U.S. to ISIS: ‘Unconditionally Surrender’ or ‘Die’

Fresh on the heels of the Las Vegas shooting that ISIS insists was their doing, the US vows to destroy it. Even if it loses all its territory, of course, there will still be Muslims around the world who believe in ISIS and will still commit mass murder for Islam.

“US To ISIS: Unconditionally Surrender Or Die,” by Jonah Bennett, Daily Caller News Foundation, October 11, 2017 (thanks to Todd):

The U.S. is refusing to accept any negotiated withdrawal of Islamic State fighters from the terror group’s capital in Syria and will only accept complete, unconditional surrender.

In a statement Wednesday, the U.S.-led coalition in the fight against ISIS said it would not accept a negotiated withdrawal of ISIS fighters out of Raqqa, even as the coalition is trying to evacuate 4,000 civilians out of the city, The Associated Press reports.

Instead, Army spokesman Col. Ryan Dillon said the coalition discussions about what will happen to the remaining 300-400 ISIS fighters in about 1.5 square miles of the city have all centered around “unconditional surrender.”

For the coalition, negotiated withdrawal “is absolutely something that we as a coalition would not be a part of or agree with.”

The coalition believes the militants use the city’s hospital as their main headquarters and the stadium to store weapons.

So far, just 15 fighters over the last several weeks have surrendered.

In preparation to evacuate civilians from the cit,y coalition airstrikes have died down to a slow pace.

Over the past week, the U.S.-backed Syrian Democratic Forces wrested control of 40 blocks from ISIS. About 85 percent of the city is now estimated clear….

EDITORS NOTE: This column originally appeared in The Geller Report.

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ISIS video claims Las Vegas revenge for attack on the caliphate

Gareth Davies for MailOnline reports:

Islamic State has released a new video bragging that the Las Vegas massacre was revenge for US attacks against their caliphate.

In what appears to be a desperate publicity stunt, the terror group claimed the horrific acts of Stephen Paddock, 64, were down to them, saying they radicalised him months before he shot 58 people dead and injured 527 more on Sunday night. He then committed suicide.

FBI officials rubbished the claims, saying he had no affiliation to any terrorist organisations, but the Islamic extremists took to their propaganda news agencies to spread the word.

Read more.

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Specter of the Caliphate is haunting Europe

At a Party meeting, the Party leader addresses the audience:

“All of you will be hanged tomorrow. Do you have questions?”


The Party leader:

“I will repeat the question. Tomorrow you all will be hanged. Does anybody want to say anything?”

A timid voice is heard from the audience:

“Shall we bring our own rope and soap or they will provide it to us?”

This was a Soviet anecdote of the 70s.

The world of Quisling’s followers, barbarian colonizers, and a submissive, or at best frightened, murmuring herd — this is the Western Europe of the 21st century

In 1975, he was 40 years old, and he was well-known already: his performances were popular; he was a member of the editorial board of a famous literary magazine. Any path was open before him, but he chose a different way.

After putting down the Prague Spring, he challenged the authorities, having written an open and furious letter addressed to the President of Czechoslovakia, which was occupied by the Soviet troops. He was arrested, accused of attacking a civil servant and put into prison. Later on he was released, accused of an attempt to overthrow the communist regime, imprisoned for four years and five months, released again and imprisoned again in 1989.

He spent years in prison and turned into an unbreakable leader of his people – a future president of the Czech Republic. His name is Vaclav Havel. Like Thomas Masaryk, the founder of the Czech Republic, he was an embodiment of the best qualities of a statesman: mind, fortitude, strength and decency.

The West presents a gloomy picture of impending darkness and tyranny, the likes of haven’t been known to the civilized world for centuries. This is the world in which an aggressive, patriarchal and primitive religion has taken root in the very heart of the continent; in which bearers of dark prejudices, intolerance and barbarism, who came from the far ends of Asia and Africa, murder, rape, mock and disparage those who trustfully and carelessly opened their doors to them. This is the world in which the elite have turned into Quisling’s followers, the guides of colonization, and the governments of the nations have chosen (more or less eagerly) the role of Vichy.

