Sessions orders review of DOJ ties to the Southern Poverty Law Center

The New York Post editorial yesterday is entitled: The SPLC’s terrible year just got worse It’s been a rough year for the Southern Poverty Law Center — deservedly so. And it just got more difficult, thanks to Attorney General Jeff Sessions. The SPLC, formed in 1971 as an aggressive civil-rights nonprofit law firm, has become the left’s […]

Hungarian PM Orban Undertakes a Social Experiment that may save Western Civilization

“Who would have guessed that a constellation of formerly atheistic, Communist countries would become the vanguard of the family?” – Samuel Hammond writing at National Review. It isn’t just in Hungary either. In Poland and especially in Russia the push is on to encourage marriage and then the all important follow-up—more babies! Why? They want to […]

Italy wants more Italian babies and fewer migrants

When I read Mark Steyn’s disheartening ‘America Alone,‘ ten years ago, like Steyn, I saw no hope for Europeans to halt the steep population decline of their people.  Italians, Germans, French and Spaniards, etc. just weren’t having enough children to replace themselves while migrant population numbers were skyrocketing. For the first time since I started my ‘Invasion of Europe’ series I […]