Ohio University Student from Oman Indicted in Rape/Kidnapping Case

Diversity is beautiful alert!

This story is from December, but I’m writing about it for several reasons (thanks to reader Anne Marie for sending it).

First I see that the story never made it to any news outside the state of Ohio. Why is that? I have a good guess!

But, more interesting to me is that the story says he is scheduled for trial this month (February), but I can’t find another word about the case.

Mohammed Al-Mashrafi 

If someone has a few minutes to dig, help me find out if Mohammed Al-Mashrafi is scheduled for trial this month, was the case postponed, or did he post bail and skip the country?

From Dayton Daily News,

Ohio University student indicted in rape case

An Ohio University student was indicted on nine charges, including rape, kidnapping, gross sexual imposition and menacing by stalking.

Mohammed Al-Mashrafi was arrested earlier this month by Athens police.

Athens County Prosecutor Keller Blackburn said Al-Mashrafi is accused of stalking multiple women in and around Athens, including by social media, our partners, CBS affiliate WBNS-TV in Columbus reported.

“Al-Mashrafi is further accused of vising (sic) a local spa where he was observed fondling himself and, upon being asked to leave, refused to pay for his services and ultimately left without paying. On Dec. 5, 2018, Al-Mashrafi’s behavior escalated and he is alleged to have held a female against her will and forcing himself on her sexually,” Blackburn said.


Blackburn said Al-Mashrafi, who had a bond set at $5 million, is in the United States on a student visa from Oman. A trial date is scheduled for February.

Search Mohammed Al-Mashrafi and see that stories about his indictment were pretty widespread in Ohio at the time.

Gee, I wonder if this guy will be in that diversity-is-beautiful propaganda film being made in Ohio, the one that inspired me to write this blog!

question markWhere is Mohammed now?  Help me find out!

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Bernie Sanders on Muslim Rep. Ilhan Omar’s anti-Semitic tweets: ‘We will stand by our Muslim brothers and sisters’

Questions for Bernie:

  1. Yes, but will they stand by you, when the chips are down? Remember the Communist Tudeh Party in Iran, which supported Khomeini and the Islamic Revolution, only to be banned and persecuted by the Khomeini regime.
  2. If a first-term Jewish Congresswoman had posted a series of tweets criticizing jihad mass murder and Sharia oppression of women, gays, and others, how many seconds would it have taken you to withdraw your support from her and denounce her?
  3. Why doesn’t Ilhan Omar’s retailing of anti-Semitic conspiracy theories bother you? Aren’t you aware of how these conspiracy theories have been used to incite violence against Jews?

Rep. Ilhan Omar

“Daily Kickoff: Rep. Ilhan Omar vs. Elliott Abrams | Why Howard Schultz keeps a stone from Auschwitz on his desk | Annie Leibovitz’s early years,” Jewish Insider, February 14, 2019

SCOOP: HEARD LAST NIGHT — Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) on a conference call hosted by Jim Zogby, Co-Chair of the DNC’s Ethnic Council, when asked about the controversy over Rep. Ilhan Omar’s tweets about AIPAC: “I talked to Ilhan last night to give her my personal support. We will stand by our Muslim brothers and sisters.”

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Trump calls on anti-Semitic Muslim Rep. Ilhan Omar to resign, calls her non-apology ‘lame’

If the Left and the establishment media had any standards of decency whatsoever at this point, Omar would be long ago. The Republican establishment likewise has been unaccountably silent. Only President Trump has had the courage to speak up and tell the truth about this.

Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN)

“Now Trump says new Rep. Ilhan Omar should RESIGN and calls her ‘unequivocal’ apology ‘lame’ after Democratic leaders blasted lawmaker for using ‘anti-Semitic tropes,’” by Geoff Earle, Dailymail.com, February 12, 2019:

President Donald Trump turned up the pressure on Democratic Rep. Ilhan Omar Tuesday, demanding the first-term lawmaker resign over her Twitter comments that many of her own colleagues called anti-Semitic.

‘I think she should either resign from congress or she should certainly resign from the House Foreign Affairs Committee,’ Trump said – stoking a controversy that prompted senior Democrats and party leaders blasting Omar’s comments about Israel.

Speaking at the top of a meeting with his cabinet, Trump said Omar’s comments were ‘deep seeded in her heart.’ He also called her apology, issued Monday after the entire Democratic leadership issued a statement condemning her comments, ‘lame.’

