VIDEO: The Jihadist Psychopath’s Plantation

In this new Jamie Glazov Moment, Jamie focuses on The Jihadist Psychopath’s Plantation, unveiling how the Jihadist Psychopath keeps us enslaved in his prison – and how we can escape.

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VIDEO: “Burn This Book” Exposes Keith Ellison’s Anti-American, Marxist And Islamist Associations and Agenda

(Washington, D.C.):  On July 17, 2018, Representative Keith Ellison issued an astonishing – and revealing – public demand that Amazon CEO Jeffrey Bezos submit his company’s printed and digital products to censorship by the discredited Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC).  In addition, Ellison called for Amazon to no longer publish works by authors that the SPLC deems to be “haters.” Ellison actually insisted that any such material in their  inventory be destroyed.

The Center for Security Policy is proud to announce the publication of the new book that may have prompted Rep. Ellison to out himself as a book-burner.

In Burn This Book: What Keith Ellison Doesn’t Want You to Know About His Radical Marxist and Islamist Associations and Agenda, author, filmmaker, and national security expert Trevor Loudon has written a carefully documented account of the congressman and would-be Minnesota attorney general’s long history of embracing both of America’s greatest internal threats: Shariah-supremacism and neo-Marxism.

As Mr. Loudon demonstrates, even as Rep. Ellison portrays himself as a patriotic champion of “social justice,” he continues myriad personal and political associations with individuals and groups openly hostile to the U.S. Constitution and Western civilization.

Burn This Book meticulously details Rep. Ellison’s decades-long – and continuing – record of personal involvement with openly anti-American organizations, parties and people. It begins with the congressman’s attraction during his college years to communism and leftist movements.  Then, although Ellison was born and raised a Roman Catholic, as a 19-year-old student at Detroit’s Wayne State University, he converted to Islam and became involved with the viciously anti-Semitic and racist Nation of Islam (NoI).

In due course, Keith Ellison putatively broke with Louis Farrakhan and his NoI organization in favor of extensive and ongoing relationships with many fronts of the jihadist U.S. Muslim Brotherhood. Indeed, Rep. Ellison continues to be a frequent keynote speaker at the fundraisers and conventions of Brotherhood groups like the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), the Islamic Circle of North America (ICNA), the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA) and the Muslim American Society (MAS). The fact that many of these Brotherhood front groups were named in 2008 by the Department of Justice as unindicted co-conspirators in the Holy Land Foundation/Hamas terrorism-financing trial appears to be of no concern for Ellison. Shortly after five Holy Land defendants were convicted, the congressman’shajjto Mecca in December 2008 was paid for by MAS, which describes itself as the overt arm of the Muslim Brotherhood in the United States.

Particularly worrisome is the fact that, as the Democratic National Committee’s Vice Chairman, Keith Ellison has also forged close ties with the U.S. Council of Muslim Organizations (USCMO), the U.S. Muslim Brotherhood’s political umbrella group. The USCMO is increasingly intimately affiliated with Turkey’s Brotherhood-tied regime of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and his Justice and Development Party (AKP).  USCMO figures, including Ellison, meet regularly at the Lanham, Maryland Diyanet Center of America, the U.S. hub for Turkish operations in this country. The increasingly aggressive hostility of Erdogan’s Turkey towards this country also appears not to trouble Rep. Ellison.

It is noteworthy that Keith Ellison’s political fortunes have relied heavily on support from the generally Sharia-supremacist Somali immigrant and refugee community in Minneapolis. Ellison’s past and present political campaigns rely on votes from places like “Little Mogadishu” in the Cedar-Riverside neighborhood of Minneapolis, whose residents openly declare their preference for Sharia, Islam’s totalitarian political-military-legal doctrine, over the U.S. Constitution.

A video backgrounder on Rep. Ellison’s radical connections by Trevor Loudon

Trevor Loudon performs a public service by thoroughly documenting the funding and support that Keith Ellison has received from the likes of the Minnesota Communist Party, the Muslim Brotherhood, and the communist Democratic Socialists of America. With a deep understanding of how both the radical leftist and Islamist arms of the “Red-Green axis” have infiltrated U.S. society, Mr. Loudon leads the reader through a thicket of seeming contradictions in Ellison’s life and politics.

Frank J. Gaffney, the Center for Security Policy’s President addressed one such contradiction upon the publication of Burn This Book:

Keith Ellison famously raised his right hand to take the oath of office as a U.S. Representative with his left hand on the Quran. The episode epitomized his troubling record and proclivities. After all, the oath to “protect and defend the Constitution of the United States” is a solemn pledge to uphold freedoms guaranteed by that document – including, Americans’ freedom of speech and the press. Pursuant to its Article VI, those who so swear must abjure and disavow any other law or set of laws except the Constitution as the supreme law of the land. So, which was the falsehood for Ellison: his words of allegiance to the Constitution, or his left hand on the book that is the primary source for Sharia, Islam’s alien, supremacist and anti-constitutional legal system?

