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Egypt: Actress could get five years prison for wearing see-through dress that showed her legs

The outrageously draconian prospective sentence here stems from the assumption that men have no responsibility whatsoever to control themselves, and that women must dress modestly in order to remove the source of temptation from them. If men are tempted, it is the woman’s responsibility and the woman’s fault, and she must be punished. And Leftists […]

Germany: Muslim migrant screaming ‘Allahu Akbar’ and waving hatchet threatens people at Christmas market

“According to police the man is a 38-year-old foreign citizen from Bornhagen, who was heavily intoxicated.” Merkel’s regime is so globalist and internationalist, or else so suicidal, that it is more likely, in reaction to this event, to ban alcoholic beverages or outlaw hatchets than to reexamine its policies regarding mass Muslim migration. “Allahu Akbar […]

CAIR official Zahra Billoo mocks Muslims in U.S. military after praising jihad terrorists

“The U.S. Air Force formally granted Staff Sgt. Abdul Rahman Gaitan a religious waiver to don a beard in service. Gaitan is the first Muslim airman to receive such an accommodation. In response, Billoo mocked Muslims serving in the U.S. military, sarcastically tweeting: ‘Great news, MashaAllah [according to God’s will]. You can now rock your Sunnah […]

U.S. House passes legislation to aid Christian and Yazidi genocide victims in Iraq and Syria

Good to see that this initiative wasn’t decried as “Islamophobic.” “Smith Bill to Help Christian Genocide Victims in Iraq and Syria,” Shore News Network, November 28, 2018: WASHINGTON, D.C.— Rep. Chris Smith’s (R-NJ) legislation to provide humanitarian relief to genocide victims in Iraq and Syria, and hold ISIS perpetrators accountable—HR 390, the Iraq and Syria Genocide Relief […]

Netherlands: Labour Party opposed anti-Semitism definition to woo Muslims

Welcome to the new, multicultural Europe. “Chief rabbi says Dutch Labour Party opposed an anti-Semitism definition to woo Muslims,” JTA, November 30, 2018: AMSTERDAM (JTA) — Dutch Chief Rabbi Binyomin Jacobs said he was “shocked” that the Labour Party rejected a motion calling for the adoption of a definition of anti-Semitism, saying its vote aimed to […]

Belgium faces ‘persistent terror threat’ and a ‘wave of jihadism’ from Muslims recruited in prison

There is extensive jihad recruitment going on in prisons all over the West, yet neither Belgium nor any other Western country would dream of confronting this problem at its roots. In prison the beliefs that incite Muslims to jihad violence are not refuted or even acknowledged; instead, they’re only reinforced. Muslim prisoners are given Qur’ans […]

Catholic priest: ‘Islam is not a religion of peace. Dialogue is useless unless the Quran changes.’

Pope Francis is not going to be happy about this. Here is an English version of an article from the Italian newspaper La Verità: an interview with a Roman Catholic priest, Fr. Mario Alexis Portella, who is apparently the only Roman Catholic priest in Italy who has the clearsightedness and/or courage to speak honestly about […]