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Canadian Student whose throat was slashed by Muslim who believed Qur’an wanted him to kill sues school

“Almestadi’s trial heard he knocked on the 19-year-old’s door, slit her throat and started choking her before other students pulled him off. A court found the teen not criminally responsible because he was suffering from a psychotic episode in which he believed the Qur’an had sent him a message to kill Hare.” Did he really […]

Knife-wielding Muslim on Paris metro screams, ‘I’m Muslim, I’ll kill all the Catholics’

“His threats caused great panic,” for which he will expect a reward from Allah, who commands Muslims to “strike terror in the enemies of Allah” (Qur’an 8:60). But for Parisians, it’s just the price they pay for living in a vibrantly diverse, multicultural city. Dissenters will be branded “Islamophobes” and shunned by all decent people. […]

Muslim mob brutally attacks Christians in Greek refugee camp – even children were threatened

No doubt these Muslim “refugees” will become loyal, stable, productive citizens of the European nations in which they ultimately settle, and only greasy Islamophobes would think otherwise, right? Right? “Greece: Muslim mob brutally attacks Christians in refugee camp – Even children were threatened,” Voice of Europe, July 8, 2018: Several Iranian Christians have been brutally attacked […]

VIDEO: Muslim migrant beheads 1-year-old girl in Hamburg, Merkel ordered media blackout

We reported on this incident back in April, translating a German report, since the English-language media didn’t find this incident newsworthy. But at that time, the fact of the beheading was not being reported, and now the German authorities have apparently banned all reporting on the incident. Anything to keep as many Germans as possible […]

The History of Jihad: “A Priceless Opportunity to See Jihad in Practice”

“If history is to inform, then this is great history.” Chris Salcedo is a nationally recognized radio talk-show host heard on WBAP in Dallas, Texas, and KSEV in Houston, Texas. He is the author of the book “Liberty Rises” and the executive director of the Conservative Hispanic Society. Here he reviews my new book The History of Jihad From […]