Muslim Rep. Ilhan Omar admits she supports BDS, after saying it was ‘not helpful’ before election

The BDS movement is frankly neo-Nazi in its goals, as the Nazis staged nationwide boycotts of Jewish-owned businesses early in the life of the Third Reich. So Ilhan Omar had every reason to distance herself from this movement before the election. But now Representative Omar has nothing to lose.

“Muslim Trailblazer Ilhan Omar Admits She Backs BDS — Now That Election Is Over,” by Aiden Pink, Forward, November 13, 2018:

Tuesday marked the start of “freshman orientation” in Washington, D.C., where new members of Congress arrived to meet their colleagues and learn how the House and Senate actually work.

Rep.-elect Ilhan Omar, a Democrat from Minneapolis and one of the first Muslim women elected to Congress, quickly met up with some of her fellow trail-blazing colleagues like Rashida Tlaib and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

But back at home, many of her Jewish constituents were grappling with remarks her office made on Sunday to a website called MuslimGirl, claiming that Omar supported the boycott, divestment and sanctions movement against Israel.

This seemed like a bait-and-switch to many Jewish Minnesotans: When she was asked at an August primary debate held in a synagogue to specify “exactly where you stand” on BDS, Omar said that BDS was “not helpful in getting that two-state solution” — never explaining that she in fact supported the policy.

“She’s either misrepresenting or misunderstanding. And I hope to be able to have a dialogue with her that clarifies which of those is the nature of her stance,” said Rabbi Avi Olitzky of Beth El Synagogue, which hosted the debate.

However, he added, “Just as I have with all of our previous elected officials, I hope to be able to continue a dialogue once Congresswoman-elect Omar is in office. However, this starts her tenure off on the wrong foot.”

Omar’s office did not respond to an interview request….

What a surprise.

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EDITORS NOTE: This column with images originally appeared on Jihad Watch. The featured image of Ilhan Omar is from Facebook.

VIDEO: Europe Criminalizes Criticism of Mohammed

In this new Jamie Glazov Moment, Jamie discusses Europe Criminalizes Criticism of Mohammed, unveiling how the European Court of Human Rights is enabling Europe’s suicide.

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UK human rights activist: ‘The far left are terrified of Islam, even although they are working together’

Vincent Sullivan

TRR stands for The Reality Report. They are a new UK group who are seeking to become a media outlet that reports on real news, via print, radio, video interviews, and online magazines. Today I had the chance to talk with its founder, Vincent Sullivan.

Joshua Winston – Islam, as an organism, behaves in exactly the same manner wherever it goes. Why do our leaders, who are not theologians, feel the need to come out after every terror attack to tell us that Islam is a beautiful and misunderstood religion?

Vincent Sullivan – The people who believe this nonsense detest the Western society. They are essentially losers with no money who can’t get the partner of their choice and they want things handed to them on a plate.

JW – Why is Socialism so popular amongst young people today, and do you even think they know what it means?

VS – The idea sounds brilliant, doesn’t it? The reason that it appeals to today’s youth is that they think they shouldn’t have to fit in socially or try hard to elevate themselves. They believe that everything should be handed to them on a plate. If you have got multiple degrees, ambition, motivation, success, then they want you to give it to them. Jealousy plays a large part in it. These people detest you for having had anything good or attractive in your life.

JW – Is there a marriage between Islam and Communism?

VS – Yes, there is. What Islam does is that it pushes the narrative of attacking Western values. These people who hate you for enjoying your life or being a masculine man. The Communist system seems to have disappeared and what we’re seeing today is people wanting to hate on anyone who they don’t agree with.

JW -What are your thoughts on Maajid Nawaz?

VS – He has changed his tone to wherever the cash flow will come from. Now he publishes books on anti-extremism, meanwhile he himself is an ex-terrorist supporter.

JW – Why has Maajid been given a free pass, or a lot of leniency, by the UK’s media? He promoted a terrorist organisation that has grown and which still shuts down London’s traffic today. Tommy Robinson, meanwhile, is never allowed to forget his EDL beginnings.

VS – Maajid Nawaz is a taqqiya artist. I believe that he is personally exercising taqqiya to the British public in order to further and advance an outside agenda.

