Facebook shuts down Danish news outlet critical of EU, mass migration

Ahead of Danish elections, Facebook “has banned a Danish news outlet critical of the EU, immigration and mainstream media two times in a single day.”

Many Europeans have been brought to chaos due to Muslim migration and the unwillingness of many Muslim migrants to assimilate. Frustration in the face of reckless immigration policies has given rise to the populist movement, so now Facebook has decided to up the ante in its interference with the Danish political process.

Social media expert Johan Farkas of Malmö University called the measure “extraordinary”. “It is highly unusual that Facebook throws out a Danish media. As far as I know, this is a first”, Farkas said.

“Facebook Pulls Plug on Anti-Immigration News Site Ahead of Danish Elections,” Sputnik News, April 12, 2019:

The social media giant has banned a Danish news outlet critical of the EU, immigration and mainstream media two times in a single day. The blackout occurred after a state broadcaster blew the whistle ahead of looming general elections.

The Danish alternative news outlet 24Nyt has had its Facebook page with over 34,000 followers closed. State-owned Danish Radio (DR) has acknowledged its role in the shutdown.

According to 24Nyt, Facebook announced that its page “doesn’t follow Facebook’s policy”, which is the standard message for users and organisations who have their profiles switched off. “It is known that people and media critical of immigration are exposed to Facebook’s censorship”, 24Nyt suggested.

The same day, 24Nyt started a new Facebook page that was also subsequently shut down.

Later, state-run Danish Radio acknowledged its part in the shutdown of their independent competitor.

A week ago, DR contacted Facebook and presented a dossier of 24Nyt’s actions on their platform, triggering an investigation. Facebook later confirmed that 24Nyt’s page had been closed with info from that exact investigation, but without disclosing the reason.

Danish Radio described 24Nyt as a page “that urged to fight against established media and left-wing bias”. Danish Radio also admitted that over the past two years, 24Nyt had had a “significant impact” on Facebook, which is now “over”.

Social media expert Johan Farkas of Malmö University called the measure “extraordinary”.

“It is highly unusual that Facebook throws out a Danish media. As far as I know, this is a first”, Farkas said.

24Nyt was banned from Facebook only weeks or months before the Danish election, which is to be held no later than June this year…..

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Democrats introduce legislation to repeal Trump’s “Muslim ban”

The Democrats have introduced a bill to end President Trump’s temporary ban on visa from several Muslim countries, to which they falsely refer as a “Muslim ban.”

“The legislation, known as the National Origin-Based Antidiscrimination for Nonimmigrants (NO BAN) Act, “repeals the three versions of President Trump’s Muslim ban, strengthens the Immigration and Nationality Act to prohibit discrimination on the basis of religion, and restores the separation of powers by limiting overly broad executive authority to issue future travel bans.”

The ban has nothing to do with discrimination on the basis of religion. The countries specified under Trump’s executive order were those identified as “countries of concern” by the Obama administration. The Democrats had no problem with it then.

Indonesia, the world’s largest Muslim country, was not on that list. Neither was Saudi Arabia and Turkey. This measure was about national security, not about banning Muslims as such. The countries on the list could not provide adequate information about people asking to enter the U.S. Trump stated: “Making America safe is my number one priority. We will not admit those into our country we cannot safely vet.”

There is no targeting of Muslims by the Trump administration. Due diligence was applied. Vetting and border protection is needed in America, and all of the West.

“Dems introduce bill to repeal Trump ‘Muslim ban,’” by Rachel Frazin, The Hill, April 10, 2019:

Sen. Christopher Coons (D-Del.) and Rep. Judy Chu (D-Calif.) on Wednesday introduced legislation to end President Trump’s ban on travelers to the United States from five Muslim-majority countries.

The legislation, known as the National Origin-Based Antidiscrimination for Nonimmigrants (NO BAN) Act, “repeals the three versions of President Trump’s Muslim ban, strengthens the Immigration and Nationality Act to prohibit discrimination on the basis of religion, and restores the separation of powers by limiting overly broad executive authority to issue future travel bans,” its sponsors said in a statement.

They added that the measure is supported by more than 90 lawmakers and hundreds of civil rights, faith, national security and community organizations, as well as private companies.

“President Trump’s Muslim Ban is a hateful policy, born from bigotry, that denies both our country and millions of aspiring Americans a better future,” Chu said in the statement.

Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-Minn.), a co-sponsor of the bill, first referenced the legislation Tuesday on Twitter.

“I ran on a promise to end the President’s hateful Muslim ban,” said Omar, one of the first two Muslim women elected to Congress. “No one should be denied basic rights because of their religion, race or national origin. #NoBanAct.”

The measure is also co-sponsored by all the senators in the Democratic field of presidential candidates.

Coons said Wednesday on MSNBC “Morning Joe” that the legislation “would prevent this president or a future president from imposing a similar religiously based ban on folks coming into this country, narrowing his powers.”

