President Trump: Ilhan Omar “extremely unpatriotic and extremely disrespectful to our country”

Islamic supremacists and Leftists love to try to intimidate those whom they hate, and they’re working very hard these days to claim that criticism of Ilhan Omar amounts to incitement to violence. But in President Trump they have found someone they cannot intimidate.

Trump is also correct in noting that Omar controls Pelosi, and is now the de facto leader of the Democrat Party, as I wrote here several weeks ago.

“Donald Trump: Ilhan Omar ‘Extremely Unpatriotic’ and ‘Disrespectful’ to Our Country,” by Charlie Spiering, Breitbart, April 16, 2019:

…“She’s got a way about her that’s very very bad I think for our country, I think she’s extremely unpatriotic and extremely disrespectful to our country,” Trump said in an interview with KSTP News….

“Look she’s been very disrespectful to this country, she’s been very disrespectful, frankly, to Israel, she is somebody that doesn’t really understand, I think, life, real life what it’s all about,” Trump said.

Omar complained that the president’s tweet led to an increase in direct threats against her life.

When asked if he had second thoughts about sharing the video, Trump replied, “No. Not at all.”

Trump also criticized Ohmar [sic] as “out of control” on Monday on Twitter.

“Before Nancy, who has lost all control of Congress and is getting nothing done, decides to defend her leader, Rep. Omar, she should look at the anti-Semitic, anti-Israel and ungrateful U.S. HATE statements Omar has made,” he wrote. “She is out of control, except for her control of Nancy!”

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Congresswoman Ilhan Omar Must Clearly State She Believes the 9/11 Attacks Were Acts of Radical Islamist Terrorism

What Rep. Omar has not done – and needs to do immediately — is clarify her comment by answering this question: “Do you believe the 9/11 attacks were acts of radical Islamist terrorism.”

There are two important reasons why Rep. Omar must answer this question.

First, her “some people did something” remark suggests she does not believe the 9/11 attacks were acts of terrorism. If this is the case, it means she lives in the 9/11 truther fever swamps where lunatics have put forward numerous ridiculous and offensive conspiracy theories for the 9/11 attacks, such as the U.S. government was involved or that it was some kind of inside job.

Rep. Omar needs to reassure the American public immediately that she is not a 9/11 truther by clearly stating she believes these attacks were acts of terrorism.

Second, Rep. Omar must clearly state that the 9/11 terrorist attacks were acts of radical Islamist terrorism.  Does she acknowledge that these were acts of unspeakable violence motivated by a radical ideology that is at war with modern society or does she subscribe to the reprehensible view by some radical Islamists and leftists that these terrorist attacks were a response to U.S. actions in the Middle East, such as the Gulf War and support of Israel?  While it is hard for me to believe that Rep. Omar holds such extreme views, she needs to explicitly repudiate them by stating that the 9/11 attacks were motivated by radical Islam.

I have previously called for Speaker Pelosi to remove Rep. Omar from the House Foreign Affairs Committee because I believe her anti-Semitic statements and hostility to Israel will interfere with this committee’s important work overseeing U.S. foreign policy.  But if it turns out that Rep. Omar believes the 9/11 attacks were not acts of terror and not motivated by radical Islam, much stronger action must be taken. On behalf of the 3,000 killed by the 9/11 terrorist attacks, if Rep. Omar will not admit the true nature of these attacks, the U.S. House of Representatives should consider a formal reprimand and expelling her from that body. There should be no room in the U.S. Congress for a person who denies and minimizes the significance of the worst terrorist attack in U.S. history.


About Fred Fleitz

Fred Fleitz is President and CEO of the Center for Security Policy. He recently served as a Deputy Assistant to President Trump and Chief of Staff to National Security Adviser John Bolton. He previously worked in national security positions for 25 years with CIA, DIA, the Department of State and the House Intelligence Committee staff. Read his complete bio here. Follow Fleitz on Twitter @fredfleitz.

