EU hits Iran with sanctions over plots to assassinate regime opponents on Dutch, Danish, and French soil

“In the past, the EU has trod cautiously on Iran as it sought to save a beleaguered nuclear deal with Tehran after the US withdrew last year and imposed new sanctions. The Dutch ministers said that at a meeting with Iranian officials ‘it was emphasised that the measures were not linked’ to the Iran nuclear deal.”

Why not? When is the EU going to acknowledge that the Islamic Republic of Iran is a criminal regime that they should not be propping up? Probably only when it’s too late.

“EU hits Iran with sanctions after murder plots,” AFP, January 8, 2019:

The EU hit Iran’s intelligence services with sanctions Tuesday after accusing Tehran of being behind plots to assassinate regime opponents on Dutch, Danish, and French soil.

The move by the 28-nation bloc was announced as the Dutch government said it believed Iran was behind the murders of two dissidents in 2015 and 2017.

“Very encouraging that (the) EU has just agreed on new targeted sanctions against Iran in response to hostile activities and plots being planned and perpetrated in Europe, including Denmark,” Danish Prime Minister Lars Lokke Rasmussen said.

The “EU stands united — such actions are unacceptable and must have consequences,” he tweeted.

Sanctions include the freezing of funds and other financial assets of the Iranian intelligence ministry and individuals, officials said.

Denmark led efforts for sanctions after allegations that Tehran tried to kill three Iranian dissidents on Danish soil.

A manhunt related to the alleged plot against three Iranians suspected of belonging to the Arab Struggle Movement for the Liberation of Ahvaz (ASMLA) led to the shutdown of bridges to Sweden and ferries on September 28.

France last year imposed sanctions on two suspected Iranian agents and others from Iran’s ministry of intelligence and security.

The French security services concluded that the head of operations at the Iranian intelligence ministry had ordered a plot to bomb a rally of the People’s Mujahedeen of Iran (MEK) opposition group in a suburb of Paris in June last year — which Tehran strongly denied….

In the past, the EU has trod cautiously on Iran as it sought to save a beleaguered nuclear deal with Tehran after the US withdrew last year and imposed new sanctions.

The Dutch ministers said that at a meeting with Iranian officials “it was emphasised that the measures were not linked” to the Iran nuclear deal.

“Nevertheless, Iran will be held to account for all matters that affect EU and international security interests…,” including the assassinations in the Netherlands in 2015 and 2017, the letter said.

Dutch police have previously named the two victims as Ali Motamed, 56, who was killed in the central city of Almere in December 2015, and Ahmad Molla Nissi, 52, murdered in The Hague in November 2017.

Dutch news reports had said Motamed was living in the Netherlands under a false name and is really Mohammad Reza Kolahi Samadi — the man behind the largest bomb attack in Iran in 1981.

Nissi was shot dead in The Hague from a moving car, later found to have been stolen from a suburb outside Rotterdam.

Dutch police said Nissi was the chairman of the Arab Struggle Movement for the Liberation of Ahwaz, a group working for the independence of the Ahwaz area in southwestern Iran.

Last June, the Netherlands expelled two Iranian embassy workers in connection with the murders….

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New Muslim Rep. Rashida Tlaib celebrates with Linda Sarsour, puts ‘Palestine’ on office map

Apparently “Palestine” is somewhere north of Cairo, but precision wasn’t what whoever did this was after. These two photos are a solid indication of what kind of Representative Rashida Tlaib is going to be: one who represents far-Left interests of stoking racial hatred, demanding entitlements, and vilifying U.S. ally Israel. Of course, no one has ever had any reason to suspect that she was going to do anything else.

EDITORS NOTE: This Jihad Watch column with images is republished with permission. The featured image is from the Palestine in the UK Facebook page, which states:

US Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib shines in a traditional Palestinian dress (Thobe) today as she prepares to be sworn in as the first congresswoman of a Palestinian origin.

عضو الكونغرس الأمريكي رشيدة طليب تزدان بثوب فلسطيني تقليدي استعدادا لأدائها اليمين كأول عضو كونغرس من أصل فلسطيني

Historic Narcotics Seizure From Islamic Gangs

There are indications the war on drugs has intensified in Sri Lanka over 2018, ending the year with this massive narcotics seizure. On December 31, 2018, the Sri Lankan Police Narcotics Bureau (PNB) conducted a raid on a large, upscale house in Dehiwala, south of Colombo, where the house was being occupied by two men from Bangladesh, ages 35 and 38. During the raid, police seized over 272kg of heroin and 5kg of cocaine, with a combined street value of $20 million USD. A police spokesman states this narcotics seizure from Islamic gangs is the largest haul of heroin ever recorded in Sri Lanka. Police say they will destroy the narcotics after the court case ends. In December 2018, over 500kg of heroin was seized in Sri Lanka, while police say 736kg of heroin was seized over the year of 2018.

The latest historic drug seizure follows a large drug bust earlier in December 2018, where according to Ceylon Today (December 17, 2018):

A 23-year-old Bangladeshi woman was arrested along with 32 kg of heroin, with a street value of Rs. 384 million, at a safe house in Ratmalana yesterday evening, a senior Policeman said.

