VIDEO: Hungary vows to ‘shake up’ EU in video attacking open borders, migrant crime, jihad

Globalists have long sold the big lie to citizens that to resist reckless immigration meant that a person was “racist.” The effort has been to stigmatize individuals and groups who aspire to protect democracy, homeland security, their national identity, the rule of law, gender equality, pluralism, and free speech. Globalists also ignore the fact that Western societies are made up of immigrants who respect the principles and customs of their new societies — immigrants who work hard, live peaceably with neighbors, and also oppose reckless, open-door immigration and any form of Sharia. Globalists dismiss anyone opposed to their agenda as “stupid populists,” as they unscrupulously advance hateful us-versus-them propaganda.

Hungarian leader Viktor Orban has lead the charge in standing against the European Union’s open-door policy and bullying of sovereign nations to fulfill migrant quotas, particularly the Visegrad group (Hungary, Poland, Slovakia, and the Czech Republic). Orban has also faced off against George Soros, who has funded the globalist drive, and stated that “the European Union, the European Commission must regain independence from the Soros Empire before the billionaire finishes his program for the destruction of the continent.”

plan was announced in early October by the European Commission to “bring an end to national sovereignty over finance with the creation of a ‘eurozone budget’ in order to kill off populist politics within the euro region.”

As the EU becomes increasingly desperate to quell the rise of “populism,” it is instead witnessing a growing resolve in the “populist” movement — comprising of those who aim to rescue their nations from the hijrah. Hungary has now unveiled a new plan to escalate the fight against EU bullying and labeling; other sensible leaders should make similar efforts to educate their people.

“The Hungarian government has released an English-language video taking aim at the “reckless” European Union establishment on mass migration, migrant crime, and terrorism, and vowed to “shake up Brussels”.

“WATCH: Hungary Vows to ‘Shake Up’ EU in Ad Taking Aim at Migrant Crime, Terrorism, Open Borders,” by Jack Montgomery, Breitbart, October 13, 2018:

The Hungarian government has released an English-language video taking aim at the “reckless” European Union establishment on mass migration, migrant crime, and terrorism, and vowed to “shake up Brussels”.

According to the Central European government’s About Hungary website, the video is intended as something of a response to the Sargentini Report which accused Prime Minister Viktor Orbán’s administration of various rights violations.

The report became the pretext for a vote in favour of Article 7 sanctions against the country by the European Parliament — although the Hungarians hotly dispute its claims, arguing it is a politically motivated attempt to punish their country for defying the EU’s migrant redistribution quotas and other pro-open borders policies.

In any event, Article 7 sanctions are all-but-guaranteed to be vetoed in the European Council by other pro-sovereignty, anti-mass migration governments in countries like Poland and the Czech Republic.

European Parliament mainstay Guy Verhofstadt, a former Prime Minister of Belgium who now serves as the chamber’s representative in the Brexit negotiations and acts as a strident advocate for a United States of Europe and opponent and of national populism who frequently disparages Hungary and her allies, came in for particularly heavy criticism in the American-style attack ad.

“This is Guy Verhofstadt. He wants more migration,” the video begins, showing a short clip of the Belgian asserting that “we need migration”.

“These are the facts: 1.8 million migrants have entered the European Union since 2015. Millions more wish to come. Since the crisis began hundreds have lost their lives in vicious attacks all across Europe. Violent crime is rising. And Guy Verhofstadt wants more migration,” the narrator declares.

“This is reckless. Time to shake up Brussels. Let’s protect Europe!”

In a statement accompanying the video’s release, the Hungarian government makes it clear it “will not leave unanswered the offencee committed against Hungary in the Sargentini Report”….

Italy and Austria continue to stand up for their people in European migration crisis

Invasion of Europe news….

There is exciting news daily coming from Europe where leaders with backbones are emerging to try to stem the tide of migrants from the Middle East and Africa flooding the continent.

salvini stop invasion poster

Interior Minister Matteo Salvini

First in Italy, Interior Minister Matteo Salvini is pushing back against France and Germany who want to send migrants back to Italy to be processed presumably because those migrants first entered Europe through Italy.

From Breitbart:

Salvini Blocks Migrant Agreement That Could See Germany Send Tens of Thousands to Italy

Italian populist Interior Minister Matteo Salvini has blocked a migrant deal with Germany and France that could see tens of thousands of migrants sent to Italy as his party’s popularity soars across the country.

The populist League leader is said to have put the migrant deal on hold as some estimate that Italy may be forced to take as many as 40,000 migrants from Germany and a further 20,000 from France under the proposed agreement, Il Giornale reports.

Salvini has said that he will only accept a deal in which Italy sends as many migrants as it takes from other countries, but German Interior Minister Horst Seehofer is pushing for the current proposal.