JW – I feel the same. I can’t tolerate the man. The one thing I do like about your group is that you interrupt these groups such as BLM, feminazis, Muslims, etc. You are very calm and you ask them questions that shame them. They can’t articulate what their politics are, they can’t articulate why they are there, and they don’t understand the issue.

VS – Feminism is not about equal rights, because if it were then the first place they would attack would be the Middle East, then North Africa and possibly China. In my opinion it’s all about their self-image. Feminazis are generally obtuse.

JW – Why are these feminists going after the ‘white patriarchy’? In lots of areas of London there are nothing more than gangs of Muslim men, but the feminists don’t seem to want to address this. Why not go after the Islamic patriarchy? The white patriarchy allows women to wear mini-skirts and skimpy clothing without it being a call to rape.

VS – It all comes back to the destruction of the West.

JW – Do you think there will be a tipping point for these feminists? Will there come a time in London where they will say, “NO, too many men are ruling these streets?”

VS – We’re already at that point. It’s at the point where fear indoctrinates them. The far left are terrified of Islam, even although they are working together. We know that Islam will swallow the left when their numbers grow.

JW – Muslims are political animals, and in Britain we separate Church from state, but Muslims are always labeling themselves as ‘Muslim mayors’ or MPs or councilors or whatever. Identifying as Muslim in any official capacity can only mean that a person is sharia-compliant. Any thoughts?

VS – Talking about the migrant caravan heading to America, if you populate your area with enough Muslims and migrants, you’ll find that you have the vote.

JW – You’re a lot kinder toward Islam than I am. I don’t care if you’re tartan with purple spots, if you look at the quran or Islam and think it’s a good idea, I find you highly questionable.

VS – I once had a conversation with a Muslim and we were both discussing the same quote, but both qurans had completely different meanings. That’s a problem for me – a God who says the people who can only understand his teaching must read, speak, and understand classical Arabic.

JW – If the quran can’t be translated, how can native English-speaking Muslims know of the teaching of the quran?

VS – Not only that, how can these people extract the violent elements from the quran and put them into practice?

JW – And any last words on sharia?

VS – Trying me under sharia law is equivalent to trying me under Dutch law. It has no place and no bearing in my country. I will NOT be tried under sharia law.

EDITORS NOTE: This column originally appeared on Jihad Watch. The featured photo is by Walid Berrazeg on Unsplash.

Pakistan: Asia Bibi, Christian woman acquitted of blasphemy, flown out of the country

The Muslim mobs who have been baying for her blood will be newly enraged, and may try to vent their wrath against the Pakistani government.

Asia Bibi

“Asia Bibi case: Pakistani woman acquitted of blasphemy flown out of country,” by Tom Powell, Evening Standard, November 7, 2018:

A Pakistani Christian woman acquitted of blasphemy eight years after being sentenced to death has is being flown out of the country for security reasons.

Amid tight security, Asia Bibi left a detention facility in Punjab province for a flight to the capital city Islamabad, officials said. Troops guarded the roads leading to the airport from which she departed.

Her lawyer Saif ul Malook said that she was being flown out of Pakistan with her immediate family but he did not know where they were going.

Authorities last month said they arrested two prisoners for allegedly conspiring to strangle her and since then additional police and troops have been deployed to the facility in Punjab.

Antonio Tajani, the president of the European parliament, tweeted: “Asia Bibi has left the prison and has been transferred to a safe place! I thank the Pakistani authorities.

“I look forward meeting her and her family, in the European Parliament as soon as possible.”

Ms Bibi’s move comes a week after the high court in a landmark ruling acquitted her and ordered her released.

It triggered nationwide protests and Ms Bibi’s release was put on hold on Friday after authorities held talks with radical Islamists who want her publicly hanged…

EDITORS NOTE: This column originally appeared on Jihad Watch. The featured image is courtesy of the American Center for Law and Justice.

French and German citizens fleeing to Hungary to escape mass migrant crime

German television station ZDF spoke to a German couple who had made the move to Hungary. Valentin and Jennifer Duräder, a couple in their 20s, explained that they were afraid to raise their then unborn child in a post-migrant crisis Germany. More and more French are seeking to escape to what they see as the safety of Budapest according to a new documentary called Hungary: the Promised Land that was broadcast on French television this week, France Info reports.