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The Islamization of Europe and the European Caliphate by Rami Dabbas

In the 20th century, the world’s population increased four times and exceeded 6.5 billion people. the demographic change in the recent decades has seen a rapid growth in the number of Muslims. Since 1990, the number of Muslims in the world has increased from 880 million to 1 billion people. Islam became the fastest growing world religion in terms of the number of adherents, and according to current forecasts, by 2030 there will be at least two billion Muslims on earth out of a total population of 8 billion.

Currently, Islam is already the second largest religion in terms  of followers (after Christianity). More than two thirds of Muslims live in Asia, where they constitute over 20% of the population, and almost 30% in Africa (half of the continent’s population). Muslim communities exist in more than 120 countries of the world, in 35 of them they constitute over 80% of the population (most of them are in the countries of North Africa and West Asia). The largest absolute Muslim communities reside in Indonesia, India, Pakistan and Bangladesh. Sociologists predict that by 2025 in the US, the Islamic community will become the second largest after Christians, overtaking the Jewish one.

Especially rapidly increasing is the number of Muslims in Europe. The largest Muslim community is in France: from 5 to 7 million (up to 10% of the total population), Islam became the second largest religion in the country after Catholicism. Numerous communities of followers of Islam were formed in Germany (4 million), Great Britain (1.7 million), Italy and Holland (1 million each). Significant Muslim communities are scattered throughout all Western European countries.

It should be noted that no one knows the real number of Muslims in Western Europe, since along with the legal immigrants and their descendants, there are many millions of illegal immigrants who are absent in official statistics. According to various estimates, between 15 and 24 million Muslims now live in Western Europe. Demographers predict that by 2025  the number of Muslims in Europe will double due to the high birth rate and mass immigration from North Africa and the Middle East.

Islam came to Western Europe just a few decades ago. Until the end of the 1940s, there were very few Muslims. (most in France – 120 thousand in the mid-1920s). The first mass migration was associated with the war in Algeria (1954-1962). After the forced consent of France to the declaration of independence of this North African states, hundreds of thousands of local Muslims took advantage of the opportunity to move to their former metropolis.

As a result of mass migrations from developing countries, the level of ethnic and denominational fragmentation of the population of those European states that were quite homogeneous a few decades ago is constantly increasing. It is fundamentally important that, unlike in past years, a significant part of Muslim migrants and their descendants now do not show a desire to integrate into a new environment for themselves.

The former European model of building a single civic nation within the framework of a national state (like the “melting pot” in the USA) in modern conditions ceases to work. Consequences of this are the concepts of building multicultural, multi-religious, and more recently, multilingual communities within individual states of Western Europe. For adherents of liberalism, these concepts seem to be a logical development of democracy, where minority rights are guaranteed and protected by the state. At the same time, no distinction is made between the “old” and the “new” population: their rights to an original existence are equally protected by a democratic state.

Muslim areas and suburbs appeared in Paris, Berlin, London and many other major European cities. Most modern French Muslims are descendants of the Arab Maghreb (Algeria, Tunisia, Morocco). In Germany, Netherlands, Austria and Denmark, the Muslim community is mainly represented by descendants of Turkish immigrants. British Muslims – most descendants of immigrants from British India (Pakistan and Bangladesh).

The increase in the number of European Muslims is promoted by the high fertility rate encouraged by state social programs. In Muslim families, the average number of children is usually not less than four. Large Muslim families contrasts with the small families and the crisis of traditional family values ​​among the indigenous Europeans. The most important democratic achievement of modern Western civilization proclaimed freedom of homosexual relations, and in a number of countries (Holland, Belgium, Canada, Spain and Switzerland, as well as a number of US states) same-sex marriages were legally allowed.

Along with the increase in the number of sexual minorities, the reduction of the indigenous (atheistic or nominally Christian) population of Western Europe is promoted by the conscious rejection of the birth of children, as many Europeans believe that children will interfere with their careers or simply interfere with their usual and comfortable life. Families that have one child, rarely decide on the birth of the second. For simple reproduction of the population, the average birth rate should be 2.1 children. But women in Western Europe, on average, give birth to only 1.4 children. And in the conditions of a progressive decline in the indigenous population of Europe, Muslims successfully fill the demographic vacuum that has formed.