He said the suspect woman was initially picked up from a location in neighbouring Dehiwala by undercover sleuths from the Police Narcotic Bureau (PNB) who had operated on a tip-off.

At the time of her arrest in Dehiwala, the suspect was in a possession of one kilogram of heroin and subsequently led sleuths to the larger haul of the narcotic at Ratmalana, he added. Investigators are certain that the woman was not a ‘lone wolf’ operator and are searching for other contacts both in the country and elsewhere.

According to sleuths close to the investigation the suspect is believed to have been involved in the narcotic trade for a considerable period of time. At the time of her arrest the suspect was living in a rented house.

Further details on this arrest come from The Island on December 31, 2018:

The 23-year-old woman was arrested at a restaurant on Galle Road in Dehiwala and she was in possession of one kilo of heroin at the time of arrest. The police found another 31.329 kilos of heroin hidden in the house she was living in, at Delgahawatta, Ratmalana.

The region of Dehiwala, south Colombo, has a large population of Muslims; considerable Islamic gang activity is concentrated there for the illegal drug trade. Most of the drugs seized by Sri Lankan authorities in December 2018 have identified the Dehiwala area as being the central distribution hub for the country’s drug trade. The two Bangladeshi men arrested for the latest historic drug seizure were living a lavish lifestyle in a large luxurious home, and the drugs were being transported using their expensive, high-end vehicles. Dehiwala is known for its high-income neighborhoods where these Islamic gang members led affluent lifestyles, owning many valuable properties in the area and laundering money into area businesses owned by Muslims.

However, beneath the polished exterior of these Bangladeshi drug traffickers, there is a sinister connection to merciless Islamic gangs and terror. Locals say these Islamic gangs are waging “chemical warfare” on non-Muslim families by creating a hard drug epidemic to destroy their communities, especially since the Islamic gang members typically do not use the drugs they are distributing into the local Sinhalese communities. The heroin seized in Sri Lanka comes from Afghanistan, by air and sea. The proceeds are used to finance terror networks across the world, so these recent historic drug seizures have likely had a direct impact on the global war on terror, possibly saving the lives of many innocent people.

Over the last few years, the drug problem in Sri Lanka has become so severe that in mid-2018, the government announced an end to the almost 50-year moratorium on the death penalty for convicted drug dealers. Usually, a convicted drug dealer has his or her death sentence, by hanging, commuted to life in prison, but this may no longer be the situation, as President Sirisena stated that he “was ready to sign the death warrants.” Despite criticism from human rights lobbyists in Sri Lanka, who tried unsuccessfully to eliminate the death penalty in 2018, the success of Filipino President Duterte’s war on drugs is being cited as a good starting point, because Sri Lanka has become an important destination for international drug smuggling. People believe these Islamic gangs have become so powerful in Sri Lanka that they are creating an underground army to become a serious threat to the government.

These fears reached critical levels in Sri Lanka when a conspiracy to assassinate President Sirisena, along with two top political leaders, was revealed in late October 2018. An investigation discovered the assassination plot was connected to a network of Islamic gangs in the criminal underworld, which resulted in some political upheaval within the coalition government. The war on drugs in Sri Lanka has become an issue of national security, so Duterte-style counter measures are seen as necessary for the government to maintain control against the growing influence of the criminal underworld led by dangerous Islamic gangs that have eliminated all other rivals in the illegal drug trade. After the complete eradication of the LTTE terror network in 2009, merciless Islamic gangs have emerged as the leaders of the criminal underworld in Sri Lanka.

There is an important connection to Bangladesh with these massive drug seizures. International networks of Islamic gangs from Bangladesh are notorious for human trafficking, terrorism, money laundering, weapons, fraud and drugs. These gangs are based inside Bangladesh, a country that has a major problem with organized crime, corruption and Islamic jihad activity. In 2018, over 650 Bangladeshi illegal migrants were apprehended trying to enter the US over the Southwest border. In one case from 2018, a major human trafficker from Bangladesh was arrested while living in a Mexican hotel close to the US border. Much more work must be done in order to stop ruthless Islamic gangs from infiltrating other countries, as they have direct links to international Islamic terror networks through the drug trade in Afghanistan.


EDITORS NOTE: This column with images originally appeared on Jihad Watch. It is republished with permission.

Somali Crime From Maine to Minnesota

Remember the story from last summer where roving gangs of Somali ‘youths’ got into a “brawl” with locals in the city park in Lewiston, Maine.  I wrote about it here. A local Maine man died after being hit by a brick.

Breitbart also reported the news, but the story was written before Donald Giusti  died from his injuries.

Breitbart published this screenshot from a video taken the night of the June attack that resulted in Giusti’s murder.

Last week, locals returned to the park for a vigil for Giusti, and the Bangor Daily News headline says,

Lewiston vigil turns violent

It is really an incredible story as it explains that Giusti’s friends and family were attacked again by a “group” who drove up and got out with “bats and stuff” and began hitting the attendees.

One man was taken to the hospital, but not one word about who the people in the “group” were!  Police say they are investigating.