Trump and the White House argue the travel ban is not a Muslim ban. The policy prevents travelers from Iran, Libya, Syria, Somalia and Yemen from entering the U.S., and the administration argues it is necessary to protect national security.

Trump’s third executive order issuing the ban was upheld in a 5-4 ruling by the Supreme Court last year.

The majority opinion, authored by Chief Justice John Roberts, said Trump was well within his authority to impose the ban based on the president’s judgments about national security. Roberts wrote that it was not the court’s place to criticize or pass judgment on comments Trump made on the campaign trail about a “total and complete shutdown of Muslims entering the United States” and that the executive order was neutral in not targeting travelers of a specific religion…..

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Dearborn Islamic School Linked to Iran, Hezbollah Propagandists

Clarion Project has discovered that a private Islamic school in Dearborn, Michigan is linked to diehard supporters of Hezbollah and the Iranian regime. The school teaches students from kindergarten through 9thgrade.

Great Revelations Academy was founded in 2015 by open supporters of Grand Ayatollah Mohammad Hussein Fadlallah. By their own admission, the school’s founders are dedicated to spreading his message.

Fadlallah was a supporter of the 1979 Islamic Revolution in Iran and is considered to be a key inspirer of Hezbollah. Some go so far as to describe him as the terrorist group’s “spiritual leader.”

Fadlallah supported the 1983 bombing of the U.S. Marines barracks in Beirut that killed 241 U.S. Marines (who were serving as peacekeepers) as well as 58 French troops and six civilians.

In 2005, he reiterated his support for suicide bombings against Israel. When he died in Lebanon in 2010, Hezbollah called for three days of mourning. Iranian Supreme Leader Khamenei sent his condolences.

The Academy’s Stated Objective: Teaching a Radical Cleric’s Vision to Children

One of the academy’s founders, Fouad Bayoun, told Arab-American News that one of the purposes of creating the school was to pass along Fadlallah’s teachings to children in America.

[The school] follows the same philosophy, mission and vision of Sayed Fadlallah,” said the school’s principal, Sheila Bazzi-Charara.

On August 9, 2018, the academy posted an advertisement for an event it was holding with the Qaim Project, an organization led by the academy’s head of the Islamic Studies Department, Sheikh Mohammad Ayad (according to Qaim’s website).

In his bio on the academy’s website, Ayad writes:

“Serving as the religious educator at Great Revelations Academy gives me a great pleasure and it is an honor to continue what the Holy scholar Al-Sayyid Mohammad Hussain Fadlollah [sic] started ‘peace and blessings to his soul’. We want to endeavor to implant in the hearts and souls of our children the confidence that makes them proud of their Religion, and to maintain the power that Allah (SWT) has instilled in their souls to make them the leaders of the future–to uphold the flag of Islam.”

The bio states that Ayad studied Islamic Principles and Studies at Hawzat Arrasoul Al-Akram in Lebanon, an institution sponsored by Iran, according to the respected media outlet Al-Monitor.

Academy Initiative Exalts Youth Members of Hezbollah and Hamas

Ayad’s Qaim Project exalts Hezbollah, the Iranian-sponsored Lebanese terror group, as well as the terrorist group Hamas. Specifically, Ayad exalts the youth members of these two terror groups.

Particularly disturbing is the fact that the Qaim Project has a youth program.

On the project’s website is an article endorsing the Iranian regime, expressing an anti-American worldview and advocating for a Shiite-Sunni jihadist alliance (allied with Iran) against the West.

The article says:

“Consider the current situation of the Muslim countries in the world. Look at the situation of Muslims, who currently make up one fourth of the entire world population. However, their role in world politics, even in their internal affairs, is far less important than the role of foreign governments and superpowers with evil intentions.

“The fact that I constantly advise our people and my audience against foreigners is not just because superpowers are foreigners. Rather that is because they have evil intentions. They seek to dominate us. They seek to humiliate Muslim nations and force them into complete conformity.”

The article celebrates Hezbollah’s performance in the 2006 war against Israel, boasting that “Lebanese resistance forces and the youth of Hezbollah inflicted a humiliating defeat on the Zionist regime.”

The article also urges Shiite-Sunni unity in the jihad against the so-called enemies of Islam, with Hamas being pointed to as a worthy ally.

It celebrates “the victory of the Palestinian Resistance Movement over their Zionist enemies in Gaza. That was a great and glorious victory … In addition, the Zionist regime and its supporters, especially the US, were disgraced in the world. They were publicly disgraced. That was a great victory for all Muslims.”

The Muslim world, it says, faces “two major obstacles to unity and we must think of a way to remove them.” The first obstacle is sectarian divisions. The second is building the capacity to “stand up to these enemies.”

“Global powers are easily and openly trampling on the rights of the Islamic Ummah [Islamic world]. And the Islamic Ummah is not able to defend its rights,” it says.