In other words, Muslim migrants have now made migrants out of peaceful Europeans who were once safe in their own homes. Democracy is the best system for human rights and the rule of law, but thanks to globalists such as Angela Merkel and Emmanuel Macron, some of their own citizens are fleeing to live under the jurisdiction of responsible leadership in order to feel safe.

German television station ZDF spoke to a German couple who had made the move to Hungary. Valentin and Jennifer Duräder, a couple in their 20s, explained that they were afraid to raise their then unborn child in a post-migrant crisis Germany.

Another young woman said “she moved after being assaulted and robbed on three separate occasions in her previous neighbourhood.” Even community building local fairs can no longer be taken for granted. Muslim migrants terrorized a small town fair, sexually harassing women, fighting locals and threatening ride owners.

“French Flee To Hungary To Escape Effects of Mass Migration,” by Chris Tomlinson, Breitbart, October 20, 2018:

French citizens are now joining Germans and others seeking a new life in the Hungarian capital of Budapest in order to escape the negative effects of uncontrolled mass migration.

More and more French are seeking to escape to what they see as the safety of Budapest according to a new documentary called Hungary: the Promised Land that was broadcast on French television this week, France Info reports.

The 20-minute documentary examined the lives of several French citizens who now call Budapest home including a young woman named Elsa who came to the city two years ago after living in the notorious, heavily migrant-populated suburbs of Paris.

The young woman claimed that she moved after being assaulted and robbed on three separate occasions in her previous neighbourhood. “I think that when you are master of your country, fundamentally, in an era of globalization, the immigration factor comes into play,” she said.

Elsa isn’t alone in seeking refuge from mass migration in Hungary as other western Europeans have flocked to Budapest and other Hungarian cities. In 2016 German media spoke to a Hungarian real estate agent who noted a sudden upturn in interest from “disaffected” Germans.

Months later, German television station ZDF spoke to a German couple who had made the move to Hungary. Valentin and Jennifer Duräder, a couple in their 20s, explained that they were afraid to raise their then unborn child in a post-migrant crisis Germany….

EDITORS NOTE: This column with images originally appeared on Jihad Watch. The featured photo is by yousef alfuhigi on Unsplash.

Brooklyn: Hate crime charge dropped against Muslim who brutally beat Jew while screaming “Allah” and “kill the Jews”

Farrukh Afzal was screaming “Allah” and “kill all the Jews.” Before he attacked Lipa Schwartz, he switched lanes and nearly hit a Jewish pedestrian. But WABC, without explanation, removed Lipa Schwartz’s statement that Afzal was screaming “Allah” from its report. And while the Daily Mail reported yesterday that Afzal had been charged with a hate crime, today there is no hate crime charge listed for Afzal. It looks as if powerful people in New York City want a Muslim-on-Jew hate crime to disappear. Islam is a religion of peace, doncha know.

“UPDATE – INSANITY: Hate Charges DROPPED Against ‘Allah’ Shouting Man Who Beat Hasidic Jew in Boro Park [NEW VIDEO],” The Yeshiva World, October 16, 2018 (thanks to the Geller Report):

A suspect has been hit with multiple charges – without hate-motivated distinction – for viciously beating a Hasidic Jewish man in Boro Park on Sunday morning.

Farrukh Afzal, 37, of Staten Island was charged with assault, criminal mischief and harassment for the attack, which took place at around 7:30AM near 46th Street and 13th Avenue.

He was initially hit with hate charges as well, but prosecutors have decided to label this a mere “road rage” incident and NOT a hate crime. This despite the victim and witnesses saying Afzal shouted “Allah, Allah”, said he wanted to “kill all Jews” and made references to Israel throughout the attack.

Additionally, new video (see below) provided to YWN on Monday night, shows Afzal switching lanes and nearly hitting another Jewish pedestrian (top left – behind white van) and blowing a red light as he sped down 13th Ave enroute to 46th street where he viciously beat 62-year-old R’ Lipa Schwartz.

Afzal, who has 8 prior arrests, was detained on Sunday night in lieu of $15,000 bail. He has since been fired from the “Church Ave Car Service” at which he was employed and whose car he was driving at the time of the assault.