Omar apologized ‘unequivocally,’ she said. But she added: ‘At the same time, I reaffirm the problematic role lobbyists in our politics, whether it be AIPAC, the NRA or the fossil fuel industry.’

One of the tweets that drew criticism was her one word tweet: ‘AIPAC!’ which referenced the powerful American Israel PAC. She also tweeted ‘all about the Benjamins’ – in comments colleagues said made it seem Israel supporters adopted their positions for cash.

Trump’s determination to tee off on the issue was revealed on the bottom of his hand-written notes. They said: in all capital letters that ‘Congresswoman Omar should be asked to resign or at least get off the Foreign Affairs Committee.’

Trump also weighed in on the controversy swirling around Rep. Ilhan Omar Monday night, saying the first-term lawmaker ‘should be ashamed of herself’ for her ‘all about the Benjamins’ comment.

‘I think she should be ashamed of herself. I think it was a terrible statement. And I don’t think her apology was adequate, the president told reporters aboard Air Force Once en route to a Texas campaign rally….

RELATED ARTICLE: Muslim Rep. Ilhan Omar keeps place on Foreign Affairs Committee despite her anti-Semitism

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Israel: ‘Palestinian’ mosque employee murders 19-year-old woman because she was Jewish

And the UN will condemn…Israel.

Ori Ansbacher

“Palestinian suspect arrested in murder of young woman in Jerusalem forest,” i24 News, February 7, 2019:

Israeli police and security forces arrested a Palestinian man in connection with the murder of a 19-year-old woman from a West Bank settlement, whose lifeless body was found in the Jerusalem forest on Thursday night with multiple stab wounds.

According to local media reports, the suspect confessed to the murder during his interrogation with Israeli security forces.

Identified as Arafat Irfaiya, the 29-year-old suspect from the flashpoint city of Hebron was arrested in the city of Ramallah in the West Bank.

“The interrogation of the suspect is ongoing and is focused in particular on the motives for the murder,” Israel’s Shin Bet intelligence service said….

Around 200 demonstrators gathered in Tel Aviv’s Rabin Square on Saturday evening to protest the murder. Crowds at the event lashed out at Prime Minister Netanyahu for what they called a lax response to terror.

Throughout the day, far-right ministers called for retribution and the imposition of the death penalty.

According to an Israeli Police statement Saturday evening, “On Thursday morning, Arafat left his home in Hebron with a knife and made his way to the village of Beit Jala. Arafat walked towards the forest where he noticed Ori and then attacked and murdered her.”

The suspect was reportedly arrested several times in the past for entering Israel illegal carrying a knife.

IDF troops raided two residential buildings before finding the suspect in the Jamal Abdel Nasser Mosque, where he was an employee, according to Palestinian Authority news outlet Wafa. According to the report, Israeli forces collected video surveillance from the mosque and surrounding neighborhood security cameras.

Following the raid, local residents reportedly threw rocks at IDF troops in what developed into small clashes which left two Palestinians lightly injured, according to the Palestinian Red Crescent….

Ori Ansbacher, who had been reported missing Thursday, was found in the Ein Yael forest several hours later with “signs of violence” on her body, Times of Israel quoted police and medical staff as saying.

Four Palestinians were arrested shortly after the body was found, local media reported, but police refused to comment further on details after a gag order was imposed on their investigation, which is being co-conducted in cooperation with Israel’s Shin Bet security service. They were reportedly released without charge, according to local reports.

Initially investigators at the scene reported that the event was being handled as a criminal incident rather than terror related….

Earlier, local reports said that investigators had made a “significant breakthrough” in the case, with Channel 13 stating that police believe the most likely motive for the killing of the woman was “nationalistic”, as searches were also being carried out in the West Bank….

“This was a shocking and heinous murder, a murder out of blind hatred of a 19-year-old girls because she was Jewish. There is no room for these scum on earth. Today, more than ever, it is clear that the demand of Yisrael Beiteinu (party) for terrorists to be sentenced to death is justified,” Avigdor Liberman, Chairman of Yisrael Beieinu and former defense minister, said on Saturday….

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Two Canadian ISIS Brides Followed Sharia

Okay, okay, that is not a surprise, but what is a surprise is that CNN is reporting it and using the word “sharia.”  

If Pamela Geller, Robert Spencer, or Frank Gaffney uttered the following words, cries of “Islamophobia” would be screamed from the roof tops by the likes of Linda Sarsour!