Trevor Loudon’s new monograph could not possibly be more timely or more crucial for Americans whose choices at the ballot box depend on accurate information about the candidates – including what they would rather not advertise. While much of our national security leadership’s attention is, of necessity, focused on challenges from abroad, this book offers insights into arguably equally urgent domestic threats that the Center for Security Policy hopes may be addressed with greater understanding for our leaders and the public alike having the opportunity to read these uncensored pages.

A free PDF of the book follows:


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Why Not an Islamic Review Board? By Aimil Imani

This is an urgent call to all free people to rise and defeat the Islamic jihadists who are marching under the banner of the religion to subdue all non-Muslims. It is imperative that the values and the way of life of civilized people be protected against the assault of the jihadists’ savagery born from a primitive culture of long-ago Arabia. There is nothing to negotiate here. Nothing to compromise, for the jihadists are on a non-negotiable campaign for Allah.

What should we do

We urgently need to establish an Islamic Review Board tasked with the mission of ensuring that the edicts and legal precepts of Sharia are in no way permitted to take root in the United States of America.

Sharia is antithetical and inimical to the Constitution of the United States, the Bill of Rights, the American rule of law and our values.

Unquestionably, it is incompatible with our Constitution, democracy, freedom, liberty and rule of the people, by the people and for the people, and with the other foundational principles of our republic. A few examples should suffice:

Religious freedom and freedom from religious coercion

The right to practice any religion or no religion, as well as separating religion from state.

Non-Muslim rights are strictly curtailed.  Lip service is paid, from time to time, to religions of the book, Judaism and Christianity. Yet in practice, even these sanctioned minorities are treated with harmful discrimination. Jews and Christians are classified as dhimmis; they are subjected to special religious taxes, and disenfranchised from many rights of citizenship. Separation of the mosque and the state is considered another abhorrent frivolity of the non-Islamic heathen societies.  The mosque is the state in Islamic lands, either directly or indirectly.

Freedom of assembly

The right to gather and associate with any individual or group.

Religious minorities are frequently forbidden from assembling together, and freedom of association is an alien concept in Islam. Muslims are warned against associating with non-Muslims, they are not to come in any contact with them, much less break bread with infidels. Non-Muslims are considered najes – unclean. The right of assembly is reserved for Islamic-sanctioned events, such as the numerous religious theatrics and government orchestrated demonstrations.

Religious minorities are either banned or greatly restricted in group practices, such as worship or observance of holidays. Non-approved religious groups, and that covers all who do not toe the line of the dominating Islamic sect, are harassed and disenfranchised on a graded scale. In Shi’a lands, Sunnis receive less than fair treatment. Others, such as Christians and Jews, are next in terms of exercising their rights. Then a host of other religious minorities, such as Bahá’ís and Sufis, face the severest variety of restrictions and outright persecutions.

Freedom of speech

The right to express oneself, short of “falsely shouting ‘fire’ in a crowded theater.”

Freedom of speech indeed exists in Islamic societies, as long as you sing the praises of Islam and the ruling system. Any honest criticism of the ruling system is taken as an attempt to discredit and distort facts. Woe unto anyone who dares to utter the slightest objections to the draconian Islamic laws and its primitive teachings. Expressing disagreement with denigration of women, for instance, is a sure way of incurring the wrath of the state. Islamic government and powerful Islamic organizations avidly campaign for a universal adoption of what they call blasphemy laws. They propose severe punishment for any individual or organization that in any way speaks unfavorably about Islam, Muhammad, or Islamic sanctity. Conveniently, they neglect to stipulate the same provisions for other religions.

“God does not love evil talk in public unless it is by someone who has been injured thereby.” (4:148)

Most Americans as well as the world have witnessed what is occurring in European countries. Many Muslims, unlike most other immigrant groups, refuse to assimilate into the culture of the host country in which they seek refuge. In fact, they have been explicitly told by their Islamic leaders, such as an imam or a mullah, to resist assimilation. Instead, they have created “No Go” zones in which the native police, Christians and Jews are not welcome, even if they are native in the host country.

Islamic law, under the banner of “religion,” infringes blatantly on the rights of others, particularly women. This is of imminent concern to us, watching how in some European countries where Sharia is legitimately taking root. In London, for example, there are 85 Sharia courts. Allowing even one Sharia court in the U.S. is inconceivable; it would lead to others, and ultimately, it would spread quickly unless swiftly and adequately checked.