However, we notice a striking phenomenon: masses of people doomed to inevitable suffering keep silent or, at best, passively and anonymously express their disagreement during elections — although they have almost no chance to win, since the whole state system is aimed at brainwashing, and the people of Western Europe and Canada are deprived of individualism and self-reliance, like the people of America. Undoubtedly, there are those who dared to raise their voice against the invading despotism, but there are few of them, surprisingly very few for a society that is still relatively open. This applies to both intellectuals and ordinary people.

I am not talking about the so called “useful idiots” — sectarians blinded by ideological clichés and ready to use the corpses of their compatriots to pave their path to the Pastures of Hell. I am not talking about those who receive grants and privileges — they have chosen this cynical and dirty role. I am talking about the thousands of ordinary professors, teachers, lawyers, writers, actors, filmmakers, journalists. I am talking about priests and rabbis, human rights activists, feminists, activists of the LGBT community — those who will be the first victims of the forthcoming theocracy. They will not be granted an easy death.

What makes those whose relatives, friends and neighbors are blown up, raped, humiliated and held in terror keep silent? Haven’t they already lost a sense of security and calm in their own homes, streets and cities? We see sentimental scenes with weeping people, toys, candles and wreaths at places of massacre, where mass demonstrations, rallies of protest and pickets are needed instead. We see exalted the opponents of Marine Le Pen and Geert Wilders, and the Women’s Marches, but we do not see any opponents of politically correct tyranny. Why do people submit their throats to murderers, being obedient like sheep?

What is this — self-censorship, conformism, the hope that they will avoid the fate of being a victim? They won’t escape this. After the terrorist attack in Manchester, the pop star Katy Perry, the Mayor of London Sadiq Khan and a member of the French Senate for Nice, Nathalie Goulet, expressed the opinion of the Western elites by saying that Europeans should get used to terrorist attacks. And they will make them get used to them. Finally, they will get used to the fate of the so-called “dhimmis” – semi-slaves, human cattle, whose lives will be taken by servants of the bloodthirsty cult.

Do they fear turning into racists, fascists, Islamophobes? Do the fear losing jobs, opportunities for career growth, invitations to conferences on human rights and inter-confessional dialogue? Do they fear paying a fine for defamation?

I started this article with Vaclav Havel’s story not at random. For decades, the world has witnessed Eastern European people desperately struggling for their rights and dignity against tyranny. The Hungarian Revolution of 1956, the Prague Spring, the Polish Solidarity movement, the Romanian revolution against Ceaușescu’s dictatorship, the courage of the Lithuanians who escaped the “bear embrace” of the Soviet empire in January 1991 at the cost of dozens of lives – crowds of people led by the intellectual class walked out to the streets and were confronted not by courts or comments on Facebook and anonymous threats on Twitter, but by bullets, tanks and the State Security. They had neither lawyers nor rights. They knew that they could be put into prison for years, like Havel, or even die (Havel’s friend philosopher Jan Patočka died during an interrogation). Nevertheless, Eastern Europeans became stronger owing to this experience, ready to defend Democracy and their freedom. They gained immunity against universalistic utopias and put forward courageous and determined leaders.

There was a powerful dissident movement in the very citadel of Soviet tyranny. Many of these people disappeared in prisons, camps and psychiatric hospitals. They shared prison cells with criminals, who were encouraged to bully them and commit sexual violence (carte blanche) against them. Most of the Soviet dissidents were represented by scientists and writers headed by the academic Andrey Sakharov – they were the color of the nation. During the Soviet Coup in August 1991, armored troop carriers in Moscow crushed three people, but the restoration of the Soviet regime was prevented.

In our time, Ukrainians have overthrown their corrupt ruler, and in Moscow, people go out to protests against autocracy. In Israel, after the vicious Oslo agreements and the subsequent murderous mass terrorist attacks, tens of thousands of people repeatedly took to the streets demanding a stop to inhuman political experiments on the living body of the society. People blocked the roads and organized marches to the Prime Minister’s residence. About eight years ago, the mass outbreak forced the Israeli government, despite enraged opposition from left organizations and the media, to build a fence on the border with Egypt to protect the country against hordes of African migrants.

It is symbolic that Pegida, which did not find followers in the rest of Western Europe, appeared on the territory of the former German Democratic Republic.