The Academy’s Radical Guest Speakers

A review of the speakers chosen by the academy to come teach the students shows the same radical pattern.

On February 6, 2019, the academy held an event with Sheikh Usama Abdulghani, a D.C. native, who studied in Qom, Iran.

The Clarion Project published an expose in September that showed how Abdulghani is a fervent supporter of Hezbollah and the Iranian regime and preaches that Muslims should follow them.

On November 9-11, 2017, the academy hosted a series of lectures from Sheikh Amin Rastani, an avowed supporter of the Iranian regime and another student of the regime-friendly religious school in Qom, Iran.

In 2014, Rastani spoke at the Imam Khomeini Conference in London, named in honor of the original founder of the Islamic revolution in Iran. He praised Khomeini as the “complete package” to look for in a leader.

“Imam Khomeini shook the world and freed the world as we know it, he freed the masses,” he said.

Throughout his speech, Rastani was flanked by two giant pictures of Khomeini and Iran’s current leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei.

What are students learning from the Great Revelations Academy?

The public Facebook page of the academy features pictures that, at first glance, are innocuous until one looks closer.

For example, on February 16, 2018, a picture was posted to the Academy’s Facebook page that showed a student in a room with a picture of Iranian Supreme Leader Khamenei on the wall behind him.

This picture was “liked” by Wafaa Beydoun, the academy’s daycare lead teacher. Her page indicates she is from Beirut, Lebanon.

Links to Holocaust Denier

The committee that founded the academy was from the Al-Mabarrat Charitable Organization, an organization that the academy holds fundraisers for.

Arab American News describes the academy as “the first Al-Mabarrat school of the west.”

The bio for one Arabic teacher at the academy, Maha Samhat, even refers to the Great Revelations Academy as “Almabarat G.R.A.”

Founded in 1992, Al-Mabarratt in America has Sayed Hassan Sobh listed as its principal officer.

In a Facebook post from February 14, 2017, Sobh said that the Holocaust was “greatly exaggerated.”

A post from Sobh’s Facebook page shows him meeting Fadlallah when he was much younger:

(There are many more pictures of Sobh with Fadlallah on his Facebook page as well.)

Other Links to Al-Mabarrat

The head of the Academy’s Arabic department and an Arabic teacher for children, Fatme Mroue, taught Arabic for 11 years at the Mabarrat School in Bint Jbeil, Lebanon.

Part of a Broader Problem

The academy is just one of the many Iran-linked Islamic schools in America that Clarion Project has exposed.

  • In Virginia, Clarion found that the Manassas Mosque held an event celebrating the 1979 Islamic Revolution that brought the regime to power. The event included “poetry and spoken word by our youth.” The Virginia mosque has a full-time private Islamic Community School with classes from pre-kindergarten through fifth grade. It also has a Sunday School program for children as young as five years old.
  • In Maryland, Clarion Project reported in August that a radical pro-regime cleric runs the Jafaria Islamic School, which teaches children between the ages of five and 15. The cleric, Sheikh Abdul Jalil Nawee, also teaches classes on the Quran for children and teenagers at the Muslim Community School and Alim Academy.
  • In Texas, the Islamic Education Center of Houston was caught celebrating the 1979 Iranian Islamic Revolution and praising Supreme Leader Khamenei. The event included having a children’s choir lead the audience in dedication to the Iranian regime, singing “Allah Akbar! Khamenei is Our Leader!”

The Alavi Foundation, a front for the Iranian regime, has funded over 60 Islamic organizations in the U.S., including Persian and Islamic schools and mosques with private schools and classes for teenagers and children. The funding has continued in recent years, even though the U.S. government and Iranian dissidents have openly identified it as a front for the terrorism-sponsoring regime.

These findings help explain why the Iranian opposition, inside and outside of Iran, has had difficulty in organizing a successful revolution to topple the regime. The Shiite religious establishment in the West has been largely hijacked by pro-regime and pro-Hezbollah theocrats.

Today, the Iranian regime appears to realize that it has more support outside of Iran than inside Iran. On the outside, the results of its ideology and rule are most felt. Its network in America is likely viewed as a critical safety net—a way for the regime to survive if threatened and rebound if toppled.

On March 6, the leader of the Tehran Islamic Revolutionary Courts said that the regime would rely upon radical Shiite militias it supports in Iraq, Yemen, Pakistan, Afghanistan and presumably Lebanon and Syria to come to the regime’s rescue if its survival is threatened by a popular revolution.

This senior Iranian official thought he was reassuring his audience, but his boast revealed the regime’s deep anxiety and insecurity.

Today, the future of Khomeini’s Islamic Revolution is not inside Iran. It is inside America and elsewhere — places where ignorance (in the case of the West) or instability (in the case of Iraq, Yemen, etc.) has permitted it to spread and establish an infrastructure.