This plays into the feminist propaganda, which asserts that children prevent women from occupying a worthy place in society. The rejection of traditional family values ​​and the moral crisis of society contribute to the growth of the popularity of Islam, even among the indigenous people of Europe. In France, the number of white French Muslims already exceeds 50 thousand, and this far exceeds, for example, the number of Russian Muslims in Russia.

For several decades, the difficulties of a demographic and economic nature have forced the EU countries to legalize and even promote immigration from Muslim countries. European politicians considered it indecent even to ask the question, is modern Europe and Islam compatible in principle? Both did not preached the ideas of tolerance and multiculturalism as for Islam for example unlike what Islam Claims, incompatible with the views of Samuel Huntington, who in his sensational book “The Clash of Civilizations” claimed that Europe and Islam are two antipodes, two initially hostile antagonistic civilizations. On the contrary, the prevailing view was that the integration of the Muslim diaspora into European society would contribute to the rapprochement of Christian and Islamic civilizations.

The rationale for such optimistic ideas were examples when yesterday’s illiterate migrant workers or their descendants successfully fit into European reality, made a successful career, and even became members of the European Parliament. But widely propagated examples of this kind were sporadic; they did not reflect the real picture and only disoriented society, and indeed the political elite of Western Europe.

It is characteristic that, unlike the first wave of immigrants, the rejection of the surrounding reality among Muslims of the second and third generation constantly increased and acquired more and more radical forms. Already in the second half of the 1990s, young Muslims in Europe began to become increasingly intolerant of such European values ​​as sexual equality, freedom of religion, freedom of speech, ensuring the rights of sexual minorities, etc. In schools that were attended by young Muslims, it became increasingly difficult to teach certain subjects. Over the years, in many schools it has become impossible to teach the history of the Holocaust, the theory of the origin of life, the development of species and humanity, as well as a number of other subjects that seemed completely unacceptable for young Muslims and their parents.

Gradually, in schools with Muslim students, sexual segregation was established: the boys sat down in one part of the class, and the girls – in the other, in hospitals the refusals of treatment by a male doctor or a man – by women became more frequent. Only ten years ago, only old women wore Muslim headscarves. Now they are worn by half of the female Muslim population of France, and in some municipalities of France this figure reaches 80%. Hijabs are increasingly common in other European countries.

Young Muslims in Europe no longer limit themselves to living under the laws of the land. In most cases, Muslim girls and women were not free to choose: many were forced to wear hijabs under the pressure of relatives or the community. According to special studies conducted by the French authorities, in some European cities, a Muslim girl who refuses to wear a headscarf “risks exposure to insults, physical aggression, sexual abuse and even collective rape.” In France, such acts of aggression against dissenters within the Muslim community occur regularly. The growth of Islamic fundamentalism among European Muslims created favorable conditions for the politicization of Islam in Europe.

Until the late 1990s Islamist political parties did not exist in Europe. Now they have appeared in France and Belgium. While these parties are not numerous and are not represented in parliament,  they already have their first successes: in Belgium in May 2003, “Parti de la Citoyennete et Prosperite” (PCP, Citizenship and Prosperity Party), which preaches radical Islam, gained more than 8 thousand votes in the Brussels elections.

Over the past four years, hundreds of acts of aggression by Muslim youth have been witnessed  in European cities, and the number of anti-Semitic demonstrations is constantly growing. According to sociologists, European Muslims do not show tolerance for their fellow citizens in precisely those countries that are most tolerant.

As shown by a sociological study conducted by the pew Washington Research Center in 13 western states, in the UK, while there is the most tolerant attitude of indigenous people towards Muslim immigrants in Europe, there is the most open dislike of Muslims towards Europeans.

In most countries, suspicion and contempt for each other, Muslims and non-Muslims are mostly mutual. But in the UK there is a huge gap in this regard. 63% of Britons treat Muslims positively, this figure has only slightly decreased since 2004 due to explosions in the London Underground. In France, such an attitude can be seen among approximately 60% of citizens, while in the USA, Germany and Spain this figure does not exceed 29%.