America cannot afford to continue down this current path of appeasement, hoping that the Islam issue will simply go away by itself. It won’t and it never will. When our elected officials are unable to deal with this life-threatening matter, people become desperate and turn to charlatans and demagogues, with dire consequences.

Here is our major impediment. America, with a long history of protecting religious freedom, still clings to the “hands off” practice of leaving alone any doctrine, dogma or practice billed as religion. A thorny problem in determining what represents a religion and who is to make that call!

As things stand now, there are several boards at most levels of government, business, and community which govern our lives. These agencies are charged with the responsibility of looking after the welfare of the people they serve. The Food and Drug Administration, for instance, must pass on the safety and quality of the food we eat; the Aviation Safety Board works to ensure safe flights; a local school board strives to create the environment that best serves the educational and safety needs of the pupils. Boards serve every community and businesses of any size.

Why not have an Islamic Review Board to function as other boards do? It is long past time to establish an Islamic Review Board to investigate whether or not and once and for all if Islam is a threat to the national security of the United States. Is this an outlandishly absurd proposal? Not at all. Serious problems require equally serious solutions.

The American people must hear the truth about the nature of Islamic doctrine continually until they are totally aware of its threat to their way of life and the US Constitution. Sadly, our churches and other religious institutions do not speak up, for fear of being accused of intolerance and racism (although Islam is not a race) toward another religion. Our academics, the university teachers and professors, are utterly silent, except those leftist professors who are in bed with Islamists.

Many of our elected officials and politicians don’t even go there because they are mostly master practitioners of euphemism, hedging, double-talk, and outright deception, and they need your votes as well as your money. Many media contributors and editors refuse to acknowledge such a problem even exists. Countless entrepreneurs and businessmen dare not because they might lose customers and clientele from Muslim countries. Even ordinary workers have been advised not to ever discuss Islam issues at work.

President Donald Trump has taken the oath of office faithfully to execute the Office of President of the United States, and, to the best of his ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States. It is his duty to protect America and Americans.

Let us be clear, the United States neither wants nor needs what has been happening to various other countries in Europe with the invasion of Muslims. As previously stated, Muslims will not assimilate into the American culture or any Western culture. They come here to make Islam the law of the land.

Sharia (Islamic law) is not compatible with the United States Constitution. Islam is a political and military system masquerading as a religion. Their holy book, the Quran, condemns the infidels, practices forced conversion and uses taqiyya or dissimulation to advance Islam.

Quran (8:38-39) – “Say to those who have disbelieved, if they cease (from disbelief) their past will be forgiven… And fight them until there is no more Fitnah (disbelief and polytheism: i.e. worshipping others besides Allah) and the religion (worship) will all be for Allah Alone [in the whole of the world]. But if they cease (worshipping others besides Allah), then certainly, Allah is All-Seer of what they do.”

The Muslim Brotherhood calls for a “Civilizational-Jihad” process, in which they would destroy Western civilization from within. They said they would use the Constitution, such as the First Amendment right of Freedom of Religion, against the US to further their goal of creating a worldwide caliphate.

A Muslim belongs to the ummah, an international Islamic community. A Muslim can lie easily (taqiyya or dissimulation) to become a citizen of any country. A true Muslim does not and cannot believe in freedom of choice. In the religion of Islam, his loyalty, first and above all, is to the Islamic world community, and not to any country in which he resides. By allowing Muslims to immigrate to the West, we are literally inviting the biggest nemesis of mankind into our homes. Why? Because, Muslims, with their tribal mentality, do not become part of the society and assimilate.

Islam in its fourteen hundred years of existence has never been the religion of peace. It has been a cult of war. What we need to do is demand that politicians, Islamic apologists, and paid-for media sycophants do not abuse freedom by lying about Islam. When these people portray Islam as a religion of peace, they are lying through their teeth. Just take a quick look at Islam’s history as well as what is happening today in Islamic lands. Islam is not a religion of peace and it has never been. Islam is violent, oppressive, racist, and irrational at best.

President Trump urgently needs to establish an Islamic Review Board, tasked with a mission to ensure that “Islam” does not practice what it preaches in violation of the United States Constitution.

Truth be told: Violence is the animating force of Islam. Islam is a religion born through violence, raised by violence, thrives on violence and dies without violence.

EDITORS NOTE: This column originally appeared on Jihad Watch. The featured image is from UnSplash/RawPixel.

VIDEO: The Difference Between Quran, Sunnah and Hadith.

Aynaz Anni Cyrus in this Glazov Gang YouTube video explains the differences between the Quran, Sunnah and Hadith. Understanding the differences helps explain why we see the violence, slaughter and persecution of Muslims and non-Muslims globally.

Watch Anni discuss The Solution to Stop Islam, where she unveils a powerful and humanistic plan.