Oh, and by the way, they have never been able to make any arrests or solve the mystery of who killed Giusti even as there is video available of the June fight with the group of Somali ‘youths.’

This latest “brawl” happened on December 27th and I am not seeing any other stories, so if you do, send me a link! I’m curious to see if the ‘S’ word is mentioned.


On Tuesday, Alpha News trumpeted this headline,

Large Violent Crime Increase in Minneapolis Cedar-Riverside Neighborhood

Star Tribune reports that largely driven by a surge in robberies, and assaults the Minneapolis Cedar-Riverside neighborhood has seen over 60% increase in violent crime in 2018.

This increase in crime comes at a time when Minneapolis is having trouble recruiting police officers.

Authorities put the blame on a violent rivalry between St. Paul and Minneapolis East African gangs.


The rise of Somali gangs is not new to Minnesota. In 2009 CBS reported that somewhere between 400-500 Somali youth were active in gangs.

Some of the active gangs include Somali Hot Boyz, the Somali Mafia and Madhibaan with Attitude.

question mark

Note that the media never makes any mention of how the Somalis were seeded in Maine and Minnesota through the US Refugee Admissions Program. Your average American, reading these stories, must wonder why and how so many Somalis got to America in the first place! Why is that? Is it that the media is loathe to put the word “refugee” in a story about violent crime?

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EDITORS NOTE: This column with images originally appeared in Frauds, Crooks and Criminals. It is republished with permission. The featured photo is by David von Diemar on Unsplash.

20th Muslim arrested in connection with jihad murders of Scandinavian tourists in Morocco

“However police spokesman Boubker Sabik has described the killers as ‘lone wolves’ and claimed ‘the crime was not coordinated with Islamic State.’”

But clearly it was extensively coordinated. So much energy and effort put into jihad murder. Imagine if it were directed toward doing something useful.

“Swiss man arrested over links to alleged killers of Scandinavian tourists in Morocco,” by Peter Stubley, Independent, December 29, 2018 (thanks to The Religion of Peace):

A Swiss national has been arrested in connection with the murders of two Scandinavian women hiking in Morocco.

The man, who has not been named, was allegedly associated with the killers and taught them archery and social media skills, according to the Central Bureau for Judicial Investigations (BCIJ).

He is the 20th suspect to be arrested by investigators following the discovery of the bodies of Louisa Vesterager Jespersen, 24, from Denmark, and Maren Ueland, 28, from Norway, in the Atlas Mountains on 17 December.

The four main suspects reportedly pledged allegiance to Islamic State in a video made three days earlier.

However police spokesman Boubker Sabik has described the killers as “lone wolves” and claimed “the crime was not coordinated with Islamic State”.

The latest suspect held both Swiss and Spanish nationality and was resident in Morocco.

He is also accused of “involvement in recruiting Moroccan and sub-Saharan nationals to carry out terrorist plots in Morocco against foreign targets and security forces in order to take hold of their service weapons”.\

The remains of Ms Jespersen and Ms Ueland were found by French tourists in a tent at a campsite near Mount Toubkal, the highest peak in the Atlas Mountains. They were reportedly on a month-long hiking trip….

EDITORS NOTE: This column with images originally appeared on Jihad Watch. It is republished with permission. The featured photo is by niu niu on Unsplash.

Descent into Hell: Identity Politics as the Gateway to Islamic Theocracy

In the fall of 2015, a rather curious incident took place in the Knesset. A leader of the Arab party (Balad), Jamal Zahalka, furiously attacked the Left. “You won’t even greet me. You are a racist!…The far right is amicable at least: they say hello and smile at you. Everyone in the Labor is a racist. You’ve invented racism!”

The Left has conveniently forgotten the incident: they knew exactly what Zahalka meant by that. Genuine ideological racism transformed long ago into their worldview and their prerogative, concurrently.

Democratic ideals, social justice and tolerance don’t rule the world anymore. A new ideology – a successor of the failed totalitarian ideologies of the past century — governs the soul of the West, and it’s called Identity Politics.

The product of a vicious love of Red and Brown dogmas, it is pseudo-scientific, and is dividing people into racial-class categories with a rigid hierarchy. White Christians and Jews — exploiters a priori, the embodiment of financial manipulation and conspiracy – are at the lower level of the social pyramid. The second level of this hierarchy is occupied by people with various pathologies (homosexuals, transgenders, disabled) and women, who by default belong to the oppressed class. They resemble the gigantic peasant masses in the writings of Marxists: deprived, but hardly aware of their own unhappiness due to the absence of “class consciousness.” “Proletarian masses” represented by the Third World (from Venezuela to Bangladesh) and suppressed by white imperialism are positioned in the third level. The top of the social pyramid is occupied by the vanguard of the “global progressive forces” (such as the Communist party or National Socialist German Workers’ party) – embodied by Black American organizations, Palestinians and various Islamic groups.