Ben Wedeman, in a CNN story this morning, reports of his interviews with two Canadian women who followed their men to Syria because of Islamic law.

Women of the Caliphate
Women of the caliphate speak!

Canadian women emerge from ISIS’s crumbling caliphate

The first woman quoted is Dura Ahmed, 28, originally from Toronto, Canada:

“Did you hear about the slaughter of Yezidis, of Yezidi women being enslaved?” I asked.

“When I came here, I heard. I haven’t seen one, but…” Her answer trailed off with a nervous laugh. “Well, having slaves is part of Sharia,” she finally ventured. “I believe in Sharia, wherever Sharia is. We must follow whoever is implementing the way, the law.”

The second woman is a 34-year-old from Alberta, Canada:

She, too, came to Syria at her husband’s bidding.

“He’s like, ‘it’s obligatory for you to come here. You have no choice, and as your husband I’m telling you to come here.’ And as a Muslim wife you have to obey, even though it was really hard for me to do it.” She takes a deep sigh. “I had to.”

Like Dura, she claims she knew nothing about ISIS or Syria before she made the journey here.

Not that it matters, but the woman from Alberta’s first husband (the one who insisted she come to Syria) was killed in the fighting and then she took another husband who also was killed in the fighting.

Read it all here.  Will Canada be welcoming home its wayward women?

I shouldn’t get too excited that there could be a few truths sneaking into reports from the likes of CNN!

question markIf you see more bits of news that might indicate a diversion from the Leftwing orthodoxy on Islam, immigration, etc. would you send a link my way?  Let me know if you hear the word “sharia” on Fox News or any cable news network!

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Saudi Shi’ite Muslim asks mother if she is Shia, then beheads her 6-year-old son

“When you meet the unbelievers, strike the necks” (Qur’an 47:4)

Sunnis consider Shi’ites to be unbelievers, and have attacked them frequently throughout Islam’s 1400-year history. But there is no reason to be concerned about this: Saudi authorities are claiming that the cab driver is “mentally ill.” They likely picked up that idea from Western authorities, who have been routinely claiming that jihadis are mentally ill for years now.

“Taxi driver hauls boy, six, from cab then ‘beheads’ him with shard of glass as his screaming mother fought to save him in Saudi Arabia,” by Dianne Apen-Sadler, Mailonline, February 9, 2019 (thanks to Mick):

A six-year-old boy was reportedly beheaded with a shard of glass as his mother desperately tried to save him in Saudi Arabia.

Zakaria Al-Jaber was in a taxi with his mother on their way to the shrine of Prophet Muhammad in Medina when the driver stopped the car and forced the boy out.

He dragged him to an area near a coffee shop in the Al-Tilal neighborhood, before smashing a glass bottle, reports TMV.

The taxi driver slit his throat with a shard of glass before stabbing him repeatedly as both his mother and a nearby police officer attempted to stop the brutal attack.

It is not known why the driver attacked the boy, but Saudi officials have reportedly claimed he was suffering from mental health issues.

Shia Rights Watch have claimed the boy was killed on Thursday in an act of sectarian violence.

The group said that an unknown man had asked the mother if she was Shia moments before the attack happened….

Shia Rights Watch, whose headquarters are in Washington D.C., said the beheading must be addressed ASAP….

South Carolina man converts to Islam, plants explosives all over Anderson County

Yet another convert to Islam gets the idea that his new religion commands him to commit treason and mass murder. Despite the fact that this is a frequently occurring phenomenon, authorities have nowhere shown the slightest degree of interest in studying it.

Wesley Dallas Ayers, 27.

“Anderson man, who warned of jihad, sentenced to 30 years for using homemade explosives,” by Daniel J. Gross, Anderson Independent Mail, February 8, 2019:

An Anderson man who pledged allegiance to the Islamic State has been sentenced for using weapons of mass destruction after authorities found several homemade explosive devices around Anderson County.

Wesley Dallas Ayers, 27, was sentenced to more than 30 years in federal prison and five years of supervised release after previously pleading guilty, the U.S. Attorney’s Office announced Friday.

Ayers admitted that he constructed and placed three explosive devices in various parts of Anderson County between Jan. 24, 2018 and Feb. 24, 2018, according to a statement from the U.S. Attorney’s Office.

Ayers pledged allegiance to the Islamic State in letters and warned of a jihad, according to investigators’ testimony in a federal court hearing before he pleaded guilty.