Democracy is not just voting once in every four years. First of all, this is a civic activity, and requires courage — it is not the act of a weeping child in a kindergarten. A primary task of a democratic state is the protection of its people. If a state and elites do not comply with the social contract, and what is even worse, sacrifice their own people, culturally and physically, in the name of a dubious ideology, utopian conception and personal interests, then the people have their right to demand the revision of that social contract. They have a full right not to allow totalitarian structures (and the Western elite has implanted a sophisticated cultural totalitarianism) to turn them into guinea pigs of social engineering.

In 1984, in the essay called “Politics and Conscience,” Havel wrote: “I advocate an anti-political policy, that is, a policy considered to be not a method of power and manipulation, not a cybernetic system for managing human beings and not a pragmatic person’s skill, but one of the ways to seek and achieve a meaningful life, protect such life and serve it. I advocate a policy considered to be practical ethics, service to the truth, people’s care of their fellow human beings, measurable by human standards.”

The Western elites have created a system of manipulating human beings, having forgotten that they are dealing with real people, their lives and feelings.

Havel called Communist regimes Absurdistan (The Land of the Absurd). Today Absurdistan is the West, and most of all Western Europe, where freedom is destroyed under the guise of its protection, where the right of migrants to murder and rape is above the right of law-abiding citizens to live a normal and safe life, and where democratic institutions are used to implant the worst possible kind of theocracy.

Nowadays, people still have an opportunity to prevent despotism. However, censorship is getting stricter, penalties are increasing, colonization is spreading rapidly like cancer cells, and the window of possibilities is narrowing. A specter is haunting Europe: the specter of the Caliphate.

Alexander Maistrovoy is the author of Agony of Hercules, or a Farewell to Democracy (Notes of a Stranger).


Charleston, SC: FBI investigating dirty bomb report at Wando Terminal

Ground Zero Mosque imam Feisal Abdul Rauf assures us Sharia is nothing to be concerned about

The Muslim Brotherhood’s Strategic Plan For America – Court Document

The following is the official document from a 1991 meeting which outlines the Muslim Brotherhood‘s strategic goals for North America. The document was entered as evidence in the 2008 Holyland Terror Funding Trial. Federal investigators found the document in the home of Ismael Elbarasse, a founder of the Dar Al-Hijrah mosque in Falls Church, Virginia, during a 2004 search. Elbarasse was a member of the Palestine Committee, which the Muslim Brotherhood had created to support Hamas in the United States.

The original document in Arabic follows the English translation.

We have highlighted in yellow the following quotes which are of particular significance. The page numbers noted below correspond to the page numbers in the center of the bottom of each page in the document). 

Page 4:

“Enablement of Islam in North America, meaning: establishing an effective and a stable Islamic Movement led by the Muslim Brotherhood which adopts Muslims’ causes domestically and globally, and which works to expand the observant Muslim base, aims at unifying and directing Muslims’ efforts, presents Islam as a civilization alternative, and supports the global Islamic State wherever it is.”

Page 5:

“…the Movement must plan and struggle to obtain “the keys” and the tools of this process in carry out [sic] this grand mission as a ‘Civilization Jihadist’ responsibility.”

Page 7:

“The process of settlement is a ‘Civilization-Jihadist Process’ with all the word means. The Ikhwan [Muslim Brotherhood] must understand that their work in America is a kind of grand jihad in eliminating and destroying the Western civilization from within and ‘sabotaging’ its miserable house by their hands and the hands of the believers…”

“[W]e must possess a mastery of the art of ‘coalitions’, the art of ‘absorption’ and the principles of ‘cooperation.’”

Page 18:

“A list of our organizations and the organizations of our friends” – This is where the Muslim Brotherhood listed its front groups in the U.S.. Note that prominent organizations like CAIR, ISNA, ICNA and others are named here.

The page numbers above correspond to the page numbers in the center of the bottom of each page in the document. 


Muslim professor states ‘nothing radical’ about wanting Islamic [sharia] law and an Islamic caliphate

Professor Katherine Bullock from the University of Toronto said:

from an Islamic point of view this absolutely nothing radical about wanting Caliphate or wanting Sharia. These are completely normal traditional points of view.