A human being, as a thinker who is responsible for his own destiny and the fate of others, has no place in this scheme. Instead, there are faceless groups of “beneficial insects” and “harmful insects” (a precise copy of Marxist theory). The former deserve all the support; the latter should be expelled and persecuted in every possible way. Like sheep, a man is born with a stigma which determines his fate. A Black transgender Muslim will a priori have a more privileged position than a white man, regardless of intelligence and moral qualities. As in Bolshevik Russia, the weaver was a priori better than a former nobleman, and in Nazi Germany, the Aryan criminal was above the “subhuman” — a Jew or Slav.

It is assumed that each group of “insects” must sacrifice itself in the name of universal progress. White heterosexual men should make space for socially oppressed groups: women and the LGBT community, who, in turn, ought to sacrifice themselves in the name of the “World Proletariat,” whereas the “Proletarian Masses” must put themselves on the altar for the benefit of the Labor aristocracy and “Progressive Vanguard.”

Linda Sarsour’s message about the “brave Black Muslim American woman” (Ilhan Omar) – a victim of “people with “dual loyalty” — has a hypnotic effect on the progressive public, and she is well aware of it. In the reflection of Houston Chamberlain’s racial theory, “people with dual loyalty” (“termites” in Farrakhan’s definition) don’t stand a chance…

The following examples will demonstrate how this ideology elucidates modern countless paradoxes of “liberal democracy”:

  • The Dead White European Males (DWEM) term in American campuses;
  • PinkNews’ headline that “US Muslims are more accepting of homosexuality than White evangelicals”;
  • Bullying all who disagree with the superiority of marginal groups over heterosexuals (after he dared to support heterosexual families, a cofounder of Mozilla, Brendan Eich, had to step down);
  • The physical destruction of “politically incorrect” books, including children’s literature. In 2007, for instance, the municipal library of Botkyrka (a suburb of Stockholm) burned the entire edition of “Pippi in the South Seas,” written by Astrid Lindgren in 1948, because of “racist” expressions;
  • The total onslaught against the origins of Western civilization and its history. For instance: a publication such as “Mummies, Cannibals and Vampires” by Richard Sugg claims that 18th century British nobility practiced cannibalism;
  • Ralph Ellis’ research tries to prove that King Solomon was an Egyptian Pharaoh (“Solomon, Pharaoh of Egypt”); and Jesus was the fourth king of Manu, ruler of Edessa in Mesopotamia (“Jesus, King of Edessa”). Or a “discovery” by Annika Larsson from Uppsala University that the word “Allah” was embroidered on Vikings’ funeral clothes (compared to all this the Soviet agitprop is a kids’ game). Alan Ereira and Terry Jones (in “Barbarians against Rome”) claim that the Romans were bloodthirsty and evil savages, whereas the ancient Germans and Celts were peaceful, highly civilized communities. In “Battlefield-1” — a Swedish computer game based on World War I motifs — British, American and even German soldiers appear as black. USA Today columnist Brian Truitt criticized a lack of diversity in “Dunkirk” — a movie about the British Expeditionary Force in World War II. Could it be that Bernard Montgomery, Dwight D. Eisenhower and George S. Patton were black transgender lesbians? Why not?
  • The statement of Prince Charles that gangs of pirates were “fantastic” for aquatic life because the fishermen were too scared to fish in coastal Somalia waters.

Only by understanding the nature of modern synthesis of Marxist and racial ideologies one can explain the inexplicable. The self-forgetful vilification of Israel and complete disregard of the scourge of the Palestinians in the refugee camps in Syria and Lebanon. Total indifference to the fate of Ukrainians in war zones and moving concern for migrants from peaceful areas of Africa and Asia. The willingness to accept ISIS militants and the apathy to the fate of their victims: Christians and Yezidis. Compassion for jihadists in Guantanamo and mobsters from “Black Life Matters,” while cynically ignoring the genocides in Sudan and Rwanda. The accusation of the “white man” for all mortal sins and the refusal to recognize poorly disguised slavery in the Muslim world. The denial of Islamic terror side by side the hysterics about marginal “White Terror.” Feminists’ violent attacks on Sir Tim Hunt, the Nobel prizewinner, because of his joke about girls in science labs, while the same feminists defended rapists from Afghanistan, Somalia and Morocco. Drexel University (Philadelphia) associate professor of politics and global studies George Ciccariello-Maher’s wishes of “White Genocide for Christmas” and expressions of delight for the 9/11 terror attacks from famous intellectuals. Adoration for all kinds of dictators of the Third World on the one hand, and contempt for the white descendants of the Boers, hunted by the South Africa’s regime on the other. The adamant reluctance to release the names of Muslim gang rapists and a comparison of Viktor Orban to Hitler.

Claims on CNN that “Islam has always been a part of the American fabric” and “America has always had heroes who were Muslims.” The new heroes are Muhammad Ali, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar (professional basketball player), left activist Malcolm X and the leader of notorious Nation of Islam, Louis Farrakhan. Surprised? Not at all. Farrakhan is the personification of a “progressive man of a new type”: he is a Black Islamist, a personal enemy of Jews and whites. If you disagree, than you don’t fully understand theories of race and class.

