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CNN, MSNBC cover 50th anniversary of murder of RFK, never mentions assassin was a ‘Palestinian’

Imagine if the assassin had been Jewish (which, of course, is never the case), but let’s try: imagine CNN and MSNBC’s Hitleresque tirades. How many #Moronnials know RFK’s assassin was a “Palestinian”? I wager zip. CNN, MSNBC cover 50th anniversary of RFK assassination extensively, avoid mentioning that killer was “Palestinian” “To me, the explanation is […]

Iran arrests teenage girl over Instagram video of her dancing in bedroom without hijab

Once again, where are the feminists? Absolutely silent. To speak out in defense of Maedeh Hojabri would be “Islamophobic.”  “Iran arrests teenage girl over Instagram video of her dancing in bedroom,” by Maya Oppenheim, Independent, July 8, 2018: An Iranian teenage girl has been detained for posting videos of herself dancing in her bedroom on […]

Muslim migrant slits throat, stabs to death Belgian boy for protecting waitress

And the next wave cometh while the left elite in Europe (like America) obsesses over Donald Trump and criminalizes news sites and bloggers for mentioning the “ethnicity” of attackers in the great jihad on Europe. NORTH-AFRICAN MIGRANT STABS BELGIAN BOY TO DEATH FOR PROTECTING A WAITRESS Voice of Europe, June 30, 2018: The 19-year-old Jean-Francois was […]

Spanish students forced out of their houses to make room for Muslim migrants

The Spanish authorities have here made their priorities clear. They would rather inundate their nation with Muslim migrants — from this ship that was rejected by Italy’s new patriotic government — rather than take care of their own people. The implications for Spain’s future, and Europe’s in general, are obvious. Spanish authorities are going to […]

WATCH THIS VIDEO: Killing Europe

This eye-opening documentary tells the truth about what is happening in Europe — the truth not only that the political and media elites don’t tell you, but that they don’t even want you to know. The film’s producer, Michael Hansen, has faced roadblock after roadblock in getting this film out. Now he has decided to […]

Amazon selling jihad recruitment material and bomb-making manual on next day delivery

Amazon bans use of its AmazonSmile charitable program to charities that aren’t leftist. Its CEO, Jeff Bezos, has contributed millions to leftist causes. And so it’s no surprise that this material would be sold by Amazon. The left consistently downplays and denies the reality of the global jihad, and echoes the jihadis’ claim that they’re just reacting […]

VIDEO: Tommy Robinson arrested, gets 13 months for livestreaming outside Muslim rape gang trial

The British judge has imposed a gag order on this case, resulting in numerous mainstream media outlets taking down their stories, as the British government doubles down in its war against the freedom of speech. But according to a report from inside Britain, Tommy has been sentenced for 13 months in prison for violating the terms of […]

Islamizing the Schools: The Case of West Virginia

This is an outrage, but it is common nationwide: the Daily Caller News Foundation reports that Mountain Ridge Middle School in West Virginia is “instructing junior high students to write the Islamic profession of faith ostensibly to practice calligraphy.” Students are made to write out the Shahada, which states: “There is no god but Allah, and Muhammad […]