Only a third of Britons consider Muslims as cruel and hostile, whereas in Spain about 60% of indigenous people hold this opinion, in Germany – 52%, in the US – 45%, in France – 41%. At the same time, it is in Great Britain that the most negative attitude of local Muslims towards European values ​​is noted in the West. Most of the representatives of the British Ummah consider the people of the Western world to be selfish, arrogant, greedy and immoral. In the rest of the countries, the majority of Muslims share the respect for Europeans towards women, but in the UK, less than half of Muslim citizens agree with this.

In the UK, only 32% of Muslims are tolerant towards the Jewish community, whereas, for example, in France this figure is 71%. Finally, it is British Muslims who less than others believe in the possibility of their existence in Western society while maintaining the traditional way of life and adherence to conservative values.

At the same time, citizens of Great Britain showed the greatest sympathy, in contrast to other states, for Muslims in the context of a “caricature” scandal. Only 9% of the British respondents believe that the conflicts between Islam and the West that arose on this ground were the result of “Muslim intolerance towards Western freedom”, but about three-quarters of the respondents blamed “disrespect of the West towards Muslims” The same is believed in Muslim countries. 55% of Americans and 2/3 of Germans and French believe that relations between people of the West and Muslims in general leave much to be desired. Some optimism can be had only by the fact that, as studies have shown, in the Muslim communities of Europe,  Muslim attitude to the Europeans are still better than in Muslim countries.

At the beginning of the third millennium, European Muslims became an active political force. In the spring and summer of 2001, mass rallies were held by British Muslims in the factory cities of central England. In 2002, during the parliamentary elections in France, mass demonstrations of French Muslims greatly paralyzed the activity of right-wing Populist National Front. European Muslims in many respects contributed to the development by Europe of an independent position on the issue of the war in Iraq in 2003. In the winter of 2003/2004. large-scale actions of European Muslims were held, which were directed against the ban by the French Ministry of Education on wearing the hijab in schools. In European cities, mass marches are constantly taking place in support of the Palestinian people, against the policies of the United States and Israel.

Some Islamic leaders demanded autonomy for European Muslims. Thus, the director of the Muslim Institute Kaleem Siddiqi (one of the leaders of Islamic radicals in the UK) in his “Muslim manifesto” demanded that British Muslims be given the status of an “autonomous community”.

Europe has become an arena for the activities of Islamic terrorists who organized the bombings in Madrid and London, as well as the murder of the Dutch director Theo Van Gogh in Amsterdam. At the same time, terrorism is generated not only by internal causes, but also by the processes that occur within the Muslim communities of Europe. Many Muslims who participated in the terrorist attack on the USA on September 11, 2001, were Muslims from European countries. Their worldview was shaped in Europe, where favorable conditions were established for the dissemination of the ideas of radical Islam, which rejects liberal and democratic values.

The majority of those who committed the terrorist attacks on March 11, 2004 in Madrid were also young Muslims belonging to the second or third generation of immigrants. They were not associated with foreign terrorist organizations, although they claimed to be al Qaeda followers. The group included residents of Madrid and full-fledged citizens of Spain (mostly of Moroccan origin), who were inspired by the ideas of jihad, influenced by the information they gathered on the Internet on radical Islamic websites. The same picture was observed in the UK, where the London attacks of July 7, 2005 were also carried out by young Muslims – full-fledged British citizens.

Islam has become a major factor in European public life. Without taking this factor into account, no serious forecast of the future development of Europe, or of the entire modern world, is possible. A significant part of the Muslims of Europe did not integrate into European reality and consciously refuses to accept the Western European way of life, morality and values. Refusing European identity, they make a choice in favor of “pure” Islam in its Arabian variety and feel themselves primarily as part of the global Muslim community.

The current demographic situation strengthens Muslims in the belief that sooner or later Western Europe will become part of the Islamic world. Among them there is the conviction that the womb of a Muslim woman has become the most effective means of Islamizing Europe and the whole world. Some analysts claim that in the very near future, France will become the first Islamic country in Western Europe, from which Islam will begin its triumphal march through the rest of the continent.

