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Bernie Sanders hires Muslim campaign manager who ‘had repeatedly attacked the Jewish State’

On the heels of Bernie Sanders’ announcement about his bid for the Dem nomination in the 2020 presidential race, he has hired “veteran Democratic operative Faiz Shakir,” a man deemed to be a “Progressive Superstar”. A bit about this “superstar’s” background: Shakir has served as national political director to the American Civil Liberties Union since early 2017. […]

In Muslim Rep. Ilhan Omar’s district, “Taliban” and other gangs run wild, Somali Muslims don’t talk to police

They don’t talk to the police because they don’t trust them, because the police are not Muslims. The Qur’an teaches that Muslims are “the best of people” (3:110) and non-Muslims are “the most vile of created beings” (98:6). But no one will admit that is the cause, and so the police keep trying “outreach” programs […]

Bernie Sanders Stands with Muslims, But Do They Stand with Him?

“Bernie Sanders on Ilhan Omar: ‘We Will Stand By Our Muslim Brothers and Sisters’: But will they stand by him?” My latest in FrontPage: Jewish Insider reported Thursday: SCOOP: HEARD LAST NIGHT — Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) on a conference call hosted by Jim Zogby, Co-Chair of the DNC’s Ethnic Council, when asked about the controversy over Rep. […]

After claiming AIPAC buys politicians, Rep. Ilhan Omar to speak for Hamas-linked CAIR, which has given her thousands

Consistency? Honesty? Integrity? Those are for the common folk, not for the elites. “Money in politics? Ilhan Omar will fly to LA for fundraiser with … terror-tied CAIR,” by Jordan Schachtel, Conservative Review, February 13, 2019: Newly elected Rep. Ilhan Omar will jet off to Los Angeles next month to keynote a fundraiser for the Council […]

Ohio: Muslim charged with plotting jihad massacre in Cleveland wanted to behead President Trump’s children

His statements about Trump show that after Abdur Raheem Rafeeq gets out of prison, he has a bright future ahead of him as a Democratic Congressman. “Man who allegedly planned Cleveland terror attack indicted for threatening to kill Trump and family,” by Drew Scofield, 23ABCNews, February 13, 2019: A Maple Heights, Ohio man who was previously […]

Bernie Sanders on Muslim Rep. Ilhan Omar’s anti-Semitic tweets: ‘We will stand by our Muslim brothers and sisters’

Questions for Bernie: Yes, but will they stand by you, when the chips are down? Remember the Communist Tudeh Party in Iran, which supported Khomeini and the Islamic Revolution, only to be banned and persecuted by the Khomeini regime. If a first-term Jewish Congresswoman had posted a series of tweets criticizing jihad mass murder and […]

“Are you serious? What’s wrong with you?”: Ilhan Omar yells at reporter who asked about her anti-Semitic tweets

The reporter was from CNN, so she was probably astounded that he wasn’t behaving as her adoring sycophant. “Omar Snaps at CNN Reporter for Asking More Questions About Anti-Semitic Tweet Controversy,” by David Rutz, Washington Free Beacon, February 13, 2019: Rep. Ilhan Omar (D., Minn.) grew angry with CNN reporter Manu Raju on Wednesday after he […]