As Clarion Project’s forthcoming documentary, Kids: Chasing Paradise, will show, indoctrinating children is a requirement for the survival of any Islamist ideology’s jihad factories.


Ryan Mauro with Justen Charters and Alex VanNess

Ryan Mauro is ClarionProject.org‘s Shillman Fellow, national security analyst and the director of Clarion Intelligence Network. Mauro is also an adjunct professor of counter-terrorism. He is frequently interviewed on top-tier television and radio. Justen Charters is a research analyst with the Clarion Intelligence Network. Alex VanNess is a research analyst for the Clarion Intelligence Network. He formerly served as a fellow at the Endowment for Middle East Truth, as director of the Middle East Peace and Security Project for the Center for Security Policy and as a staffer on Capitol Hill.


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Et Tu, CAIR — Why Silent on Brunei?

Why has Council on American-Islamist Relations (CAIR) been silent on Brunei, the small Islamic country that is set to enforce sharia law’s brutal hudud punishments today, April 3, 2019?

Prominent American Islamist Daniel Haqiqatjou voiced his jubilant support for Brunei’s enactment of sharia law’s brutal hudud punishments. George ClooneyJoe Biden and human rights activists railed against it. Yet, noticeably absent from the conversation has been the Council on American-Islamist Relations (CAIR), along with other prominent American Islamist organizations.

In an article titled “Salute the Sultan! Brunei Reinstates Hudud for Sexual Deviance,” Haqiqatjou writes, “If you have had a rough week or are feeling down in the dumps, I have just the news to cheer you up. The Muslim country of Brunei is implementing hudud to crack down on sodomites and fornicators!”

Brunei officially adopted sharia punishments — including the stoning to death of gays and adulterers, amputation for theft and the death penalty for apostasy – in phases beginning in 2014. The laws take effect in full today, April 3, 2019.

Yet not a word has been heard in the media from CAIR or other prominent Islamist organizations about Brunei’s new penal code.

This is in spite of the fact that in the fall of 2014, CAIR’s founder and Executive Director Nihad Awad, along with 17 other prominent leaders of American Islamist organizations, signed a letter endorsing sharia governance and its brutal hudud punishments.

The letter received major attention in the press for rebutting the theological arguments behind the actions of ISIS.

Unfortunately, the same letter endorsed sharia governance, including its brutal hudud punishments. Point 16 of the letter stated, “Hudud punishments are fixed in the Qu’ran and Hadith and are unquestionably obligatory in Islamic Law.”

The criticism of ISIS by the letter’s signatories was not that the terrorist group was implementing the hudud punishments, it was because they were not “following the correct procedures” in doing so.

At least we can commend Haqiqatjou for his consistency and honesty, as he says in a pinned tweet.

Haqiqatjou also had advise to his fellow Muslims:

“I think Muslims need to counteract any boycott by making Brunei their next vacation destination spot. Maybe some of these expensive spiritual tourism tours led by shuyukh [sheikhs] can make Brunei the next go-to site, maybe attend a caning or two so Western Muslims can experience first hand what implementing hudud actually means. Just a thought.

“By the way, how silly that these Western politicians and celebrities can’t stand it that a Muslim country implements the Sharia. They are frothing with anger. Isn’t it great?

Care to comment, CAIR?


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George Clooney’s ‘Chicken-S**t Tokenism?’ Think Again

VIDEO: ‘The Left Is Racist’

Far from defending Muslims in the West, the left is racist towards them. That’s the conclusion of Egyptian-German Scholar Hamed Abdel-Samad in a video translated into English by MEMRI.

Abdel-Samad’s key argument is that by setting different, lower expectations for Muslims living in the West, the left is not defending the Muslim community but rather looking down on them as individuals and as a community.

Among the key quotes, Abdel-Samad says:

“They look at a Muslim and say: He will never be like us. He cannot be expected to uphold human rights, to accept criticism, or to accept dissenting views. They view Muslims as barbaric savages.”

Here’s the full video. It’s well worth watching…


Multiculturalism: Is It Racism?

What’s Finally Bringing Down Linda Sarsour?

Why I’m Sick of Talking About Hijab

Local Refugee Offices Closing as Trump Administration Keeps Refugee Numbers Low

Of course there isn’t much to cheer about as you know tens of thousands of migrants are streaming across our southern border, most claiming they are refugees seeking asylum.

Refugee admission numbers pale in comparison to the numbers coming across our border and claiming refugee status.

The flow that has definitely slowed is the US Refugee Admissions Program refugees that are selected initially by the United Nations, followed by US State Department approval and resettlement by one of nine federal resettlement contractors who distribute them to most states. (One of many posts on the contractors at RRW is here.)

The work of the contractors is almost completely funded by you.

