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The Hoax of the ‘Palestinians’

How Arafat and the KGB invented a nationality to change the debate over Israel. My latest in PJ Media: (Note: Most of this article is an exclusive excerpt from Robert Spencer’s new book, The History of Jihad From Muhammad to ISIS. All quotes are sourced in the book.) Muslim congressional candidate Rashida Tlaib (D-MI) celebrated her primary […]

Woman given complimentary glass of wine on Emirates flight, then arrested in Dubai for drinking it

“Radha Stirling, Detained in Dubai’s chief executive, said it is ‘wholly illegal for any tourist to have any level of alcohol in their blood, even if consumed in flight and provided by Dubai’s own airline.’” That sounds like a Sharia trap just waiting to be sprung. “Mom detained in Dubai after drinking complimentary glass of […]

New Mexico: 11 children found in ‘filthy’ compound with heavily armed Muslim ‘extremists’

Jihad in the U.S. What were they heavily armed for? We were going to find out the hard way. “Moms arrested after 11 children found in ‘filthy’ New Mexico compound with armed Muslim ‘extremists,’ cops say,” by Katherine Lam, Fox News, August 6, 2018: The three mothers of the 11 malnourished children found living in a […]

VIDEO: Tommy Robinson abused in prison, ‘What they tried to do was mentally destroy me’

Watch this video. The treatment of Tommy Robinson in prison was unconscionable, and consistent with the British government’s determination to crush all resistance to its program of mass Muslim migration and capitulation to Sharia supremacists. The treatment of Tommy Robinson in prison was police state tactics. Meanwhile, the establishment media defames him as “far-right” and […]

Border patrol apprehends four Muslims from Bangladesh illegally crossing into U.S.

Why are they entering the country that way? It isn’t hard to understand. The Investigative Project reported in January 2017: “A report by the Texas Department of Public Safety raises concerns about ISIS terrorists using the Mexican border both to enter and leave the country. It noted that at least 13 aspiring terrorists have tried to cross into Mexico, or considered […]

Muslim threatens to murder Tommy Robinson and attack his wife with acid

“Earlier this week his appeal was delayed, with Dein arguing there had been procedural ‘deficiencies’ giving rise to ‘prejudice’ during his sentencing….Which specific parts of the contempt laws Robinson had broken were also not revealed, Dein said. ‘The proceedings were unnecessarily and unjustifiably rushed. They were conducted in haste,’ he argued.” Meanwhile, would authorities be this […]

UK: Franklin Graham Festival of Hope ads banned over Graham’s “islamophobic” comments

Church leaders in Blackpool have criticised what they describe as an “astonishing” decision to ban bus adverts promoting an evangelistic event which will see Franklin Graham preach a gospel message……In an open letter, the church leaders said: “Because the Christian community is also a customer, we hope Blackpool Transport will listen to our public feedback […]