As reported by YWN on Sunday, R’ Lipa Schwartz, 62, was walking to Shul, Tallis and Tefillin in hand, when a black “Church Ave Car Service” vehicle driven by Afzal came to a screeching halt at the curb nearby. Afzal got out, ran towards Schwartz and began punching him in his face while screaming “Allah, Allah” repeatedly.

“He came out from the car. I couldn’t explain to you how angry he was. He was screaming the whole time,” Schwartz told CBS2.

“All of a sudden… boof, boof, boof, boof!”, Schwartz said, referring to the barrage of punches that came his way. “So I start to fight back because it’s either death or life.”



EDITORS NOTE: This column with photo and videos originally appeared on Jihad Watch. It is republished with permission. The featured photo is by Melany Rochester on Unsplash.

VIDEO: “Yawning Silence.” Feminists Fail to Decry Muslim Abuse of Women.

Center President Frank Gaffney speaks about feminists failing to decry Muslim abuse of women.


Drugs are a Strategic Weapon

Center Urges NATO Countries to ‘exploit the vulnerabilities’ of Russia as non-military deterrance

DECISION BRIEF: US should arm Venezuelans to take their country back

Senior adviser to the Menges Hemispheric Security Project at the Center for Security Policy Luis Fleischman Cited in Article

EDITORS NOTE: The featured photo is by Debashis Biswas on Unsplash.

SHOCKING! Is CAIR Cooking The Discrimination Books?

Peter Agbeyegbe

On September 5, 2018, Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) law clerk, Peter Agbeyegbe, made a stunning revelation that may cast doubt on CAIR’s reporting of discrimination complaints and statistics.

CAIR, is a self described national civil rights group focusing on Muslim discrimination and advocacy work. CAIR’s legitimacy is linked to manufacturing the impression that discrimination cases against the followers of Islam are increasing at alarming rates.  FBI statistics report a different reality: 2016 FBI data: Jews were 3X more likely than blacks, 1.5X more likely than Muslims to be a hate crime victim.

This CAIR April 23, 2018 eNewsletter report explains,

CAIR’s 2018 Civil Rights Report provides concrete evidence that the unconstitutional Muslim Ban resulted in more Islamophobic hate and violence,” said CAIR Research and Advocacy Coordinator Zainab Arain, author of the report. “The anti-Muslim hate incidents documented in CAIR’s report are an indictment of the Trump administration and its unconstitutional and divisive policies.

CAIR Law clerk, Peter Agbeyegbe, seems to indicate that CAIR discrimination statistics may not be so concrete.  Mr. Agbeyegbe states,

“A lot of people don’t really have cases, but they feel they have a case and feel they have been discriminated against.  At least we can help them go through some type of process so they will feel better about whats happening…Because its not easy to prove some of these cases.  So unless they have their ducks in a row.  A lot of people don’t take detailed notes they try to remember things and try to remember things from years ago.

Some would say CAIR’s legitimacy is tied to their “concrete evidence” of increased discrimination against the followers of Islam.  CAIR employee Peter Agbeyegbe told us that “a lot of people don’t really have (discrimination) cases” brought to CAIR;  which would  beg the question.  How many of these people who go to CAIR with ‘discrimination cases’ are counted as ‘filing’  a discrimination report regardless if their claims are legitimate or not?   Some would argue that technically a ‘discrimination case’ was filed but the details of the cases legitimacy may not be reflected in CAIR’s statistics, possibly skewing the outcome.

Any statistician will tell you there is a direct ‘causal relationship’ between when a statistical event is recorded and when it actually happened.  For example, if a person experienced a discrimination event the time between when the discrimination happened and when it is reported to CAIR, is statistically very important.

Peter Agbeyegbe says that a lot of people who file discrimination complaints with CAIR “don’t remember things from years ago.”   It would seem CAIR may count these unprovable Muslim discrimination complaint cold cases as active, even if years have gone by  and there is no way to corroborate the charges.


What we caught on audio tape is significant because it’s unheard of for a CAIR employee to divulge secrets like Peter Agbeyegbe did so openly and sincerely.

Mr. Agbeyegbe opened the door for reasonable people to be concerned about CAIR’s Muslim discrimination complaint numbers possibly being inflated.