Only by understanding the pyramid’s structure of the modern totalitarian ideology, the game of leapfrog of absurd facts acquires its own clear logic.
–    Hounding Marine Le Pen for Twitter photos of ISIS’ atrocities and pogroms at the University of Berkeley in “Stormtroopers” style following Trump’s victory.
–    An assignment from a University of Iowa professor to describe the 9/11 terrorist attacks from the perspective of Al-Qaeda, and a UK textbook asking children to ask questions of terrorists.
–    A demand by students from a prestigious London University to eradicate Plato, Descartes and Immanuel Kant from the curriculum because they are white, and the replacing of Shakespeare’s portrait with the portrait of Audre Lorde, “black, lesbian, mother, warrior, poet,” at the University of Pennsylvania.
–    Havens for all but “Straight white students” on campuses and allegations (by FBI leaders as well) that “white nationalism” is a greater threat to the US than ISIS.
–    A letter from the French Professor Christian de Moliner in November 2017 asking Macron to create a Muslim state within France, Ken Livingstone’s sympathy for Yusuf al-Qaradawi, and Jeremy Corbyn’s empathy for the Muslim Brotherhood, Hamas and Hizballah.

One will understand the Swedish feminists who wear burkas in Iran and the French court decision to remove the cross from the monument of Pope John Paul II, as well as the training of new migrants to be snipers in Sweden, and the efforts of British leftist groups to disrupt a demonstration against Muslim gangs of rapists. The deportation from Sweden of Iranian actress and ex-Muslim Aideen Strandsson, who converted to Christianity (the explanation was “It’s not our problem if you decided to become a Christian”; she got asylum in Hungary, thanks to Orban) and the refusal of the British Home Office to give asylum to a 34-year-old Nigerian, Nneka Obazee, a lesbian, and her stepson. Social benefits to ISIS militants by Great Britain, Sweden and France, and the allowing of Pakistani homophobic preacher Hamza Sodagar to enter Britain. He infamously claimed the following: “There are five punishments for homosexual men. First, probably the easiest one, is to behead them. The second, is to burn them to death. Third, to throw them off a cliff. Fourth, crash them to death with bricks. And finally, a combination of all of the above, is the fifth.” (Muslims are more accepting of homosexuality than White evangelicals, isn’t it? But let’s remember: each class must consciously sacrifice itself for the sake of the more progressive ones).

The comparing of Trump with ISIS (obviously not in Trump’s favor) by GQ columnist Julia Ioffe on CNN, and the words of Arizona Democrat Senate candidate Kyrsten Sinema, that she doesn’t care if Americans enlist the Taliban and fight for it in Afghanistan. A German police commissioner blaming girls who are victims for being raped by migrants, and the refusal of a left-wing German activist, 24-year-old  Selin Gören, to reveal the names of rapists, out of a fear of fueling racism against refugees. The hosting and rewarding of a young Palestinian terrorist by Real Madrid, and the blocking of Facebook posts about retaliation for homosexuals by Muslims.

Mohamed Atta and Paris’ Bataclan jihad killer Ishmael Omar Mostfai as part of the exhibition in the “Martyr Museum” (along with Socrates and Martin Luther King) in Germany, and the celebration of the Ottoman conquest of the Hagia Sophia by the Florida Museum. The assertion of the University of California that “only whites can be racist” and the Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams’ and Lord Chief Justice Phillips’ support of Sharia law in England. A call by Georgetown Professor Jonathan Brown — an advocate of slavery in the Muslim world — that “Muslims in America should stand with Black Lives Matter” and the dropping of rape charges for migrant rapists and pedophiles. “Muslim Brothers” such as Obama’s and Macron’s entourage and a campaign of state-owned company Lernia to replace the “standard Swedish language” with a migrant-inclusive accent.

All of this can only be understandable if one knows the concepts of class struggle and scientific racism theory.

Nazism and Marxism of the 20th century cast mankind into hell. In the 21st century, their offspring welcomed a new Golem: Islam. In my opinion, the followers of this new ideology are yearning for the triumph of a global caliphate, consciously and subconsciously. Subconsciously, because they need a doctrine robust enough to keep their superficial and feeble souls from self-destruction in a complex and incomprehensible world. Consciously, because due to public relations and apologetic abilities, only Islam, as a universal world system, will ensure their existence — albeit the miserable existence of the “capo,” but still an existence. Nobody needs them anymore.

A Red-Brown mutant inevitably becomes green in our eyes.



The writer is a graduate of Moscow Univ. in Journalism, worked there in his field and made aliyah in 1988. He works at the Russian language newspaper Novosty Nedely, has had articles posted on many internet sites and authored “Ways of God” about different religious and ethnic groups in the Holy Land, and with Mark Kotliarsky the Russian book Jewish Atlántida. Maistrovoy is the author of “Agony of Hercules or a Farewell to Democracy (Notes of a Stranger),” available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

EDITORS NOTE: This column with images originally appeared on Jihad Watch. It is republished with permission. The featured photo is by JR Korpa on Unsplash.