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VIDEO: Thousands of Germans protest on behalf of the victims of ‘killer migrants’

Thousands of protesters staged a ‘mourning march’ in Chemnitz for people believed to have been killed by migrants, following the fatal stabbing of Daniel Hillig.

Kudos to the thousands who attended this march, and to “the anti-mass migration Alternative for Germany (AfD) party and the PEGIDA movement” for remembering and caring about the true victims of intolerance and discrimination, as well as their families and communities. No matter how loud and frequent Islamic supremacists and their far-left water carriers try to foist the “Islamophobia” canard upon Western nations, the truth is that the victims of jihad pile up daily.

The persecution of minorities and the abuse of women are rampant in majority-Muslim countries, and with indiscriminate, open-door immigration, these abuses and more have now entered Western countries; the numbers of victims will inevitably climb.

“PICTURES: Protesters Stage ‘Mourning March’ in Chemnitz for Victims of Killer Migrants,” by Jack Montgomery, Breitbart, September 2, 2018:

Thousands of protesters staged a ‘mourning march’ in Chemnitz for people believed to have been killed by migrants, following the fatal stabbing of Daniel Hillig.

23-year-old Alaa S., from Syria, and 22-year-old Yousif A., from Iraq, were arrested following Mr Hillig’s death.

Revelations that the Iraqi suspect had a string of convictions for crimes including fraud, drug dealings, and serious bodily injury — which earned him a two-year suspended sentence —  and was supposed to be deported sparked public outcry.

The anti-mass migration Alternative for Germany (AfD) party and the PEGIDA movement, best known for its regular street protests against ‘Islamisation’ and mass migration, staged the “mourning march” in response.

Participants carried placards bearing the names and likenesses of people believed to have been killed by migrants, including medical student Maria Ladenburger — the daughter of an EU official who was raped and drowned by Hussein Khavari.

Khavari had allegedly raped a 12-year-old girl in his native country before coming to Europe claiming to be a ‘child refugee’.

He was subsequently given a ten-year sentence for throwing a woman off a cliff in Greece, but spent only a very short time behind bars before being paroled — and promptly moved on to Germany, where he killed Miss Ladenburger…..

EDITORS NOTE: This column originally appeared on Jihad Watch.

Ripon College bans 9/11 Never Forget posters for fear of offending Muslims

“’Some things [on the poster] don’t have anything to do with 9/11—ISIS, for example,’ asserted one administrator. ‘I’m not sure I think the Iran hostage issue was Islamic terrorism,’ said another.”

These administrators, of course, have no knowledge of Islam or its doctrine of jihad. If they did, they would understand the connection between ISIS and 9/11, and would realize that the Iran hostage crisis was very much Islamic terrorism. If they knew the facts that are in my book The History of Jihad From Muhammad to ISIS, they would never have disallowed this poster.

“Trying to reiterate their objections, administrators pointed out that, ‘It seems like the only terrorist activities brought up in this poster are those done by extremist Islamic groups, and so if I’m Muslim on this campus, like, ok, it sends the message that all terrorism happens by Muslims.’”

Why? Where does the poster say that? Does anything depicted on it say that “all terrorism happens by Muslims”? This objection echoes the common canard that Islamic supremacist groups such as Hamas-linked CAIR propagate, that any honest analysis of how jihad terrorists use Islamic texts and teachings to justify violence and make recruits among peaceful Muslims somehow tars all Muslims as terrorists. This isn’t so and there is no reason why it would be so, but apparently it is effective, as these groups keep repeating it.

“Ripon College ‘Bias Protocol Board’ Rules Against YAF’s 9/11: Never Forget Posters,” by Spencer Brown, YAF, August 29, 2018

Citing bias reports filed during last year’s 9/11: Never Forget Project, administrators at Ripon College in Ripon, Wisconsin, ruled that YAF’s 9/11: Never Forget Project posters are creating an “environment” where “students from a Muslim background would feel singled out and/or harassed.” As a result, Ripon administrators will not allow the Ripon Young Americans for Freedom to hang the flyers as part of their work to remember the victims of September 11 or other victims of radical Islamist terrorism.

When leaders from Ripon YAF pressed administrators in a meeting to explain what was objectionable about the posters which merely depict history, the school’s “Bias Protocol Board” failed to provide anything more than the usual bizarre leftist excuses that rely on feelings, rather than facts, to back up their censorship.

According to administrators, the objections were “raised to the administration and the bias incident team about the environment that that [the poster] creates… That because of the focus, in this case relentlessly on one religious organization, one religious group, one religious identity—in associating that one religious identity with terrorist attacks which go back far before 9/11 and after 9/11— creates for some students here an environment which they feel like they are not able to learn.”