European states have achieved great and unconditional success in defending the democratic rights and freedoms of their citizens. This fully applies to the rights of minorities living in them: religious, ethnic, sexual. The result of this liberal policy was the growing ethno-confessional fragmentation of Europe. But after all, such ethno-confessional fragmentation has always been one of the main features of developing countries. In most of them, such a mosaic caused a heightened conflict in society. The internal political instability caused by it still remains the most important cause of socio-economic stagnation, even social degradation, which are observed in many developing countries.

An increasing number of Muslims prefer to live within their own community, solely by their own laws, and not even speak the languages ​​of their countries of residence. It is precisely this behavior of Muslims that is fundamentally different from the behavior of other minorities (Chinese, Indian, Eastern European, etc.), who, while preserving their cultural traditions and identity, still strive to adapt and integrate into the society where they now live.

Obviously, the more numerous the Islamic segments that are not integrated into the local society, the higher the potential for conflict of the society and the more favorable the ground appears for the activities of radical Islamist groups.

It must be emphasized that Islam, like any other religion, does not in itself pose a threat to the world and society. The threat arises only when Islam ceases to be a religion and begins to be used as a political ideology that is designed to seize power in individual countries, regions or on a planetary scale by the name of creating the future World Caliphate.

In the conditions of the development of a special policy towards Muslims built on the liberal values ​​of European society, their very isolation from the number of other minorities seems to be an absolutely unacceptable violation of democracy. The persistent desire to ignore the specifics of Muslim problems led to the fact that such extremists as Egyptian Abu Hamza, without any problems, received British citizenship and for many years lived quietly in the UK, engaging in terrorist activities.

For European liberalism, it would be unthinkable to enact legislation similar to, for example, the recently adopted Australian decree on Arab-Muslim immigrants, from which “the government feels threatened by terrorist attacks.” This decree states that “Muslims who want to live in Australia under Sharia law will have to leave this country.” In Europe, the statements that Islam is a threat to society entail accusations of racism and prosecution.

Catholic priest pere Samuel, popular in Belgium, the rector of the church of St. Anthony of Padua in Charleroi, was accused by the authorities of racism for pointing out the threat of Islamic expansion in Europe in his sermon. “There is no such thing as a moderate Muslim,” said this priest, who was born in the family of Syrian Christians in Turkish Kurdistan. In his speech on local television, he called every Muslim child born in Europe “a time bomb for children of European culture who will soon become a minority here.”

It is noteworthy that the initiators of the prosecution of pere Samuel were not Islamic organizations, but the Belgian government human rights organization Center for Equal Opportunities and Resistance to Racism, which qualified his statements as “incitement to racial hatred” and even recommended that Father Samuel be detained until a court verdict was rendered.

Will the growth of the Muslim population lead to the Islamization of Europe? Many radical Islamic leaders no longer doubt this. As one of them said after the death of Pope John Paul II, “Islam will return to Europe as a conqueror and winner after he was twice expelled from the continent.” After that, “only one choice will be presented to Christians – to accept Islam or pay jizya (i.e., a tax levied on non-Muslims for the right to reside in an Islamic country).

European politicians may continue to pretend that Muslims are no different from other minorities. But further mechanical following along the path of liberalism cannot solve the problem, the existence of which is obvious. It leads only to the further isolation of local Muslims, the growth of the influence of radical political Islam in their midst, which may soon become a real threat to domestic political stability and the very existence of modern European civilization. And the longer the local authorities turn a blind eye to the Islamic problem, the more difficult it will be to find adequate methods for the solution.

The future prospects of Europe will primarily depend on whether European states are able to develop an adequate policy in relation to the growing and less and less integrated society of Muslim communities. Such a policy should not only guarantee all rights, preserve the religious and cultural identity of European Muslims, but also harmonize their relations with society and ensure the integration of Muslims into modern European civilization.