Bullock is right. Normative Islam is political Islam. One need only look at Islamic states to understand the nature and centrality of the Sharia in them. Every Muslim knows this, including those Muslims who were persecuted and killed throughout history trying to reform Islam. The Islamic Supreme Council of America certainly knows it:

Shariah stands for the normative order that Muslims have developed as an Islamic way of life….. Modern Muslim jurists often define Shariah as revealed or divine law in order to distinguish it from fiqh, the jurists’ law, which is jurists’ interpretation of Shariah.

Necessities are matters that worldly and religious life depend upon. Their omission leads to unbearable hardship in this life, or punishment in the next….The Shariah protects these necessities in two ways: firstly by ensuring their establishment and then by preserving them.

The problem begins when Sharia starts creeping into the West, as it is now in the form of attacks upon the freedom of speech, and attempts to shut down criticism of Islam and Muhammad, as such criticism is forbidden under the Sharia. Sharia is also advancing by means of victimology narratives (“Islamophobia”) and deliberate attempts to foster ignorance about Islam among Western non-Muslims.

Dr. Ingrid Mattson, a Canadian convert to Islam and the London and Windsor Community Chair in Islamic Studies at Huron University College at Western University in Canada, echoes similar views about the Caliphate and admits that she would like to see the Western culture becomes a little more Islamic.

Mattson has abundant company in that desire among all the Muslim Brotherhood-linked groups in the U.S. and Canada, including the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA), of which she is a former president.

Professor Katherine Bullock, University of Toronto.

“U of T professor says it is not “radical” to support Caliphate and Sharia Law”, by Jonathan Halevi, CIJ News, March 16, 2017:

Dr. Katherine Bullock is a Lecturer in the Department of Political Science, University of Toronto at Mississauga.

According to Bullock’s official bio, her teaching focus is political Islam from a global perspective, and her research focuses on Muslims in Canada, their history, contemporary lived experiences, political and civic engagement, debates on the veil, and media representations of Islam and Muslims. Originally from Australia, she embraced Islam in 1994.

On November 27, 2014 Bullock participated in a panel discussion on counter-radicalization in Canada that was organized by the Muslim Law Students Association of Osgoode and took place in York University.

In her presentation Katherine Bullock said among other things that supporting the establishment of The Islamic State, or Caliphate, and the implementation of the Islamic Law (Sharia), is not an expression of “radical” views, but a “normal” Islamic perspective. The following is an excerpt from her speech (24:13-25:28):

So let’s turn to Canada. I think the domestic policy is slightly different from the foreign policy, but again there’s this cultural and this approach, and it begins with the whole, even the word radicalization is wrong. It’s a problem. Because radicalization is being defined through this culturlist approach. In the United Kingdom anyone who supports the Sharia is considered to be an extremist. There was a U.K. think tank that with the help of Public Safety Canada did a series of interviews in Canada with Muslim youths about radicalization. They defined a radical as this: 1. someone who desires to install a Caliphate. 2. Someone who wants to impose for an Orthodox Sharia; and 3. the use of force, for example, resisting coalition forces in Iraq. So if you’re an Iraqi nationalist who doesn’t believe that the United States should be occupying your country and you fight against them, and you believe in the Caliphate, and you believe in Sharia, you are a radical you’ve been radicalized. But from an Islamic point of view this absolutely nothing radical about wanting Caliphate or wanting Sharia. These are completely normal traditional points of view.

Dr. Ingrid Mattson, a Canadian convert to Islam and the London and Windsor Community Chair in Islamic Studies at Huron University College at Western University in Canada, echoes similar views about the Caliphate and admits that she would like to see the Western culture becomes a little more Islamic.
The following is an excerpt from Mattson’s interview with CNN (October 18, 2001):

CHAT PARTICIPANT: Osama bin Laden made a reference that Muslims have been living in humiliation for 80 years. Did he refer to the Treaty of Sevres in 1920 that dismantled caliphates and sultanates?

MATTSON: Yes, he [Osama bin Laden] is referring to that, to the overthrowing of the caliphate, which was a plan of European powers for many years. This deprived the Muslim world of a stable and centralized authority, and much of the chaos that we’re living in today is the result of that.