Administrators reminded the students that Ripon college is a private institution and therefore Ripon can decide what it feels is appropriate for display on campus and what is not. According to the administrators, they are allowed to rule on bias complaints using a “cost-benefit analysis” where they seek to understand “to what extent does something advance” or “hinder… the educational mission of the institution.” YAF would remind Ripon administrators that being a private institution does not render it immune from criticism of its decisions, especially when they attempt to censor key moments in our nation’s history that would be forgotten if not for bold Young Americans for Freedom activists such as those in Ripon YAF.

“There is nothing that this poster, in particular, adds to the conversation about 9/11, or about the politics of terrorism, or about national security or responses to it that couldn’t be done easily and more constructively without it,” claimed the members of the Bias Protocol Board.

“Some things [on the poster] don’t have anything to do with 9/11—ISIS, for example,” asserted one administrator. “I’m not sure I think the Iran hostage issue was Islamic terrorism,” said another.

Students of history will recall that the Iran hostage crisis was “America’s first searing experience with Islamist terrorism,” and that ISIS rose out of al-Qaeda in Iraq, and al-Qaeda carried out the deadly attacks of 9/11, as well as other attacks highlighted on the poster.

“I wouldn’t see the Pulse [nightclub] shooting as related to New York. If I were LGBT, oh yeah, that’s what that picture’s for. I do know that the shooter mentioned some comments and pledged some allegiance, but that’s not at all what the media portrayed it as.” Whether the media portrayed the truth or not (the media largely did report the shooter’s commitment to radical Islamist terror), the Pulse nightclub attacker did say “I did it for ISIS. I did it for the Islamic State.” What’s more, to claim that the deadliest terror attack in the United States since 9/11—murdering 49 innocent people—is only meaningful to the LGBT community is inexplicable.

Administrators further—and falsely—claim that one of their objections is because radical Islamist terrorism “represents a small percentage of the terrorist attacks that happened to this country, and they don’t represent the full gamut, and they show a very small picture of a specific religion or nationality instead of the larger viewpoint.” From 1992 to 2017, Islamists were responsible for 92% of deaths caused by terrorism in the United States, and are “far and away, the deadliest group of terrorists by ideology.”

Trying to reiterate their objections, administrators pointed out that, “It seems like the only terrorist activities brought up in this poster are those done by extremist Islamic groups, and so if I’m Muslim on this campus, like, ok, it sends the message that all terrorism happens by Muslims.”

Just as remembrances of horrific events carried out in the name of Nazism or Communism include honoring other victims of those ideological treacheries, so does the remembrance of the attacks carried out by radical Islamists on September 11, 2001.

“The intent is admirable to talk about why are we killing each other,” said an administrator. “That’s very admirable, and I support that, but what about school shootings? We’ve had almost a school shooting a day for the last ten days, and we’re continuing to up the body count.” The administrator then suggested discussing Buddhist terrorism in Myanmar before threatening the students that, “If you put this poster out there… you’re going to get the same negative results. It’s these images.”

EDITORS NOTE: This column originally appeared on Jihad Watch.

CNN worries that New Mexico jihad compound ‘might contribute to a rise in racism and Islamophobia’

“Many are quick to distance the state’s countercultural vibe from the compound and its inhabitants, who are accused of training the children to commit mass shootings. But they also fear that the publicity around a case infused with allegations of terrorism, child abuse and faith healing might contribute to a rise in racism and Islamophobia.”

Mass shootings, and they’re worried about a chimerical backlash against innocent Muslims that seldom, if ever, materializes. This is why they call CNN fake news.

One wonders if it ever occurred to CNN that if these Muslims had not been stockpiling weapons and training children for school shootings, no one would need to be worried about “Islamophobia.”

“In New Mexico, where life off the grid is common, compound suspects struggled,” by Emanuella Grinberg, CNN, August 26, 2018:

Taos County, New Mexico (CNN)The compound was hiding in plain sight, a white smudge in the dusty green expanse of sagebrush and juniper stretching across the Colorado-New Mexico border.

A few feet past a handwritten “no trespassing” sign on the ground, a box truck sat unlocked. Inside, a wooden bunk bed was propped up against the wall, surrounded by piles of dirty clothing and worn-out books. Identity documents were mixed on the floor with children’s math workbooks, self-help guides and gun manuals. A dusty bulletproof vest lay nearby.

It had been two weeks since law enforcement raided lot 78 in Costilla Meadows, a rural subdivision in Amalia, New Mexico, where homes are off the grid and you can see your nearest neighbor miles over the dry grassland. Police found 11 malnourished children there, shoeless and in tattered clothes, and arrested five adults. Days later, they found the remains of the 3-year-old boy they were searching for.

Two weeks after the raid, reminders of the family’s monthslong stay were piled in heaps of garbage on the property, where they had built the compound on a lot belonging to someone else, adjacent to their own.