Rumours have even circulated that Germany has started to charter flights to Rome and although the German interior ministry denied the rumours, Salvini threatened to close Italian airports to any such flights.

For more details click here.

And then this from Austria…..

From Reuters:

Austria has concerns about U.N. migration pact, might back out

VIENNA (Reuters) – Austria may follow the United States and Hungary in backing out of a United Nations agreement on migration, its government said on Wednesday, citing concern about its sovereignty and potential restrictions on its freedom to act.

The Global Compact for Safe, Orderly and Regular Migration was approved in July by all 193 U.N. member nations except the United States, which backed out last year.


Hungary’s right-wing government led by Prime Minister Viktor Orban, an immigration hard-liner, has said it will not sign the final document at a ceremony in December. Poland, which has also clashed with Brussels by resisting national quotas for asylum seekers, is considering taking the same step.

“We view some of the points in this agreement very critically. We will therefore do everything to maintain the sovereignty of our country and ensure that we as the Republic of Austria can decide for ourselves on migration issues,” Chancellor Sebastian Kurz told a news conference.

Kurz led his conservatives to victory in last year’s parliamentary election by pledging to prevent any repeat of the European migration crisis that began in 2015, when Austria took in more than 1 percent of its population in asylum seekers.

Kurz went into government with the anti-Islam Freedom Party and together they have agreed to restrict immigrants’ access to welfare payments as part of an agenda that is also heavy on law and order.

Continue reading here.

They are especially concerned if the final pact says anything about migration being a human right!

Come on Mr. President! Invite these European leaders: Orban, Kurz, Salvini etc. for a meeting of the minds in Washington.  Watch Leftwing Dems heads explode!

Helping to save Europe would not be a bad image to project before the Midterm election!

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VIDEO: Young soldier discharged from the British Army for taking a photo with Tommy Robinson

In an email Tommy Robinson wrote:

A few days ago, I stopped at a service station where four coaches full of British soldiers were taking a break. I said hello to the lads and some of them posed for “selfies” with me.

It was my great honour to stand with our troops and shake their hands, even just for a few moments.

But when the Muslim Council of the UK heard about this, they immediately demanded that the Army punish these soldiers — and to their shame, the Army did.

Robinson continues:

These lads had their cell phones seized and inspected for “illegal” photos of me. And the Armed Forces’ official Islamic advisor, Asim Hafiz, condemned these men — before the investigation was even complete — telling reporters that “any form of racism, discrimination or extremism is taken extremely seriously and will be dealt with accordingly”.

What racism? What discrimination?

It was just a photo. These are proud British soldiers.

And now I have heard that at least one of these lads has been summarily discharged from the Army — just for standing next to me and smiling.

That’s outrageous. That cannot stand.

These lads are willing to make the ultimate sacrifice for our freedoms. The least we can do is stand up for their freedom, too.

I’m going to go down to the Ministry of Defence and hand-deliver a petition to the Chief of the Defence Staff, General Sir Nick Carter, demanding that this political witch-hunt be called off.

I started the petition last night, and it already has more than 70,000 names on it. Please take a moment to add your name to it, too — I’d like to have over 100,000 signatures on it by tomorrow.

Please click here, or visit — and forward this e-mail to your friends and family.

These soldiers would do anything for us. Please take a minute to do something small for them.

Yours truly,

Tommy Robinson

P.S. The British Army is being undermined by political correctness — but this is the worst I’ve seen. They’ve handed over decision-making to the Muslim Council. That can’t stand. Please sign the petition here, and type as your Facebook status!

P.P.S. So many people have inundated that website, it might take a minute to get through — but please keep trying. Thank you!

Denmark to United Nations: NO! No Refugees

Invasion of Europe news…..

It isn’t just those mean ol’ eastern European countries like Hungary and Poland that are unwilling to accept refugees, Denmark has had enough.  So has Austria and Italy.

From The Local Denmark:

Denmark refuses to take in UN quota refugees in 2018

Denmark said Thursday it would not take in any refugees under the UN’s quota system in 2018, focusing instead on integrating those recently arrived in the country.

In 2016, the Scandinavian country suspended its participation in the UN refugee quota system, and has yet to resume it.

“We’re still in a situation where we’re struggling to integrate the many refugees who have come to Denmark in recent years,” Immigration Minister Inger Støjberg said in a statement.

So-called UN “quota refugees” are offered resettlement in a third country if the country where they first register as refugees cannot accommodate them.

A member of the liberal Venstre party in Prime Minister Lars Løkke Rasmussen’s conservative coalition government, Støjberg has orchestrated Denmark’s immigration policy since 2015.

“While an increasing number of refugees have entered the labour market, there are still too many who cannot support themselves,” she said.

More here.