Why UK police and media hounded and persecuted an innocent couple over airport drones they had nothing to do with

There were 67 drone sightings at London’s Gatwick Airport. Police have denied rumors that are spreading today that there were no drones. But no one knows who sent the drones. However, the British police and media did all they could to destroy the lives of Paul Gait and Elaine Kirk over these drones. Here are some of the ways they did so:

  1. They arrested them and held them for 35 hours for questioning.
  2. They released their names to the public, convicting them in the court of public opinion without any evidence that they had actually sent these drones.
  3. They refused to speak with John Allard and receive his evidence that exonerated the couple.
  4. They “ripped” Paul Gait’s “house apart.”

Why did the police work so hard to destroy Elaine Kirk and Paul Gait? There is only one answer: because they aren’t Muslim, and they afforded British officials a chance to substantiate their ridiculous claim that “far right” extremists pose a terror threat equivalent to that of Islamic jihadists. There is no doubt that some British officials were thrilled at the prospect of Gait and Kirk having sent the drones: finally some actual “right-wing” non-Muslim terrorists! So they splashed their names all over the press, in stark contrast to how taciturn and laconic they frequently get when Islamic terrorists are arrested. How many times have we seen the BBC or some other British “news outlet” tell us that “a man” has been arrested on suspicion of “terrorism,” without giving any details to allow anyone to know what was going on? But Gait and Kirk made them salivate. Here at last was confirmation of their moral equivalence regarding terrorism. A couple’s lives destroyed? Who cares?

If Britain were a sane society, there would be apologies and resignations over this incident, both of British officials and of British “journalists.” But Britain is not even close to being a sane society.

Paul Gait, 47, and his wife, Elaine Kirk

“Gatwick drone: Arrested couple are released without charge – as £50k reward is offered to catch culprit,” by Martin Evans, Izzy Lyons and Charles Hymas, Telegraph, December 23, 2018:

Police who arrested an innocent couple over the Gatwick drone attack were last night accused of conducting an “appalling” investigation, after it emerged they had repeatedly ignored evidence from a key witness.

Paul Gait, 47, and his wife, Elaine Kirk, 54, were released without charge yesterday (Sun) after being questioned for 36 hours in connection with the disruption at Britain’s second busiest airport.

But Mr Gait’s boss, who was with him when the drone attacks took place, said detectives had not even bothered to call him back when he offered to provide an alibi.

John Allard, who runs the double glazing firm where former soldier, Mr Gait, has worked for 17-years, said the couple’s Christmas had been ruined by the police operation.

The 68-year-old said he had been surprised not to hear from detectives after they arrested his employee and eventually took matters into his own hands by contacting them himself.

But he said despite leaving his details nobody got back to him to discuss his alibi.

Mr Allard said: “All it would have taken was for them to call me and contact me as his employer and I could have confirmed that all day Wednesday and half the day Thursday, he was part of a three-man team installing fascia, soffit and guttering at a client’s home in Groombridge, Kent.

“On Friday he spent most of the day running my daughter about because she damaged one of her toes and he was ferrying her to the doctor.”

Mr Allard went on: “I discovered on Friday evening that he had been arrested. I got onto the police on Saturday evening, but I couldn’t get through to anybody.

“There was was just somebody who said I’ll take notes and pass that message on. But they never did get back to me, there was no return contact.”

Mr Allard accused the police of dropping the ball and said the couple would be “mentally destroyed” by their ordeal.

He said: “I know Paul well, he’s worked for me for 17 years and this is going to hit him like a 10-tonne truck. Although there was a complete lack of evidence, the police ripped his house apart. I know this will mentally destroy him.”

He went on: “Sussex Police have really dropped the ball on this. I have always supported the police and I like to think I always would but in this case I think they have really got it wrong.”

The couple were arrested at around 10pm on Friday evening following three days of chaos at Gatwick, which threatened to wreck the Christmas travel plans of hundreds of thousands of people.

But after two nights of questioning at Crawley Police station they were allowed home having been released without charge….

EDITORS NOTE: This column with images originally appeared on Jihad Watch. It is republished with permission. The featured photo by Jared Brashier on Unsplash.

Denmark’s migration minister tells Somali Muslims: “Return home and rebuild the country from which you came”

Denmark has admitted many Muslim migrants, but it is also trying to preserve its culture. It has “introduced a series of integration programmes to stop non-Western migrants ghettosing in the Scandinavian peninsula, including telling migrants in high-ethnic neighbourhoods that their children must attend daycare from the age of one to learn Danish values or the parents face losing social security benefits.” And it is also sending migrants back home. Since early 2017, “the Immigration Service began its review of refugee residency permits” and “nearly 1,000 Somalis have had their Danish residency permit revoked.”

Denmark’s migration minister Inger Støjberg has stated:

If you no longer need our protection and your life and health are no longer at risk in your home country, and specifically in Somalia, you must of course return home and rebuild the country from which you came from.

The Danish parliament has also given the go-ahead “to a new policy that will see criminal migrants placed on an uninhabited island before their deportation,” which is a good idea given the spread of jihadi radicalization in Western jails.

Preserving democracy, the rule of law and the stability of society should be the first priority of every European leader.

In October, Ms Støjberg rejected EU efforts to impose migrant quotas, saying “too few contribute” to the workforce — Denmark being known as a country with a high cultural value work ethic.