One of the devices, placed at the intersection of Travis and Martin roads in Anderson County, detonated and injured one person, according to the U.S. Attorney’s Office.

The other two devices were located and intercepted by law enforcement before they caused any harm.

Three hoax devices were also placed around Anderson County that resembled explosives but were not. In some devices, Ayers left notes indicating that more powerful devices were to come, according to the statement.

His arrest came after a month-long investigation with the Federal Bureau of Investigation; the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives; the Anderson County Sheriff’s Office and various other law enforcement agencies.

Authorities searched Ayers’ property that showed items consistent with the manufacturing of explosive devices.

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VIDEO: Muslims convert homeless man to Islam, try to recruit him for jihad, threaten and assault him when he refuses


Muslims in the UK are preying on the homeless in order to radicalize them. This isn’t a new tactic. We already know that in Speakers’ Corner, gangs of Muslim males and females scour the park looking for lone individuals to befriend and gather into their fold. One young man I spoke to was approached, while he was homeless, by a gang of Muslim men. They befriended him, took him under their wing, and he felt as if they cared about him and that he had found some friends for the first time in his life.

The young man’s name is William Quinn. William was living in a heavily Muslim-populated town. He was spotted by Muslims, and they promised him that if he converted to Islam, they would get him a job, a phone, and give him some money. They promised that they could arrange a wedding for him and his partner, and assured him that his life would be so much better. It was an offer a young homeless man could hardly refuse. William was neglected as a child and had never had much in life. At first, he thought he would just go along with the offer of free stuff, but it wasn’t long before he started really buying into the ideas they were selling him. They moved him into a house in another heavily Muslim-populated area, where he started attending Islamic events in which everyone would sing to and praise Allah. The Muslims wouldn’t let William claim benefits, and they controlled every aspect of his life. They had him believe that his current situation of neglect and despair was Allah’s plan for him. Essentially, if he hadn’t been neglected as a child, and if he hadn’t suffered such hardship and abuse, then he would still be with his parents and he would still be a Christian. His hardship, they claimed, was Allah’s plan for him in order for him to find his way to Islam.

Having known the semblance of a good life for the first time in his life, William started to believe what the Muslims were telling him and he started, by his own admission, to really get into Islamic teachings. He started to become a fundamental Muslim, attending mosque five times per day, learning Arabic, and wearing only traditional Islamic religious garb. He also found himself surrounding himself only with Muslims and distancing himself from non-Muslims entirely. It wasn’t long, however, before the police became involved with William’s online doings. He was making extreme posts on social media, and was considered to be a potential threat to the public.

The next thing the Muslims offered him was to get him a passport and send him on a holiday to Turkey. We see that Turkey is a gateway to Syria, and lots of Brits have used this route in order to go and join ISIS. The police intervention seemed to be a wake-up call to William, and he attempted to engage the Muslims in dialogue, telling them that he thought they were trying to radicalize him. At this point, the death threats started. From being his best mates, with his best intentions at heart, and with promises of giving him a better life, the Muslims suddenly turned on William. Fearing for his safety, William had to contact social services and relocate to another town, again heavily populated with Muslims. William comes from a part of the UK which is known for rape gangs and corrupt Muslim politicians and Muslim drug dealers. These town are spread all across the North West. And even in the new town that he moved to, he had to keep up the pretense of being a Muslim for his own safety, even although he had renounced Islam and was working with the police in order for his life to be made safer.

Muslims then started making fake social media accounts with his name and face on them, attempting to get him into trouble with the police and with other violent Muslims. It should also be noted that William attended the Nelson Muhammad Masjid, which is where the Muslim who plotted to kill Prince George worshiped. Jihadist Sheikhs gave talks at this mosque, and William recounts a tale where a Muslim youth group openly bragged about squandering the £6 million they had raised for victims of flooding in 2016. William is now facing homelessness again, but he is glad to be away from Islam. Since leaving Islam, he has had his house broken into, and was severely beaten by two intruders. He was also run over by a car, leaving him with scarring to the face. Coincidence? William has no regrets about leaving Islam, and his advice to other vulnerable people who are approached by Muslims offering them help is to simply say, “no, thank you.”

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Muslim migrant murders his sister’s lover because he was not Muslim

Islamic law forbids Muslim women to marry non-Muslim men.