The following is an excerpt from Mattson’s interview at Pennsylvania State University (2008):

QUESTION: There are six million Muslims in America. And I think in the U.S. and in places like yours many people want to know, are, and you talked about how diverse population is, but are Muslims interested in integrating, in separating, or in some way transforming Western culture to become a little more Islamic? What do you answer to that?

INGRID MATTSON: Yes to all of those things, and I think this is the key that we have to treat Muslims as individuals not as a collectivity. And Muslims represent our broad range of cultural and ideological positions just as Americans do. I think when we look in the United States in the history of religious communities in the United States, we see those utopian communities that try to be somehow a presence, spiritual presence apart from the world, to offer an alternative to the dominant culture, and then we see those who felt that it was best to live their spirituality and their ideals right in the midst of that and to try to to be part of everyday life, to be a moral voice… So I think we find the same thing with Muslims. In the United States I would say that the majority feel that it’s best to be active, to be part of every day society and most Muslims do that. The Muslim community in the United States is on average more educated and more well off than the average American. So we see that there’s, there tends to be more assimilation in the United States. The situation in Europe is a little bit different and many of the Muslim communities there come from countries that were colonized by the Europeans and now there’s a kind of blowback, you know, the Europeans invaded and occupied their countries and now these people are coming and living in Europe, struggling with racism and struggling with European countries that are not quite as open to diversity and pluralism perhaps as United States….


‘I shot the police’: Text message sent by ‘Radicalised Muslim’ who shot at cops before grabbing an officer’s gun at Paris Orly airport and being killed

Paris: Muslim screaming “Allahu akbar” slits throats of father and son, cops search for motive

Quebec imam says Islamic ruling allowing slave girls is still in force

EDITORS NOTE: This column originally appeared on Jihad Watch.

VIDEO: Muslim Protesters in London Call for Caliphate

There cannot be a state within a state. To create a caliphate in London would be the first step in creating an Islamic shadow government that will spread to engulf the entire United Kingdom.

Israel Video Network notes:

More refugees into Europe? Really? Have we not learned anything from the previous wave of refugees?

Do we need to have more Caliphate-supporting Muslims in Europe? This is a serious threat that will swallow up Europe within 1-2 generations.

Either we radically change our policies on immigration, or Europe will descend into generations of darkness.

Lauren Southern of reports that on Tuesday, in London, England, 1,000 Muslims outside the Syrian embassy chanting called for a caliphate in Europe.

VIDEO: Muslims chant ‘USA you’ll pay!’ ‘Allahu akbar!’ demand Islamic Caliphate

Is this the Britain that gave the world the prose of Shakespeare and Milton, discoveries such things as penicillin and anaesthetics, built the first railroads, the first jet liner, and faced down the Nazis?

An old friend in a real mess.

Why do we allow, invite even, these supremacist, violent savages into our countries, our institutions, our hallowed halls of power? This is the second such demo in less than a week demanding a caliphate. More on the first one that took place last week, here.

The huge crowds were segregated, of course. Women and children forced to stand at the back while men were pushed to the front, of course.

The Muslim group Hizb ut-Tahrir has a large following here in American and holds an annual “Caliphate Conference” as well. Of course, the enemedia never covers such news.

These groups are described as “fringe” but make no mistake, they are growing quickly.

One of the central tenets of the Democrat platform is to bring these invaders here, give them entitlement, housing and the kings to the kingdom. And in return we’ll get ….. daily terrors like Europe.


HUGE crowds of Muslims chanting Allahu Akbar descended on London for the second time in a week in a series of protests to demand an Islamic caliphate in Syria.

By Vickiie Oliphant, The Express, December 19, 2016:

On Wednesday, more than 1,000 protestors gathered outside the Syrian embassy in London’s Belgrave Square calling for America to be punished over Aleppo.While one protester appeared to be waving a Taliban flag, others were seen handed placards made by Hizb ut-Tahrir Britain, which calls for the reestablishment of a caliphate.

Protestors wave banners in London protest

Protestors travelled to London for the second march in less than a week

Then just days later another 400 British Muslims travelled to the capital from cities including Birmingham and Bradford to take part in a second march on Belgrave Square.The segregated crowd saw women and children forced to stand at the back while men were pushed to the front.