In the case, Rene Arturo Lopez, ET AL.., V. Council on American-Islamic Relations Action Network, Inc before the United States Court of Appeals.  In this case, CAIR hired Morris Days a/k/a Jamil Days as a civil rights attorney.  Problem was Mr. Days  was not licensed to practice law.  Money was exchanged, CAIR client cases were handled fraudulently, resulting in the  court case above.  This was a case of CAIR violating the civil rights of their fellow followers of Islam they have sworn  to protect. CAIR was acting as the defrauded individuals ‘Wali’ and failed them in the eyes of Allah.

The Washington Post reports, In November of 2014 The United Arab Emirates (UAE) declared CAIR a designated terrorist organization because of its direct ties to the Muslim Brotherhood.  CAIR is stymied because they can’t call the UAE ‘Islamophobic’ because they are a Muslim country.  This case and others expose the CAIR ‘Islamophobia’ advertising campaign as clever propaganda.

CAIR’s identity and legitimacy, many speculate, is tied directly to how many Muslim discrimination complaints they process each year.  If those discrimination numbers remain stagnant, or go down, then CAIR can’t proclaim Muslim victimhood status.  This victimhood status gives CAIR their power to legally intimidate and bully those who question the actions of  this highly controversial group  called, The Council  on American Islamic Relations.

Listen to the audio of  our conversation with CAIR Law Clerk Peter Agbeyegbe:

EDITORS NOTE: The featured image is a screen shot of the CAIR logo.

DNCC Deputy Chair Ellison on his #MeToo Moments: “Women can make things up!”

The Deputy Chairman of the DNCC Keith Ellison has been accused by two women Karen Monahan and Amy L. Alexander of domestic abuse.

In a BizPac Review article Vivek Saxena reports:

Congressman Keith Ellison, who’s currently running to serve as Minnesota’s next attorney general, has vehemently denied the allegations of abuse against him, casting doubt on the credibility of accusers Karen Monahan and Amy Alexander.

During a post-primary debate Friday evening on Twin Cities PBS’ “Almanac” program, one of the moderators noted that 40 percent of Minnesota voters consider these allegations against the congressman to be a factor in whether or not they intend to vote for him come November.

In response, he tried discrediting both Monahan and Alexander, making it sound as if they were just spurned lovers. The reactions from both the debate moderators and his challenger, Republican candidate Doug Wardlow, suggest they didn’t believe him.

Read more.


Saxena continues:

While Ellison denies this ever happened, 911 call records obtained by investigate reporter Laura Loomer paint a different picture. And while it’s true Ellison did file a successful request for a restraining order against her, Alexander characterized the move as an attempt to “marginalize” her.

“He made this whole nightmare a matter of public record,” she wrote in her 2006 column, which may be seen below. “He silenced me. Now it’s my turn to be heard.”

A debate moderator asked: “Are you confident that no one else will step forward with any other allegations?”

Ellison replied,

“Look, in this political environment, I don’t know what somebody might cook up. But I could tell you that there is absolutely nobody that I am aware of who is threatening or suggesting or who has ever made a prior accusation about me.”

Here is the column titled The Truth About Keith Ellison by Amy L. Alexander on Scribd:

Democrats demand Americans believe unsubstantiated allegations against Judge Brett Kavanaugh by Christine Blasey Ford.

Keith Ellison demands Americans reject substantiated allegations by two different women of domestic abuse.

The #MeToo movement is dead. It died by over reach.


Minnesota Democrats’ ‘Independent’ Ellison Investigation Was Done by Top Minnesota Democrat

WATCH: Keith Ellison Runs Away From Loomer and Crowd of Domestic Abuse Survivors

MN Rep Keith Ellison pushing for U.S. to resettle 110,000 refugees in FY 2019

Ellison’s #MeToo Landmine Finally Blows, Dem Says Allegations ‘Need To Be Investigated’

Ellison’s #MeToo Landmine Finally Explodes, Investigation Demanded

EDITORS NOTE: The featured image is the profile picture of Keith Ellison on Facebook.

VIDEO: Bicyclists Murdered by ISIS Were Victims of the Left’s Fantasy World

Jihad Watch director Robert Spencer discusses Jay Austin and Lauren Geoghegan, who were murdered by Islamic State jihadis while bicycling through Tajikistan. They were victims of Left’s fantasies, such as the idea that evil is a cultural construct and Islam is a religion of peace.