If a still prosperous Europe does not find an adequate way out of this difficult situation, then its development can be reversed and take the path of degradation. In this case, it is not at all the current developing countries that will catch up with the developed ones, but, on the contrary, Europe will be at the level of developing states. At present, such a development is still not fatally inevitable, and one would like to hope that Europe (like all humanity) will not be discarded during the darkest Middle Ages and religious wars.

EDITORS NOTE: This Jihad Watch column is republished with permission.

Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society Cries the Blues over Trump’s Low Refugee Admission Numbers

No, they are not alone, the other eight federal contractors have begun their anti-Trump chorus as the 6-month-mark in the fiscal year has been reached and they see that once again refugees (paying clients) admitted through the US Refugee Admissions Program will be low.

(I reported the low number here last week.)

Not surprisingly my alerts are filled with news stories this week about how the meany Donald Trump is causing suffering for those waiting all around the world for their ticket to your town.

But, as you may remember, the Trump Administration said the numbers for regular refugee admissions would be low because the Administration was faced with a huge and growing-daily backlog of asylum seekers at the southern border.

Asylum seekers are refugee wannabes—they say they will be persecuted if returned to their home countries and therefore have a “right” to ask to stay in America permanently.

But, this is what never made sense to me—if groups like the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Societycared so much about those waiting to get here from Africa, Asia and the Middle East who have been at least nominally screened, why are they at the border putting on media stunts to pressure us to allow illegal aliens (they call them NEW Americans) of all sorts across the border?

The only thing that makes sense is that they are pushing a socialist (communist!) agenda that really wants to see America swamped with impoverished immigrants in order to change us forever (which they have a right to push for), but when they do it with our tax dollars we have a duty to raise serious questions about it!

Here is the HuffPo story from Wednesday that caught my interest,

America Is On Track To Accept A Historically Low Number Of Refugees This Year

The U.S. is on track to resettle an exceptionally small number of refugees this fiscal year, with some advocates projecting the total will fall 19 percent below President Donald Trump’s already historically low quota.

Last year, Trump capped refugee admissions at 30,000 for fiscal year 2019 ― the lowest ceiling a president has placed on the resettlement program since it was created in 1980. Six months after the fiscal year began on Oct. 1, State Department statistics suggest that a little over 12,000 refugees have arrived in the U.S.

If admissions continue at the same pace, it’s likely that the U.S. will only welcome around 24,400 refugees this fiscal year, according to estimates from World Relief, an evangelical Christian organization that is one of nine voluntary agencies helping the government resettle refugees.


HIAS, a Jewish organization that helps resettle refugees, told HuffPost that it was “deeply disappointed” by the historically low number of refugees admitted to the U.S. so far this fiscal year. Naomi Steinberg, the organization’s vice president of policy and advocacy, suggested that these policies have caused harm to refugees fleeing persecution and tarnished America’s reputation.

“For each refugee who isn’t resettled there is a real human consequence: a life is in jeopardy, family remains separated, a child cannot start their education,” she said. “In addition to the human consequences, the United States’ global leadership is eroding.”

More here.

So how many of your tax dollars go to HIAS?

Charity Navigator tells us the latest numbers (for fiscal year ending December 2017).

Federal grants to HIAS totaled just over $20 MILLION and that amounts to half of their total income for the year. And since that is our money, it makes what they do our business.

Money is power! 

And, while we were all leading our normal non-political lives, the Leftwing non-profits, groups like HIAS, have figured out how to use our money to push their pet political issues.

I bet if you checked every non-profit group promoting more immigration, or more environmental regulations, or social justice generally, you will find that they have a direct pipeline into the US Treasury putting us at an unfair advantage to counter their political message.

I have been arguing for years that federal refugee resettlement contractorsshould be prohibited from pushing a political agenda and should be focusing solely on doing the job they were hired by us to do—taking care of refugees coming in through the US Refugee Admissions Program.

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EDITORS NOTE: This Frauds, Crooks and Criminals column is republished with permission.