Huge crowds in Belgrave Sqaure

Around 400 protestors gathered outside the Syrian embassy

Speakers again railed against the US, blaming the country for the situation in Syria, before leading the crowd in chants calling for the re-establishment of a caliphate in Syria.Many protestors gathered behind a huge orange banner which told “Muslim armies” to help set up a new “khalifah rashidah” – the first four Caliphs to succeed the prophet Mohammed – in greater Syria.Others thrust decorated banners in the air and black flags adorned with Arabic writing, as they chanted Allah Akbar or ‘God is the greatest’.

Protestors waving banners

The segregated crowd saw women and children forced to stand at the back

One sign read: “Muslim armies march forward. Have no fear, victory is near.”Another said: “As-Sham (Syria) betrayal of Muslim rulers.”Saturday night’s second march was also allegedly arranged by Hizb ut-Tahrir Britain, with leaflets posted online just one day in advance.

Muslim armies march forward. Have no fear, victory is near

Sign held up at the protest in London

A poster created by the group claims the protest was held in support for Aleppo, and read: “The world is watching in horror, the destruction of Aleppo.“Tens of thousands of Muslim men, women and children are at the mercy of the blood thirsty Syrian regime and its allies.“Silence from the Muslim brothers is deafening.“They have watched the US and Russia plot against the people of Ash-Sham, witnessing men being massacred, women being violated an children robbed of their innocence.“Brothers and sisters, join us to raise the voice of truth, raise your voice for your brothers and sisters in Syria.”

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EDITORS NOTE: This column originally appeared on 

The West has Abandoned Christians for Saudi Oil

The Patriarch of Antioch accused Western countries of hypocrisy in their fight against Islamist extremism by caring about oil more than Christian refugees.

A senior Syrian priest accused Western countries of abandoning their principles and allowing Islamist extremists to massacre Christians in the Middle East because they are blinded by their lust for oil, according to the Christian media outlet Crossmap.

Patriarch Ignatius Joseph III Younan of the Syriac Catholic Church of Antioch made the remarks to a meeting of the Knights of Columbus in Toronto.

“We have to understand that totalitarianism based on Islamic creed is the worst among all systems of government. Yes, my friends, the very survival of Christians in the cradle of Christianity is quite in danger,” the patriarch said.

“Why shall we wonder at the rise of the Islamic State or its new ‘Caliphate,’ when these ‘allied rich countries’ – with among the most retrograde systems of government – continue to channel funding and weapons to terrorists spreading hatred and committing barbaric atrocities in the name of a religion?” he asked, referring to Saudi Arabia.

He directly attacked the West’s funding of Syrian rebel militia groups saying, “We, the Church pastors, kept warning Westerners who pretended to have the right to interfere in Syria in the name of democracy, that fomenting violence would surely lead to terrible sectarian war because of the complex religious and ethnic diversity in Syria. We knew innocent people, primarily Christians and minorities, would suffer most.”

He also blasted Western support of Saudi Arabia, quoting New York Times Columnist Nicholas Kristof, who said,”For decades, Saudi Arabia has recklessly financed and promoted a harsh and intolerant Wahhabi version of Islam around the world in a way that is, quite predictably, producing terrorists.”

“You can’t be allied with regimes that discriminate or do not accept the religious freedom of non-Muslims” he asserted. “It’s not honest or sincere to be allied to such a regime, and [then] to say we have an annual report about religious freedom.”

Saudi Arabia does not allow any non-Muslim to enter the Muslim holy city of Mecca. Churches are forbidden and leaving Islam is punishable by death. Women are not allowed to drive or perform a host of other basic tasks without the permission of their male guardian, their father, husband, brother or occasionally son.

The Patriarch is right to attack the West for supporting regimes that promote Islamist extremism while it attempts to cope with that very same problem. Without directly tackling the Saudi regime, which funds its totalitarian vision of Wahhabist Islam worldwide, measures to address radical Islam will be addressing the symptoms rather than the cause.


Countries Shower Praise on Saudi Arabia’s Human Rights Record

Taken To Saudi Arabia And Locked in a Cage

Headlines Misleading Describing Declassified Pages of 9/11 Report

Clinton, Bush Implicated in Covering Up Saudi Terror in U.S.

