Muslim who bombed Alexandria cathedral was previously arrested for ties to ISIS

What do authorities think this catch-and-release procedure accomplishes? It keeps jihadis such as Abu Ishaq Al Masry off the streets for awhile, but it doesn’t do a thing to reform them. Do authorities think that if a jihadi sits in prison for awhile, or is deported, that he will suddenly realize that Islam is peace and become a loyal, productive citizen?

If authorities in Egypt and elsewhere want to deal with this problem realistically, they will devote their efforts to disabusing people such as Al Masry of their jihadist sentiments while they are in custody. This will involve a direct confrontation of their Islamic beliefs. No authorities have the stomach for that.

“Alexandria Church Bomber Previously Arrested for ISIS Ties: Reports,” by Engy Adham, Egyptian Streets, April 11, 2017:

Kuwaiti security sources have commented on the release of Abu Ishaq Al Masry, the suicide bomber and main suspect in St Mark’s Cathedral attack in Alexandria, months before the attack for being set free by Egyptian authorities despite his links with ISIS.

According to Kuwaiti Al-Qabas newspaper, security sources have announced that the main suspect in the bombing of St Mark’s Cathedral in Alexandria is Abu Ishaq Al Masry.

He came to Kuwait in October 2016 with a work permit as an accountant. He summoned to the Kuwaiti security apparatus based on information he has received from his Egyptian counterpart.

He went through intensive investigations for his links to ISIS. After the verification of his involvement, he was deported from the country and handed over to the Egyptian authorities. Some of his family members have been deported from Kuwait as well, according to Al-Qabas newspaper.

He was held in Egypt’s custody for investigation over his links with ISIS, but then he was released….


Germany: “Serious explosive devices” go off near top soccer team bus, injuring player

Australia: Muslims assault Orthodox Christian while screaming “F*** Jesus”

Muslim migrants see infidel women as ‘fair game’ to be raped

They are following Muhammad, the “perfect example.”

This goes to the heart of all the sex attacks taking place in Europe. Politicians can keep turning a blind eye, but this problem will continue to get worse.

Sex slavery and rape is in accordance with Quran chapter and verse. Sex slaves are war booty. Following a victory, Muhammad would usually distribute the captives, both male and female, as slaves to his soldiers. And Muhammad is the “perfect example for Muslims.” According to Islamic law, Muslim men can take “captives of the right hand” (Qur’an 4:3, 4:24, 33:50).

The Qur’an says: “O Prophet! Lo! We have made lawful unto thee thy wives unto whom thou hast paid their dowries, and those whom thy right hand possesseth of those whom Allah hath given thee as spoils of war” (33:50). 4:3 and 4:24 extend this privilege to Muslim men in general.

The Qur’an says that a man may have sex with his wives and with these slave girls: “The believers must (eventually) win through, those who humble themselves in their prayers; who avoid vain talk; who are active in deeds of charity; who abstain from sex, except with those joined to them in the marriage bond, or (the captives) whom their right hands possess, for (in their case) they are free from blame.” (Qur’an 23:1-6)


GERMAN women are seen as “prostitutes” and “fair game” by migrants, a top political scientist has warned.
By Katie Mansfield, The Express, Dec 8, 2016:

The 72-year-old warned women will be raped by migrants with tensions set to escalate between Germans and immigrants as integration remains a huge problem.

A record 890,000 migrants arrived in Germany last year with alleged sex attacks by migrants soaring in 2016.

Professor Tibi, who moved to Germany from Syria when he was 18, says the current trend is likely to continue.

He said: “German women sleep with men without being married to them. In the eyes of the migrants their behaviour is like that of a prostitute.

“That is why they are considered fair game and can be raped.”

Migrants committed 1,576 sex crimes in Germany in 2015, compared to 1683 in the first six months of this year.

Professor Tibi said: ”Hundreds of young Muslim men treated women as objects to hunt down. They know what they do is prohibited by law.“But they also think German women are sluts. And in addition they know their actions have no consequences. The German police do not fear the refugees, they fear to be branded as racist when dealing with them.”Professor Dr Michael Guenter, the medical director of a psychiatric clinic in Stuttgart, has been examining child migrants who have become criminals.

A record 890,000 migrants arrived in Germany last year

A record 890,000 migrants arrived in Germany last year

Migrants committed 1,576 sex crimes in Germany in 2015
He claims there are several ways how youngsters can develop into sex offenders.Dr Guenter said: “They develop their fantasies mostly between the ages of 15 and 17 years. If they grow up in bad conditions, the brutal fantasies might get more distinctively out of hand.”When young men come from countries where women are oppressed and see how open our society is, it tears them apart. They cannot cope with this discrepancy.“They have grown up with repressive sexual morals, a moral doctrine that prohibits the enjoyment of sexuality before marriage.
Iraqi asylum seeker Zaid K has been arrested in connection with the rape of two students

Iraqi asylum seeker Zaid K has been arrested in connection with the rape of two students.

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Christian tortured for refusing to convert to Islam

A Christian man was abducted and tortured for refusing to convert to Islam last week in Egypt.

Fayiz Fouad, a Coptic Christian, was kidnapped as he was returning from a visit to the St. George Coptic Orthodox Monastery in Qena.

His vehicle was forcefully stopped in a Nag Hammadi village that he had to cross through, and he was taken hostage for three days.

During that time, Fouad was tortured in an “ugly manner,” according to rights activist Safwat Sim‘an: “The story isn’t merely about kidnapping; it has an ISIS component to it.”

The Christian was tortured for refusing to say the Islamic shahada—that “There is no god but Allah and Muhammad is his messenger”—and thus becoming Muslim.

His family could not reach the Copt except by way of an influential village elder and the subsequent payment of 50,000 Egyptian pounds, or $6,225 USD.

According to Sim‘an, “The issue of kidnapped Copts continues in Nag Hammadi, despite the fact that Egyptian Security knows where these kidnappers are situated and their identities, and yet remains silent about their crimes.”


Spain: Muslims break into church, spray “Allah” on wall, destroy crucifix

Egypt: Arabic language schoolteacher whips 10-year-old Coptic Christian boy 40 times

Arabic language schoolteacher gives 10-year-old Coptic Christian boy 40 lashes

An Egyptian teacher of Arabic language whipped a 10-year-old Coptic Christian boy with 40 lashes using an electric wire last week in a Cairo school.

The doctors who later examined the boy’s wounds “could not believe that a teacher could do this,” said the child’s father.

The incident occurred on October 21, during the Coptic student’s last class of the day, Arabic language.  Then, the teacher told the pupils to remain silent until they had copied all the Arabic phrases he had written on the board.  When Babawi, the Coptic boy, asked the student in front of him to move his head so he could see the board, the teacher proceeded to lock the door and flog the Christian boy 40 times with a large electrical wire all over his body.

According to the father, who spoke with MCN, the boy received a “fatal beating.” He passed out and was drenched in his own blood. After being inspected by doctors, he was also found to have damage to his bones and kidney.

No one from outside seemed to hear the boy’s continuous screams and the other students were too afraid to intervene said the father, who works as a security guard… Keep reading

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