Office closures reported this week are the result of the federal slowdown in admissions (slowdown in money to the contractors) and because these resettlement offices could not find enough local financial support to keep their doors open, a fact that demonstrates one vital point:

There is not enough support by the public generally for refugee resettlement!

Before I get to the two office closures I heard about this week, one in Ohio, the other in Virginia, here is a bit of information about where we are at the 6-month-mark for FY19.

(Fiscal year 2019 runs from October 1, 2018 to September 30, 2019.)

Remember that the President set the cap (or ceiling) for this fiscal year at 30,000.

On Monday we will be at the 6-month-mark and as of today we admitted 12,151 refugees to your towns and cities.

About a quarter of those are from the African country the DR Congo, followed by Burma and then the Ukraine as the top three sending countries.

Over a third of those from Burma are Rohingya Muslims.

UNHCR asked the Obama Administration to take 50,000 DR Congolese and the Trump Administration honored the commitment.  We are at about 50,000 now!

Not included in the 12,151 number is over 3,000 Afghans who received Special Immigrant Visas for supposedly helping us in Afghanistan.  (The total number of Afghans admitted under this special refugee category is over 65,000 now!)

The top five ‘welcoming’ states are:

Texas, New York, Washington, California, and North Carolina

(Turning Texas blue seems to be going on according to plan!)

The next five states are:

Kentucky, Ohio, Michigan, Georgia and Pennsylvania

Now to the closed offices….


The story is here at NPR,

After Decades Resettling Refugees, Church World Service Richmond Office Is Closing

I’m going to encourage you to read this story yourself.  The takeaways for me are that there are still two other contractors working (bidding for bodies!) in Richmond.

And, this comment below is something for all of you to consider.

If the program is not reformed during this President’s tenure in the White House, know that the contractors are looking ahead to a time when the program goes back to high numbers in a future administration.

There are still two other resettlement agencies in Richmond: Commonwealth Catholic Charities and the International Rescue Committee. Baumann [Virginia program director] says these offices will likely see an influx in new arrival cases, even with the low admittance numbers. His primary concern though is the impact of the office closure on Richmond’s future ability to resettle refugees if national policies change with a new administration. “When an office closes, you can’t just in two years decide to reopen,” said Baumann.  [Believe me, they will be open in a heartbeat!—ed]

Continue reading here.

This Church World Service office was originally called the Virginia Council of Churches and if you were a reader of Refugee Resettlement Watch, you will know that the VCoC ‘inspired’ me to write about the Refugee Program beginning in 2007.


This article demonstrates once again that there is just not enough local financial support for refugees. Americans are not willing to support the program with their wallets, thus….

The Refugee Admissions Program cannot survive without millions of your tax dollars propping it up!

Akron to lose one of its two refugee resettlement agencies after federal cutback in admissions

Here are a few snips from the story at the Akron Beacon Journal that interested me and make my point,

World Relief, based in Baltimore, is one of the primary agencies in the United States that resettle those who have fled persecution in their homelands.

It receives grant money from the U.S. State Department per refugee and raises money from church congregations. [Not much money!—ed]


[Kara] Ulmer said the closing of the agency is a blow to the network of area churches and individual volunteers who have worked with World Relief to help settle refugees.

“It’s a significant loss for a community,” Ulmer said, one of three still employed in the Akron office. “We’ve worked with 50 churches as partners. We have more than 500 volunteers work with us and the refugees in a highly relational way,” helping them learn English, find work, set up doctors’ appointments, celebrate birthdays and holidays and more.


Kara Ulmer, director of the Akron World Relief office, said the agency was slated to resettle only 46 refugees this fiscal year. Staff already had been cut back, and World Relief’s national administrators determined they cannot afford to keep an office open that handles such a relatively small number of refugee arrivals.

“We have been working so hard to build a private, local funding base,” Ulmer said, but there was not enough time to generate the necessary funds.

Maybe this Christian ‘charity’ and its Christian volunteers could find some poor Americans in Akron in need of help!

More here.

As I have said on many previous occasions, you can love this President and still tell him what he needs to improve.  Tell him he must legally reform the US Refugee Admissions Program during his tenure or nothing will change in years to come.  But more pressing at the moment is the southern border invasion.  He keeps talking about closing the border, but all we see is more dreadful news about thousands coming across every week (or is it every day!).

This post is filed in my ‘Charity fraud’ category, here.

VIDEO: Hundreds of protestors rally against Rep. Ilhan Omar at Hamas-linked CAIR fundraiser in California

Rejecting Islamic anti-Semitism and its normalization. This is good to see. Omar ought to be under fire for appearing for Hamas-linked CAIR. CAIR is an unindicted co-conspirator in a Hamas terror funding case — so named by the Justice Department. CAIR officials have repeatedly refused to denounce Hamas and Hizballah as terrorist groups. Several former CAIR officials have been convicted of various crimes related to jihad terror.