Syrian man caught hiding in commercial railcar trying to sneak into US at Mexico border

This is just one of a great many incidents, most under reported if reported at all, demonstrating that border control is a national security issue. This incident could be related to the jihad threat as well. Certainly many jihadists have entered the U.S. through Mexico.

“Syrian man caught trying to sneak into US at Mexico border,” by Paulina Dedaj, Fox News, April 3, 2019:

Border agents in California apprehended a Syrian national over the weekend, saying he’d attempted to enter the U.S. by hiding on a train.

Agents at the Calexico West Port of Entry were observing a commercial railcar as it passed across the border on Friday around 6:15 a.m. when officers observed something amiss on the lower side of the train using the port’s imaging system.

According to a press release from Customs and Border Protection (CBP), officers searched the train and discovered a 46-year-old man hidden in a compartment….

The man was interviewed and fingerprinted; the process revealed that he was a Syrian citizen with no paperwork to enter the U.S….

EDITORS NOTE: This Jihad Watch column is republished with permission.

VIDEO: Resolving the Reality of Political Islam

Emmet of Resolving Reality Radio, an independent Irish media platform, interviewed me on the reality of political Islam. The interview covered many topics on political Islam and Sharia.

EDITORS NOTE: The original interview can be found here. Please subscribe to Resolving Reality.

VIDEO: The United Nations is ABSOLUTELY Anti-Semitic! The Golan Belongs to Israel!

Outside of the U.S., countries call for Israel to leave the Golan, and give it back to Syria, the most ruthless regime on Earth! Arab countries not recognizing Israeli sovereignty over the Golan Heights is understandable, what’s the U.N.’s excuse?

The United Nations is so Anti-Israel, it’s mission is obvious!

An article published December 2017 in The Townhall describes how bad it is.  Written by Dr. Robert Jeffress, a pastor of an 11,000-member First Baptist Church in Dallas and an adjunct professor at Dallas Theological Seminary, titled:

Let’s Be Honest: The United Nations Is Anti-Semitic

Dr. Jeffress gives us many examples how & why.  Here are excerpts from the article:

“It is clear that the organization — which receives nearly a quarter of its budget from the United States alone (far more than any other country) — is increasingly a safe place for pure anti-Semitism to grow. Its opposition to Israel has gone far beyond political opposition; it is a racist organization.”

“Speaking of human rights, the United Nations’ Human Rights Commission (UNHRC) now includes the nations of Venezuela, Cuba, and the Philippines—all nations that are notorious for their violations of human rights. They also currently placed Syria, a virtual protectorate of Iran, on a committee focused on “decolonization,” and they once named Zimbabwe’s brutal former dictator, Robert Mugabe, a “goodwill ambassador” for the World Health Organization (WHO).”

EDITORS NOTE: This TUW column with video is republished with permission.

Yemeni scholar: “ISIS has come to implement Islam as it is, by the book, complete with slave girls, the rape” [Video]

“ISIS has come to implement Islam as it is, by the book. It has not come up with anything on its own. It evoked the religious texts exactly as they are. It did not distort, change, or replace anything. It came with the text and implement it exactly as it is….They came in order to [implement] the proper Islam, complete with slave girls, the rape…”

Will Islamic apologists and their Leftist allies denounce Dr. Arwa Al-Khattabi as a racist, bigoted, “Islamophobe”? Of course not. They’ll just hope you don’t notice what she says.

“Yemeni Academic Dr. Arwa Al-Khattabi: ISIS Represents Islam; We Must Discuss This Honestly and Take Responsibility for What Is Happening in the World,” MEMRI, March 16, 2019:

On March 16, 2019, BBC Arabic (U.K.) hosted a debate about extremism and Islam. Dr. Makram Khouri-Machool, the director of the Cambridge-based European Centre for the Study of Extremism, said that most Muslim societies are peaceful and that Islam should not be accused of extremism. He said that there had been no killing of Arab Christians in the Middle East until American and Western occupation. Dr. Arwa Al-Khattabi, a Yemeni expert in European and German history, said that ISIS represents Islam and that it has attempted to implement it by the book without distorting, changing, or adding anything. She said that Arabs and Muslims must discuss the matter honestly and take responsibility for what is happening in the world rather than act like victims and blame others.