The failure of numerous Muslim migrants to assimilate and integrate into European culture has proven to be a massive problem. The migrant crisis in Europe — mass rapes, jihad attacks, the rise in antisemitism, no-go zones, sharia patrols, sharia courts, a rise in child marriage, an increase in female genital mutilation, and the like — continues. Under no circumstances should any aspect of Western principles or laws be sacrificed to suit foreign interests, yet this is happening, and increasing since the migrant crisis began. The ongoing assault against the cornerstone of free society, free expression, is also increasing.

Inger Støjberg

“Danish Minister Tells Somalis ‘Go Home and Rebuild Your Country’”, by Victoria Friedman, Breitbart, December 18, 2018:

Denmark’s migration minister Inger Støjberg has told the country’s Somali migrants to return home and work on improving their own country after the Danish government ruled parts of Somalia safe.

Since the Immigration Service began its review of refugee residency permits in early 2017, nearly 1,000 Somalis have had their Danish residency permit revoked, reports the Danish Broadcasting Corporation.

Of those, 516 had been directly granted asylum while another 412 were family members who joined them as through chain migration, also known as “family reunion” or “family reunification”.

“If you no longer need our protection and your life and health are no longer at risk in your home country, and specifically in Somalia, you must of course return home and rebuild the country from which you came from,” Ms Støjberg said.

The automatic right to asylum from countries like Somalia was revoked in Denmark’s 2015 amendment to its Immigration Act.

As a result, the Immigration Service announced in autumn 2016 that it would use the new legal basis to review about 1,200 residence permits given to Somalis because of changes to “general conditions” in parts of their country, whereby “there is no longer a basis for asylum, simply because they come from there”.

Unlike neighbouring Germany and Sweden, Denmark has taken a tough line on asylum and integration since the Syrian conflict sparked Europe’s migrant crisis in 2015.

In October, Ms Støjberg rejected EU efforts to impose migrant quotas, saying “too few contribute” to the workforce — Denmark being known as a country with a high cultural value work ethic.

She is hardly a rogue element in the Danish government, with her rejection of the migrant quota being echoed the following month by the country’s prime minister, Lars Løkke Rasmussen, who said that it was “wrong” to force European Union member states to take asylum seekers…..

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Belgium: Amid violent protests, Prime Minister resigns over his support for UN migration pact

Belgium is descending into chaos; the UN Migration Pact has caused a crisis in the nation. The country’s Prime Minister Charles Michel has now quit after losing a vote of no confidence.

“Demonstrators clashed with riot police and targeted the EU Commission’s Berlaymont headquarters, which suffered several smash [sic] windows.” Critics, “including former Belgian immigration minister Theo Francken, argue that the agreement will increase migration to Europe.”

The upheaval in Belgium comes as a result of the concern and frustration of citizens who have been left in the dark, but are astute enough to oppose and ask questions about the UN Migration Pact. Some of those protesting “said the public should have been consulted before adopting the migration pact.” This should be the demand of every prudent Western citizen.

Some considerations about the UN Migration Pact: it stipulates that migration is a human right. Recall the flood of Muslim migrants into Western European countries including Germany, France, Sweden and the UK, and the crisis of crime that followed. Many people noted that many, if not most, of the migrants were not refugees at all, but economic migrants. But soon this became clear to all honest observers, given the flocking of the migrants to the wealthier European countries — as opposed to seeking refuge from persecution and war in the first nation to which they arrived.

The rise of so-called “populist” movements helped to educate a largely ignorant public that had been virtually ambushed. Globalists then decided to try to protect the flow of economic migrants by designating it a “human right” for migrants to swarm into Western countries. To sign on to the UN Migration Pact means an acceptance of indiscriminate, open-door migration. The countries that have signed on have also committed themselves to helping these economic migrants actually choose the country that they think best serves their needs, and settle there.

Left unmentioned are all the costs associated with the plan: health-care, resources to help migrants, and the security costs of host countries, which are bound to increase, given what we have already seen across Europe since the migrant crisis began. The Pact also puts migrants at the front of the line for a range of state benefits and services. What are the immediate and long-term implications of all this for patriotic citizens, including those immigrants who have settled into Western states through legal means and have respected and obeyed the laws of their host societies?

The UN Migration Pact also demands a commitment from participating states to “eliminate all forms of discrimination, condemn and counter expressions, acts and manifestations of racism, racial discrimination, violence, xenophobia and related intolerance against all migrants in conformity with international human rights law.” Citizens of Western countries are given no indication of what form such a commitment would take. Given Canada’s anti-Islamophobia Motion M-103 and the aggressive efforts by the Organization of Islamic Cooperation to criminalize speech that offends Islam, this is worrying. The freedom of speech in the West has long been hanging by a thread. Also, there is a little-discussed Turkish influence in the Pact that should give everyone pause.

It is good that Michel is gone. We may hope that the citizens of many other countries in the West awaken to the globalist agenda and the dangers of the UN Global Compact on Migration before it’s too late.

“BELGIUM CHAOS: Prime Minister RESIGNS as UN migrant pact crisis ERUPTS,” Harvey Gavin, Express, December 18, 2018:

BELGIUM’S Prime Minister Charles Michel has quit after losing a vote of no confidence, Belgian media reports.