Residents of this sparsely populated region of northern Taos County encountered members of the black Muslim family in familiar places: the gas station, the Family Dollar, the hardware store, the body shop. Little about the family members stood out, they said, apart from their dirty clothes and their skin color, a rarity in this area primarily populated by Hispanos — descendants of Spaniards who settled in the Southwest centuries ago.

Otherwise, those who met them said they seemed friendly. A resident recalled how one of the men tenderly wiped the nose of a crying child. What little the residents knew about the compound didn’t raise eyebrows in an area where many people live “in unconventional ways,” as the judge in the case has said.

Individuals from society’s periphery have long sought refuge in this part of the state, where cheap land far from the nearest power line or shopping center is easy to find. The region’s history of welcoming outsiders has contributed to cross-cultural exchanges and a tolerant attitude that locals consider points of pride. Many are quick to distance the state’s countercultural vibe from the compound and its inhabitants, who are accused of training the children to commit mass shootings. But they also fear that the publicity around a case infused with allegations of terrorism, child abuse and faith healing might contribute to a rise in racism and Islamophobia.

“People come here and they want to be left alone and sometimes they do things that are unconventional,” said Malaquias “JR” Rael, whose family arrived in the Taos region in the mid-1800s. Newcomers are drawn to the area for its proximity to nature, breathtaking views and simple way of life, he says. Other families like his — predominantly Hispanos — have been here for generations.

“It can be difficult to be alarmed or judgmental, because people have been doing this kind of stuff for a long time.”
Rael owns North Star Tire & Auto in Questa, a mountain town of some 2,000 people about 30 minutes from the compound and another 30-minute drive from Taos, the nearest “big city.” Given his family tree, it’s a place where Rael can’t go far without being greeted by a customer or relative.

One of the men from the compound, Lucas Morten, visited Rael’s body shop in early spring looking to buy a large quantity of tires. “He seemed real personable, very mild-mannered,” Rael recalled over a smothered burrito lunch on a recent weekday in Questa.

Morten said he planned to build an “earthship,” a self-sustaining home made from natural and upcycled materials, which uses tires packed with earth as bricks. “I said, ‘OK, good luck,’ because it’s real labor intensive,” Rael said. Otherwise, nothing about the request raised any red flags, he said.

Plenty of people live off the grid here in various types of homes that don’t use public energy sources or fossil fuels, he said. Not him, though. “There’s nothing wrong with being normal,” he jokes….

EDITORS NOTE: This column originally appeared on Jihad Watch.

Catholic Relief Services distributed U.S. food aid to al-Qaeda jihadists in Syria

Why not? It’s a religion of peace! Last September, the Pope met in the Vatican with Dr. Muhammad bin Abdul Karim Al-Issa, the secretary general of the Muslim World League (MWL), a group that has been linked to the financing of jihad terror. During the meeting, al-Issa thanked the Pope for his “fair positions” on what he called the “false claims that link extremism and violence to Islam.” Ahmed al-Tayeb, the Grand Imam of Cairo’s al-Azhar, has also thanked Francis for his “defense of Islam against the accusation of violence and terrorism.”

Pope Francis has proclaimed that “authentic Islam and the proper understanding of the Koran reject every form of violence,” doing his bit to ensure that as many Christians as possible would remain ignorant and complacent about the jihad threat that his precious “dialogue” does nothing to mitigate.

Pope Francis is a disgrace to the Catholic Church, to Judeo-Christian civilization, and to the free world.

“Leave them; they are blind guides. And if a blind man leads a blind man, both will fall into a pit.” (Matthew 15:14)

“Syrian militants served American food aid: US watchdog,” by Ben Parker, Irin News, August 23, 2018 (thanks to PJM):

A large international relief organisation distributed food aid to Syrian militants in a rebel-held area in breach of US anti-terrorism laws, American government investigators have found, revealing the first reported case of its kind in Syria.

The aid diversion case, in northwestern Idlib, further complicates already difficult relief operations in a region where almost half of the three million people have been displaced once, and where the UN expects as many as 700,000 more to flee their homes if the Syrian government pushes forward with a looming offensive.

Funding for war-affected civilians worth about $30 million was suspended during the investigation by the US Agency for International Development, USAID.

The USAID inspector general’s office (OIG) declined to offer IRIN further details, including the name of the NGO involved. However, the total amount of the grant, $44.6 million, is among the largest USAID projects of its kind, so the candidates are few.

IRIN contacted several NGOs that receive large US grants for aid work in rebel-controlled Syria. US charity Catholic Relief Services wouldn’t directly confirm it was the NGO involved but left little doubt, saying it had “closed” its operations in northwest Syria following reports of aid diversion, and had dismissed staff as it works to “further enhance” anti-fraud measures. CRS has received $147 million from USAID for projects in Syria over the last three financial years, according to the USAID website.