EDITORS NOTE: The featured image is of an oil truck. Photo: © Creative Commons/Brett Jordan

A Self-Profile of The Islamic State: The Creedal Document

By Prof. Ella Landau-Tasseron.

In 2015, the Islamic State (ISIS) released a document titled “These Are Our Creeds and Ways.” The document is a self-profile of the Islamic State, presenting the organization’s basic theology and political ideology. It deals with topics that have occupied Muslim minds for generations, yet it also reflects modern and local conditions and phenomena. An examination of its contents reveals that ISIS adds nothing new to traditional Islamic dogmas except for making the return of the caliphate a mandatory article of faith. It is firmly based on Islamic sources, which it cites often, and much of its content is identical to Islamic conservative Hanbali and neo-Hanbali doctrines.


For the full text of Prof. Landau-Tasseron’s paper, click here.


In 2002 Abu Mus’ab al-Zarqawi established a jihadi group in Iraq called Monotheism and Jihad. In 2004 he pledged allegiance to Bin Laden and renamed his group “Al-Qaeda in Iraq,” thus apparently merging it with Al-Qaeda. After Al-Zarqawi was killed in June 2006, his followers renamed the group “The Islamic State in Iraq,” without bin Laden’s approval. This ostensive state was not proclaimed a caliphate, but its leader, Abu ‘Umar al-Baghdadi, was referred to as “The Commander of the Faithful,” a term usually applied to the caliph. This first version of the Islamic State was almost annihilated by 2010. It recuperated, however, and in June 2014 the group reestablished the state, this time explicitly declaring it to be it a caliphate. This second version was at first called The Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS; in Arabic: dawlat al-Islam fi al-Iraq wal-Sham, abbreviated as Daesh, and also translated as The Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant, ISIL). Later the name was changed to The Islamic State (dawlat al-Islam), in accordance with the organization’s rejection of the concept of nation states – though others continue to refer to the organization as ISIS, ISIL or Daesh (this report will use the name ISIS). Ibrahim Awwad, then head of Al-Qaeda in Iraq, was appointed as the Islamic State’s first caliph. Upon assuming the title he took the name Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi Al-Huseini Al-Qurashi.

During the period in which Al-Zarqawi cooperated with Al-Qaeda (October 2004 – June 2006), his movement posted a short document on its website signed by “The High Command and the Legal Committee of Al-Qaeda in the Land of the Two Rivers (i.e. Iraq).” This document set out the main creeds and doctrines of the combined Monotheism and Jihad/Al-Qaeda organization. 

In 2015 – by which time the political scene in Iraq and Syria had changed considerably – ISIS republished the document with small modifications under the title “These Are Our Creeds and Ways.” Released by ISIS’s publishing house, Maktabat Al-Himma, it was posted on the Internet and apparently also distributed in print. One of the online copies is subtitled “Ahl al-sunna wa-jama’a madha ya’taqidun wa-bi-madha yu’minun?” (“What are the creeds and beliefs of the People who follow the Prophet’s Customs and adhere to the Community?”).  The term ahl al-sunna wa-jama’a has always denoted orthodox Sunni Islam. This subtitle thus identifies the Islamic State’s Islam as the genuine form of the religion.

The following report summarizes and analyzes the 2015 version of the creedal document, with occasional references to the earlier version. (For the full Arabic text of the 2015 document, see the Appendix at the end of this paper, following the Endnotes).

The document comprises 36 paragraphs (unnumbered in the original), appearing in a somewhat haphazard order. The opening paragraph delineates the boundaries of the community of believers, as follows: members are those who believe in absolute monotheism and the mission of the Prophet Muhammad, and meet all the requirements that ensue from this belief. Whoever fails to fully meet any of these requirements is an unbeliever, even if they proclaim themselves to be Muslims.