Mr Michel was forced to reshuffle his government to avert its collapse after Flemish nationalist party the N-VA pulled their support in protest over Belgium’s decision to adopt a controversial UN Migration pact. King Philippe of Belgium allowed Mr Michel to continue with a minority government, which agreed to the United Nation’s Global Compact on Migration. The decision to adopt the pact sparked violent protests in the Belgian capital, Brussels, on Sunday, amid fears it could lead to an increase in immigration.

Demonstrators clashed with riot police and targeted the EU Commission’s Berlaymont headquarters, which suffered several smash [sic] windows.

The UN pact was agreed in July by all 193 UN members except the US, but only 164 formally adopted it at a meeting last Monday in Morocco

It sets out a series of non-binding guidelines aimed at improving global cooperation on migration, combating people trafficking and protecting the human rights of migrants.

But critics, including former Belgian immigration minister Theo Francken, argue that the agreement will increase migration to Europe.

Some of those protesting in Sunday’s demonstrations said the public should have been consulted before adopting the migration pact.

Ten countries, mostly in formerly Communist Eastern Europe, have since pulled out of the pact.

Hungary’s right-wing leader Viktor Orban has previously branded it a “threat to the world” while Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz said he would not sign up in order to “defend its national sovereignty”….

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VIDEO: Diverse Coalition of Middle Eastern Women condemn FGM and Sharia and Endorse Donald Trump

An international coalition of women’s rights activists hosted a high-profile Speakers’ Forum and News Conference at the National Press Club in Washington, D.C., to raise awareness about barbaric abuse of women and child brides under sharia law and to express their unwavering support for President Donald Trump, who champions their cause.

Elizabeth Yore noted that more than 513,000 women and girls across America are at risk for FGM, according to the Centers for Disease Control. Yore also said FGM is recognized by both the World Health Organization and the United Nations as a human rights violation perpetrated upon little girls and women. Over 200 million women worldwide have been subjected to this cruel and barbaric practice.

“We are bringing women from all across the country and all over the world to raise our unified voices in support of President Donald Trump,” said Rabia Kazan, best-selling author, journalist and women’s rights activist against child marriage and president of the Middle Eastern Women’s Coalition. “President Obama created ISIS and encouraged sharia law throughout the Middle East, and for eight years he turned a deaf ear to our cries. Finally, there is hope for us because of President Trump. He is changing the game. He is the only one fighting for us and for our human rights.”

23 year old activist Kelly Long brought a youthful, Christian angle to the question of women’s rights in the Middle East

The Middle Eastern Women’s Coalition wants to reform the barbaric practices of child marriages, genital mutilations, honor killings and dress code restrictions by initiating a cultural and religious revolution throughout the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region. They believe that only President Trump has both the will and the international stature to do that.

Magda Odendaal, Ph.D. of South Africa, a psychologist and activist against female genital mutilation brought a unique perspective to the event

The Press Club gathering featured female anti-abuse crusaders from America as well as Iran, Iraq, Turkey, Syria, Lebanon, Pakistan, Libya and Kurdistan—all countries that allow or endorse sharia law. The stellar panel of prominent women speakers, many of whom at one time risked their lives to escape from oppressive conditions in their own native countries, included:

  • Elizabeth Yore: Internationally renowned attorney and activist specializing in human rights and child welfare advocacy and head of the national EndFGMToday campaign
  • Ola Hawatmeh (Lebanese-American): Women’s rights activist against arranged marriages, fashion designer, founder of Ola Style and vice president of the MEWC
  • Adele Nazarian (Iranian-American): Writer, filmmaker, Middle East expert and human rights advocate
  • Arian Lev (Israeli): Human rights activist and best-selling author
  • Nahren Anweya (Assyrian-American): Activist for persecuted Christians
  • Marilyn Matrisciana (American): Ordained Christian minister who spent 35 years in Middle Eastern countries and co-founder of Servant Group International
  • Chiman Zebari (Kurdish-American): Author and activist against honor killings
  • Uzma Hayat (Pakistani-American): Activist, writer and Middle Eastern expert
  • Magda Odendaal, Ph.D. (African activist): Psychologist and activist against female genital mutilation
  • Mina Attaran (Iranian-American): Women’s rights activist and Middle Eastern expert
  • Soat Tebrizi, Ph.D. (Persian-American): Women’s rights activist and psychotherapist
  • Eva Hasqueal (Iraqi-American): Human rights activist and Middle East expert
    Sonya Elizabeth (Libyan-American): Women’s rights activist

“These courageous women will be telling their own personal stories,” said Kazan before the event. “Their stories are real, gripping and painful, as each one has experienced horrific abuse in some way, either in their own personal lives or in what they saw happen to their loved ones. Each one will share her testimony about women and little girls who have been subjected to forced child marriages, genital mutilation, honor killings and horrific abuse, perhaps even by fathers and brothers. You will leave better understanding the dilemma of women hopelessly trapped in the slavery and degradation that exists under sharia law, and why this has to change.”

View an state-by-state map of those who do have anti-FGM laws and learn more about FGM at or on social media at #EndFGMToday.

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