USAID’s inspector general, reporting to Congress, first in March and with more details released in July, said that staff of an unnamed non-profit added “fighters” of armed group Hay’at Tahrir Al-Sham to lists of civilians eligible for food packages and then covered up the records. The US government regards HTS as a successor to the al-Qaeda-affiliated Nusra Front.

Referring to HTS as a “designated terrorist organisation”, the July report said: “The NGO’s employees allowed HTS fighters to be included among program beneficiaries and submitted falsified beneficiary lists to USAID to conceal the fighters’ participation in the food assistance program.”…

EDITORS NOTE: This column originally appeared on Jihad Watch.

The Hoax of the ‘Palestinians’

How Arafat and the KGB invented a nationality to change the debate over Israel. My latest in PJ Media:

(Note: Most of this article is an exclusive excerpt from Robert Spencer’s new book, The History of Jihad From Muhammad to ISIS. All quotes are sourced in the book.)

Muslim congressional candidate Rashida Tlaib (D-MI) celebrated her primary victory with several anti-Israel tweets, including one that read: “My roots as a Palestinian American are strong and important.” The truth about those roots, however, could surprise even Tlaib, as before the 1960s, there were no Palestinian people. They were invented as a propaganda weapon against Israel. 

In 1948, the nascent state of Israel defeated forces from Egypt, Iraq, Syria, Transjordan, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, and Yemen that had been determined to destroy it utterly. The jihad against it continued, but it held firm, defeating Egypt, Iraq, Syria, Jordan, and Lebanon again in the Six-Day War in 1967, and Egypt and Syria yet again in the 1973 Yom Kippur War. In winning these victories against enormous odds, Israel won the admiration of the free world, leading to the largest-scale and most audacious application in Islamic history of Muhammad’s dictum “War is deceit.”

In order to destroy the impression of the tiny Jewish state facing enormous Muslim Arab foes and prevailing, the Soviet KGB (the Soviet Committee for State Security) developed the fiction of an even smaller people, the “Palestinians,” menaced by a well-oiled and ruthless Israeli war machine.

In AD 134, the Romans had expelled the Jews from Judea after the Bar Kokhba revolt and renamed the region Palestine. The Romans had plucked this name from the Bible; it was the name of the Israelites’ ancient enemies, the Philistines. But never did the term “Palestinian” refer to anything but a region — not to a people or an ethnicity.

In the 1960s, however, the KGB and Hajj Amin al-Husseini’s nephew Yasir Arafat created both these allegedly oppressed people and the instrument of their freedom — the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO).

Ion Mihai Pacepa, who had served as acting chief of Cold War-era Communist Romania’s spy service (Pacepa later authored many articles for PJ Media), later revealed what happened:

The PLO was dreamt up by the KGB, which had a penchant for “liberation” organizations. There was the National Liberation Army of Bolivia, created by the KGB in 1964 with help from Ernesto ‘Che’ Guevara … the KGB also created the Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine, which carried out numerous bombing attacks.

[ … ]

In 1964 the first PLO Council, consisting of 422 Palestinian representatives handpicked by the KGB, approved the Palestinian National Charter — a document that had been drafted in Moscow. The Palestinian National Covenant and the Palestinian Constitution were also born in Moscow, with the help of Ahmed Shuqairy, a KGB influence agent who became the first PLO chairman.

For Arafat to head the PLO, he had to be a Palestinian. Pacepa explained:

[Arafat] was an Egyptian bourgeois turned into a devoted Marxist by KGB foreign intelligence. The KGB had trained him at its Balashikha special-operations school east of Moscow and in the mid-1960s decided to groom him as the future PLO leader.

First, the KGB destroyed the official records of Arafat’s birth in Cairo, and replaced them with fictitious documents saying that he had been born in Jerusalem and was therefore a Palestinian by birth.

Arafat may have been a Marxist, at least at first, but he and his Soviet handlers made copious use of Islamic anti-Semitism. KGB chief Yuri Andropov noted:

[T]he Islamic world was a waiting petri dish in which we could nurture a virulent strain of America-hatred, grown from the bacterium of Marxist-Leninist thought. Islamic anti-Semitism ran deep. … We had only to keep repeating our themes — that the United States and Israel were ‘fascist, imperial-Zionist countries’ bankrolled by rich Jews.

Islam was obsessed with preventing the infidels’ occupation of its territory, and it would be highly receptive to our characterization of the U.S. Congress as a rapacious Zionist body aiming to turn the world into a Jewish fiefdom.