  • CAIR’s co-founder and longtime Board chairman (Omar Ahmad), as well as its chief spokesman (Ibrahim Hooper), have made Islamic supremacist statements about how Islamic law should be imposed in the U.S. (Ahmad denies this, but the original reporter stands by her story.)
  • CAIR chapters frequently distribute pamphlets telling Muslims not to cooperate with law enforcement.
  • CAIR has opposed virtually every anti-terror measure that has been proposed or implemented and has been declared a terror organization by the United Arab Emirates. CAIR’s Hussam Ayloush in 2017 called for the overthrow of the U.S. government.
  • CAIR’s national outreach manager is an open supporter of Hamas. But the Democrats wouldn’t dream of challenging her over this.

“Protesters in Woodland Hills Rally Outside Event Featuring Rep. Ilhan Omar,” Associated Press, March 23, 2019:

Hundreds of protesters rallied outside an event where a congresswoman spoke to a Muslim-American civil rights group.

The demonstrators were protesting the presence Saturday of U.S. Rep. Ilhan Omar of Minnesota at the fundraising event for the Council of American-Islamic Relations of Greater Los Angeles….

The Los Angeles Daily News reports that the protesters lined a sidewalk area outside the Hilton hotel in Woodland Hills, waving Israeli flags. A smaller group of counter-protesters held up signs in support of Omar.

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VIDEO: UK human rights activist’s Twitter account permanently suspended for criticizing Islam

Twitter has been notifying people that their tweets violate Pakistani blasphemy law, and removing the accounts not just of people who dissent from the Leftist agenda, but of those who violate Sharia blasphemy restrictions.

Why has the international Left decided to give wholehearted support to a legal system that denies the freedom of speech, which is the indispensable prerequisite for a free society? Does Sharia appeal to them because they also are authoritarians who brook no dissent?

EDITORS NOTE: This Jihad Watch column with video is republished with permission.

ISIS had an ambassador to Turkey

It has been noted many times here that Turkey did not oppose the Islamic State in any effective way, and indeed, actively aided it in many ways. It seemed clear that Erdogan was hoping to co-opt the Islamic State, use it against the Kurds and Assad, and incorporate its domains into his own revived caliphate.

It has also been noted many times here that the Islamic State was, before President Trump took office, on its way to being normalized, transitioning from being a terror group to being a respected member of the family of nations — the same track that the PLO is on.

“The ISIS Ambassador to Turkey,” by Anne Speckhard and Ardian Shajkovci, Homeland Security, March 18, 2019:

In the complicated relationship between the government of Turkey and ISIS, it’s unclear how much of the relationship was direct and formal, as opposed to support coming from private individuals and entities in Turkey, or in response to the vast amounts of money ISIS had to spend on a network it deployed inside Turkey to receive and funnel foreign fighters, weapons, and medical supplies into its huge state apparatus. In any case, it’s clear that every state needs diplomats to negotiate political deals with the countries near its borders. ISIS, it seems, was no exception to this rule, as ICSVE researchers learned in a February 2019 five-hour interview with an ISIS emir, Abu Mansour al Maghrebi, who claims he essentially served as the ISIS ambassador to Turkey.

BAGHDAD, Iraq – “My job in Raqqa was dealing with the international cases,” Abu Mansour al Maghrebi recalls of his three years serving ISIS. “My issue [duties] was our [Islamic State’s] relationship with Turkish intelligence. Actually, this started when I was working at the borders,” he explains, harking back to the first job he undertook for ISIS before becoming an ISIS emir and, seemingly, their ambassador to Turkey.

Abu Mansour, an electrical engineer from Morocco, came to Syria in 2013. Like many foreign fighters we interviewed, he stated he came hoping to unshackle Muslims from dictatorial regimes and build an Islamic Caliphate ruled by Islamic ideals. He traveled from Casablanca, Morocco, to Istanbul, Turkey, and through the southern border of Turkey into Syria. His first stop was Idlib, Syria, just as hostilities between al Nusra and ISIS had begun. Abu Mansour ended up on the ISIS side of that rift and was assigned by ISIS the job of an intake official on the Syrian side of the Turkish border. His job was to receive the steady flow of foreign fighters streaming into ISIS via Turkey – many who shared his same dream.

“My job was to direct operatives to receive the foreign fighters in Turkey,” Abu Mansour explains, referring to the network of ISIS-paid people who facilitated foreign fighter travel from Istanbul to the Turkish border towns of Gaziantep, Antakya, Sanliurfa, etc. “Most of them were paid by Dawlah [ISIS],” Abu Mansour explains, but differentiates them from ISIS members, due to their non-ideological motivations. “Most of those working on the Turkish side, their goal is money,” he said. Although when asked about ISIS networks inside Turkey, he also admits, “Many in Turkey believe and give their bayat [oath of allegiance] to Dawlah. There are ISIS guys living in Turkey, individuals and groups, but no armed groups inside Turkey.”