Following are excerpts:

Dr. Makram Khour-Machool: This is an important point for everyone to understand – the matter is between extremist forces in the West and the Muslims. This is why we say that most Muslim societies in the world are peaceful societies, and Westerners cannot look at the religion of Islam and accuse it of extremism in the world. This must stop – from a scientific, legal, practical, and procedural perspective.

Host: Okay let’s hear from…

Dr. Makram Khour-Machool: Just one more thing… The problem is that the Arab regimes do not have the power to stand before the European regimes and tell them: “What you want to apply to us – you must apply to yourselves.”


We had not seen the killing of Arab Christians and easterners until the intervention and occupation by America and the West in the Arab east and in our Arab world. The Arab Christians lived with their Muslim brothers in security in their countries, and there were no problems until the invading Western powers came in and nurtured the hatred and supported it financially, as they still do. Thus, there is no connection or correlation between Western terrorism and Christianity in the East.


Host: Do you agree with Dr. Gabriel Sawma’s point that ISIS represents Islam?

Dr. Arwa Al-Khattabi: Yes. This is the truth, and we must discuss this in full honesty and fairness. We must confront our [problems]. ISIS has come to implement Islam as it is, by the book. It has not come up with anything on its own. It evoked the religious texts exactly as they are. It did not distort, change, or replace anything. It came with the text and implement it exactly as it is.


They came in order to [implement] the proper Islam, complete with slave girls, the rape…


It is very unfortunate that we want to deny… We have a huge problem and we must recognize this before [we do] anything else. We have a problem, and we must take responsibility for it before we blame others for what is happening in the world. We cannot shut our eyes and deny this. It is happening because of us. When we deny things and place the blame on others, as if we are forced to do all this and are not the reason for what is happening… We must all own up to what is happening.

EDITORS NOTE: This Jihad Watch column with video is republished with permission.

Canada rejects Israel’s needs to defend itself, does not recognize its control over Golan Heights

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on his visit to the White House witnessed President Trump sign a proclamation that the U.S. officially recognizes the Golan Heights as Israeli territory.

Israel captured the Golan Heights from Syria in the 1967 Six-Day War and annexed it in 1981. This was no different from the situation of many lands that were conquered in war. Israel must keep control over the Golan Heights for its survival.

As President Trump stated:

After 52 years it is time for the United States to fully recognize Israel’s Sovereignty over the Golan Heights, which is of critical strategic and security importance to the State of Israel and Regional Stability.

The Golan Heights is Syria’s “only land border with Israel” and has “occasionally been struck by missiles and other forms of fire from Syria in recent years, with Israel retaliating against Syrian and Iranian targets.” Ongoing threats from Syria, Iran and its proxy Hizballah also make it urgent that Israel maintain control over the Golan Heights.

Yet despite these facts, Canada issued a statement that it “does not recognize permanent Israeli control over the Golan Heights,” thus siding with the anti-Israel U.N. and abandoning Israel. In so doing, it is tacitly supporting jihadi interests while hiding behind its self-proclaimed adherence to “international law” as its justification for doing so.

In trying to appease supporters of Israel, Global Affairs added that Canada remains “a steadfast friend” of Israel, saying: “We stand with Israel and support Israel’s right to live in peace and security with its neighbours.” These words give the illusion of support, but standing with Israel means supporting it in its ability to defend itself from obliteration.


Government of Canada, “Statement on the Golan Heights,” Global Affairs Canada, March 25, 2019:

“In accordance with international law, Canada does not recognize permanent Israeli control over the Golan Heights. Canada’s long-standing position remains unchanged.

“Annexation of territory by force is prohibited under international law. Any declaration of a unilateral border change goes against the foundation of the rules-based international order.

“Canada is a steadfast friend of Israel. We stand with Israel and support Israel’s right to live in peace and security with its neighbours.”

EDITORS NOTE: This Jihad Watch column is republished with permission.

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