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Muslim who slashed 78 car tires now makes profane threats against Catholic and Canadian public school boards

When Ahmad Zafar was arrested for slashing the tires, I wrote: Slashing one and you may have some personal vendetta against the owner of the car. But 78 car tires? People falsely accuse Jihad Watch of putting up accounts of any crime when committed by a Muslim, even when the perpetrator’s Islamic faith is tangential to […]

Islamic State encourages Muslims in ‘butchering and bayonet,’ telling them to ‘trust in Allah’

The Islamic State continues to couch all its exhortations to violence in Islamic terms. Western law enforcement and intelligence officials continue to ignore this or downplay its significance. “ISIS Supporters Encourage ‘Easier Ways’ for Fellow Jihadists, Like ‘Butchering and Bayonet,’” by Bridget Johnson, PJ Media, November 16, 2018 (thanks to The Religion of Peace): Lone jihadists are […]

Sharia manual preaching jihad warfare and hostage taking found in airport prayer room

What could possibly go wrong? It’s a religion of peace! “‘It could certainly radicalise someone’: Muslim imam discovers Sharia law book preaching jihad and hostage taking in Melbourne airport Islamic prayer room,” by Stephen Johnson, Daily Mail Australia, November 15, 2018: A Muslim imam has discovered a Sharia law book advocating jihad and hostage taking in […]

VIDEO: Janet Jackson’s Surrender to Sharia

In this new Jamie Glazov Moment, Jamie discusses Janet Jackson’s Surrender to Sharia, where he unveils a sad and tragic betrayal at the MTV Europe Music Awards.  EDITORS NOTE: This video with images originally appeared on Jihad Watch. The featured image of Janet Jackson is from Facebook. Subscribe to the Glazov Gang‘s YouTube Channel and follow us on Twitter: @JamieGlazov. Please donate through our Pay Pal account. And pre-order Jamie’s new […]

Muslim Rep. Ilhan Omar admits she supports BDS, after saying it was ‘not helpful’ before election

The BDS movement is frankly neo-Nazi in its goals, as the Nazis staged nationwide boycotts of Jewish-owned businesses early in the life of the Third Reich. So Ilhan Omar had every reason to distance herself from this movement before the election. But now Representative Omar has nothing to lose. “Muslim Trailblazer Ilhan Omar Admits She […]

California: Muslim found with rifle, Qur’an, and book on terrorism, DA cries ‘racism’ and ‘Islamophobia’

The San Francisco Chronicle here makes the story all about how Assistant District Attorney Matthew Golde was so “racist” and “Islamophobic” as to mention that Dajon Ford had a Qur’an, a book on the psychology of terrorism, and a sawed-off rifle. But Golde rightly explained: “I brought out everything that was there and the judge […]