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Multicultural Canada: A Weak Link In the Battle Against Islamization [Video]

CSP studios broadcasted a Facebook live stream on Monday, October 1 to launch a new book by Christine Douglass-Williams: Fired by the Canadian Government for Criticizing Islam: Multicultural Canada: A Weak Link In the Battle Against Islamization

Below is a YouTube archive of that stream.

The panel included the author:

  • Christine Douglass-Williams, Public Affairs and Media Consultant to the International Christian Embassy in Jerusalem, former federally appointed Director with the Canadian Race Relations Foundation and past advisor to the former Office of Religious Freedom in Canada

As well as:

  • Robert Spencer of Jihad Watch and
  • Frank Gaffney of the Center for Security Policy

The book is now available on Kindle and as a free PDF. A paperback will be released on Amazon later this week.

A free PDF download of the book follows:


VIDEO: David Wood on why people today must know the history of jihad

Recently the brilliant David Wood and I got together to discuss my new book The History of Jihad From Muhammad to ISIS, and had a wide-ranging and illuminating discussion.

Have you ordered the book yet? It’s the first and only comprehensive history of the entire phenomenon of jihad, from Spain to India and many, many other places — with massive implications for public policy, both foreign and domestic. Preorder it here now.

UK’s ‘counter-extremism tsar’ warns that jihad groups ‘cynically’ use ‘Islamophobia’ charges as weapon

Then two days after that, UK Prime Minister Theresa May boasted of banning Pamela Geller and me from the country because of our “Islamophobia.” May, like Hizb ut-Tahrir, uses charges of “Islamophobia” as a weapon. Charges of “Islamophobia” are meant to intimidate people into fearing to oppose jihad terror and Sharia oppression.

Sara Khan

“Hard line groups are ‘weaponising’ Islamophobia, Government’s counter-extremism tsar warns,” by Camilla Turner, Telegraph, September 15, 2018:

Hard line groups are “weaponising” Islamophobia and “cynically” using human rights to promote their ideology, the Government’s new counter-extremism tsar has warned.

Sara Khan said that Islamist groups accuse their critics of being anti-Muslim, in an attempt to undermine “legitimate debate” about extremism.

She said that the “use and abuse” of the language of human rights is “perhaps the most concerning” tactic employed by fundamentalist groups.

“Groups such as Hizb ut-Tahrir, for example – who traditionally rally against what they perceive to be western human rights – increasingly and cynically use human rights to promote Islamist ideology,” Ms Khan said….

“PM’s speech at the United Jewish Israel Appeal dinner: 17 September 2018,”, September 17, 2018 (thanks to the Geller Report):

…And I acted to keep those who peddle hatred and extremism out of our country.I kicked out Abu Hamza and Abu Qatada.

I stopped Pamela Geller, Robert Spencer and Pastor Terry Jones – because Islamophobia comes from the same wellspring of hatred.

And I stopped people like Dieudonne coming to Britain. Because nothing excuses antisemitism – not comedy, not satire, not even irony.

Antisemitism is just hatred. And it is just wrong….

RELATED VIDEO: The trial of Tommy Robinson in the United Kingdom.

EDITORS NOTE: This column originally appeared on Jihad Watch. Reprinted with permission. The featured image of the Tower Bridge, London, United Kingdom is by Lachlan Gowen on Unsplash.

Islam and Sharia: Deadly Facts You Should Know by Amil Imani

Islam and Sharia continue to furtively creep into every aspect of American culture. And too few people are talking about it. Why? Because Americans have been conditioned by the liberal elites to be tolerant and compassionate, to embrace multiculturalism and respect each other’s beliefs, ideals and values. That’s wonderful in a utopian world, but the fact is, Islam doesn’t embrace any aspect of Western civilization — much less American culture. We are rapidly and methodically being dismantled as a nation, and our freedom and liberty is more fragile than at any time since World War II. And while we fight the enemy abroad with combat troops, intelligence and drone strikes, we’re doing nothing to combat the same exact enemy that resides on our own soil in broad daylight.

If we don’t defeat it politically and do it swiftly, our children and grandchildren could be engaged in a religious and ideological bloody war the likes of which has never been seen on American soil. Truth be told, Islam is a theocratic political terrorist regime that hides behind the mask of religion to accomplish its mission of a worldwide caliphate. What most Americans don’t understand is that it is a totalitarian “theo-political” belief system and a social doctrine (the two go hand-in-hand) based on the Quran, Sira and Hadith, what Dr. Bill Warner of the Center for the Study of Political Islam aptly calls the “Trilogy of Islam.”

It has mandates for every single aspect of life, and those mandates are enforced and regulated by the barbaric criminal and civil code known as Sharia. The precise definition of a Muslim becomes crystal clear when you read the trilogy of Islam. Bottom line: you are to be an Allah-fearing, Quran-believing and Muhammad-following zealot who forces people to submit, convert, and comply with Islam and Sharia or be killed. Those are the facts.

