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Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society joins with Islamic Supremacist Linda Sarsour’s MPower Change to protest SCOTUS decision on Muslim ban

“The Trump Administration has been an unrelenting 17 month assault against America’s values as a nation welcoming of immigrants and refugees.” – Mark Hetfield, CEO of the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society You all know what happened in the Supreme Court yesterday.  In a nutshell, the court affirmed that the President of the United States has the […]

Trump refugee admissions slowdown shows U.S. refugee program built on budgetary quicksand

The structure of the US Refugee Admissions Program as designed by then Senator Ted Kennedy (with his sidekick Joe Biden) and signed in to law by Jimmy Carter in March 1980 is crumbling (crumpling, whatever) and I want to know— Where is Congress? The original concept—non-profit groups being paid by the head to place refugees—is […]

Knife-wielding Somali refugee woman shot by Atlanta police, Islamic Supremacists says she was mentally impaired?

….and [she] was wearing a hijab, thus making her an even greater target for trigger happy police. Here we go again!  As Leo Hohmann says, here comes the Council on American Islamic Relations and the mental illness excuse!  What I want to know is, if so many of these violent Muslim refugees have mental problem, why weren’t they […]

Muslim Migrant Parents arrested for torturing teen daughter; father was an Iraqi interpreter for U.S.

There are dozens of reports in publications around the world about the case of a missing San Antonio teen, Maarib al-Hishmawi, now found alive and well in the care of an unnamed organization that protected her. She went into hiding because she didn’t want to go through with an arranged marriage (this is the United States!) […]