In addressing the foreign fighters, Abu Mansour explains: “[They came from] different places, from North Africa mostly. The numbers of Europeans was not a big number, 4,000 total.”

“Tunis 13,000, 4,000 from Morocco. There were less fighters from Libya because they had a front there [in Libya], fighting less than 1,000. I’m just talking about up to 2015,” he adds. Not surprisingly, his figures confirm data collected on the origins and numbers of foreign fighters who joined ISIS – that the most came from Tunisia. It was interesting how he can rattle off the numbers….


Erdogan: If Australians with anti-Islam views come to Turkey, we will send them back in caskets

Erdogan shows footage of New Zealand massacre while New Zealand jails youth for posting it

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The Democratic Party’s “Progress” into Antisemitism by Andrew Harrod

“This is not about antisemitism, because they didn’t say anything anti-Semitic,” stated the former Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) executive Ahmed Bedier concerning the new Muslim congresswomen Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib. His remarks at a March 6 rally before the Supreme Court in Washington, DC, indicated how these anti-Semitic legislators are effectively immune from rebuke among increasingly radical Democrats.

By contrast, Omar’s “anti-Semitism has been obvious to any honest observer ever since she became a public figure,” Washington Examiner editor Philip Klein has correctly assessed. She has referred to slang for $100 bills (“Benjamins”) in a 1997 Puff Daddy song to smear groups including the American-Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) as nefarious influencers of American Israeli policy. She has repeatedly intimated that Jews have dual loyalties to Israel, as she did at a February 27 event in Washington, DC’s Busboys and Poets cafe. Befitting Busboys and Poets’ history of hosting radical organizations including 9/11 conspiracy theorists, the packed audience warmly embraced her and joked about her “Benjamins” tweet.

Omar has also tweeted that “Israel has hypnotized the world” to its “evil doings,” while the “apartheid Israeli regime” makes her “almost chuckle” in dismissal of Israel’s status as a “democracy in the Middle East.” During her 2018 congressional campaign, she claimed to oppose the Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions (BDS) movement against Israel, even though she had voted in the Minnesota legislature against a strong bipartisan majority for an anti-BDS law. She then reversed herself after her election victory, declaring her support for BDS.

Omar has established a record as an “apologist for Islamic terrorism,” as in her tweet against funding the Department of Homeland Security. In the Minnesota legislature, she was one of two representatives who voted against a bill that would deny life insurance payments to terrorists killed while attacking Americans. She likewise argued there for leniency towards fellow Somali-Americans from Minnesota who had been convicted of attempting to join Islamic State terrorists. She once claimed that jihadist attacks “are byproducts of the actions of our involvement in other people’s affairs,” not the result of dangerous Islamic doctrines. Her soft spot for sharia also once appeared in her reservations about a bill that would increase penalties for female genital mutilation, although she later voted for the bill.

Accordingly, Omar has ties to, and has received support from, numerous notorious anti-Semites and jihad supporters. These include University of California-Berkeley Professor Hatem Bazian, Ku Klux Klan Grand Wizard David DukeLinda SarsourCAIR, and Islamic Relief USA. Omar’s fellow Muslim congresswoman, Tlaib, also has ties to radicals such Sarsour and CAIR, as well as Hezbollah supporters such as Abbas Hamideh. Tlaib has also tweeted anti-Semitic dual loyalty tropes and once wrote for a publication of the notoriously anti-Semitic leader of the Nation of Islam Louis Farrakhan.

Like the Endowment for Middle East Truth (EMET), President Donald Trump condemned Omar’s various statements. He called for her resignation from the House Foreign Affairs Committee. Echoing these appeals, Zionist Organization of America (ZOA) President Morton Klein denounced Omar’s “pure, unadulterated, evil, frighteningly dangerous anti-Semitism.”

Democratic congressional leaders including Representative Jerry Nadler and Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (the latter as among self-proclaimed “strong supporters of Israel”) also condemned Omar’s statements. Omar’s own committee chairman, Representative Eliot Engel, likewise joined the chorus of denunciation, along with Jews in Omar’s own Minneapolis Congressional district. Her repeated transgressions even made leftist commentator Jonathan Chait ultimately abandon “whatever presumption of good faith she deserved.”

Yet Omar and Tlaib reflect a wider global trend of anti-Israel/anti-Semitic views gaining ascendance among the political Left, with Democrats following anti-Semitic precedents in the British Labour Party. The duo’s fellow Democratic progressive congresswoman, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, has expressed her opposition to any “special relationship” with Israel, while the leftist newscaster Chris Hayes has tweeted that the Democratic establishment and AIPAC “have lost wide swaths of the Democratic party base.” Meanwhile, numerous members of the Congressional Black Caucus have longstanding ties with Farrakhan, as a recently uncovered 2005 photo of him with then-Senator Barack Obama revealed.