Does every Muslim follow the commands of the Quran? No, thank God. But as they become into communities and increase in numbers, they become more militant and less tolerant of that community’s laws and regulations. This is a religion whose “holy book” commands its followers to commit crimes that are antithetical to the laws of this country. In case you are not familiar with some of the condoned atrocities of Islam and Sharia law: are you aware that women are stoned to death for committing adultery and that gay men are actually hanged? Or that the genitals of little girls are mutilated in order to destroy her capacity for sexual pleasure and make her controllable, and that children may be murdered in the name of family honor? Islam does not recognize separation of mosque and state. Islamic republics are dominated by spiritual leaders who oversee the strict adherence to Sharia by its citizens.

In countries where Islamic enclaves and ghettos have emerged, such as France, Britain and Germany, local mullahs enforce Sharia regardless of its conflict with national or state laws. What most Americans fail to understand is that Sharia is the foundation of Islamic theocracy and totalitarianism. The establishment of global Sharia is the ultimate goal. The Quran is unequivocal in its directive to Muslims to establish a global Islamic state (caliphate), over which the Islamic messiah, or Mahdi, will rule, with Sharia as the only law of the land. Make no mistake, that is the intent of influential Islamic elements in America.

The problem is, too few Americans are aware of all this, and organizations such as CAIR and other Muslim Brotherhood-linked organizations are taking full advantage of our naivete. Moreover, Islam stands in stark contrast to the Declaration of Independence, the US Constitution and what the First Amendment was designed to protect: our God-given unalienable rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Understand that Sharia is very complex, and it’s derived from multiple Islamic sources. The Quran, considered the “uncreated word of Allah,” is the primary source of Sharia. The Hadith (sayings and actions of Muhammad) is the second most important source of Sharia. Historic rulings by jurists over the years and so-called reasoning by analogy make up the other two, less influential sources of Sharia. Together, they constitute Islam’s theological core, and they result in a totalitarian way of life for Muslim followers and non-Muslims (kefirs — unbelievers — and infidels). Sharia is in complete contradiction with American values, because it enslaves people and encourages acts of violence and barbaric behavior. Sharia demands the death of those who renounce Islam.

A former Muslim turned Christian pastor in Iran recently received a death sentence. Honor killings, marital rape, female genital mutilation, not to mention the severing of hands and feet are but a few of the other components of Sharia. When Muslim men are directed to beat their wives for rejecting sexual advances, it’s obvious that American values are in direct conflict with what Islamic law requires of its followers. I believe in the First Amendment right of people to worship or not worship whomever or whatever they want, but Islam does not allow this. And what other “religion” condones atrocities that are antithetical to the God-given unalienable rights expressed in the Declaration of Independence and Constitution? None.

EDITORS NOTE: This column originally appeared on Jihad Watch. The featured image is by David Monje/Unsplash.

VIDEO: Three Lessons From Islamic History for Today’s Policymakers

If these lessons were heeded, we would avoid numerous foreign and domestic policy mistakes.

On September 13, 2018, I spoke at the Freedom Center’s Wednesday Morning Club in Los Angeles. Introducing my new and bestselling book, The History of Jihad From Muhammad to ISIS, I discussed three lessons from Islamic history that are unknown in the West today, and are often outright denied by those Leftists who are rewriting history in service of contemporary political agendas. I show how these lessons, if heeded, have massive implications for American foreign and domestic policy.

Order The History of Jihad From Muhammad to ISIS here now.

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Italy’s Interior Minister begins deporting migrants: ‘Deporting them isn’t racist, it’s merely common sense’

Salvini is right, but he will be excoriated as a “racist” anyway. The political and media elites expect, and indeed demand, that the countries of the West commit national suicide. Anything short of that is “racist” and “neo-Nazi.”

“Italy’s Interior Minister keeps election promise as Italy starts deporting migrants,” by Ben Perchiron, Voice of Europe, September 12, 2018:

Italy’s Interior Minister, Matteo Salvini, who vowed to deport hundreds of thousands of illegal African migrants from Italy back to their respective countries, seems to have started in earnest now….

After reaching several agreements with their country of origin, Italian authorities loaded the immigrants onto a boat to Libya, where they’d then be put on a plane to Nigeria. Later, Mr Matteo Salvini commented: “there’ll be 165 fewer potential rapists of our women, and this is only the beginning.”

With this act Italy wants to send a strong message to migrants: “We want African migrants to know that if they come here, we will send them back. Italy is no longer open to all types of immigration.”

This coincides with Mr Salvini’s message to the UN – that Italy cannot be accused of “racism” as during decades Italy took in thousands of migrants. “Deporting them isn’t racist, it’s merely common sense.” Mr Salvini is now considering cutting funds to the United Nations.

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EDITORS NOTE: This column originally appeared on Jihad Watch. Chelsea London Phillips.The featured image is by