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“It’s time to stop discussing racism and Islamophobia and time to start discussing the rape of Britain’s children”

On the 17th December 2018, hosted by Lord Pearson in the House of Lords, the #1400 Campaign was launched to help the survivors of the rape gangs blighting Great Britain. A number of speeches and harrowing testimonies were given, and here is a transcript of the speech delivered by AltNewsMedia’s Shazia Hobbs. #The1400Campaign HOUSE OF […]

Why UK police and media hounded and persecuted an innocent couple over airport drones they had nothing to do with

There were 67 drone sightings at London’s Gatwick Airport. Police have denied rumors that are spreading today that there were no drones. But no one knows who sent the drones. However, the British police and media did all they could to destroy the lives of Paul Gait and Elaine Kirk over these drones. Here are some of […]

Ohio: Muslim who attacked man while screaming “I want to kill all the Jews” convicted of hate crime

The Qur’an depicts the Jews as inveterately evil and bent on destroying the well-being of the Muslims. They are the strongest of all people in enmity toward the Muslims (5:82); they fabricate things and falsely ascribe them to Allah (2:79; 3:75, 3:181); they claim that Allah’s power is limited (5:64); they love to listen to […]

Denmark’s migration minister tells Somali Muslims: “Return home and rebuild the country from which you came”

Denmark has admitted many Muslim migrants, but it is also trying to preserve its culture. It has “introduced a series of integration programmes to stop non-Western migrants ghettosing in the Scandinavian peninsula, including telling migrants in high-ethnic neighbourhoods that their children must attend daycare from the age of one to learn Danish values or the […]

Twitter now enforcing Pakistan’s blasphemy law

Remember when Barack Obama took control of the Internet away from the United States and gave it to an international organization, the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN)? Conservatives warned then that giving control of the primary means of communication to an international body could threaten the freedom of speech, and they were derided as hysterical. But […]

Reporter accuses ‘young Trump supporters’ including Charlie Kirk and Candace Owens of calling all Muslims ‘radical’

Note the title below: “Young Trump supporters told they need to fight terrorism on college campuses by ‘exposing Islam’ because all Muslims are ‘radical.” Then note the first line of the report: “Students attending a conservative conference on Thursday were told they needed to ‘expose Islam’ for the ‘ugly thing’ it is.” Both lines have different […]

Morocco: Muslims who murdered Scandinavian girls say killings were ‘Allah’s will,’ victims were ‘enemies of Allah’

Not that this has anything to do with… “This morning, Denmark’s prime minister said the killings can be considered ‘politically motivated and thus an act of terror’. Lars Loekke Rasmussen said that ‘there are still dark forces that want to fight our values’ and ‘we must not give in.’” But we don’t dare identify what […]