Conservative American-Israeli commentator Caroline Glick has observed that former President Obama adviser Valerie Jarrett “is an outspoken supporter of Omar,” as well as of Tlaib. Democratic presidential candidates are also “aligning themselves with the anti-Israel voices in their party.” “Three of the party’s leading presidential candidates—Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, and Kamala Harris—all issued statements in support of Omar,” noted the conservative Jewish commentator Jonathan Tobin.

One of Omar’s first Washington, DC, appearances occurred on February 5 at the George Soros-funded Center for American Progress (CAP), a leftist think tank that has its own antisemitism history. In 2011, the Anti-Defamation League (ADL), Simon Wiesenthal Center, and the prominent legal authority Alan Dershowitz all condemned CAP for staffers who had made anti-Semitic “Israel-firster” dual loyalty accusations. At CAP, policy analyst Matt Duss also drew an analogy between Israel’s self-defense against Hamas in the Gaza Strip and the “moral abomination” of “segregation in the American South.” Along with other anti-Semitic CAP alumni who have joined the senior staff of Democratic senator and presidential candidate Sanders, Duss is currently Sanders’ foreign policy adviser.

Accordingly, as media noted, CAP allowed Omar to dodge any serious scrutiny of her antisemitism during her brief 40-minute appearance, without any press questioning before the over 90 people filling CAP’s events room to capacity. CAP Executive Vice President for External Affairs Winnie Stachelberg in her event moderation euphemistically claimed that Omar’s statements “had inadvertently echoed stereotypes against Jews.” Omar responded with blathered generalizations about the “kind of journey we could all be on in fighting against discrimination collectively.” Far more condemnatory was her address, in which she denounced Trump’s “hate-filled policies,” including the falsely described “Muslim Ban,” and reiterated the canard that he had called neo-Nazis “very fine people.”

Omar continued to deny any intentional antisemitism in a February 11 half-hearted apology. She wrote that her associates “are educating me on the painful history of anti-Semitic tropes.” Yet only in early February before her renewed anti-Semitic slanders at Busboys and Poets did she quietly delete her offensive “Benjamins,” “AIPAC,” and Israeli “hypnosis” tweets.

Omar’s claims of innocence exasperated local Jewish leaders from Omar’s congressional district. They had already discussed antisemitism concerns with her during her 2018 congressional campaign, unavailingly. Perhaps these leaders began to suspect what extensive ADL studies of global antisemitism from 2014 and 2015 had documented, namely that Muslims such as Omar come from a worldwide religious community rife with antisemitism.

Correspondingly, Commentary senior editor Abe Greenwald concluded that it was “ludicrous to think that she didn’t know what she was saying.” In the greater Middle Eastern countries such as Omar’s ancestral Somalia, “conspiracy theory is the coin of the realm, and much self-inflicted grief is blamed on dark Jewish magic.” This would explain her “six years of remorseless bigotry” in her 2012 tweet claiming Israeli “hypnosis,” which she defended as late as January 2018.

Although Omar’s anti-Semitic statements contained no objective critique of Israel, she asserted in her apology that she had attempted to address the “problematic role of lobbyists in our politics” from groups such as AIPAC. Bedier reiterated this analysis at the March 6 rally in the company of individuals including CAIR executive director Nihad Awad and Sarsour, who proclaimed “unequivocal solidarity” with Omar. Omar and Tlaib’s outlook on Israel “has to do with certain countries’ influence in Washington and certain lobbyists, not much different than what we say about the NRA,” Bedier said.

Conservative commentator Scott Johnson at Powerline thus summarized that Omar always claims “to distinguish between the Jewish state and the Jewish people” while expressing political views, not prejudice. Accordingly, CNN’s Christiane Amanpour reflected Omar’s typical fawning media coverage with a softball media interview in which Amanpour said that Omar had rejected a political “rite of passage…to profess sort of fealty” to AIPAC. Rather, she “is part of a new wave of Democrats not afraid to be critical of the government of Israel.”

George Mason University Professor Noura Erakat, a later participant in the March 6 rally, had similarly stated that Omar and Tlaib disrupt a “status quo of bipartisan, uncritical support of Israel.” Likewise the leftist Jewish political activist Peter Feld found an “inconvenient truth” of political influence in Omar’s “Benjamins” tweet. Meanwhile considerations of Omar prompted the ailing Jewish leftist political organizer Ady Barkan to express his disappointment that he did “not expect to live to see the liberation of the Palestinian people.”

Having sanitized the antisemitism of individuals such as Omar and Tlaib as critical political commentary, Democrats and their political supporters could turn the tables on the legislators’ outraged accusers. As a forthcoming article will demonstrate, Democrats answered the national outcry over Omar in particular by emphasizing her supposed victimization by bigotry while paying mere lip service to antisemitism concerns. This new accommodation of antisemitism has particularly left Jews, long a reliable Democratic constituency, confronting a shocking political reality.