The next 35 paragraphs define the requirements that one must meet in order to be considered a Muslim, mostly in the form of mandatory creeds (as opposed to specific duties that must be performed by the believers). The requirements fall in two basic categories: theological and political. The first category involves articles of faith that relate to the concept of monotheism and the divine message, and to eschatology. The second involves principles relating to sources of authority, leadership, jihad, internal cohesion, the nature of faith and conditions for the accusation of unbelief (takfir). This is not to say that the religious/political distinction is a sharp one. “Politics” in Islam is informed by religion: the sources of authority are the sacred texts; internal cohesion is a religious obligation, and so is jihad, and the conditions for takfir define the transgressors against the religion, who must be fought. Conversely, some of the theological articles of faith have political implications. For example, within the category of eschatology the document mentions belief in the return of the caliphate. This tenet implies that believers owe allegiance to the Islamic State.

Read The Full Report

VIDEO: Canadian Muslim calls for ‘full implementation of Islam’ — migrant influx helps build caliphate

This Toronto Sun story dates from January, and the video from November; we don’t usually post archival material, but this is important enough to make an exception. Mazin Abdul-Adhim says:

“The problem is that we don’t understand our own system — the Khilafa (caliphate). And therefore, how do we support the people of Syria? We must send money and help the refugees that are coming here in every way that we can.” The Toronto Sun reports: “Helping Syrian refugees coming to Canada and building an Islamic caliphate are part of the same cause, according to a pro-Shariah speaker at an Islamic conference in Hamilton.”

How can they possibly be part of the same cause? How does helping the refugees who are coming to Canada aid the cause of the caliphate? The obvious answer is that they’re coming as emigrants in the way of Allah, to whom Allah promises a reward for Islamizing a new land (see, for example, Qur’an 4:100). Abdul-Adhim, speaking in Hamilton, Ontario, says: “We’ve been sitting and not really doing very much for the application of Islam in society … We’re required to call for something — the full implementation of Islam — we’re not allowed to call for anything else or compromise in any other way.”

The refugee increases Muslims’ political and societal clout and strengthens these calls for “the full implementation of Islam.”

“Pro-Shariah caliphate lecture held at Ontario college,” by Anthony Furey, Postmedia Network, January 6, 2016 (thanks to The Religion of Peace):

Helping Syrian refugees coming to Canada and building an Islamic caliphate are part of the same cause, according to a pro-Shariah speaker at an Islamic conference in Hamilton.

And now Mohawk College, on whose property the event took place, says the group isn’t welcome back.

A YouTube video posted last month shows Mazin Abdul-Adhim delivering a speech entitled “The Truth Behind the Syrian Refugee Crisis” on Nov. 28.

The 40-minute English lecture shows Abdul-Adhim standing at a podium beside the flag and banner of Hizb ut-Tahrir, a global organization that promotes the unification of all Muslim countries as one caliphate — an Islamic government led by a religious authority considered a successor to Mohammed.

The speech begins addressing humanitarian matters such as aid and medical support. But the broader thesis is that much of the current conflict in Iraq and Syria is an attempt to stop Muslims from banding together to form their own Islamic government.

“The society (in Syria) has risen up as a society and says that we want Islam as our way of life,” the well-spoken Abdul-Adhim says, dressed in a checkered shirt. “And the West will not have it and this is what we are seeing.”

He later argues: “We’ve been sitting and not really doing very much for the application of Islam in society … We’re required to call for something — the full implementation of Islam — we’re not allowed to call for anything else or compromise in any other way.” However, he believes others are “trying to turn us away from our Deen (faith) by making us scared of even talking about the application of Islam.” He describes sharia as “the best system that exists on Earth” — claiming that it ends racism, has better currency and promotes “economic justice.”

According to Facebook, where he has more than 1,500 followers, Abdul-Adhim lives in London, Ont., and “was born in Canada and is originally from Iraq.”

“He has studied various sciences of Shariah for the past 16 years… and specializes in the societal Ahkam of Islam. He has given talks around Canada, the U.S., and the U.K., has been teaching for over 13 years.”

He identifies Mohammed’s arrival in Medina as “the symbol of the establishment of the political authority of Islam … How did he achieve it? He achieved it by spreading ideas.”

Spreading similar ideas, according to Abdul-Adhim, is integral to solving problems like the conflict in Syria: “The problem is that we don’t understand our own system — the Khilafa (caliphate). And therefore, how do we support the people of Syria? We must send money and help the refugees that are coming here in every way that we can.”…


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