PLO executive committee member Zahir Muhsein explained the strategy more fully in a 1977 interview with the Dutch newspaper Trouw:

The Palestinian people does not exist. The creation of a Palestinian state is only a means for continuing our struggle against the state of Israel for our Arab unity. In reality today there is no difference between Jordanians, Palestinians, Syrians and Lebanese. Only for political and tactical reasons do we speak today about the existence of a Palestinian people, since Arab national interests demand that we posit the existence of a distinct “Palestinian people” to oppose Zionism.

For tactical reasons, Jordan, which is a sovereign state with defined borders, cannot raise claims to Haifa and Jaffa, while as a Palestinian, I can undoubtedly demand Haifa, Jaffa, Beer-Sheva and Jerusalem. However, the moment we reclaim our right to all of Palestine, we will not wait even a minute to unite Palestine and Jordan.

Once the people had been created, their desire for peace could be easily fabricated as well. Romanian dictator Nicolae Ceausescu tutored Arafat in how to play the West like a fiddle. Pacepa recounted:

In March 1978, I secretly brought Arafat to Bucharest for final instructions on how to behave in Washington. “You simply have to keep on pretending that you’ll break with terrorism and that you’ll recognize Israel — over, and over, and over,” Ceausescu told him [Arafat]. … Ceausescu was euphoric over the prospect that both Arafat and he might be able to snag a Nobel Peace Prize with their fake displays of the olive branch. …

Ceausescu failed to get his Nobel Peace Prize. But in 1994 Arafat got his — all because he continued to play the role we had given him to perfection. He had transformed his terrorist PLO into a government-in-exile (the Palestinian Authority), always pretending to call a halt to Palestinian terrorism while letting it continue unabated.

Two years after signing the Oslo Accords, the number of Israelis killed by Palestinian terrorists had risen by 73 percent.

This strategy continued to work beautifully, through U.S.-brokered “peace process” after “peace process,” from the 1978 Camp David Accords into the presidency of Barack Obama and beyond, with no end in sight….

Read the rest here.

EDITORS NOTE: This column originally appeared on Jihad Watch.

Attorney General Sessions orders review of DOJ ties to the Southern Poverty Law Center

The New York Post editorial yesterday is entitled:

The SPLC’s terrible year just got worse

It’s been a rough year for the Southern Poverty Law Center — deservedly so. And it just got more difficult, thanks to Attorney General Jeff Sessions.

The SPLC, formed in 1971 as an aggressive civil-rights nonprofit law firm, has become the left’s go-to arbiter of what constitutes a hate group. Its pronouncements are quoted without challenge by the news media, and it has an endowment of $300 million, enriched by major corporate donors.

Screenshot (616)

Heidi Beirich

Yet its overly broad definition of “hate” often goes far beyond truly vile outfits to include people and groups that simply don’t toe a politically correct line. That’s why the SPLC two months ago had to pay $3.4 million and publicly apologize to Maajid Nawaz, whom it had falsely labeled an “anti-Muslim extremist.” (He’s actually a practicing Muslim who opposes extremism.)

But that didn’t stop the Star-Ledger last week from devoting an editorial to denouncing New Jersey’s ICE spokesman, Emilio Dabul, for his “links” (as supplied by the SPLC) to “anti-Muslim fanatics.” This, even though the Star-Ledger admitted that Dabul’s own writings “showed no anti-Muslim bias.” It was all guilt by association — right from the SPLC playbook.

Now Sessions has ordered a review to ensure the Justice Department no longer partners with the SPLC and other groups that “unfairly defame Americans.”


…Sessions charged, it uses its hate-group designations “as a weapon” to “bully and intimidate” organizations of which it simply doesn’t approve.


As Ayaan Hirsi Ali, who’s also been smeared by the SPLC as an “anti-Muslim extremist,”*** has noted, the group these days is invested more in “profiting off the anxieties and white guilt of Northern liberals” than in actually upholding civil rights.

Sessions’ review is long overdue, and follows other government agencies that have backed away from the SPLC. It’s time for those who still merely parrot its smears to start taking a closer look.

More here.

If you are looking for something to do, you need to complain to your local paper or TV station any time they use the SPLC as a credible source to define “hate groups.”

The SPLC was forced to remove its now infamous Anti-Muslim Extremist list that included yours truly, see here.

Targeting Refugee Resettlement Watch and anyone questioning refugee resettlement for their towns and cities was initiated by a Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society study in 2013 which explicitly asked that the SPLC investigate us.  Here is a quote from that study (my post is here).  Earlier in the report they mentioned RRW by name.

Conduct Research on Local Anti-Refugee Leaders: The national refugee agencies should partner with groups such as Center for New Community and Southern Poverty Law Center to learn more about individuals and groups leading local efforts to resist resettlement, to determine if they belong to organized anti-immigrant or anti-Muslim organizations or networks.

Remember that the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society, as one of nine federal resettlement contractors, is dependent on your tax dollars for more than half of the group’s income!