“And do not marry polytheistic women until they believe. And a believing slave woman is better than a polytheist, even though she might please you. And do not marry polytheistic men until they believe. And a believing slave is better than a polytheist, even though he might please you. Those invite to the Fire, but Allah invites to Paradise and to forgiveness, by His permission. And He makes clear His verses to the people that perhaps they may remember.” (Qur’an 2:221)

Danke, Merkel!

“Syrian shoots his sister’s lover,” translated from “Syrer erschießt Liebhaber seiner Schwester,” Bild, January 28, 2019 (thanks to Searchlight Germany):

Salzgitter – Did he die because he had the wrong religion?

An Iraqi (25) was shot Saturday night in Salzgitter-Lebenstedt. On Sunday night, the police arrested his alleged murderer. It is a 33-year-old Syrian. He is said to have opened fire because his sister and the Iraqi were a couple.

“The probable background of the deed may be the fact that the accused and the victim belong to different denominations,” said prosecutor Hans Christian Wolters yesterday. Because the Iraqi who was shot was Christian, and his lover was a Muslim. Presumably it was a thorn in the side of the Syrian that his sister was with an “infidel.”…

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Thousands of Muslims demand Nike withdraw Air Max trainers “that have Allah written on the sole”

In the past weeks, UK Muslims started a petition for a boycott of Marks and Spencer over toilet paper that enraged them because they claimed that the toilet paper featured the name of Allah. Then Hamas-linked CAIR pushed the cause of Muslim rage over Amazon featuring doormats with Quranic verses, and successfully got them withdrawn from sale. Then more Muslim fury erupted over Quranic verses on toilet seat covers (Bible verses are also on toilet seat covers, and no one minds). Now enraged Muslims have started another petition, “calling for the recall of the Nike Air Max 270 because it features an Air Max logo that resembles the word ‘Allah’ in Arabic.” The petition says:

“It is outrageous and appalling of Nike to allow the name of God on a shoe. This is disrespectful and extremely offensive to Muslim’s and insulting to Islam. Islam teaches compassion, kindness and fairness towards all,” the petition reads. “We urge Nike to recall this blasphemous and offensive shoe and all products with the design logo resembling the word Allah from worldwide sales immediately.”

To this, Nike responded:

“Nike respects all religions and we take concerns of this nature seriously. The AIR MAX logo was designed to be a stylized representation of Nike’s AIR MAX trademark.  It is intended to reflect the AIR MAX brand only. Any other perceived meaning or representation is unintentional.”

Let’s hope that Nike does not bow to the Sharia as it has before, and as have so many others. This ridiculousness will have no end until non-Muslims in the West wake up and realize that they are free and that they are not under the Sharia, and too bad if Muslims are offended. Hindus, Christians, Jews, Buddhists, Zoroastrians, etc etc. all get offended, too, without demanding special treatment. All are equal in free societies that allow for pluralism — and offence.

“’Just DON’T do it!’ Thousands of Muslims demand Nike withdraw ‘insulting’ Air Max trainers ‘that have Allah written on the sole,’” by Connor Boyd, Daily Mail, January 28, 2019:

Outraged Muslims are demanding Nike recall an ‘offensive’ line of trainers because the logo looks like Allah’s name in Arabic.

Saiqa Noreen launched a petition to pull the Air Max 270 shoe and has accused the sportswear giant of ‘blasphemy’.

The petition, which has gained more than 6,000 signatures in just hours, blasts Nike for allowing God’s name to be ‘trampled, kicked and become soiled with mud or even filth’.

The design features the words Air Max spelled out in a custom, joined-up font on the sole of the shoe, which was released last year.

In Muslim culture showing the sole of your shoe is seen as the height of disrespect as it implies you want to hurt someone with it.

The shoe is considered dirty because it touches the ground and is associated with the foot, the lowest party of the body.

‘It is outrageous and appalling of Nike to allow the name of God on a shoe. This is disrespectful and extremely offensive to Muslim’s and insulting to Islam,’ Ms Noreen said.

‘Islam teaches compassion, kindness and fairness towards all. We urge Nike to recall this blasphemous and offensive shoe and all products with the design logo resembling the word Allah from worldwide sales immediately.

‘We also request stricter scrutiny of products before they enter the market. I urge all Muslim’s and everyone who respects the freedom of religion to sign this petition.’

Nike became embroiled in a similar controversy in 1997 when it was forced to recall thousands of pairs of Air Bakin’ sneakers following outcry from Muslim customers.

Flame like letters with the word ‘Air’ written on the heel could be read as Allah in Arabic script. …

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